The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, August 09, 1902, Page 6, Image 6

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Never baa a greater collection of feminine beauty been seen on a
New York stage during the summer months, than is now daily gathered
at the Herald Square, where the new nautical comedy, "The Defender,"
now holds sway. The production, which will tour the country, is a col
lection of sparkling hits, catchy airs, dazzling scenic effects and en
trancingly beautiful maidens. The plot is a burlesque on Sir Thomas Lip
ton's effort to lift the America's cup. Above are photographs of Miss
Grace Spencer and Miss Emma Cams, two of the well known stage
beauties who appear in the production.
As a general rule people do not get
out of the city jail.
Since 1887 but five men have got
away. But one of these men was want
ed real badly. He made good his es
cape and the people who would like to
have seen him on the date of his short
" incarceration have not been encouraged
by a single trace of him since that
As a general rule a pretty strict
watch Is kept. The prisoners, with
the exception of -petty offenders, are
under surveillance day and night. Of
ficers make it their business to see
what every one is doing.
Digging .through the walls is one of
the favorite methods of crooks who
think they can get out of the city jail.
They get Into trouble when some po
liceman, who really hasn't any busi
ness around any way, comes in and
lights the gas and illuminates the dark
places. In technical parlance tnis is
"turning on the glim" and is fatal to
prospective jail breakers.
It is next to Impossible to get the
necessary tools. Every thing passed
to the prisoners must go through the
hands of the officers. Crooks and dis
reputable people cannot see their pa!a.
When a man is first arrested he is
searched very carefully. The final ex
amination comes after the pulling and
haullBg before the sergeant's desk. In
side the jail the man Is stripped and
his garments scrutinized.
Bar .filing .does not dp much good.
This can be detected at once and to
escape the prisoner must run the
gauntlet outside and this means re
volvers. It might be done but city jail
denizens, as a usual thing, do not car
ry stupendous life Insurance policies.
Attempts to aid prisoners and weak
efforts at escape are frequent. They
happen so often in the lives of officers
that little attention is paid the ineffect
ual "breaks." Novices in crime are. the
usual run of amateur jail breakers.
Others use their energy in keeping
from, getting arrested and spring their
jail delivery schemes at some place
other than the city jail.
Two men escaped from back eels.
They dug out. The other three es
caped from the large cell, known to the
rounders as the "bull pen." Oje of
them tunneled and the other two fi!ed
through. One of the five men was re
captured. Three were not wanted bad
ly enough to warrant a search and the
fifth hasn't been seen since.
The latter was locked up as a sus
pect. He had a criminal record a yard
long. This knowledge was in the p:s
sesslon of the chief and day captain.
The night men came on (and by the
way this happened long before the
regime of Night Captain Ireland) and
they were not unduly excited over the
"vag" In the "bull pen."
A call came in. The patrol driver an 3
the reserve men went out with the
wagon. The driver returned with a
man dead to the world. The reserve
officer was called elsewhere. The night
captain started out to help with the
intoxicated one.
Just at the identical moment when
both men were in the shed the suspect
opened the door leading to the police
court room and quietly walked out. He
sauntered by the fire boys, handB in
pockets and walked slowly toward the
Burlington yards.
The prisoner had filed two bars and
bent a third. He crawled through, got
Into the hallway and luck favored hlin
The night captain found it out when
he ordered the new prisoner tucked
away for the night. He called up the
chief, not Chief Hoagland, and the man
of might swore softly through the tele
phone. The night captain searched in
vain. It was no use.
Yet there is only one reliable rule in
order to escape the confines of the city
bastlle keep out.
K5ti4'1' rfr
A beautiful English countess, who is
the wife o? Earl Westmoreland and the
heiress of Lord Abergovenny.
Medicine Cabinets
Ever get up away in
the night and sort
over a lot of bottles
on the top buttery
shelf to find a remedy
you wanted real bad?
1 II i
If ilff'ili
Then you know the
value of a Medicine
Cabinet a place for
every" medicine " and
every medicine in its
They are made to hang in corners, or on the wall; with or without mirror
doors, and in combination Bathroom Cabinets.
$2 25 TO $10.00 EACH
ni8ii28 N Street.
BTTWHfnfitaiBgg;l mi -as"
IKaiBCEBmvnCB&yl5'SBBBBB-iy' - ijMBBBk. f&zS&gZ
The Dr. Benj. F. Bailey Sanatorium
la oot a hospital, not a hotel, bat a home. The building is located on a sightly hill at Normal,
and s reached by the can of the Lincoln street railway, being only 28 minutes' ride from the
baalaess center of the city. It is thoroughly equipped and beautifully furnished. Erery
electric current useful in the treatment of the sick is used, and Ideal Turkish, Russian, ana
Medicated Baths are glTen. In conditions where the kidneys and llTer are affected, and in
casea of rheumatism, oar Hot Air Treatment has been remarkably successful. For full ln
foraatiea addreea Tfc aV. r. mmHmy Bsmmfrlmm, Umamln, .