The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, April 20, 1901, Page 6, Image 6

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Profeapional Directory.
JBee .618
OBee.ZabrBBC 'Block 1 9 to 10 am
i.Tr. "RflTil. F-Ballfiv 1 Viztoisao
671. J IKeaidaeea.UISC atreat J 2 to 4 p m
ETeolsft.brappoiBtBMfit. Bsndara 13 to 1 p. a. and bj appointment.
J Dr. J. B. Tricfcey,
( Refractioaiet only
Office. 1086 O atraat.
19 U
VI to
9 to 12 a. m
4 p.m.
I ... .i . I Ottea, rooms 38, 27 and I
530. IiOUlS N. Wente,D.D.S.i I. BroWl Block. 137
I , ( ao 11th itreet. I
,. ( Office orer Harley'a 1
as Oliver Johnson, D.D.S. " t
I ' 1 1106 O itreet I
Landy Clark, Agt.
g Office; llOO O St. Tel. lOS. $
us No. mat gt.
A. JPixie Urine
Burlap, guekram. Room
Just Received
all the latest styles of the
famous- : : :
Come in and see them.
8.oo ikr colony.
Queen Bees by mail $2.00. .Extracted Honey, absolute
ly pure and very fine, 15c per pound.
2273 Howard Av., Unooln,Xebr.
Shoes for
Little Feet
Should be selected with the
utmost care. The comfort
and proper support of a child's
foot is of great importance.
Our stock is full of the best
styles and the best makes
the selection of just the right
shoe is a very easy matter.
They are easy to. pay for, too.
1130 O Street.
M - ' ,,: '&. ' ' ' S
g(D?IETY :
tsm :
Mrs. A. F. Walsh, assisted by her
sister, Miss Hoover, entertained one
hundred guests at her home, 2103 A
street. Thursday evening. The enter
tainment was six handed euchre. The
players were: Mesdames Chapin, L. C.
Burr, Ode Rector, W. P Kelley, Fred,
Howe, F. M. Blish, Rankins, M. W.
Foisom, N. 0. Brock, Smith, Jakeway,
J. Scrogga, R. n. Oakley, Bigger, A. M.
Putnam. Welsh, A. Nance, Hollenbeck,
D. A. Risser, H. E. Clarkson, Paul
Holm, S. E. Cook, Elmer Merrill, E. P.
Eovey, M. F. Meeds, M. I. Aitkin, C. D.
Mullen, Jensen, Ewing, Lew Marshall,
W. A Morrison, N. Lawler, George
Woods, Stonebraker, J. T. Dorgan, J. A.
Buckstaff, MarkTiltot, J.B.Wright.
Myron Wheeler, Wilson, Van Riper,
Crittenden, Mitchell, Levering, Ally
G. Crancer. Branch, Heglund, W. H.
McCreery, RiyEdmiBten, Eason, Arm
Btroug, Holmes, 'J. B. Horton, E. L. Hol
yoke. MarEfleld, R. A. Holyoke, William
Dorgan, Barbour, W. Hargreaves, T. W. states, will be considered
Griffith, Charles Mayer, Henry Mayer,
Maxwell, Eames, W.A.Green, Yates,
McMurtry. J. W.Rudge, Carl Funke,
Stephen Hoover, Perry, W. O. Thomas,
Tnompson, George Clark, Ed Fitz
gerald, Mary Fitzgerald, W. A. Poyn
ter, Rosa Curtice, C. K. Pitcher, D. A.
Campbell, Nichols, Eliae Baker, E.
Lewis Baker; MisseE Marshall, Ware, ,
Haywood, Huffman, Daniele, Poynter,
Dennis, Mayer, Gahan, Johnson, Helen
Hoover, Stephenson, Lippincott, Burr,
Cowdery, Alice Cowdery, Hammond,.
Maude Risser, Nance, Carson, Putnam,
HolIowbuBh, Saunders, Deweese, Mul
len, Aitken, Aborn.
profession of this city, is ever alert to
make meetings interesting, and to add
to the comfort and pleasure of the visit
ing physicians. The scientific work of
the society, this year, will be of a high
order. Papers will be contributed by
many leading men of the state, upon a
great variety of subjects, both prac tical
and theoretical. Two distinguished
members of the Medical Profession,
namely: Doctor Nicholas Senc, E
President of the American Medical As
socian, and one of America's leading
surgeons, and Doctor N. S.Davis, Jr.,
of Chicago, will deliver addresses. The
Bocial features of the meeting will not
be neglected. The busy physician will
find tbe.few daya spent at the meeting
not only instructive, but restful in the
pleasure of meeting his confreres. A
mong other questions that of a reorgani
zation of the State Society upon a pro
per basis, more in harmony with that
recontly adopted by some of the eastern
One of the earliest twentieth century
enterprises to be recorded in the history
of Lincoln is the establishment of a new
sanatorium. A few weeks ago the Lin
coln Normal dormitory building vas
purchased by the Doctor B. F. Bailej
Sanatorium company, and after a thor
ough equipment with all modern ap
pliances, will be opened about May the
fifteenth. Nurses, doctors and atten
dants will be under the personal super
vision of Doctor Bailey, who with Mrs.
Bailey will reside in the sanatorium.
The board of directors is composed of
Doctor Bailey, president and manager;
Mr. John B. Horton. secretary and
treasurer; Messrs. Alex. Berger, Willard
Kimball, W. H.Manss, and Doctor J.
P. Cobb of Chicago.
Mrs. J. L. Kellogg gave an exquisite
kensington on last Tuesday afternoon .
A two course luncheon was served at
the close of the musical program, which
was furnished by Miss Holmes and
Mrs. Frampton. The invited guests
were: Mesdames J. H. Spencer, Candy,
Ricketts, Caldwell, Stuart, Robbins,
Elmendort, Evans, Davis, Gustin, Win
nett, Welch, Piper, Doane, Burkett, E.
W. Allen, Adams, Berge, Bushnell, An
drews, Alabaster, Doty, Fowler, Grow,
Whedon, Frampton, Garten, Henry,
Jaques, Korsmeyer, Huntington, S. B.
Pound, O'Neil, Metcalf, Watkins, Wen
dling, Welch, Woods, Williams, Lindly,
Gillilan, Hall, Houtz, Lamb, Lowry,
Martin, Dees, Wharton, Winger, Wood
worth, Miller, McCreary, Nickols, Stine,
Pitcher, Scbwake, Steckley, Newman,
Miller, Martin, Patrick, and Vaile of
Baltimore; Misses Holmes, Ri6ser, Den
nis and Miller.
Married on Wednesday evening, at
Mesdames Welch, Burnett, Fling, Jack- their future homestead, a farm near
son, Eamee, Flummer, Morring, Gunn, College View, Nebraska, Mr. Frank E.
C. F. Harpham, Widener, Henry, Saw- McGrew and Miss Jennie Kier, Kev-
yer, Arnett, Piree, Callen Thompson, erend L. P. Ludden officiating. A large
Bagnell; Misses Hayden, Towne, Miller, party of young people from Lincoln
Harwood. were among the guests. Mr. McGrew
The annual meeting of the Nebraska " formeriy employed in the dairy de-
State Medical Society will be held in lament at the university farm and is
Lincoln on May the seventh, eighth and ow in charge of a dairy and fruit farm.
ninth. A oorHUl inv.t.tinn 5a 1 The b"de ,B B,Bter of Mr- S. K. Kier
ed by the officers of the society to every ' thisdty and formerly lived at Sheri
physician in the state, whether a mem
ber of the society or not, to be present
Mrs. Herbert Bushnell gave a lunch
eon at half after noon on Wednesday to
the officers and leaders of departments
of the Lincoln Woman's club. The
guests were seated at small tables and
found their places by means of ani
mated little pen and ink sketches which
illustrated a name, quotation or title of
a book that had previously been writ
ten on a small slip of paper and present
ed to each one. A luncheon of goodly
things was served, spiced with an abun
dant feeling of good will and friendship.'
After the luncheon Mrs. Bushnell asked
Mrs. Morning to say a few words con
cerning the "club kingdom.'' Mrs.
Morning responded in an inspiring and
spiritual mancer. Mrs. Plummer was
then asked for a toast in behalf of the
parliamentary department to which she
responded in a brief but happy fashion.
Miss Hayden spoke in clever words of
the efforts of the committee appointed by
the art department and Mrs. Sawyer
with all the grace of feeling and Bcope of
mind that has always been her posses
sion, replied to the toast "Pearls in an
Oyster Shell." Covers were laid for:
at this meeting. Lincoln is the ideal
convention city of our state;' readily ac
cessible by railroad from all parts. The
dan, Wyoming.
Mr. and Mrs. Spencer, and Mr. and
Mrs. Le Gore gave the last of a series
of card parties at the Spencer home last
Saturday evening. The guests present