The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, August 17, 1901, Page 7, Image 7

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uMlli) M I iimiuoii
Office I Otto and. Q St
Piano and
Moving .
Phone 176.
A Fins Line of Car
riages and Bugg'.ea, .
If You Want First-Class Service Call on Us.
All Grades of Coal.
Punch was served during the evening.
The guests 'were Misses Stuart, Melinda
Stuart, Katherine Thomas, uarleen
Woodward, Beth Marshall, Burruss,
Bees Burruss, Kyle, Jennie Barber, Sue
Afihmun of Atchison and Katherine
Sedgwick of York; Messrs. Edmiston,
Wehn, Barber, Bartlett, Kimball, Dales,
Funke, Kennard, Benton, Earl Eaton
and Gran Eaton of Madison and Dr.
last Saturday to join her daughter, Mrs.
H. Percy Silver. They will visit for sev
eral weeks in PistBburg.
Miss Gertrude Aitken has returned
from Los Angeles, California, where
she has spent the last seven months.
Miss Blanche Garten entertained Del
ta Gamma in honor of Miss Gertrude
Bagley of Detroit, Tuesday afternoon.
An accredited school to the Stato Universities of Nebraska-and-Iowa.
Prepares for' the leading Colleges and Universities.
AIvFMfcEJO 5VI. WILSON,P1i. r. (Yale), Principal.
S Chancellor E. llenjnmln Andrews Kev. Dr. II O. Kowlnnds-
S Professor Ome K. Harber Mrs. A. J. Sawyer
S Professor Erwln II. Harbour Dean Lucius; a. Sttinun
S Dean Charles K. Hesse,: Profevwr V O.L. TJjylor
f Adjunct Professor William F. Dann Profcw-Jr Ilenry H.A rd
S Dcin Kllerr W. Davis Hev. Dr. Fletcher I., Wharton
5 Professor Fred Morrow FllnK Mr. H. II. Wilson.
Z Dean Manoali H. Hecse
9 Address- of Principal, flltf Sonth llth Street, Lincoln. N'ebr.
If you are a man and it is too hot or
too far to go home to lunch, don't starve
yourself and don't eat a cold lunch, go
to the PalaceDining Hall, 1130 N dtreet,
where you can get a hot meal, well
cooked and well served, for 25c. If you
Mr. Fred L. Kimball has modeled
from life and photographs many- excel
lent portrait busts of prominent Nebras
ka citizens. Beginning modeling for
his own amusement wheu very young,
Mr. Kimball later took a course of in
'ruction under Professor Lorenzo Taft
of the Chicago Art Institute, which to- family to the Palace Dining flail.
gether with his continuous engagement day dinners a specialty.
in the work of modeling and carving Mrfl Atwood and Mrfl Agnew attend.
has developed bis natural talent to a ed the wedding of Miss White at Platts-
remarkable degree. Mr. Kimball does month Qn Wednesda
a great deal of modeling and drawing
and carving for eastern wholesale gran- Jhn E.Hickejr left on Sunday for
ite and marble dealers, getting their Buffalo, where he will ' visit the Pan
ideas and putting them into form. He American exposition.
also makes the plaster casts for the
(For The Courier.)
Maranthis and are come to that age
when the wild woods, as steady thing,
or new and startling effects in scenery,
no longer entice us. We want three
civilized meals, a clean bed, a cool
breeze, an easy chair for each, and the
well-washed and amiably smiling face of
humanity, close at hand.
We have no fancy for exile from any
are a woman and your cook leaves you of theee. on the other nana-f we hate the "
without notice, don't despair; take your brick blocka of thecity in August. XLAr
manufacturers to be copied by carvers
for their trade. Mr. Kimball has re
cently completed a large portrait bust
of Doctor R. E. Giffen, which is remark
ably true to life and deserving of un
limited praise for the beauty of execution.
Miss Margaret Kyle will spend Satur
day and Sunday in Ashland.the guest of
Miss Nellie Dnan.
Miss Jennie Barber left on Friday
for Holdrege, where she will visit for
several weeks.
Misses Edith and Irene Rewick of
There is a little town, not so very far
away a little struggling villago, having
no ambition to be called a city. Its
streets go wandering in generous curves
under old trees alike generous of shade
and bird-songs.
Behold, Maranthis and I arrived.
The spirit of the place has breathed
upon the solitary hackman, a gently
minded Dutchman his horse as rotund
as himself.
We jog to the door of our hoBtesB of
last summer and summers before last.
Yes, we are arrived, aod the cool
breeze is found, and the clean room, and
here are the" easy-chairs, each by its
shaded window looking upon the quiet
Invitations have been issued by Mr. Carleton are the guests of their uncle, street ot .trees and .gardens and . scat-
and Mrs. Rolland. Hector Oakley to the
Vamage of their daughter, Pauline
' Maude, to Mr. Frank King Clark on
Thursday evening, August twenty ninth
at halt after eight o'clock. The cere
mony will be performed at Holy Trinity
church, and will be followed, by a re
ception at the Oakley home, 162'! M
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Winger gave a
dinner last week Friday in honor of
Miss Bagley. On Tuesday evening they
gave a dinner to twelve guests in honor
of Doctor Bagley. The color scheme
was green and white. Miss Bagley left
on Friday for her home in Detroit
Mrs. Harry Howell Harley gave a de
lightful dinner last Saturday for Miss
Winger and Miss Broady. The other
guesti were Mrs. E. C. Foleom, Misses
Grace Broady, Margaret Winger, Edna
Harley, Eleanor Raymond, Mabel Rich
arris, Mabel Lindly and Gertrude Bagley
The engagement ib announced of Miss
Elizabeth Russell Wing and Professor
Dewitt B. Brace of the University of
Nebraska. Miss Wing is spending the
summer at her home in West Newton,
Mr. E.C. Rewick.
Mrs. C..E. Yntes attended the wed
terea nouses-c - -- - --
And if the cool breeze blows over
kitchen gardens, bo much the better.
Our middle-aged noBes like a whiff of
old-fashioned flowers mingled with the
American Savings Bank of 132 homely odors of sage and onions.
Eleventh street, pays interest on
ding of Miss Lulu White at Plattsmouth
on Wednesday.
Born, August 11, to Mr. and Mrs. C
I. Jonea, a daughter.
Here we can live a peaceful life with
not one of our middle-aged comforts
To keep us still linked to our city
world, there is even a dot of a morning
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Kirby have gone newBpaper which we read over our toast
to Shelter Island, New York. and q witn reai cream. I say we
Mrs. Alfred Metcalf is spending tho truthfully; we dmue tne ioiqs
week with Mrs. J. M. Metcalf in Omaha.
materials at lady'B homes. Studies face
and advises styles and shapes.' "
"There," said Maranthis, llrmly; "none
of my bonnets suit me. I'll have Miss
Daly come for a day and have them all
made over at once. Then my mind will '
be free for amusement. Listen to this:
Miss Nellie Bly invites you to her Tues
day and Thursday afternoons. She
reads, sings and gives musical sketches.
Cool parlors at her father's home on
A'lthern avenue. Admission fifteen
"And here," said Maranthis, excited-
,'s drive out here often and often:
Red Clover Farm, north of Every-Day
Comfort Town. Mrs. Tolly Clover
serves simple lunches at all houre. Home
made brown bread and milk ten cents.
Dutch cheese and cookies fifteen cents.
Served under the trees.' "
"This girl," said Maranthis, "I know
is a darling. We'll have her in for a
regular going over before we leave for
home. Our clothes will need many a
stitch after our tramps this summer.'
For this is my vacation: 'Miss Cosio
Help, mender. Lines ' coat sleeves.'
Mends lace and Btockings. Darns torn
clothing neatly. Terms reasonable.' "
"And these organ recitals. We'll not'
miss one of them: 'Twice a week, at
twilight for half an hour, a pupil of
Professor 'Diapason plays the organ in '
the Ivy church. Occasionally there will
be a Bong by one of Madame Trill's -pupils.
Admission ten cents."
"It is a joy," said Maranthis, solemn
ly, "to hear the organ. Not an over
whelming concert with a long; tiresome
program, but the peaceful day cloeed by
a grand, inspiring melody. You dear
little pupils, whoever you aro, how kind
of you to think of giving us this pleas-
Lee Bohemiennes were entertained by
Mrs. Frank Irvine on Wednesday.
Mrs. Billingsley and Mies Beatrice
Billingsley are in Des Moines.
Mr. and Mrs. Clinton R. Lee return
ed Wednesday from Chicago.
Miss Florence Woods is home from a
tour through Colorado.
Dr. Carr, surgeon. Ml South 12th.
It isn't the big troubles but the little
ones which worry the life out of people.
This year the bathers on the New Jer
sey coast are often driven from the
water by the hosts of jellyfish which
have invaded the breakers. The mic-
Gregory, The Coal Man, llth & O.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mullen and Mr.
Slid Mra Mumn UThnolnv loff TllAurlav
night for Marquette island, Michigan, to roecopic lances and poison sacs which
Bpend several weeks in Mr. Wheeler's cover the tentacles of these strange
summer cottage. creatures get in their work as effec
tively as a hypodermic syringe, and
Hied, Sunday morning, Mrs. Hannah there aro thousands of them.
Lee, mother of Mrs. Willis L. Johnson.
1' unertl services were held at St. The
resa's pro-cathedral Monday morning:
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. FitzGerald and
daughter will Bpend the remainder of
the summer in the east, visiting Atlan
tic City, New York and Buffalo.
Mrs. Albert R. Mitchell is visiting in
Mrs. T.W.Sewell. went to St. Louis
Northwestern Line.
Augugt 11-13, round trip tickets at
one fare, plus two dollars, to following
points: Hoi Springs, Deadwocd, Man
kanto, Kasota, St. Paul, Minneapolis
and Duluth. Final limit October 31.
City office 117 South Tenth. Depot
Ninth and S streets.
Maranthis, the practical, the alert,
who believes Change is Rest, appropri
ates the page of advertisements. And
as Bhe reads in a soft, murmuring tone,
suited to the calm of the morning, half
to me and half to herself, I catch a new
glimpse of this dear Town of Every-Day
Comfort from Maranthis' standpoint.
You must know that Maranthis' house
keeping garment, or captain's toga, or
whatever, is never left at home. She
clothes herself with the mantle of a gen
tle authority every morning, and when
her foot strikes the quarter-deck of
home, even this temporary home, she
takes command of the ship.
"Ah," murmurs the voice, "here's the
place for our linen! 'Sweet Lavender
Laundry! Ladies' muslins personally
conducted through the tubs. Negligee
Shirts Never Starched!' "
"Ab," delightedly; "Here'e where
we'll spend an afternoon occasionally:
'Miss Ten-Spott will conduct a whist
class at her home in Maple Grove, every
afternoon from 1 to 5. Twenty-five cents
a lesson, forty cents for two from the
same family. Reduced rateB for the
course.' "
"Decidedly," said Maranthis, "we
need some expert teaching in whist.
I've known for a long time our game
does not compare with the young folks'.
But how we will astonish them next
winter in our club!"
"Oh, and my bonnets! 'Eflie Daly,
visiting milliner, makes up ladies' own
"Roses, sweet peas, grass pinks," reads
Maranthis with a shriek of delight.
'Lcafie Lee brings to your door three
days in the week, an old-fashioned posy
of sweet-smelling flowers, such as roses,
sweet peas, grass pinks, etc Ten cents
a bunch.' We'll have a bunch on every
window-sill," said Maranthis. "And we'll
remember this summer as the Festa of
Grandmother's Flowers."
It was reported that hundreds of
horses died of the heat in St. Louis.
By actual count the number was nine.
Doubtless it was a St. Louis boy whoso
"thousand cats" turned out to be "our
cat and another one."
The lees men think,
talk. Mon tesquieu.
the more thoy
I lllll IIUW
Li uuuL unit i
Bring your Fur Garments and
have them repaired or remod
eled, because it will be cold
again this year. By the way,
you can order a Fur Garment
made in the latest stvle at
a 110 0U. kid 01. unuuin, niun