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the largest and best sculpture was At the present time many women have
turned out of that studio, and three of come well to the front as portrait and
the women received medals for individ- genre painters, one or two pushing into
ual merit. the very front ranks, in consequence of
Marie Lawrence Tonetti collaborated the acquisition of superlative technical
with an eminent American sculptor in skill or the possession of vital imagina-
creating the big ColumbuB in front of tion. Miss Geceilla Beaux is easily-the
the Administration Building. moBt notable among the former; and
Enid Yandell, Bessie Potter Vonnoh Mies Mary Cassatt. of world-wide fame,
and Mrs. H. II. Kiteon have been ad- for her remarkable impressionistic pic-
mitted on the merit of their work to the tures. Many other clever women are
membership of the National Sculpture crowding not far behind these two bright
Society. A few years ago Mrs. Hun- stars, among whom Amanda Brewster
preferences t
neker won the commission for a statue
to be erected in memory of one of -our
pioneers. Miss Mears and Miss Bracken
received medals at the Paris exposition
for sculpture. A woman is to make a
statue of MiBS Frances Willard for the
rotunda of the capitol at Washington.
Two years ago Enid Yandell won the
award in the competition for the big
fountain at Providence, R. I.
The Athena at the Tennessee Centen
nial exposition, forty feet in height, was
the work of a woman. One of the foun
tains at the Pan-American exposition
Leslie Cotton and Miss B.
becoming more and more
Sewell, Mrs.
Emmet are
In the branch of churchly decoration
MiBS Maitland Armstrong and Ella Can
dea Lamb hold honorable place among
For women the gentleness of the labor
of painting makes it very naturally a
favorite pursuit, for there is nothing in
the whole course of study, severe and
unrelenting though it be, that a woman
with gifts along that Hue is not fully
equal to understand and conquer. The
WE long ago learned that
to argue against a wo
man's preferences was a mere
waste of time consequently we
never try. We sell every good
sort of typewriter in its best
form. One of these will suit
your requirements. Plenty o
unbiased advice, however, if you
require it.
II06 O Street
Telephone 759
was made by a woman, and other pieces richness of opportunity given in art, the
of sculpture in the same exposition
shows the strong and delicate handling
of a trained woman sculptor.
Miss Cohen, in Philadelphia, is hold
ing her own among the men. Janet
Scudder is the trusted assistant of a
great sculptor. Many of the small and
beautiful bronzes for household decora
tion are the work of women. A woman
is at present designing a fountain for an
manifold variety included in that little
word, is so enticing that the only won
der is that the whole world, both male
and female, does not rush into expres
sion in some one of its forms. Little
wonder, then, that woman, who for so
many ages has been denied any outer
form of competition and expression,
should regard it with fascinated eyes
and a secret determination to adjust her
Agnes Jaioliii
elegant Fifth avenue residence, and one life to it in some form, if possible.
of the most beautiful ballrooms in New
York is in part the work of a woman.
Applied sculpture is most interesting,
as all art is stronger when applied to a
sister art. For applied sculpture in
home decoration women stand pre
23 East 75th Street, New York.
Women as Painters.
In many respects painting is a profes
Flushing, New York.
From prehistoric times potting has
been recognized as the "art of arts"
among American women. The woman
of the aboriginal races was always the
The world famoua Hookwood pottery
at Cincinnati was founded by a woman.
Whose work with Miss Rivett is favorably known, will
continue to do Manicuring, Shampooing, Hairdressing,
and will give treatment of scalp diseases. Switches
and pompadours made to order and all kinds of hair
work carefully done.
143 So. 1 2 tli. feletstioxxe 38.
sion eminently fitted to the temperament Its staff of artists is largely composed of
and talents of women. This, however, women. They u&ed the clays from their
is a fact only developed within the past own valley to form their ware, and the
ten or fifteen years, since so many fine flowers from their dooryards as motives
facilities for study have been opened to for decoration. The originality brought
them in the great cities of America and to bear upon the production of this pot
in the art centers of Europe. tery has won rich reward in artietic rec
Back of this period women painters ognition. Every great museum of Eu
rvere rare indeed, and one finds a very rope treasures examples of its ware on
casual survey of the past generally account of their national characteristics,
brings to light the solitary but charm- Not one of the women who has labored
ing figure of Madame Ie Brun, and in in this field is unknown to fame. The?
Harvard, who Ib devoting himself to especial adaptation for their particular
compiling a grammar of art, has said branch, a concentration of energies in
more than once from the public plat- one direction, and years of training in
form that a woman in this country is art schools or other fields.
doing more to teach the public art with
her camera than any portrait painter
with his bruBh. A woman photographer
was invited to be the United States com
missioner at Paris last summer to rep
resent the women photographers of the
United States. It is claimed that the
United exhibit she presented at the
273 Fifth Avenue, New York.
Glass Mosaics.
While for many years women hare
made designs for stained glass, and one
well known woman in New York person
ally superintends the making of stained
glass windows of her own design, and
the daybreak of our own time Rosa
Bonheur looms up, an impressive char
acter, from time to time etill claiming
our respectful and admiring attention.
nave been everywhere honored by na
tional and international laurels and
J. F. Harris,
No. I, Board of Trade,
pnoiograpnic congress was ine feature one in Philadelphia has placed illumi
of the hour. The Russians secured the nated glass windows in churches, the
loan of the exhibit to use as a weapon actual artisan's work of nuttimr and
One of the largest art associations in 1 obtainiD copyright law, which had putting together colored glass in the
iu yjyyuavu uu mo grouuu mm in i0rm of windows and mosaics has been
photography there can be no individu- done by women for less than a decade,
ality of expression. The exhibit is still a woman in sympathy with the idea
in Russia, but flattering press notices found it possible to cut glass herself, and
are finding their way over here, saying selected as assistants three students
that the work of the American women from the schools, several of whom are
in photography baa been a great eye etill working with her in the now large
opener and source of inspiration to the and aunMoofni Hm,fm0n r nmmnn
this courtry is a Keramic League, ninety
per cent of whose members are women.
Women succeed not only as art potters,
but in the Bterner commercial lines.
One of the beet glazed brick and drain
tile makers in the United States is a
woman; another has owned and success
fully managed a large brick yard for
Grain, Provisions, Cotton.
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Private Wires to New York Gtyand
Many Cities East and West
New York Stock Exchange.
Chicago Stock Exchange.
Chicago Board of Trade
twenty years. For decorators the nm mosaic workers. Their windows are to
of American wares is urged. The por- . woman ia "presented by invita- be seen in churches and private houses
celains of this country are often very tion in a ,oan co"604'011 of eighty-five in this country and in Europe. They
beautiful in form and of excellent body P00?1" now being shown in all the have been especially successful in glass
and glaze, entirely worthy of encourage- PrinciPal cities and towns of Gsrmany mosaics. The first work that they pro
ment and appreciation. and. Au8t &" works of art, the regular duced a picture panel called the "Three
Our country is so extensive, its re- liit of each 8xnibitor being three Bishops" was exhibited at the World's
sources so varied, its flora so diversified, print8- Se has five 0le woman in Pair, in the Tiffany chapel. Since then
that there must always be fresh inspire- New yrk. i8.on tne Btaff ' an mP"- hy have executed a frieze of glass
tion and individuality of Btyle if artist f80 Publirf"DK house as photographic mosaic, ninety feet long and four feet
potters use the material which nature i,,UBtrator- Two women in New York high, illustrating fhe exploration of the
offers them nearest at hand. photograph all the celebrities for sever- northwest by Marquette and Joliet, for
SUSAN SIUART FRACKELTON, aI m?gazlDe8- A womlul waa "eot by a the Marquette building in Chicago; also
HOG Cedar Street, Milwaukee, Wis. eyndicato to intercept and photograph four figure panels, ten feet wide and
Photography Admiral Dewey on his triumphal voy- nine feet high, illustrating Homer, for
Phnbun..!.. i- 111- - , .. aefroniMak- A woman made the the Alexander Commencement hall,
-m..r, . uuw iwjguizea me nnest photograph on record of
nutiuuter.ii not aa a nne art, as an inirtnn nrhnni nh;w
action, and
Princeton, N. J. The largest, and in
many ways the most interesting work
ErJEZZZz i- -1 ? ttZS
-" -w luo DwiuD ui uur dudiic Hrnnnia anrf
chapel of the Wade Memorial mauso
leum, at Lake View cemetery, Cleve-
photographers land, Ohio. This mosaic is composed
most marked SUC of two nnnntn narh tan tnnt hicrh bv
brOlloht tfl thair nrn.U tk... 4L!-4 .. .. ll
society in the world-i n Am; .....:... !T" -"?" """ ""-"" " long, representing ..:-
- 7 """" obujo uuwui cnaracter wmen are
""" xww proiessoror aesthetics, essentials of success in
of the best professional photography in exclaim at the types of children in at
, .uu, uoing aone ny women, tendance. The women
xuo utbi woman elected to the "Linked who have made the
iting tne most exclusive photoeranhic rnonhavA
any field an
gorically "The Progress of the Christian
Soul from Birth to Death."