The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, July 13, 1901, Image 1

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THE COURIER, longed infancy or mankind and or the books disappeared wlien Fiske drew might disappear in tlic warm weather
. part played by it in determining hu- liis last breath. It is a cold-blooded and during the absence of the persis-
Bkthkd in thk postoffice at Lincoln as man development, is an addition to way of putting it. but tlie world cares tent candidates.
the Darwinian theory of evolution, not much for a man's personality; it j j
published EVERY satorday a"d '" sif ni,ic,ant importance was cares only for his services to it. This The Portion of Labor.
immediately acknowledged by Dar- is so unless a man reveals himself as "Ejer, i,ad always had objective
win and Spencer. In summarizing Abraham Lincoln did. Mr. Fiske's pontsas i we)c in iter lire and she
TBE G0QR1ER PRINTING AND PUBLISHING CO the contributions of the philosophers works are purely objective. Ho wrote aways"Would have no matter how
Office 1132 Netreet, Up Stairs. to the knowledge and reasonable com- because a message to men was given ,ongslie ,ived. Slle came t0 pIllces
prehension or the course of life and him to deliver. He was the medium where she stopped mentally for ro-
Telephone 384. the gradual blossoming or man, Mr. of communication and we cannot any- trospecton and forethought, where-
caoa hadpk . . FniTOR Fiske's interpretation or the fact that where put our lingers on a sentence froiushe could scorn to obtain a view
SAKAri B. HAKKis, . . . rxuiuK. a humun infant is the weakest, most of his and say: "This is the man 0f tliaL which lay behind and or the
helpless and silliest or all babies, Fiske." His was a transparent medi- path whicti was set" forhur rect ir
Subscription Rates. occupies an important position. The um and transmitted intellectual advance. She saw the tracked and
Per annum 1150 difference in sense and attention to light without eccentric refraction, tlie trackless. Once going with Ab-
Six months 100 the danger signals or nature between Some philosophers start with an ull I- 0,. Atkins and with Floretta in
Rebate of fifty cents on cash payments. a day-old cair and a human baby, is as mate proposition they call self evl- search of early spring Howers. Ellen
Singlecopiea 05 the difference between Shakspere and dent. 15ut it does not appear so to i,ad lingered and let them go out or
a torpid intelligence. Correspond- the rest or the world. Mr. Fiske's slglit, and had sat down on a spring
Thk Courier will not be responsible for to! ingiy the cow targets her cair ir sep- starting point is universal. He did mat or wintergreen leaves under the
SSnic"iOMOI,,M'CCOmpa,,iedbr aratedrromitrorashort time, and not have to prove it, because he was wlndy outstretch or a great pine anil
betoed'br'tne'fnu mlVtb1wr?col even when confined in the same pas- careful to start with an undisputed had remalned there quite deaf to
merely as a gnaranteo of good faith, but for ture, with every caltish sign of grow- and undebatablc proposition. On sjirjn halloos. She had sat there
publication if advisable. ing sophistication her tenderness de- American history Mr. Fiske has writ- with eyes of inward scrutiny like an
:mmjmmmaommmmm creases' until wlien t,,e calf is old ten tUe mosl notab,e works of the Ejistern sage's, motionless as on' a
m'wm'm'0'w'ww''T enough Tor veal she can watch him last decade. There is no one to take rock of thought, while her daily lire
LnBCFOVATiHNS O Ioaded into the butcher's cart with his place. eddicd around her. Ellen, sitting.
UDOlslVAl 1U1NO. 5 the indifference or no-kinship. The o there, had said to herseir: "This I
t factof a human baby's inefficiency Retaliation. win always remember. 'No matter
,00r has otten been commented upon; but Members or a library bonrd should how long I live, where 1 am, and
John Fiske. Mr. Fiske was the first to recognize oe mea and women or scholarly habit, what happens to me, I will always
Like Johannes Brahms, John Fiske Its influence upon the development or 0r wide reading and with a loe or remember how I was a child and sat
was a large man, impatient or dietary civilization in teaching tenderness learning ror its own sake. Most or here this morning in spring under
rules and skeptical or the soundness and saving to parents. By this sin- the members or the present board or the pine tree, looking backward and
of admonitions in regard to the dan- Resign of Newtonian ability to rec- the Lincoln public library have dem- rorward. I will never forget."
gerof drafts and of changing too ognize the meaning or a familiar phe- 0r.strated their fitness to serve on All poets, dumb.and creative alike,,
abruptly flannel for cotton underwear, nomeoon and its relation to evolution, such a board by a long and very faith- remember their youth. I suppose all
He was fond of eating, enjoyed his Mr; Fkke established his rank among ful servjce. a modest scholar who imaginative children are subject to
pipe and an occasional glass of beer, philosophers. has spent thirty years in a library these spells of retrospection and pro-
and ignored all the fussy rules of pro- Precocity is not always a sign or and in creative work or great merit phetic anticipation, when they look
longing lire indefinitely which have genius, but genius discovers Itself was recently replaced on the library forward into and say to themselves:
so portentiously increased in the last early in the ability of Its possessor to board by a man who is a stranger to "I will always remember this time-"
decade When he was thirsty he get intuitively at a very early age literature and science, and whoe As every child, grown old, looks back
drank ice water copiously when he the knowledge whicli has been slowly only claim to represent this people's into the path that leads from adol&s
was too warm he round a drart and accumulating ever since man began literary interest is that he is rather- cence. he recognizes that Miss Mary
satin it and in warm weather he to learn anything. The inrant genius jn law to a supporter or D. E. Thonip- E. Wilkins has remembered and re
bought the thinnest clothes in the starts where ever? one else has lert son Mr. Gere has been president or corded one or the sacred and self
market and wore them. All this kept off and therefore he has time and the the library board for a long time, and illuminated moments or childhood,
his female. relatives.-Boston women impetus of youth to learn some new i,iS services have been of great though moments jealously hidden from play-
in a stateof anxiety and constant, things and add them to the world's unacknowledged value to the reading mates and parents. Just why it
audible deprecation and warning, treasures. John Fiske entered the pubiio. The present council recently thrills one so to find out that another
But the big man walked his large sophomore class or Harvard college appointed a man in his place who little girl was vowing the vows or
way through life easily with a fatal- when he was eighteen and he might might not find it out for years ir his faithful keeping of the inspired mo
istic consciousness that his time as well have entered the senior class ,ibrary were composed of checker ments or childhood, I do not know,
.would come sometime and he was al- Ilafore,Ine.w,as e,ght J!ear? 0ld , oards wlu the names or books print- But the author who can recall and
ways ready. He died at Gloucester read all or Shakspere s plays. Before ed on Uieir deceitrul backs. Mr. Gere tell her secrets, which as a child she
July four, of the heat, aged fifty-nine entering the university he knew was not reappointed to serve on the never told, is sure or a very large
years. Greek- LaV"' sPanis1'- Prencb, Portu- llbrary art by the city council be- number or rascinated listeners, be-
Perhaps or all contemporary his- guese, Italian and German as a ripe cause he would not advocate in the cause her secrets are our secret 'that
torians and philosophical essayists, schoar knows language, and he had a state Journal Mr. Thompson's elec- we have never told either, but al
John Fiske was the most modern, useable knowledge of Dutch, Danish, tinn to the United States senate, ways remembered. At some period
He announced more clearly and posi- we1d.,s"' Anglo-bason, Icelandic, The people of this section are there- in our lives we move into the grown
tivelythan any philosophical writer piic. Hebrew, Uialdee and bans- f0re deprived or a ripe scholar's judg- up world. We do not know at the
with whom I am ramiliar. his fixed "t- In college lie was especially meat for the sake or wreaking an time that we are leaving an enchant
and immovable conviction in the ex- fond or phi osopny, History ana com- ignoble revenge upon a citizen who, ed palace for a tiresome place, but all
istence of a creative Goodness. He parativc philology. If a great library although he is in the publishing busi- at once we are terribly homesick,
was a positivist notwithstanding his were to burn, a library wmen con- ness, does not, like Elbert Hubbard, bored and discontented, and the fear
willingness to sit down and reason tamed priceless ana unique "iume. advertise himself. Last winter at the oppresses us that we are forever out
from their point of view with all men. the loss to the human race would be behest of conscience and for the sake of it. That first trial and failure to
His course lay from childhood in the universally aep orea. in Mr. iske 0f his own self-respect, Mr. Gere re- dream a waking dream, to see the
clearest sunlight. Therefore his style: tliere were unl(1Aue, p0 "U, sisted entreaties and threats which visions we could summon Into our
lucid, ambient, simple as sunlight, SBrvcetoiDan.Afewa.ew might have influenced a less deter- field, is a sorrowful experience to
and as illuminating to the dark cor- much, out no living Amer can nas mined and more seir-assertive man. every imaginative child. ot until
ners or the philosophical maze. Born assimilated so much that other men Tbls coarse retailation which the the power or instant transportation
in the days of Spencer and Darwin, ave found out and used m u,e Pre supporters of a vicious candidate are is gone does the child realize that it
he developed the theory of the latter, paration of an important message accomplishing is having one good ef- was a fairy gift and that he will al
although his style is Spenccrian. to mankind. A great library and a feet. It is uniting and making per- ways be bankrupt without it.
His discovery or the causes or the pro- great energy ror the making or new sonal an opposition which otherwise Seventeen chapters or Miss Wil-
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