The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, February 09, 1901, Page 6, Image 6

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Proesaional Directory.
Dr. Benj. P. Bailey j
I Office. Zehrung Block 1 9 to 10 a m
J Vl2tol&ao
,.671. J ( Besldence, 1313 C street J Z to 4 p m
ETeniDft, by appointment. Sunday's 12 to 1 p. hi. and by appointment.
IDr. J. B. Trickey,
I Refractionist only
19 to
19 to 12 a. m
Office, 1035 O itreet.
4 p. m.
I ,. , ... . ( Office, rooms 26, 27 and I
swALouls N. Wente,D.D.S.i i.Bnwnu flock, mi
I (so lltb street. I
f,, , ( Office oyer Harley's I
Oliver Johnson, D.D.S.1 ! J.
' 1 1105 O street )
f. m a k. m m b a fe.
GbMM COftti CV3 .
i U06 0 SIR., PHOHE 05
I Km
104 and 106 North Tenth Street.
1A large and well assorted line. To be closed out this
year. Be sure and see our line.
LUNCHES that will suit the most fastidious
given at the
316 Soutb 1 2 tin Street.
Absolute perfection is often
claimed for shoes that are
simply stylish. Shoes that are
plenty stylish enough when
new often lack durability and
comfnrf. All rm- Unnt, --
MMECTIMf good' The higher priced ones
Y niVIIwH are absolutely perfect in every
detail. The cheaper ones, of
course, can not be.
When you come to us you get what you pay for and you
know what you get. A discount on all leather goods this
IIS O Street.
I JiP W Ola
Mrs. V. J. Turner gave a card party
yesterday afternoon and Mr. aid Mrs.
Turner entertained in the same enjoya
ble manner last evening. The house
was decorated with ferns and carnations
Royal and lone hand prizes were given
at six handed euchre. A delicate lunch
eon was served. Those bidden for the
afternoon were Mesclames Branch, Cow
dery. Roscoe Pound, Albert Davis, Ilell
wig, Crandall, 'George Fawell, Stoney,
Finch, Seacrest, Hutchins, Kennard,
Hoover, Hoover, Nance, Ewing, Thomas,
Rewick. Field, R. M. Turner, Sine, Hor
ton, Le Gore, Bailey, Richards, Hill,
Kirby, Bennett, Dorr, Phillips, Fitz
gerald, Harris, Newmark, Traphagen,
Thompson, Thompson, Burnham, Til
ton, E. B. Green, Wolcott, Iltys, Harp
ham, Harphatn, Holm, Aitken, John Fa
well, Ackerman, Buckstaff, Morse, Hall,
Perkins, Outcalt, Talbot, Scott. Munger,
S:huckman, Lahr, Hibner, Blish, Daw
son, Billmeyer, Patrick, and Wendling;
Misses Bailey, Pound, Nance, Cowdery,
Polk, Harwood. Those invited for the
evening were Messrs. and Mesdamea
Siwyer, Rector, Tibbetts, Ward, Bar-
bour, II. H. Wilson, Winger, R. E.
Moore, Morrill, George Clark, Walter
Davie, W. A. .Green, Hill, Garoutte,
Gerhart, Rudge, Casebeer, Hutchins,
Wright, Yates, Billmeyer, E. E. Brown,
Frank Woods, R. M. Turner, Guthrie,
Jansen, Spencer, E. C. Folsom, Rick
ette, Humphrey, Van Dusen and Mrs.
Mrs. F. E. Lahr gave a large six
handed euchre party Saturday after
noon. Mrs. W. O. Thomas won the
largest number of g'imes and Mrs. R,
H. Oakley won the shouting prize Mrs.
Field, Mrs. Ames, Miss Stella Kirker
and Miss Georgia Field assisted Mrs.
'Lahr in serving refreshments. Invita
tions were extended to Mesdames Kel
logg, Henry Mayer, Charles Mayer,
Scofield, R. A. Holyoke, E L. Holyoke,
Nance, Winnett, Van Brunt, Hill, Sea
crest, Harpham, Harpham, Harris, Ar
nett, Wilkinson, W. G. L. Taylor, Jones,
George Kisser, Fitzgerald, Johnson,
Phillips, Dorr, Winger, Thomas, Pound,
Ackerman, Newman, Roscoe Pound,
Spears, Friend, Field, Grubb, Foster,
Castor, At wood, Robbins, Welch, Davis,
Guenzel, Crandall, Bigger, Raymond,
Belcher, Fawell, Stoney, Kimball, Weil,
Rudge, Finney, Schuckman, Kennard,
Mullen, EameB, Garoutte, Casebeer,
Folsom, Ricketts, Pitcher, Moore, Lee,
Baker, Butler, Stiles, Chapin, Jansen,
Burr, Teeters, Usher, Woods, Woodp,
Rosenbaum; Misses Mayer, "Nance , Rice,
Tibbetts, Hawley, Hardy, Kisser, Dean,
Franck, Pound, Pound, Hallett, Towne,
Kirker, Heaton, Lindley, Miller, Burr,
The annual banquet of the Y.W.C.A.
is one of the pleasantest anniversaries
of the year. About one hundred diners
were present on Monday. Pink carna
tions with hyacinths and ferns decorat
ed the tables and pink candles in silver
candelabra illumined the scene. The
president of the association, Miss Mar
tha Pierce, waB toast mistress. Miss
Kyle was unable to be present and Miss
Bouton reported the work of the asso
ciation during the past year. Miss Con
stance McCorkle, state secretary, made
an after-dinner speech. The treasurer,
Mise Emma Hathaway, reported a small
balance in the treasury and few debts.
J j The following officers were elected for
he ensuing year: President, Miss Mar.
tha Pierce; first vice P., Miss Bouton,
second vice P., Mrs. A. G. Warner, thira
vice P., Mrs. H.J. Winnett; rec. sei ,
Miss Bryan; Ireas , Miss Emma Hatba
way. The members chosen to till vacan
cies on the board were Mesdames S. I)
Hyde, F. M. Hall, H. J. Whitmore, II ).
Winnett, A. G. Warner; Misses Brjan
and Bouton.
Mrs. W. J. Turner will give a card
party this afternoon to which the fol
lowing friende are invited: Mesdames
Putnam, Richards, Robbins, Robinette
Taylor, Tibbetts, Baldwin, Bartrutr,
D. A. Risser, George Kisser, Wells, At
wjod, Brock, Campbell, Chapin, W. It
Wilson, W. C. Wilson, Grainger, F. M.
Hall, Hammond, Hardy, Marshall, Hen
ry, Mayer, Kirker, Wheeler. Pitcher,
Lse, Everett, Hill, Ladd, B Icher, Mar
shall, Kirby, Bigger, Welch, Leonard,
Folsom, Harley, Pound, Teeters, Jones,
Raymond, Raymond, Guenzel, Webster,
Van Brunt, Hallett, Wilkinson, Spear
FoBter, Whiting, Holyoke, Auld.Metcalf,
Patrick, Wendling; Misees Kirker, Tib
betts, Hammond, Hardy, Saunders, Ris
ser, Olivia Pound, Putnam, De Lasch
mut, Hallett, Deweese, Carson.
Mr. II. G. Hudson was surprised Sat
urday evening by a party of friends who
bad learned that it waB the forty-fifth
anniversary of his birth. Mr. Hudson
was presented by his friends with a
handsome silver-mounted cane. The
evening was spent at Lards, and a lunch
eon was served. Messrs. and Mesdames
Albert Johnson, T. F. Lasch, A. H.
Weir, C. E. LatEhaw, L. G. Graham,
J. W. Moore, W. Lovejoy, J. C. Bahle,
Thomas Callahan, Hays Tomson, C. S.
Jones, Henry Branch, Charles Branch.
O. C. Weesner and F. G. Fisher were
the conspirators.
Miss Helen Morrissey waB surprised
by friendB on Friday evening. Games,
dancing and music were the chesen en
tertainment. Those present were Misses
Marie Talbot, Mary Minor, Neva Hib
ner, Florence Anthony, Elsie Venters,
Mabel Hindmarsh, Edna Biker, Ethel
Burket, Mignon Gaylord, Helen Laws,
Ina Gaylord; Messrs. Dolliver Arm
strong, Earle Foster, Vogle Gettier, Joo
Orcutt.John Burket, Allen Flansburg
Alva Gaylord, Lawrence Tipling, Harold
Ushar and Charlie Gaylord.
Mrs. Le Giand Boynton and Mrs. I.J
Ayere gave a kensington Tuesday a'ter
noon in honor of Mrs; Spicknall tf Wel
lington, Kansas, who is visiting Mrs. II.
A. Tibbetts. Mrs. Spicknall recites
cleveily and the conpany an oppor
tunity to hear her. A three course
luncheon was served. Those present
were Mesdames Spicknall, Tibbetls,
Auld, Spencer, Winnett, C.E. Harpham
Frank, Graham, Lockridge, StecHe
Riegei, Violet, Wharton, Arnett, Zeh
rung, Hotaling, Tibbetts and Shanon.
Mrs. E. C. Rewick entertained fifr
guests Monday. Rosea 'and carnatior
tilled the room with fragrance whil
Miss Hammond sung and played selec
tions from a choice repertoire. Mrs. Re
wick was assisted by Mesdames R. 'I
VanBrunt and A. G. Billmeyer.
Mrs. C. F. Harpham gave a kensing
ton Monday in honor of Mrs. W. 1
Spicknell of Wellington, Kansas, who i
in elocutionist and recited pieces i
dialect to the piano accompaniment of