The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, May 03, 1902, Page 11, Image 11

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(Continued from page five.)
respectable citizens of Elmwood a
'bloody feud exists. It started over a
canine, which, it Is said, is worth less
than the poison necessary to kill it.
For weeks the men have been at outs
and their battered faces attest the fact
that they have not allowed their angry
passions to lie dormant. It Is expected
that if they keep on reaping fines for
disturbing the peace they will have
to mortgage their homes.
What does the mole know about it?
Is it as good an authority as the
ground hog? Surely It cannot be any
less reliable. It predicts drouth in Ne
braska this year. That's what the
country editors say who have Incor
porated In their souls the mole theory.
The idea is that when the Lord has
predestined rain for the country the
moles by divine Intuition know of it
and seek high ground. When rain Is
ruled out they search for low ground
In order to be where moisture remains
the longest. Their antics now are be
ing performed in the direction of low
ground, say the oracles, and they have
practically resigned the state to the
fevered winds and parched dusts.
This Is the story of a farmer near
Falrbury. He was a man of populis
tlc and pessimistic views the terms
are Interchangeable of course and Tic
had a rare and pleasant deposit of
money In the bank. The greediness of
the trusts and the prospect of but a
small crop In Nebraska this year on
account of the dearth of rains this
spring induced a sudden distrust of
the bank. At once the man withdrew
his entire deposit of $2,723.44. Where
could he hide it from the eyes of pry
ing vandals? Ah! the haymow! He
would place the whole sum there.
Under the hay it would remain secure
from all possible molestation. Noth
ing but a fire could harm it aiU he
would see that no such thing hap
pened -around his premises. Under a
bunch of" sweet hay it went. Next
morning while he was performing his
chores he was suddenly inspired to in
vestigate and see how his precious
treasure had fared during the night.
Hastily he climbed to the mow, turned
back the hay and fixed his eyes on the
place occupied by the money during
the night. It was all there.
Osceola Is enjoying a unique saloon
difficulty. The town went wet at the
last election. The town board, in con
sidering applications for licenses de
cided that one saloon, paying $2,000 in
license money, would be sufficient for
the city. All the other applications
were ruthlessly turned down. The
people were wroth. This, thought they,
was unfair discrimination decidedly
unfair. They trotted in hot haste to
erase their names from the petition
of the favored saloon and that left it
helpless and alone. No drink in that
town yet! Until a compromise can be
effected the public will do Its best to
subsist on water.
A drunken man by the side of the
Burlington railroad track was the
cause of a heap of excitement one day
recently. It happened near Falls City.
On an incoming train was an excitable
negro. Spying out of the window his
eyes lighted upon the figure of a man
prostrate beside the track. With a
lusty yell he jerked his head back into
the car and crying that a man had
been killed the conductor at once pulled
the bell rope. Backing to the point
where the man lay the passengers
crowded out of the train to view his re
mains. A mufiled conference resulted
In the decision that the best plan to
deal with the case would be to let the
body lay and ride on to town, there to
notify the coroner. While the passen
gers were In the act of piling back
onto the train the man In the case
half rose upon his elbows and belldWed
out in a broken, guttural tone that he
didn't see why he should be disturbed
while taking a comfortable nap. He
could not have been a great deal more
Sunrise parties are becoming some
thing of a fad in the vicinity of Albion
and show symptoms of spreading else
where. They were inaugurated recent
ly by a very chummy social set which
took it into mind that the proper thing
to do would be to see the sun get up
from behind the horizon. Very early
they sought the bluffs near town and
while waiting spread a fine sunrise
breakfast. This they greedily and
heartily devoured as the great orb of
day peered Into view. Now everybody
wants to try the same mode of enter
tainment. it
Terror spread among the girls of a
country school house near Davenport,
Nuckolls county, not long ago and their
cruel male mates were responsible for
it. These youths In the course of their
experimenting round came across a
hole that led to a den of snakes. Forth
with they sought their spades and
shovels and worked harder than they
ever did at a lesson. In due time
there was unearthed a nest of
pretty reptiles comprising two blue
racers, four garter snakes, nineteen
bull snakes, one lizard and one ground
squirrel. It was a squirming, hissing
mess that confronted the boys but with
their digging weapons In hand they
fought the foe until the last fungcd
one expired. Raising the mnngled re
mains on 'sticks they then proceeded to
display their valor before the girls In a
manner that evoked terrific screams.
A curiously audacious tramp made
himself obnoxious at Schulyer during
the past week and the storekeeper
whose place he frequented Is responsi
ble for his sudden and complete disap
pearance. One evening the hobo was
reposing in a chair with his feet at a
steep angle on the stove. From an old
box a last summer's giant firecracker
was exhumed and set under the chair.
A match was applied and the result
was Joyfully awaited. At the rate the
bum made his disappearance It was
apparent he thought a storm wus sure
ly at hand and he was In swift search
of the cyclone cellar.
It is not very often that a fire staits
from a tree but such an incident
brought the fire department of Fair
bury out on a run the other day. On
a downtown street stands a spreading
tree such as the village blacksmith of
Longfellow's day might have labored
under. Leaves, however, had ceased
to unfold on its twigs, for the monarch
was dead. Electric light wires thread
ed Its limbs and during the wind one
evening of lute they chafed the Insula
tion off with the result that a myriad
tongued blaze began to expand and
crackle through the dead limbs. In
time to save adjacent property the fire
department hove into view and piled
several streams against the waving
limbs of tlame.
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