The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, December 21, 1901, Page 11, Image 11

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    THE 00 TRIER
Christmas ,.,
ibomc for tbc jf ricnoless
S.uely housed in the home for the
friendless, on the outskirts of Lincoln.
the -.reat stute of Nebraska has seven
ty-! ie vigorous, healthy children, and
from the preparations now being made
it is safe to predict that each one will
h:i a rollicking, mirthful Christinas
with a joyous New Year as a happy
ending for a week of festivity.
Presents for all will be loaded on a
UrRf Christmas tree. While an effort
will be made to give each child some
toktn of regard, the tree itself is the
Mibject of the most comment among
the homeless ones sheltered by the
state and in their childish minds the
gifts form a minor consideration.
Turkey, cranberries, all the fabled
delights of a Christmas dinner, will
be supplied on the proper day. The
little ones have been allowed to write
to such friends and relatives as they
possess describing tin- slhMiinn ...i
wre will be visitors in great number
iWubtless, for a child may be in this
institution and still have some very
lining and solicitous friends.
Sometimes one parent dies, and the
remaining one is not iinancially able
to maintain a home. In such a case
the children may be received at the
institution founded by the state and
.1 weekly sum paid for their support.
Distant relatives may also have their
unfortunate kin carefully taken care
of and educated, paying in return what
they can afford. In no case does the
superintendent of tile home require
more than ?5 a month to be paid.
When orphans are left destitute and
penniless, they are adopted as wards
of the state. After receiving culture.
education and training they may be
provided with homes among charitably
inclined people. Should the little ones
prove congenial after a trial of four
months, they can be legally adopted
in case the families decide to rear and
rare for them.
As a rule, very little is said by the
superintendent and her assistants
about presents. Hopes aroused in the
breasts of the little mites, and even
the larger inmates, might lead to cruel
disappointments. For, after all, how
few of of the philanthropic ever think
of donating a little gift to bring joy
to the heart of some homeless ones
after they have supplied the wants of
their own children.
Santa Claus. as an abstract being. Is
well known at the home for the friend
less, and occasionally a stray missive
is directed to him on the days allotted
for letter writing. Beneath a tangled
mass of golden curls the following ap
peal to Santa Claus was conceived not
tr.ii ny days ago:
"Dear Santa Claus:
"I anf one of a whole lot of little
girls at a big house in Lincoln. I
watched for a big doll last Christmas,
but I got another present. Of course
you didn't have any left when you got
to my ward. Maybe they'll be one this
year after you see all the other little
girls who want dolls. If there is, won't
you give it to me? I am six years old
and ha e wanted a doll for ever so long.
"Truly yours.
Hut in all probability Santa Claus
w'ill miss the little one again this year.
Legislators and politicians do not like
such expense items as would be
scheduled if requests like that of the
little author were granted. To be sure,
the golden haired girl has a papa, but
he relinquished all claim on his child
the day that he was taken to another
state institution so easily reached by
taking the South Tenth street car line.
There is also a boy who wants a
drum. Tin dishes, blocks, soldiers,
and many other delights of childhood
would be appreciated by the little ones.
But just the same, the general good
time will help them forget the unat
tainable, while some slight token of
regard will remove many of the pangs
of disappointment caused by not re
ceiving some coveted article.
Already the gaiety of Christmas week
has commenced at the home. For each
year especial exercises In which the
homeless wards of the state participate
iti-int isitois from all parts of the
city. Last night there was a brilliant
cantata, the proceeds being Intended
for establishing a reading room for
boys. A small admission fee was
charged and the inmates of the home
were trained to take parts in the fol
lowing program:
Scene 1. Chorus of Gnomes.
Scene 2. Christmas In the Home.
Scene 3. Approach of Santa Claus.
Scene ". Christmas morning.
Cast. Santa Claus. Johnny May;
Ktta Dewey. Mamma; Jlrst gnome, sec
ond gnome third gnome, fourth gnome.
Scene 1. I'arlor In Maude's house.
Scene 2. Santa Claus" realm.
Scene 3. The discovery of the beg
gar. Cast. Dorothy, a poor girl: Maude,
a rich girl; Ada. Kdith. Jean. Agnes,
Kva, friends of Maude's.
A chorus of good and evil spirits.
All the training pf the characters in
the cantata was done by the teachers.
A Lincoln business man loaned the
lumber for the stage and the curtain
was borrowed from the alumni of the
city high school. Everything went off
with vim and dash, the crowd was
large and the proceeds satisfactory.
In the home two large dormitories
furnish quarters for the girls and boys.
Besides there is a kindergarten for the
babies. Teachers are furnished, there
are chapel exercises and Sunday school.
In the way of instruction the pupils
rank with the scholars of equal age In
the city schools.
The institution was founded in ISiG.
Homeless children, unfortunate wo
men and feeble old ladies were taken
in. The society Incorporated under the
laws of the state and continued the
work of relieving suffering. In live
years the inmates had Increased to
such an extent that the state provided
$3,000 for a permanent building. Ap
propriations are now made by the leg
islature and the work Is greatly helped
by the contributions of the charitably
The wine auditing system In vogue
In all the other state Institutions Is
used In the home for the friendless.
Cleanliness and tidiness are rigorously
maintained by the employes and the
sanitary conditions are excellent.
Every effort Is made to soften the lot
of the wards of the state.
Mrs. Sohus Is superintendent. Dr.
May Flanagan Is the medical adviser.
A appropriation of $11,000 is
made by the state for thf maintenance
of the liouif.
An advisory and visiting board com
posed of vc women, prominent In i,.
ligious and charitable work, h.iv Min
eral control of the home for the Mind
less. The n ambers of the board aie:
Mrs. H. J. W. Seamark, pr.-ddent;
Mrs. H. S. Freeman, secretary: Mrs.
A. H. Weir. Mrs. W. M. Morning. Mrs.
X -X-
The Season's Youngest Star
that Gtorge. t t- y.iung actress who
stars in Brady's magnificent produc
tion of "Tnder Southern Skies." Is
scoring a brilliant success this season.
She is said to be the youngest genuine
woman star in the theatrical constellation
f7 CK if
X SEHffilP
Only 2 Buying Days and then Christmas HHfBP
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-. -L