The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, July 20, 1901, Page 9, Image 9

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nurse do it all? I'm going to take cars
of you when I get back. Think of it,
I'll be with you in forty-eight hours!
Always yours,
April 19, 1900.
My Dear: It appears I have made a
great mistake. I might have krown I
was too old and stupid for a bright lit
tle girl like you, but 1 didn't know,
little one, I didn't know.
Chester came to my room tonight,
and I showed him the "Iron Consolida
tion." He said it was big and garish,
and didn't suit you, and that I didn't
suit you, and that you were different
clay from me. Beauty and the Beast,
he said, and that he thought you cared
for him, if you were not bound to me.
But you're not, little one; you're free
free as air. I can't take you, dear, un
less I take you all, heart and soul,
dear; I must have all or nothing.
How my alluding to him in my letters
must have hurt you! I didn't know,
dearie; how could I? But oh, little one,
why didn't you tell me.J Have l ever
been hard or cold to you? Well, you are
free just as Boon as you care to tell peo
ple. I don't know what to do, but, of
course it must come from you.
Chester will be with you tonight.
Don't hositate
be happy.
April 20, 1900.
Mr Dear: Got your letter. Do you
T -- II II " ' '
Lady Modlsa in Town Topics.
the white camelia near the brim'B edge,
in front. The wonderful curves of the
fine white braid made the effect, as it
wsb very simply trimmed only the
white flowers in front and under the
At a Westchester garden party Borne
days ago many charming summer frockB side and back of the brim,
were on view. One especially noticeable Garden party frocks are always inter
was of white organdie over pale blue eating and generally pretty, but these
taffeta. The skirt was a Paquin, ending three were exceptionally so. It was
in a double flounce of organdie edged noticeable on this occasion that almost
with real Valenciennes. This lace also all the gloves worn were long. Either
traversed the skirt from top to bottom at very long, or none at all. seemB the rule
intervals of about four inches, its pat- this summer at garden parties.
tern showing prettily upon the taffeta. The variety in sunshades was simply
mi.. I J! 1.1 .., I .. T. A ! 1 1.
for me I want VOU to uuuiwt, iu uiuuee eurie, was almost contusing, iio iwu weru in iut ieasb
entirely made of lace, separated by tiny alike, save that all had straight or club
groupings or organdie tucks, run- handles. There are to be no curves or
ning lengthwise. Almost all trim- twists this season. But in material,
mings and insertions for waists run form and trimmings tnere is no appar-
perpendicularly this Beason. in direct ent standard, as each woman's parasol
mean What do you mean? Have contrast to the fashion of last year. The seemed uniquely and exclusively her
I made a mistake? You are "hurt," BIeeves were short and charming. They own idea.
"grieved," "angry." Darling, do you wero formed entirely of the insertion, It is the same with the bathing suits
mean you do love me? Do you love me? and were finished at the elbow by a of the season. Every woman who bathes
Can you forgive me? Say, do you love ap double flounce of organdie edged has a characteristic costume. Those
me? Telegraph "yes'' Or "no." I'll -jth I.-- On thn tuft nirln nt tliA hnrl. nt mhlte, braiti tn ha BiinorpofHntr rhft
ice well toward the shoulder, a large regulation blues and blacks. The white
chou of black tulle was worn, in the ones are very attractive, and while they
center of which waa fastened a large may not be immediately adopted by the
diamond heart. There were no flowing
ends to the tulle, but the effect was
nevertheless excellent. Long black
suede gloves and a great black Gains -
Yours, if you wish,
April 21, 1900.
Yours received. Will be with you
this evening. Amos!
Edith Lanigan in Lippincott's.
very exclusive, they are sure to be event'
ually. The truth of it is, they are in
finitely more becoming. With a white
cap and a knot in front of it, a dark-
borough hat, with one black plume trail- haired woman looks stunning, which is
ing over the hair, completed a costume
"Huh," exclaimed Mr. Rox, after read- distinctly chic.
ing his morning mail, "our boy's college
education is making him too blamed
"What's the matter?" asked Mrs.
"I wrote to him the other day that I
thought it would be kinder for me not
to remit the cheque he asked for. Now
he writes: 'Dear Father; I shall
never forget your unremitting kindness'."
The Rocky Mountain regions of
Colorado reached best via the
Union Pacific provide lavishly for the
health of the invalid and the pleasure of
the tourist. Amid these rugged steeps
rare to be found some of the most charm
ing and restful spots on earth. Fairy
lakes nestled amid sunny peaks, and
climate that cheers and exhilerates.
put in effect by the Union Pacific en
able you to reach these favored locali
ties without unnecessary expenditure of
time or money.
plus $2.00 from the Missouri River, in
A pretty and petite blonde wore a del
icate green chiffon over extremely
pale pink taffeta. Graduated tucks
gave body to the skirt, each tuck out
lined or edged with very narrow cream
lace, looking almost like fine thread.
The bodice was also tucked, the tucks
being deep at the neck and narrow at
the waist, thus producing the desired
broad shoulder effect so much sought.
Lace to match the edging on the skirt
waa appliqued on the long sleeves, and
one pointed tab fell over the hand. This
toilet was exceedingly dainty, and a
lace picture hat with a pale pink plume
Baying much for any bathing costume.
One of the prettiest white suits is gold
trimmed gold and white are, in fact,
the only trimmings allowed on these
Buits. The sailor collar is quite wide,
with three rows of very narrow braid
about its edge. Beneath the front yoke
there is considerable fullness, but little
in the back. The belt is fitted snugly
and is very narrow, with a sailor knot
falling from its left side half way down
the short skirt. The short skirt reaches
Just below the knee, and is plain "wd
untrimmed. A short puff forms the
sleeve. At the Oriental hotel at Man
hattan Beach some very pretty bathing
costumes are being worn by a bevy of
Is That of the British Doctors in the Sheldon
Block, Cor. of Uth and N Sts., Lincoln,
Ncbr. These Eminent Gentlemen
are Giving Their Services Free
for Three Months to All
Invalids Who Call Up
on Them Before
August 7th.
A staff of eminent physicians and
surgeons from the British Medical In
stitute, at the urgent solicitation of a
large number of patients under their
care in this country, have established
a permanent branch of the Institute in
this city, at the office, corner of Eleventh
and N streets, in the Sheldon block.
These eminent gentlemen have de
cided to give their strrlces entirely tree
for three months (medicines excepted)
to all invalids who call upon them for
treatment between now and August 7th.
These services will not only consist of
consultation, examination and advice,
but also of all minor surgical operations.
The object in pursuing this course is
to become rapidly and personally ac
quainted with the sick and afflicted, and
under no condition will any charge what
ever be made for any services rendered
for three months to all who call before
August 7th.
The doctors treat all forms of disease
and deformities, and guarantee a cure
in every case they undertake. At the
first interview a thorough examination
is made; and, if incurable, you are frank
ly and kindly told so; also advised
against spending your money for use
less treatment.
Male and female weakness, catarrh
and catarrhal deafness, also rupture,
goitre, cancer, all skin diseases and all
diseases of the rectum are positively
cured by their new treatment.
The chief associate surgeon of the
Institute, assisted by one or more of his
staff associates, is in personal charge.
Office hours from 9 a. m. till 8 p. m.
No Sunday hours.
Special Notice If you cannot call
send stamp for question blank for home
Kidney Disease Cured.
Editor Courier:
This is to certify that after taking several
months' treatment with the British Medical
Institute for tho disease of kidneys and blad
der, I am now entirely cured. 1 am pleased to
recommend the doctors of the British Medical
Institute to be pleasant and courteous gentle
men. Yours truly,
I. O. Dacghektt.
Gretna. Nebr.
the surf than ever before. They always
were disfiguring, and the summer girl
seems to have chosen freckles and tan
as the lesser of the two evils.
finished it charmingly. The wearer pretty women belonging to well-known
had a youthful face, and the lace New York families spending the sum
drooped over the hat brim in a most be- mer at that delightful resort. A sunny
witching manner. A small lace paraBol haired girl, of about eighteen or nine
with a white handle was a feature of the teen, wears one of dark blue, with anch
outfit. ors embroidered in white on sleeves and
A beautiful girl, who is just out of bodice. She wears a white sash of soft
mourning, wore a simple white gown silk ebout the waist, and a sailor knot
with not a touch of color anywhere, of the same is tied beneath the sailor
Her generous height was accentuated collar and anchor-embroidered V.
"See, grandpa, my flower JT she cried ;
"I found it in the grasses:"
And with a kindly smile, the sage
Surveyed it through his glasses .
"Ah, yes," he said, 'invoIucrate ,
And all the florets Ungulate .
Corolla gamopetalous ,
Compositac, exogenous
A pretty specimen it is ,
Taraxacum dens-leonis 1"
She took the blossom back again,
His face her wistful eye on ;
"I thought," she said, with quiverine Up ,
by the long lines of the skirt, ending in
a beflounced and sweeping train. Oddly
enough, there was not a vestige of lace
on the gown, but it was trimmed en
tirely with folds and flounces. The
bodice was not far removed from the
effect June 18th to 30th, July 10th to surplice Btyle, and a large bunch of
It is Bimple, but very pretty, when a
brilliant red kerchief is wound about
the head and tied to leave pert ends
standing in front. Black Bilk is not so
much worn as it formerly was. The
gros grain proved too heavy, aud the
surahs and Chinas too clinging and
August 31st, inclusive.
The Union Pacific will also sell tickets
on July 1st to 9th, inclusive, September
1st to 10th, inclusive, at $15.00 for the
round trip from Missouri River points.
Return limit October 31, 1901.
Proportionately low rates from inter
mediate points.
Full information cheerfully furnished
upon application.
8-31 E. B, SLOSSON, Agent.
white camelias was fastened well toward light to be entirely satisfactory. A bru-
the belt line in front. The sleeves had
little hemstitched openings through
which the pink of the arm gleamed pret
tily, and they reached only a little be
low the elbow. The gloves were of
white suede, the parasol of white chif
fon laid in folds over the top and ending
in a slight puff at the parasol's edge.
The hat was a dream. It was of the flat
Maud Muller variety, with a handful of
nette at the Oriental wears a dark cos
tume with a red collar edged with white
braid. As the collar is the only strik
ing part of the costume, it appears in
very good form, and is vastly becoming
to its wearer. Another girl wears a suit
entirely of black, the sombre effect re
lieved by a headdress of white that is a
little larger than those of her sister
bathers. There are fewer bats worn in
Have You Met this Woman?
Her husband is all right but be is so
Her little boy is all right but he is
growing so spindling!
Her home is all right but the paint
is too light!
Did she like the last lecture at the
club? Liked what he said very much
but his hair was cut too Bhort like a
prize fighter!
Her new tailor suit is all right but
Mrs. Xyz has her coat a trifle, the mer
est shred longer, and it's much better!
Her new hat is elegant but if that
ribbon was a shade darker, now
Boston Herald.