The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, September 07, 1901, Page 10, Image 10

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lhjllolman F.Day, in the Saturday
Evening Post.
May htilth and heartiness never fail
My friend the Whale- my friend the Whale!
There are days when the dog fish
are gnawin' the bait,
And the mud eels
are saggin the trawl ;
When the brim and the monk fish
and pucker mouthed skate
Are the yield from a
three- mile haul :
When the dory bow ducks
with the weight that it lugs
Of the riffraff and sculch
of the sea,
And sculpins come gogglin
with wide open mugs,
And grinnin' jocosely at me.
Its h'ist and lug,
and pull and tug-Bow-pulley
chugity chug 1
And all that you're getlin'
won't pay for the weight
Of powder to blow 'em
to Beelzebub's straight.
Then's the chance to be grum
if you're taken that style
And are sort of inclined
to the blues ;
When luck is ag'in ye
't's whimper or smile.
Whichever's your notion
to choose.
Now I I am sort of inclined
to the grine,
So, after a loaf
on the rail,
I whistle him up,
my old friend of the fins
The jolly Jeehookibus Whale!
The great Jeehookibus,
fan fluke whale,
A genial chap
with a swivel tail ;
Ready for larks
and primed for pranks,
II b Jokes are the life
of the whole Grand Banks.
I've knowed him sence
summer of 'Seventy four,
When I "chanced"
on a hand liner trip ;
I was out in my dory
one day and I wore
Oiled petticuts
strapped to my hip.
I was thinkin' and smokin
and fishin' away,
As quiet as
quiet could be,
When all of a whew
there was dickens to pay
In the neighborhood
handy to me.
With a whoosh like a rocket
I shot in the air,
And it seemed like
'twas blowin' a gale :
As I h'isted sky hootin'
I looked, sor, and there
Was the jolly Jeehookibus Whale.
The great Jeehookibus,
fan fluke whale
Was under me,
swishin' his swivel tail.
fie stood on his head
with his tail stuck up.
And the game he was playin'
was ball and cup.
I dropped, but he caught me
and filliped me quick
And juggled me
neat as could be ;
Twas as pretty and clever a
slight of tail trick
As ever ye saw
on the sea.
At first I was skittish,
as you can see why,
When I found myself
up on the air.
Uut as soon as I noticed
the quirk in his eye
I was over my bit
of a scare.
'Twas a humorous look
he was throwin to me
As there I continnered
to sail,
While under me, fannin
and grinnin' in glee.
Was the jolly Jeehookibus Whaler
The great Jeehookibus,
fan fluke whale,
He fanned and tanned
with his big, broad tail,
Till my petticuts filled
and 1 floated there,
Like a thistle balloon
on the summer air.
Twas the slickest performance,
our dorymen swore
That ever was seen
on the Banks;
He lowered me back
in my dory once more
And I gir him ' .
my heartiest thanks.
And I reckon he liked me
and thought I was game,
Because I wa'n't
howlin'io fear;
For over and over
he's done jest the same,
This many and
many a year.
When dog fish are gnawin
and other men swear
As they jerk at the
sculch-loaded trawl,
I know I have some one
to cuff away care,
If only I
whistle the call.
Then up from his bed
on the dulses, he spins,
And I boost myself
over the rail
For a sail on the tail
of my friend of the fins
The jolly Jeehookibus Whale,
- he great Jeehookibus,
fan fluke whale,
A jovial chap
with a swivel tail ;
Ready for larks
and primed for pranks,
He drives away blues
from the whole Grand Banks.
'Kay health and heartiness never fait
My friend the Whale -my friend the Whale.
The formal opening at the Oliver
theatre next Monday night will be an
especially noteworthy one for a variety
of reasons. Charles Frohman's Empire
Theatre company has always enjoyed
exceeding popularity in this city, and its
return now after an absence of five
years is sure to meet with a cordial
greeting. Charles Richman, the leading
man, is a manly, virile young actor who
has made a great impression as the lead
ing man of the late Augustin Daly stock
company. The leading woman, Miss
Margaret Anglin, needs no introduction
to the favor of Lincoln audiences. It is
quite safe to say that there are no act
ors in this country whose ability and
charming personality are more highly
esteemed. Her appearance here during,
the present engagement is anticipated
with special pleasure, for, as the heroine
of Henry Arthur Jones' play, she is said
to have accomplished the best effort of
her brilliant career. There are other
favorites in the company; Miss Marga
ret Dale is favorably known to local au
diences through her various appear
ances here as the leading woman with
Henry Miller's, company; Mies Ethel
Hornick, a California girl, who has been
exceedingly successful in the east, has
an important role. Others in the cast
aro W. H. Crompton, E. Y. Backus,
Stanley Dark, George Osborne, Jr.,
George Cooper, Frank Brownlee, Geo.
Sylvester. Miss May Brooke, Miss Lillian
Thurgate. "Mrs. Dane's Defence' is
regarded as one of the strongest ever
written by the famous English play
wright. Seats now on sale.
The company selected by Mr. West
for his tour this year embraces the
names of many famous vocalists and
comedians. While the company of last
season was considered the limit, that
engaged for this year's tour is in many
respectB superior. The singing con
tingent is particularly strong, including
Manuel Romain.the popular little tenor
who created such a furore last Boason;
Clement Stuart, England's greatest
tenor; Wilson N. Miller, a famous basso,
and Georgia Jones, a boy baritone, of
whom a great career is predicted. The
comedians are headed by Billy Van, the
irrepreseibln comedian of last season's
company, who will be heard from in an
entirely new specialty and with a reper
toire, of new gags and jukes that are sure
to convulse his hearers. McMahon and
King and N. S. Carr comprise the other
end men, and as they have always been
considered among the funniest of black
face comedians, a good laugh is predict
ed for everybody. The olio is a very
strong one and includes,- among other
acts, the Zeb and Zarrow trio of bicycle
effects, and the great Rio troupe seen
last season with West They have this
year an entire new act which is said to
re highly sensational. Billy Van will
introduce a new monologue; McMahon
and King will be seen in a very funcy
coon act, and Carr, McDonald and
Farshley will introduce a high class
musical act in which they will be heard
on entirely new and expensive instru
ments. The West Minstrels will doubt
less attract their capacity business when
they appear here at the Oliver on Wed
nesday evening, September II.
A Greek Letter Joke.
From the Cleveland Plain Dealer.
. "I notice that some Greek-letter girls
recently met in New York and enjoyed a
"Did they Eta Beta Pi?"
"Oh, Phi'
Nurse: "Listen, baby, to the donkey
braying. What a noise he is making.
Naughty donkey."
Little Gill: "Oh, what a shame, uuree!
He isn't a naughty donkey. .He's only
got the hiccups!' London Punch.
(P Jfc stopped ma.
" V Permanently Cured ky
Xo Fiti after nri day .
CrmnllmlitK, aaraoaal r br mail; Imliit a4
to Fit patttata wha pa, Ml, od deli my.
AfUM Omn. hi mly unporar, rtltf. tor all Ktr
mm Dirdtn. IpifepiT. 8wni. Si. Vim.- Daac.
DaMlltj.Kiaaatth. BR, R. II. KLINE. E4.
931 Arch Street, Philadelphia. Kaundci mi.
0 L I V E R T H E AT
vrw t jix x m. M.1,1 x k
I OPIIG-nonday, 5ept. 9.
Twelfth Annual Autumn Tour,
Direct from the Empire Theatre, New York. "A Great Play." S. F. Call.
"A Dramatic Triumph." Examiner. "Powerful and fascinating." Bulletin.
"Well worth seeing." Chronicle.
Charles Richman, W. H. Crompton, E. Y. Backus. Stanley Dark, George Os
borne, Jr., George Cooper, George Sylvester, Margaret Anglin, Ethel Hornick,
Margaret Dale. May Brooke. Lillian Thurgate, Frank Brownlee, presenting Henrv
Arthur Jones' Greatest Play,
Ab Seen All Last Season at the Empire Theatre, New York.
Prices 25c, 50c, 75c, $1.00, $1.50 and $2.00. Now on sale.
Wednesday, September n.
America's Most Notable Minstrel Organization.
Golf Parade
Prices 25c to $1.00.
"There once was a maid from Bellew
Who wanted to catch the 22;
Said the porter, "Don't hurry or worry or
It's a minute or two to 23."
J Cycle Photographs
J Athktk Photograohs
Athktk Photograohs
Photographs of Babies
Photographs of Groups
Exterior Views
m 9
129 South Eleventh Street.
., ..vv..
Uncle 5am RemedyCs
HasrKEFRESHirf & Hair BEWjTiFyinGToftictyiRHADE
First Tub. Sept. 71
ORico of Clark Conl Co., Lincoln, Xebr., Auut
1st, 1901.
In compliance -with- tho Compiled Statute
ofth state of Nebraska, for lus. anil rspeo
ialljr in compliance) with section 1. chapter in,
ent itled -"Corpora tions,"
We, the president, and a majority of tlic
board of directors, hereby Rive public notice
that all exUtins debts of the Clark Coal Co.
amount to firmuo.
L.ANDY C. CLARK, President.
I.andy C. Clark,
A. C. Clark.
R E -t-" c zehrung
avxj corner P and 13th Sts. Phoue3ol.
A High-Class, Up-to-Date
Performance, Introducing- the
Shining Stars of Minstrelsv
iu a Glittering Program of
Hilarious Fun, Tuneful Music
and Surprising Features.
at 4:00 P. M.
Seat sale Monday.