The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, March 29, 1902, Page 4, Image 4

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In Dresden, our canny author takes
a cab having a tariff clock, an Ingen
ious thing which marks the time to a
second and the price per hour, so that
no dispute can arise with the cabman
concerning time or fee. She recom
mends the German pensions, "good
enough, as good as one needs nt a dol
lar a day, food and all." American
friends, having given her a list of de
sirable pensions in Germany, also three
in Home, Naples and Florence, she
strikes a loyal note "the sight that
made my heart beat, a raan-o'-war
flying the American flag." And again
in the concluding paragraph: "Our
hearts throb with Joyful pride in
greeting the Goddess of Liberty who
welcomes us home."
The proof-reading is atrocious and
the paper is unworthy the author and
her letters. The cuts should have been
half-tones and printed on enameled
paper. Instead they are coarse news
paper cuts, and defeat the author's
Ideal and purpose.
T1k Mct&pfcyiical Movcmeaf
Transcendentalism remained a relax
ation, a profession, a resort of the ultra-cultured
of 'Boston. Emerson, Mar
garet Fuller, Hawthorne, were teachers
and creators. They were elevated by
the distinction of their own characters.
Transcendentalism added nothing to
their power and took nothing from It.
The modern transcendentalism Is of the
people and for the people and the
prophets are commoner clay.
The "New Thought" Is a renascence
of transcendentalism. But the differ
ence is that it Is being taught by
teachers who otherwise would remain
In the obscurity of their birth and ca
pacities. A certain number of leaders or dis
coverers of the New Metaphysics are
at the present time regarded as proph
ets by the cult. Mrs. Helen Wllmans,
Mr. Henry Wood, "Mr. W. A. Rodmun,
Mr. Dresser' and Mr. Ralph Waldo
Trlneare names well enough known by
4he cult as preachers of optimism and
the doctrine that any good thing ac
complishes itself if the person whom
the good thng will benefit only be
lieves In its accomplishment. People
outside of the cult know these authors
as "teachers of a harmless and very
cheerful philosophy. Like the Chris
tian scientists their essays are asser
tions. Mr. Paul Tyner, evidently an
apostle, says In a review of the move
ment In the current Review of Re
views: "Not merely the cure of dis
ease, but also the entire interdepend
ence of mental and physical states and
the relations of cultivated thought and
will to harmonious growth In charac
ter and usefulness, are Involved in the
better understanding of the new meta
physics. Its promises of peace, har
mony, light, healing has called wide
spread attention to the claims of the
practical metaphysician." ,The 'prac
tical availlbillty of the power of the
will to bring about right relations be
tween physics and metaphysics, Mr.
Tyner asserts. Is the kernel of the
teaching. The forces of nature are in
ferior and obedient to the power of the
will owned by a student of the gospel.
To a man who stands outside of le
ligion the claims made by converts
sound like cabling. In revivals when
sincere sinners shout about their hap
piness and the miracles which their
acceptance oCreligion has wrought the
really devout as well as the reckless
outsiders know better. The mental
scientists make large claims and many
who aYe sick in soul as well as in body
read their books and are comforted
thereby but the day of the scoffer is at
New Lincoln
138 8. Tenth
TCfjrtUac Sew aac Strictly First Clan
Ladies beedally larlted
Print a Picture
efyoar Home in The Couktcb.
Bead 1b photos of your new homes to the
sMtoraae if available, they will be repro-
km la tMae commas.
The regular meeting of the Century
club will be .held with Mrs. J. E. Hays,
1C35 E street, Monday afternoon at
2.30, instead of Tuesday as previously
Miss Fay.
The W. R. P. C. club met last Friday
with Mrs. I. M. Haeckler. Mrs. Baker
conducted the lesson. Mrs. Bedford
and Mrs. Rathbone were the essayists
for the day. The club will meet on
April fourth with Mrs. Butler and Mrs.
McClure at 2837 Q street.
The P. C. A., D. of H., met last Fri
day with (Mrs. Adams of Havelock.
Mrs. Ransom and Mrs. Clemmons won
prizes In a guessing game. A lunch
eon was served. Those present were
Mesdames Dudley, Erisman, Burns,
Shuler, Hoffman, Wells, Clemmons,
Gross. Phipps, Ransom, Burns and
The New Book Review club met
Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Wil
liams. Mrs. Ellas Baker reviewed
"Lazarre." Mrs. Widener gave a bio
graphical sketch of the author, Mary
Catherwood. Mrs. Williams sang a
pretty song with violin obligato played
by Mrs. Maddux, with Miss Griggs at
the piano.
A!. J" i3
7e cc "ic
The city improvement society met
Thursday morning. The committee ap
pointed to interest the people in beau
tifying the city reported progress. Ad
ditional sumj of money to be used as
prizes have been received and others
promised. Ladies were asked to bring
In membership dues for 1902. The sec
retary reported that a petition being
circulated in East Lincoln asking that
the city reclaim the half block at the
pumping station lor a park, will be
presented to the council Monday night.
Other park plaru were discussed.
Mrs. W. S. Harlan entertained the
W. T. M. of East XJncoln. Thursday
afternoon. There was no program so
the hours were devoted to fancy work
and social chat. Quotations were from
Byron. The hostess assisted by Mrs.
Kaufman served a two course
luncheon. Those present were Mes
dames Gentzler, -Price, Widener,
Mickey, Lane Lasch, Clark, Switzer,
Hess, Evans, Hood, Steele, Keim. Mas
ters, Holben, Kaufman. Mrs. Swear
engen was a guest The club will meet
in two weeks with Mrs. Edleman.
Quotations from Alice Carey.
The citizens club of northeast Eln
coln met with the patrons' association
Tuesday evening at the Clinton school
building to discuss ways and means
of Improving the district.
After the regular meeting of the
men's club was disposed of. President
A. G. Greenlee explained the object of
the club and stated that every man,
woman and child in the district was
eligible to membership.
Mrs. Richardson, secretary of the city
Improvement society was present, and
suggested ways by which an auxiliary
might be beneficial to the Interests of
the city.
After some discussion a ladies' auxil
iary was organized and officers elected.
Doctor Wharton of the St. Paul
church, gave the combined associa
tions a very eloquent address on mat
ters pertaining tc the coming election.
Thi program of "comparative ex
amples" given Monday afternoon at
the meeting of the Matinee Musicale
was an Interesting and Instructive one.
The third division, Mrs. Baker and
iMlss Ensign, leaders, was In charge.
3Irs. Baker announced that the Idea
of the leaders In preparing this pro
gram had been to show how different
composers treated the same subject.
mentioning especially the music set by
Schubert and by Beethoven to the
words of the Erl King. The following
numbers were admirably performed:
Quartettes (a) Emery, Marston; "Night
Hath a Thousand Eyes." (b) Smith,
Brahms; Lullaby; Mrs. C. 8. Hart, Miss
Charlotte Hullhorst, Miss Katherlne Ag
new, Miss Anna Caldwell.
Piano Mendelssohn, Grieg; Spring Song,
Miss Anna Lowrie.
Solos Schubert, Beethoven; The Erl
King. Mrs. E. Lewis Baker.
Piano Chopin; Polonaise, G sharp
minor; Sholz; Polonaise, Op. 6, Mrs. L.
J. Herzog.
Solos Schumann, Liszt, Rubinstein";
"Du Blst wle elne Blume," Mrs. R. A.
Violin and Piano Schumann, Sonata,
D minor, 3d movement; Beethoven,
Kruetzer Sonata, finale; Miss Ina Ensign,
Mrs. p. V. M. Raymond
An hour previous to the time for the
program there was a meeting of the
active members to place in nomination
by an informal ballot names of ladies
for officers of the club. The nominat
ing committee consists of Mrs. A. S.
Raymond, -Mrs. E. P. Brown and Miss
Miller. The result of the ballot will be
announced at the next meeting when
the election will take place. The last
open meeting of the club for the season
will occur the evening of April 21 at the
university chapel and will be free to
the public. At the close of the program
an informal reception to Mrs. John
Doane was held in the parlor. Mrs.
Butler, the president, Mrs. Doane and
Mrs. Baker received. Mrs. Jansen and
Mrs. Ward served pink ices and wafers
from a table decorated with pink tulips
and lighted by pink candles. It is with
great regret that the club parts with-
Mrs. Doane, who has from the begin
ning been one of its most useful and
valued members. Mrs. Doane will re
move next week to her new home In
A fellow who hunted the gnu
Was asked: "What on earth would you
If the savages tried
To catch you for your hied?"
And he answed: "I'd kill off a gfu."
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Photographs of Groups
Exterior views
The Photographer
129 South Eleventh Street
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to Call
and see our Cot Flowers and
Plants in our new location
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Floral Decorations for Weddings,
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M '
law Hsn '
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you use a Gas Stove. We sell
them at cost and they don't
cost much. We do all the dig
ging, and connect the Stove
free when bought of us.
Lincoln Gas &
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Offices BaseatBt Burr Block.