The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, April 13, 1901, Page 6, Image 6

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Professional Directory.
Jfiee .618
I Office. Zehron Block I'tolOa
J V 12 to 12 JO
671.1 " (Retidence.l313C itreet ) 2 to p m
Erenlcct. by appointment. Sunday! 15 to 1 p. m. and or appointment.
9 to 12 a. in
Dr. Benj. F. Bailey
J Dr. J.B.Trickey,
1 Refractionwt only
Office. 1035 O itreet 1 to 4 p. m
l- . . - . . ( Office, room 28. 27 and
Sao. VLouls N. WenteJD.D.S-i 1. bc ?iock-1SJ r
I I o 11th itreet. I
I.,. ( Office oTer Harley'i I
3 Oliver Johnson, D.D.S. s ,
I ' ( 1KB O street 1
Office, 1106 O St. Tel. lOS.
tSeSBwUZOki. JSSik JPS, 2CTr vffS T
Ladies' Tailoring.
I take pleasure in announcing that our spring" styles
are now ready for inspection. Fashion's latest dictates
are exemplified in both material and models. Visitors
are at all times welcome, and estimates will be cheer-
fnllTT fin'mcliofl O
V. I.
214-216 So. I8tli Street,
Phone 1422. - OMAHA. XBR.
118 fto. J4tl t.
A. Fine Line
IMERieiN 111) M1ED
5 Burlap, Buckram. Room
; Moulding.
mm id nui
Just Received
"all the latest stylesof the
famous : : :
Come in and see them.
Shoes for
Little Feet
Should be selected with the
utmost care. The comfort
and proper support of a child's
foot is of great importance.
Our stock is full of the best
styles and the best makes
the selection of just the right
shoe is a very eas matter.
. They are easy to pay for, too.
O Street.
fe VJ
The date for the rendition of the oper
etta, "The National Flower." has been
at length decided upon. The perform
ance will be given on Tuesday evening,
April 30th. To say that interest in this
society event has not waned would be to
express but little of the enthusiasm
that is growing daily as the date set for
the operetta draws nearer. As men
tioned in a former notice no effort or
pains have been spared to make this
entertainment a high grade affair in
every poesible respect. The assistance
of those who are acknowledged leaders
in the world of much, here, vocal as well
as instrumental, has been bespoken and
obtained and as there will be a variety
of pretty drills and graceful dances, one
round of pleasing specialties will make
monotony impossible. The fact that
the patronesses, ladies of Lincoln's
smart set, are taking Buch a personal
interest in the success of the entertain
ment is guarantee sufficient that Lin
coln theatre goers have in store for
themselves a rare treat, an event that it
is confidently asserted will satisfy each
and every person attending. A Bcene
from DuMaurier'e celebrated novel
"Trilby' has been selected as a curtain
raiser. The first and unexpected com
ing to the studio, of the beautiful Tril
by, "wistful and sweet," with her bare
"angel feet" encased in Duriens slip
pers and clad in an old French military
coat and.female petticoat .will be ex
tremely bohemian. Everybody who
has seen the play will be again pleased'
to find the athletic studio of Taffy,
Sandy, Little Billee and Svengali repro
duced intact as in the original produc
tion. Later, in the operetta, she ap
pears as La Svengali attired in a regal
gown of white duchess br.tin embroider
ed in gold, her blonde head crowned
wieh golden lillies, and attended by
twelve beautiful blonde young women
as lilliee. Many people are anxiously
awaiting the promised appearance of
the character pictures of both castes
which can be seen in many show-windows
this week.
Miss Holmes' Benefit was one of those
occasions in which the musical, literary
and smart eetB are bo mixed and united
that not even a supernatural being
could assort them into setB again. L?s
Bohemiennes and their husbands oc
cupied the'front of the dress circle, the
Elks and their ladies had a large part of
the parquet and the following occupied
boxes: In the first box at the right
were Mrs. L. 0. Burr, Mr. and Mrs. W.
G. Morrison, Miss Burr and Miss Miles.
The second box was occupied by Doctor
and Mrs. Bailey, Reverend and Mrs.
Eason, Mr. and Mrs. Levering. In the
loge were Mrs. Anderson, Miss Ander
son and a party of ladies. In the first
box at the left were Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Mayer, Mr. and Mrsv Henry
Mayer and Miss Mayer. The" second
box was occupied by Mr. and MrB. W. J
Bryan, Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Allen. Miss
Bryan and Miss Grace Bryan. In the
loge were Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Hull Mr
and Sirs. G. M. Lambertson, Mrs. D. A.
Campbell and Mise Watkins.
Mrs. E.E. Spencer and Mrs. F. M
Fling gave a eix handed euchre party
on Tuesday afternoon, the first of a
series of five which are given at Mrs.
Spencer's home on B street this week.
Mrs. George Fawell took the nri f-
shouting and for the best score. The
.a -
gifts were exquisite pieces of china.
Invitations were extended to; Me.
dames Burliogim, Bell, Abbott, Bab
cock, Babcock, Campbell, Bessey, Blisb,
Casebeer, Bigger, Clark. Candy, Bergp,
Barkley, Dorr, Foseler, Eames, Fawell,
Green, Garoutte, Scott, Gerhard. Hodg.
man, Hardy. Hammond, Jones, Kellogg,
Harwood, Hill, Kirker, Lane, Lansin?,
McCreery, Lambertson, Ladd, Xjnce .
Plummer, Mitchell, Pine, Perry, Rick- "
ette, Stevenson, Reese, Kobbins, Reed.
Scott, Stonebraker, Talbot, Tailor,
Taylor, M. E. Van Brunt. Turner, Web
ster, Weeks, Welch, S. C. Wilson, Put
nam, Winger, Will Owen Jones. Lind
lay, Mitchell, Clark, Whiting, Wheeler,
WilBon, L. C. Richards, Snelling, 1..M.
Raymond, Hovey, Caldwell, Edgren,
Hill, Faulkner, Andrews, Campbell,
Stelle of Minden, Buck of Crete; Misses
Stelle, Lindlay, Snell, Butler, Follmtr,
Deweese, Hammond, Harwood, Kirker,
Miller, Nance, Pound, Weeks.
Mrs. J. L. Kellogg gave a pleasan1
c rd party Wednesday afternoon, la
1 eu of prizee each guest was presented
with an American Beauty rose. T a
decorations were green and white and
were quite elaborate, a profusion of
Easter lillies and ferns being used. The
score cards were lily shaped and had on
them Mrs. Kellogg's monogram in greeu.
Mrs. Woodworth, Mrs. S. A. Foster,
Miss Houtz, Miss Kisser and Miss Lind
lay assisted in serving the luncheon.
Invitations were extended to Mesdamea
CZ-raan CZraan EVtlanm TnaAnh f Iraincrpr 7
Field, Foster, Dorr, Cindy, Fling. John
Fawell, Billmeyer, Aitken, Bailey, At
wood, Branch, Bigger, Barbour, Guen
zel, Harry Harley, E. P. Hoovey, E L.
Holyoke, Irvine, S. C. Hoover, Jones,
Kelley, Helwig, Lahr, Lindlay, R- E.
Moore, Leonard, Ladd, Lansing, Le
Gore, Morning, Nelson, Nance, Perry,
Richards, Richards, Seacrest, Kisser,
Stearns, Rewick, Rudge, Rankins, Van
Brunt, Spencer, Turner, Turner, Tal
bot, Frank Woods, Tilton, Woodwortb;
Misses Houtz, McClure, Lindlay and
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Spencer and Pro
fessor and Mrs. F. M. Fiing gave a six
handed euchre party Wednesday eve
ning at the home of the former. After
the games a luncheon was served to
Msssrs. and Meedames Aitken, Arnett,
Barbour, Branch, Bartley, Blackburn,
Chapin, Crancer, Davis, Folsom, Fol
a us, Green, Holyoke, Holyoke, Hardy,
Holm, Hinman, Harley, Irvine, Kimball,
Kellogg. Lees, Love, LeGore, McMurtrj.
Munger, Roscoe Pound, Richards, St-I-leck,
Rector, Stearns, Snell, Tilton,
Clapp, Teeters. Wolcott, Woods, Saw
yer, Lacey, Warner, Miller, Field, Vin
Brunt, Clarence Skinner, Ward, Tib
betts, Stevens, Raymond, Paul Hunger,
MrB. Ward, Mies Dennis and Mr. Keed.
Lambda Nu chapter of Pi Gamma
Dalta held its annual banquet at the
Lincoln hotel Friday evening, April fa
After an eleven course dinner the toasts
were: Mr. R. E. Moore, toastmaster.
"The founding of Lambda Nu," Mr. Ed
R. Harvey; "Lambda If u in the I Di
versity of Nebraska." Mr. Leonard
Hurtz; "The Ladies," Mr. Arthur Ches
ter Pancoast; "Advantages of a chapter
house," Mr. Walter M. Hopewell; "l'r-- (
ternity ideals," Reverend Asa Sieetb;
"The east and the west," Professor
Lyon; "Our fraternity," Doctor Kjss,
"Alumni organization," Mr. Francis J