The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, July 06, 1901, Page 12, Image 13

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'State Historical Society, -Urn "LlUr;
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fill IHIMIII I II II II ! 1 1 1, 'I II I i
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lorado and Isjtal?
Daily June 18th to
Sept. 10th, 1901..
KounU 'rii Me;
From Missouri River Points to Denver,
Colorado Springs and Pueblo,
81 July I to C- A June '& to 30
1 ! Sept. 1-10 1 J July 10-Aus. 31
Similar reduced Kates on same dates to
other Colorado and Utah Tourist Points.
Rates from other point on Rock Inland
Route proportionately lower on same
datesof tale. Return limit Oct. 31, 1W1.
Colorado Plyer
Leaves Kansas City daily at 5:30 p. m.,
OmaliB at 5rJ0p. m., St.Joe at artO p. m.,
arriving Denver 11 AM) n. m., Colorado Sp'gs
t Manitou ) 10:35 a. m., Pueblo 1 1 0 a . m .
Write for details and Colorado literature.
E. W. Thompson, a. G.P. A.
Topeka, Kane.
John Sebastian, G. P. A., Chicago.
enough to lose hie own, with provoca
tion at least, moat of ub thought bo.
'The doctor had been to the sub-poet
on the Mexican border on some duty or
other, and the day after he came back
Captain Lane, the goeeip of the post,
stopped as be was passing the doctor's
house for a few minutes' chat with the
doctor's wife. She was reclining neg
ligently in her hammock, which was
stretched acioes the corner of her porch.
The captain stood on the board walk,
some five feet lower than the porch Moor.
Ab they chatted about nothing in par
ticular, along came one of those naugh
ty breezes that are always up to some
mad mischief in the prairie country
and the captain told every officer in
the post, except Gaul, all about it be
fore call to quarters, omitting none of
the harrowing details. Indeed, he de
clared, on his word as an officer and a
gentleman, there was not another pair
in the world like thsm. He eaid the
silk elastic was a peculiar 6hade of red
to be had nowhere outside old Pablo's
tienda in the Mexican town across the
river from the sub-post, and that the
buckle was a tarantula, done in gold, a
work of art, also Pablo's, the work of a
true artist, who wouldn't duplicate a
design foi love nor money. Years and
and experience lent authority to the
captain's statement.
"The morniug after the captain's in
teresting adventure, he, two other ofli
cers and the doctor went to Gaul's quar
ters to see him about one of his troop
era, whose discharge had been ordered.
Gaul was out, but the boy who looked
after 'bachelor quarters' said he
would return in a few minutes, so all of
them went into his room to wait for
him. They were no sooner itside be
fore something on Gaul's dressing table
caught the captain's eye and held it.
Naturally the others looked in that di
rection, and in two strides the doctor
was beside the table. From it he took
a dainty red circlet clasped with a tar
antula worked in old gold. Then he
swore awfully. He was still swearing in
his beard, in a muflled, dispirited sort of
way, when Gaul walked in, humming a
Mexican love song and looking as inno
cent as a Sunday school picnic.
"'What does this mean, sir? What
does it mean? shouted the doctor utter
ly beside himself at the sight of Gaul,
waving the innocent cause of his ex
citement like a battle flag in the face of
the enemy.
" 'None of your damn business!' said
Gaul, as promptly as you pleasp, but he
colored to the rootB of his hair.
"Whereupon it took all of us to hold
the doctor and hustle him out of the
room, and then we had to divide our
forces to keep Gaul from following him,
for the doctor held on to the piece of
elastic and gold like grim deatn to a
"Eventually we got the doctor to the
hospital and sent Captain Lane to the
major, for the doctor swore he'd kill
Gaul on sight and his wife afterward.
'The major swore some himself, and
then he ordered both the belligerents in
arrest, one fn the hospital, the other in
his quarters. He also posted a sentry
at both places to see that his orders
were obeyed.
"Before proceeding farther the rtajor
waited till he was calmer and felt the
others must have cooled off a bit. Then
he sent for Gaul.
" 'What explanation of this matter
have you to offer?' he asked as sternly
as he could.
"'None whatever, sir,' answered Gaul,
"Report back to your quarters in ar
rest, then,' roared the major, his temper
asserting itself for the second time that
day under stress of the situation, and,
possibly, some little curiosity. When
Gaul was gone he walked the floor and
tried to think.
"Ten minutes afterward the major's
orderly, his adjutant and his office worn
taken successively and literally by storm,
and the doctor's wife waa asking him
between bods what on earth was the
"As the major's explanation progress
ed she became calmer, then angry.
" 'Absurd!" she exclaimed. 'He ought
to be ashamed of himself.'
"The identification of the ah, art i
tile was complete a very peculiar clasp,
a golden tarantula, I believe,' continued
the major.
"With a little scream her hand?
reached instinctively downward the
gesture was not finished. Blushing
rosy red, she said:
" 'Take me to him at once.'
"'I beg pardon, which him?' asked
the major.
"To my husband, sir!' Her eyes
Hashed angrily.
"Not just yet,' said the major. 'He
threatens your life: '
"The major's desk was between them.
A moment she leaned forward, A slight
movement of her shoulders showed that
her little hands were busy. Before he
had time to suspect what she was doing,
she said:
" 'Take these, then' with averted
face she laid two silken circlets of red,
each clasped with its golden tarantula,
on the desk 'and tell him for me that
he is a jealous old fool,' and with face
still more averted, 'I I will sit here
until you bring them back.'
"Just how and when and wherefore
Gaul came into possession of his golden
tarantula none of us ever discovered.
His devotion to the doctor's wife was
another matter. When he married the
room-mate of her boarding-school days,
and it came out that she had patched
up their first and only lover's quarrel
at a time when Gaul's letters were be
ing returned unopened, about the date
of the doctor's discovery and demonstra
tion, Gaul's reputation as a gay Lotha-
non collapsed, but he was dubbed d
"Knight of the Garter' by his brother
officers to the day of his retirement.
Town Topics.
The other day a young lady, daughter
of a well known millionaire, drove up to
the door of a jeweler's shop, went in and
selected a turquoise and diamond ring
valued at $230. She quietly made out
her check for that sum and passed it on
to the assistant. The alert young man
glanced at it ard then looked inquiring
ly up at the young lady.
"There is Borne mistake here, I think,"
6aid he with an apologetic smile.
The young lady Hushed and demand
ed to know if the check was not for the
right amount. She was told it was but
"But what?" she exclaimed, haught
ily. "Do you mean that my check is
not acceptable?"
The assistant mildly acknowledged
that he knew who the young lady was,
but explained that the check was not
made out ju&t as it should be, and band
ed it back.
The girl ran her eyes over it and then
turned a deep crimson.
"Oh," she exclaimed; "I see." And
then 6he proceeded to make out another
She had signed the first one, "Your
own sweetheart, Jessie." The New
r rTt?na
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