The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, May 17, 1902, Page 7, Image 7

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Cards have been received announc
ing the marriage on the tenth of May.
1902, of Mr. Charles Clinton Caldwell
of this city to Miss May IJostetter of
Chicago. Mr. and Mm. Caldwell will
be at home In Lincoln at 1344 M street
after June 15. Mr. Caldwell has lived
In Lincoln a long time. Considering
that he Is a' bridegroom It Is not polite
to say just how long, nut never mmd,
he bus lived here long enough to make
a very large number of friends. He Is
a ruddy young fellow whose creed Is
the duty of 'cheerfulness. He sees the
humorous side of the grim vlsaged
world and when, his accounts are final
ly made up the burdens of others he
has borne with a smile and a deprecat
ing word will not be forgotten. If Is
doubtless true that every one has lurk
ing enemies; if Charlie has any they
are accomplished lurkers, for no one
has ever ucen them.
Miss Bostetter was a teacher In Lin
coln for a number of years. Latterly
she has been at the head of the cat
aloging department of the Chicago city
library. She is a woman of rare sweet
ness and dignity of character, as well
as of ability and culture.
The marriage, though a surprise to
their old -friends In Lincoln, Is at
tended by best wishes and the positive
assurance of happiness and content
ment. The old timers who are still
serving a life sentence In Lincoln will
welcome the new household with sin
cere pleasure.
Mrs. Caldwell Is a sister of Mrs.
Pettlt, who was also a former resi
dent of Lincoln and also of Mrs. Ed
ward Franklin, sr., of this city.
The New Book Review club met with
O. M. Stonebrokcr this week. The fol
lowing olllcers were elected for the en
suing year: President, Mrs. II. M.
Wldener; vice president. Miss Erb:
secretary and treasurer, Mrs. C. II.
Warner. Mrs. Stonebraker was elected
to represent the club at the meeting of
the state federation In October.
, - a-
At Trenton, Nebraska, on Tuesday
evening, the marriage of Miss Ellen
Grovert, to Mr. Frank Kerns of the
Columbia National bank of this city,
was celebrated. The ceremony took
place sit the home of the bride's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. H. Grovert, and at
the same time Miss Ida Grovert, an
other daughter, was married to Mr.
Fred Irwin of McCook. Mr. and Mrs.
Kerns will reside in Lincoln.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Hutchins will
give a card party Friday evening. May
twenty-third, a second Saturday even
ting the twenty-fourth, and Mrs.
Hutchins will entertain a company of
ladies at cards Saturday afternoon.
Gregory The Coal Man.
Mrs. A. E. Campbell of Denver, was
an over Sunday guest of Mrs. M. I.
Miss Emerson will entertain the
alumnae members of PI Beta Phi this
Mrs. S. M. True of Tecumseh w:w la
town this week to hear and see Rich
ard Manstield.
Mrs. Minor Seymour Bacon will give
a card party Thursday afternoon, the
Mrs. John Havers Gleason has Issued
Invitations for a kenslngton to be given
next Friday afternoon.
Miss Elsie Trcmplett of Jacksonville,
Illinois, Is the guest of her aunt, Mrs.
James McNabb.
Mrs. Dickey of St. Joseph, and Mrs.
V. O. Strlckler of Omaha, -were over
Sunday guests of Dr. and Mrs. A. L.
Mr. and Mrs. James Yates of Kan
sas City,, and Miss Uuth Phllllppl of
Omaha, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. C.
E. Yates.
Mrs. S. E. Tuttle was at home In
formally yesterday afternoon and last
evening. In honor of her daughter, Mrs.
Henry IC Holsman of Chicago.
The Patriarchs gave a card party
last evening at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. John B. Wright. Only members
and a few out of town guests were
The Junior class of the state univer
sity gave a reception to the seniors
last evening at the armory. Cards,
dancing, and crokinole were among tie
Mrs. Robinson, who has been with,
her daughter, Mrs. John B. Wright,
for several months, has gone abroad
for a short tour with Mr. and Mrs.
Charles O. Robinson of Chicago.
Mrs. John B. Horton entertained
forty ladles Saturday afternoon in
honor of Mrs. John A. Ames. Miss
Scheldt sang a group of songs, and
Master Ellery Davis played a flute
The local chapter of Ka'ppi Kappa
Gamma will celebrate Its birthday
with a banquet poudre, to be given at
the Lincoln Monday night. Both ac
tive and alumnae members are ex
pected to attend.
The marriage of Minn Bertha Bere
nice Alford to Mr. Levert I. N. Gooden
of Crete, Nebraska, was celebrated
Wednesday at eleven oclock nt the
home of the bride's parents, Mr. nnrt"
Mrs. M. M. Alford. 1810 South Fifteenth,
street. Reverend A. N. Martin ofll
clated. Mr. Gooden Is u mall clerk on'
the Union Pacific road between Omaha
and Kearney, ami with his bride will
reside In the latter city.
Mrs. Gertrude Cutler (born Borders)
died at her home In Greenwood on Sun
day, May It, at C:30 p. m. She was
born In Dubuque, Iowa, February It.
1849. She came to Nebraska In 18C0
and made her home with Mrs. T. M.
Marquette. Mrs. Marquette was an In
valid and Gertrude Borders was sister,
companion, nurse and mother to the
family. She loved music and laughter
and was a favorite In society. Many
of the old residents of Lincoln remem
ber her with affection.
She was married at her sister's home
In 1877 to Mr. Martin B. Cutler, by
Elder Davis, assisted by the Rev.
David Marquette. These two ministers
preached her funeral services last
Tuesday. A mother and a brother sur
vive her. Her character was a struct
ure of beauty and strength. Chronic
Invalidism could not conquer her deep
seated buoyancy and love of kin and
all friends. A few days before her
death she said: "I wish I could live
until June to see the beautiful Mowers
In the glory of spring. And yet. If I
lived so long I should wish to live
longer." Two weeks before her death
Mrs. George Fawell. her nelce, read her
the poem by Mr. Blxby In the Journal
about. the roses that should be given to
mortals before they die Instead of being
laid on the cold breasts of the dead.
The verses were a comfort to her and
she repeated them several times.
They say that Love Is blind. She
asked her lord
For $27 tlsn't much
Whereat he cooled. What boots his
blindness then.
If Love through all retains his sense
of touch?
- -
The Theatrical Manager We must
cut down expenses some more.
Assistant What would you sug
gest? The T. M. Couldn't we fire the win
dow ticket-sellers and simply have a
phonograph to keep saying: "The
whole house Is sold out?"
i:- a-
Customer How much are these ci
gars a box?
Dealer There Is no charge, sir; and
the Tobacco Trust requests your sh
ceptance of this sliver cigar case that
goes with every box.
wr " " " "
i r - t i -
- -- mj n i tm ri m ri m i
While Andrew Carnegie is devoting the major portion of his millions to the bestowal of free public libraries
upon the various municipalities of America and England, the millionaire phllanthophist Is not neglecting to grat
ify his own passion for books. At the cost of about $30,000 he is amassing a collection of books at Sklbo Castle
that will arouse the envy of every blbloipaniac who Is fortunate enough to get a glimpse of them. There will be
8,000 volumes In all and they have been chosen strictly for their worth, and not for their looks. .
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of sustaining her husband's high cour
age to the performance of something
worth while for the nation. If so thu
dreams nre fled. But, nt any rate, the
wife of the president Is protected by
the Washington code from wasting her
time In the most trivial and conven
tional of social requirements thaklng
cnlls. This code, which affords Mrs.
Robsevclt and has afforded all of Iw
predecessors In the White House so
much relief, should be extended to the
wives of all officials over this country.
I mean nil those olllclals like governors,
chancellors, et cetera, whose wives, by
virtue of their husbands' official posi
tion, receive calls from an unnaturally
large circle.
Mrs. Savage, the wife of the gov
ernor of Nebraska, Is the chatelaine of
a large house. Added to her attractive
power as the wife of the chief execu
tive she has the graclousness of a cult
ured woman. Nearly every woman In
Lincoln who makes calls has called on
Mrs. Savage. There Is no code to pro
tect her, there Is no alternative. She
must return these calls or run the risk
of offending.
Now the population would not sub-
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