The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, April 20, 1901, Page 9, Image 9

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tato, Mendelssohn; Mrs. P. V. M. Ray
mond, Miss Ensign, Miss Ejche.
Songs "Spring," Gounod; "Morning
Hymn," HeoBchel; "Serenade to Juni
ata; Jouberti; Mrs. R. A. Holyoke.
'Cello Elegy. Ernst; Miss Lillian
Choruses "Sister, Awake,' Temple
ton Strong; ''Ride ot the Elves," Men
delssohn; Matinee Musicale'chorus.
String accompaniment First violin,
Miss Silence Dalee; second violin. Miss
Ina Ensign; viola, Mrs. Emma Hage
now; 'cello, Miss Lillian Eiche.
Omaha Notes.
Mrs. Draper Smith has been elected
director ot the Omaha Y. W. C. A.
Judge Woolworth and daughter, Mrs.
Howard, have gone to New York.
General and Mrs. Manderson expect
to return tc Omaha today.
Mrs. Estaorook, Miss Estabrook and
Colonel Ulowry made a visit of a few
days ir? Omaha last week.
Senator Millard and his daughter
have gone to Washington, it is said to
select a house.
Girls' Basket Ball Tournament.
The people ot Lincoln have seen two
or three basket-ball games by girls
in recent years, but last Friday and
Saturday occurred the greatest event ot
the kind, and probably the first regular
tournament for girls ever given in this
country. Basket-ball was invented to
provide an active indoor sport for girls,
and no one who raw the tournament can
doubt that they play this game as well
as boys play base ball or foot ball. The
tournament was arranged by the state
university to promote girls' basket-ball,
and for the "fun of the thing." A
handsome first prize and a consolation
prize were provided.
The firBt event was between the uni
versity first team and the Wahoo high
school. The Wahoo girls were at great
- disadvantage because their opponents
averaged six inches taller. They played
a splendid, plucky game nevertheless,
and though they seldom had a chance,
their goal throwing was very skillful.
The spectators were much amused,
when the Wahoo girls made their first
point, to see them run and hug Mr.
Searson, their school principal, who, it
seems, had promised the girls unlimit
ed treats if they Bcored. The univer
sity had to work "for it, but won by a
score of 27-10.
The next match was the Lincoln high
school against the university second
team. The high school girls played fast
and hard, though somewhat handi
capped by the slipperinees of the arm
ory floor. Their own gymnasium floor
is lees spacious and rougher. The uni
versity girls were outclassed in team
work and speed, and the high school
won 11 to 5.
The Uni. first team, having won the
first match, now played againBt Omaha
for a chance in the finals next day. This
came was splendid. It waB the quick
est, closest and Hardest iougni, ana isie session oi me jeorafga legislature,
least rough ot any game ever played in Our legislature has been privileged to
Lincoln. The ball was constantly being display the degree of natural intelli
passed back by one set of forwards, gence which it possesses, and it cer
stopped by the opposite guards and sent tainly has availed itself of the oppor
flying toward one goal or another. Un- tunity. It is well said that, outside of
til near t'ae end of the last half Omaha one's own profession or calling in life,
held the lead, when by tine guarding one's reasoning powers seem to be de
and rapid, clever passing the university fective, and that very few can be con
made two coals, scoring four points and sidered good judges of what is best for
in fine shape. The final score was 9-3
in , Omaha's favor. The Wahoo girls
deserve much credit, considering the
smallnesa of their school, their size and
their newness to the game.
Next came the first half between the
university first team and the Lincoln
high school. The winner was to get
first prize for the tournament, and there
was much enthusiasm among the high
school people, although no one doubted
the university would win. The game
was very swift, but the superior size,
strength and endurance ot the univer
sity girls enabled them to win easily,
the bcore being 24-1. The superiority
of the university teams over the visitors
is due to the members having had from
three to five years physical training,
being older and more mature, and hav
ing more vitality than high school girls.
Between the halves of the university
high school game, Omaha played again,
thia time against the Uni. second team .
The Omaha gir's were too tired to make
a good showing against their fresh op
ponents, though had they been fresh
themselves they might easily have won.
There was only a short intermission be
tween the halves, the Omaha team was
badly tired out, and the game ended 10
2 for the university. Omaha has a
strong team; the co-operation of the
plaeis is excellent, the individual work
good, and its part in the tournament
was very creditable.
The tournament resulted with the
Uni. first team holding first prize, Lin
coln high school second, Uni. second
team third, Omaha fourth, Wahoo high
school fifth. The university keeps both
the first prize and the consolation prize.
The fact that five teams competed mads
the schedule difficult to arrange, but as
nearly as poseib'o the teamB were
matched so as to give an equal chance
to each. The Lincoln high school girls
regret the misunderstanding that aroEe
and explain that they challenged the
qualifications of the players on the uni
versity teams supposing that this tour
nament was to be an amateur contest
under amateur rules. Several ot the
university team are apprenticed in
structors in the physical training depart
ment, and one is a poBt graduate stu
dent. The university explained, how
ever, that they invited the other schools
something in store for the people, if not
for the doctors. In the words ot Gail
lard's Medical Journal: "Let us tell the
public as often as we can that it is the
function ot the physician to act as
watchman, and sometimes, when it is
necessary for the safety and comfort of
bis patient's life, to interfere with medi
cine or knife. That is the ability to rec
ognize the time of that necessity that
the state vouches for in the holder ot
good deal of quiet criticism among some
of the older members. The society's
traditions and the forms are solemn
and religious you know.
Oh! Penelope, have you ever Been the
Omaha high school girls play Lasket
ball? Do go and see the next game they
play. You cannot watch them without
a feeling of admiration for the brave,
strong, quick, agile-minded, young
things. Straight and supple as young
medicine first." Western Medical Review.
its license to practice medicine. Meant elm.trees; in a match they are quite as
while it is the duty of the profession to slippery. Not that they outplay the
the public and itself to use every effort Lincoln team. The team work, the
toward the establishment everywhere ot machine work of the Lincoln high
a uniform prerequisite to the fgiving of school team, seems to me superior. But
advice to the sick, and that the right to the brilliancy, dash and presence of
practice medicine be with held from mind of Mies Towne, for instance, is
those ignorant of anatomy, physiology, admirable. The Y. W. C. A. team,
and pathology in its widest sense. Then which has been coached by Miss Wood
if a man trained in the recognition and small played in good form at the recent
knowledge ot disease be willing to pros- tournament and with a steadiness sur
titute his powers in the pursuit ot any prising in girls' teams. It was an in
ism or pathy, let him go. Perhaps some vitatjion tournament under the direction
day we shall have accredited piycho- of Miss Pound and Mies Barr, whoalter
therapeutics in a larger field who can ed the rules to fit their teams, claiming
tell? But let them be graduated in that as it was an invitation tournament
they were justified in eccentric conduct.
The discussion which ensued reminded
me of a card party once given by a Lin
coln hostess. You know how much
discussion there je, in playing six hand
ed euchre, about the widow and the
methods of bidding. Well, this lady
thought she would settle all that and
she placed on each table a set ot rules ot
her own invention. This was a long
time ago, but Bhe announced to an inti
mate friend, that as long as she furn
ished tne house, the chairs and tables,
"dainty refreshments" and prizes, she
thought she had a right to make a few
rules.' "It was an invitation card party
wasn't it?" Well, when the guesta had
exchanged the conventional greetings
and settled down to business with the
familiar determined air of the prize
winning woman, thpre arose immediate
ly a deafening buzz. In response to
remonstrance and petition
was nrm. and tne games
according to her system.
herself, won the "first
prize," set it on the piano
Lincoln, Nebr.,
April 17, 1901.
Deur Penelope:
Nebraska should have a state board to
restrict the contagious disease ot snob
bery. The disease w spreading to the
rural districts. It has reached Lincoln
and is destroying the usefulness of some
of the worthiest people. Why should
the spirit of mortal be proud? Our an
cestors were blacksmiths, our grand
mothers did their own washing. Not a
family in the place keeps a butler.
Most mistresses answer tbeir own door
bells, for the one maid is washing or
baking or scrubbing floors. Between
the richest and the poorest in this little
town there is no impassable gulf No
inconceivable millions divide Andy
Baylees who runs the hand street sweep
er from the richest man in town who is
said to be Mr. Moore or Mr. Berger.
There is, of course, a much wider har
ries of culture between them. Your
Omaha club committee is evidently bad
ly pitted with snobbery. I have heard
the ho3tess
were played
She played
royal lady's
and it con-
in Tilav ttinii. fnama pnmnnaorl 9b tfinv
"" "" ---. ww.rwww.. ...wj ...,, it - .
were, without regard to amateur rulee; n xim aiurpny sremo ancesior was circulating a pledge among
and the protest was therefore with- J h " -hi " give and those who do not
drawn. An annual tournament will tuo "ruaJB "uu """ u oB ja which the affiant agrees not
couiu manage a ciuu m loose nays. Dr zefl for card ni-vino.
probably be held, the prize to become
the property of the team winning it two
outot three years. In future tourna
ments it would be well to match high
schools against each other, and univer
sities the same. This scheme of promot
ing athletics for girls and young women
is a good one and worth carrying out.
Medical Legislation In Nebraska.
It is time wasted to spend it in vain
regrets over the outcome of legislation
The ancestors of the men whose paths
he has made smooth were then serving
this king and waiting humbly for his
permission for them to leave the room
backwards. I am very glad Penelope,
that because a man is short and a trifle
florid you do not fail to see his true no
bility nor forget his distinguished an
cestor. You speak of Doctor Miller's kindly
heart. Sure, he is a gentleman that
would not tread upon a worm. Do you
tinues to ornament her boudoir. But
echoes of that evening still cause a per
ceptible disturbance when the old
timers discuss ancient history.
The Fortnightly club of Lincoln is
those who
give parties,
to give
The paper has
caused much discussion. Many ladies
have accepted invitations to prize par
ties in the past and their rooms are now
decorated with the spoils of the game
in the shape of arm-chairs, buhl tables,
etchings, cut glass and Bilver table waro,
manicure sets, hot water bottles, etc.
The grateful winners are reluctant not
to give their hostesses an opportunity to
win something back. You know it's
not very good gambling form, when a
man has won from an opponent to auit
concerning the medical profession in the happen to know about his kindness to playing as soon as the luck shifts a littl
animais, aooui ms meioog mercy ana to the losing player's side. Lincoln
gentleness to the unfortunate? Seems women have a strong sense ot fair play
to me if Omaha or Nebraska has a "first if they are unusually keen for prizes
citizen" it is Doctor George A. Miller, and I believe this feelin-will defeat the
wnose miBiunuoea nave noi emouierea mnvnmnnt nirainat
winning the game, 8-5,
Saturday afternoon occurred the
finals, to determine the prize winners.
Omaha and Wahoo both having been
defeated by the university, played first.
In this game the Wahoo girls showed
much improvement over the night be
fore, their tall guard doing remarkably
well. Yet the difference in the size of
the two teams was considerable, and
Wahoo seemed utterly unskilled in team
work. Though they made but three
points, they held down their opponents
those in the other walks of life. Apathy
has borne its legitimate fruit, and a bill
has been passed conferring upon the
people calling themselves Osteopaths
most of the rights and privileges, but
with practically none of the obligations,
ot members of the medical profession.
To be just to those members of the leg
islature who belong to our profession
too much cannot be said in the way of
praise, both in the manner and in the
energy with which they fought this bill.
The future, however, may yet haye
him. May he live long and enjoy his
The Masons are holding a fair here
and selling chances on furniture, drap
eries, etc. Ynu pay your money and
stand to win. If gamblers were to set
up wheels giving the player twenty
times the chances to win offered by this
lottery the town would be aroused to
the ciiminal negligence of the police
and the mayor. There would be groans
about collusion with the gamblers and
a division ot profits, but nobody is say
ing anything. People who would be
ashamed to place their money on the
red or the black, take a dozen chances
on a leatherine chair without wincing
Jack is a mason and he says there is a
prize parties. The
prize is a stimulant and quickons the
most sluggish, most pampered tempera
ment. And about taking chances, it is
very difficult to say where gambling be
gins and legitimate speculation leaves
off. The future is hidden and only the
witch-hazel prophets pretend that they
can read it. As long as the future re
mains hidden men will hazard on its
chances. The zest of expectation over
balances the pain of loss, but playing
cards for a prize is different, don't you-
think so?
All the world invites us to drink, yet
all the world hates a drunkard.
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