The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, February 09, 1901, Page 4, Image 4

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"Very well," said the teacher. -Jump!'' ehouted Susy. "You said the afternoon. Ihe following paper will sex; above all, the provision by which
Perhaps she meant she knew very you would!" be given under the preceding title, the free-born American woman, on mar-
well. For there were suspicious, gingery Immediately Willie took the leap, "fiow to make him a good man;" "How riage to a foreigner, Iosesher birthrieht
traces about Jamie's mouth. HiB pock- Not with biB accustomed knightly fling, to make him a good citizen." A discus- of citizecship in this republic. The
ets bulged uncommonly large, too. And however; a half-hearted leap, which sion from the floor will follow these pa- initiative will be token in the endeavor
presently, when the teacher was busy brought him down perilously close to pers and the club wishes that subjects to secure for women equality of legal,
teaching little Johnny Orr to say hie the wall. Above the bay-mow door such aa"the boy's friends;" "literature for political and industrial rights through
alphabet. Jamie quietly and, as it were, projected a loDg, Btout beam which had boys;" "discipline;" "the boy's room;" national and state legislation."
under cover slipped two large ginger been used by the painters in scaffolding, "respect for the rights of others;" "the
cookies into the pocket of the hero of and by tome chance still remained. By boy's teacher and school," and "the Chicago club women are aiding ma
the day. the merest margin did Willie clear it. Bense of honor" may be taken up. terially in makingChicago an art centre.
It was characteristic of Jamie, this No, he had not cleared. The stout jeans Various Chicago clnbs purchase several
willing offering to a superior genius jacket that he wore caught on the end The Colonial Daughters of the Seven- good pictures by Chicago artists at each
whose superiority was so established of the beam, and the invincible hero teenth century, in Brooklyn, New York, annual exhibit of the Art Institute
that he recogniz d as fruitless and fore- was suspended safely, his small bare gave a special service last Sunday, in Outside of the artists who have private
bore from any attempt at emulation, feet kicking ineffectually at empty commemoration of the first Sunday rites patrons the largest sales are made to
Susy's pronounced preference for Willie space within the empty bay-mow door- solemnized by the Pilgrims on the At- women's clubs. The Chicago Woman's
did not trouble him. He preferred way. In his extremity the boy, for the lantic shore, January 21st, 1621. club has appropriated a large amount
Pauline. Her imagination was lees first time, realized his extremity. "I for pictures this year. The Arche anil
fecund and her domands lees difficult, can't get down," be said as plaintively Hallie Ermnie Rives a novelist has Klio clubs also intend purchases.
An occasional ginger cookey, or a red as any common boy. Johnny promptly ar0UBed the antagonism of Chicago club
apple from his lunch kept her perpetu- ran for bio mother. women. She asserts that the interest 'ne Sod! Union club of Denver en-
ally his friend. Susy scorned Buch over- This was why the Oliphant dinner5 Chicago women take in clubs is "de- drsed at its last meeting the house bill
turea if made to cover the lack of fear- bell was rung at the unusual hour of Btr0ying their domestic love and filling 'or an appropriation by the legislature
lessnees of exploit which her soul loved, four in the afternoon to call the men jne divorce courts." Dr. Julia Holmes ' a 6Um ' moDe 'or B parental school.
Jamie had heard with composure her from the field; and this is how the fact Smith Bays that "Miss Rives views are
statement that nobody dared to jump of the extraordinary courage of Willie ne expressions of immaturity." Chi- e pros101 for the Iowa federation
off the new red barn. became known to the grown-up persone, cago women maintain, moreover that ' Women's clubs, which will occur May
4 Course not," he said calmly. "No- who had hitherto been blind to the fact the exigences of club life prevent "idle lst' 2n0- and 3rd 'n Council Bluffs, has
body could." that the lion heart which beat high be- marriages." Dr. Prances Dickinson b6en completed. On Tuesday, April
But Willie promptly took up the neath the blue-checked shirt of one com- head of the Harvard medical college, has tn, the vice presidents will meet with
challenge. monly supposed to be merely a boy. remarked in regard to the matter: "I the following subjects for discussion:
"I could," she said. waB in dub hfe from lgg6 nnTl 1894 an(J "Ideal results of women's clubs;" "Man-
"Ya-as," drawled Susy, "but you in all that time no one ever aBked me to uel twining in our public schools;"
wo'l . , .. so ; t endorse her application who was not a "0ur women's clubs, beneficial factors
"Iwill! asserted Willie. g married womailt and i dpn't know of a n home life;" "How can club women
"When?" TrHR$. I divorce among club women of Chicago." work with teachers?" "The value of out
Susy always followed up a prospective J vuoiao j door study;" "Objectionable advertis-
adventure, Edited by Miss Helen 6. Harwood. T. ., raraBa n, un,.M : W "Compulsory education." There
"Sataday,"said Willie, "a' that's to- f The National Congress of Mothers in wUI the U8ua, buB;DMB meeti
morrow." ' a circular they have issued urge the 0ne wiU be devoted to ,b
"Poh!"said Susy. "I don't b'live CALENDAR OP NEBRASKA CLUBS ""poof individual clubs with their as- W(jrk The PreB8 women of Iowa will
you dare!" "ociation 'f W'owwrf reasons: hour Tfae w Hour wm
"You'll see," said Willie stoutly. February '"& union will increase the efficien- . offer tunit f(Jr humane
. ., , 12. Fortnightly Lincoln cy and importance of the individual . ,. mr . ... ,
The next day two good women were u. Friends In Council.Babylon captivity.... ,.. m. t a. ... - :j speculation. The topics assigned under
t , i ., ..... . Tiv-iimvoii club. The stronger clubs win widen .. . .. .. .. . . .. ,
Borely puzzled over the anxtety of their n c'il rn""mp"r-'.Vi.m iwUi! u - a w lU , this Bubject are "preservation of birds'
. . . .. . .. ". irosis, .njr. uterature lecumseh their influence by service to the weaker; , .. . . , .. . ...
respective eons to pay a visit to tie ,3-'ozv vFrench women Tccumseh ,,..., . ' and "study of birds." One evening will
,,. . t . T : , . u, w c Literature .....Auburn the weaker will feel the stimulus of con- . . , . , .. . .
Oliphant ranch. Jamie, as usual, after is. Round Tubie, Queen-, or Enp creus -.u u . -,i i . be given to art and another to music.
much wheedling, obtained the desired '"sSll SuK ?dct.W1 th Btronger; all will feel the Tfae main federation will
. . , , ,.... , iS?,11 ,,5c,n in-; v. OTk, inspiration of a common purpose. . . . T. A . ..,,..
permission, and appeared a little after J History & Art c. Book Review Seward T , i u i- ' .u be given by Mrs. Ketzie of the Polytech-
.,....,.. T. 16. Fin de Siecle c Debate, Indian question "No woman's club, working for the - u t t
noon riding his buckskin pony. John- cwani ,. . - . . nic school of Peoria.
ny's case was more difficult R-auirimr i-'- c.. Nebraska Day .".'."ciumims uplifting of humanity, can be complete
Dy a case was more difficult. K.quinng, ,6.,etic a Literature Weeping Water without a eection for child study and ,. , 4. . .
as he did. his mcther b company, on ac- is. . c., Household Economics Norfolk ... ... .. .. . The program of the Fairbury Wo-
.-..,, u j j interchange of thought on subjects per- , , r T .. ... .
count of his tender years, he was reduced . . . . . . mans club January 29tb: Miss fol-
to despair and tears, before the covered Lillie E. Baker, Corr. Sec, of the Nor- ' Ioth'a music received an encore. Mrs.
consent was gained. It did not occur folk Woman's club furnishes the follow- r;iub j)ay at ne )eDVer Wnman reein8n read a Paper on "the leading
to either of them to tell of Willie's ing ; report, club last Saturday was in charge of the "ines their editors, and noted con-
? .. f .fc , ..fc A dehghtful afternoon was enjoyed KcM 6ciene department. The after- tr,bnft0r8' MMn 'Cff8 refd hurr;
Each secretly feared that at last the by the Woman's club last Saturday at n0on's topic was the "Novel as a social on8Btory- Mrs. Balch reviewed a short
hero would write failure large. The the reception given by the teachers of aeent- The speaker Miss Ring ana Btory hm Tb8 Sky Pilot Mesdames
jump from the big barn was a fear- the Norfolk schoola. Misses Wood, uzed the relation of the novel to society Moonand Simpson sang a duet. The
ful uazard and each knew that the Nelson, Reese and Allberry received the Bnd dwelt upon its industrial aspect and mmbre were "" with chocolate,
grown-ups indifferent to deeds of hero- guests. The room was beautifully dec- alB0 upon i0ve and character study as ,adX fiBs and wafers,
ism would put a stop, omed.ately to orated with potted plants and draperies portrayed by lhe noveliste. . -7 . u r
such a proceeding. So, unheralded, ap- in the club colors. Supt. O'Connor The program of the Fairbury Wo-
proached the fatal hour. read an interesting paper on "The du- The Kansas House of Representatives man'6 flub for Februa-ry 3th: Business,
Mre.Leeand M's. Oliphant, deep in ties of patrons to teachers and schools." paB8ed the Butler bill February 2nd: o08'0118 music; song; p iper, "A few
a discussion of ihe relative merits of de- Mrs. John R. Hays reepmded on be- act requiring proprietors, manag- COIDPoeer8 of aacred music;" recitations;
vices for pickling, little dreamed of the half of the club. An interesting discus- ers and persons having charge of estab- maB' tta,lt "The influence of eacred
fearfLl suspense, in which the hearts of sion by teachers and patronB followed HBhmentaor places where women or muBic" "'"BJ ta k "muBic in churches. '
their offspring beheld the intrepid Wi: which awakened a cloter sympathy be- gir,8 are employed to provide chairs,
lie, slowly crawling along the ridge pole teen teachers and patrons. One side etools or other contrivances for the seat- Elizabeth Allsop of Gosden Common,
of the barn. Ascent had been easy, by of the room was partitioned off by a ing 0f such employees, and to permit near Guilford, who has died at the age
means of the long ladder, eet on the large Bcreen draped with club colore, them to use the same for rest when not of one hundred, had recaived a prize not
"lean to." The group at the birn door Behind this screen were arranged small actively engsged in duties inconeif.tent long before from the late Duchess of
waited in breathless silence. The big tables daintily spread, where light re- wjth euch requirement." York. The Duchess gave prizes to the
barn was wide open. Through it came freshments were served. Music for the domestic who had lived the greatest
the sound of Jamie's pony, moving rest- occasion was furnished by the nigh The first annual conference of the Na- number of years with one family and
lesslyno- and then, and the cluck- school orchestra and others. Each tional Legislative League will be held in Mrs. Allsop had been in the service of
cluck of a hen, picking about the binB guest was presented with a suitable Washington February 19th and 20th.' one family for Beventy-four years. Wo
and fussing with her chicks. Above badge composed of club colore, white All clubs affiliated with the organizition man's Journal.
the big door the hay mow door swung andyellow. m w Bend delegate8 and a who
wide. Above that was the high gable, think that there shouid be no discrim- The women of the Tennessee Tedera-
aud above that the little figure perched, Among the membere of the Malta- iQation against any class of citizens in tion have drawn up a bill providing for
abtride- panock club of South Boston are MeB- the provisions of the national and state compulsory education, which is now be-
At last Jamie spoke weakly. dames Julia Ward Bowe and Louise constitutions are invited to be present, fore the legislature.
"He'll kill himself, I'm afraid." Chandler Moulton. Thn pnliadelphia Times gives the fol-
Susy turned on him a contemptuous lowing report. On Friday, February 1st, the Deborah
S'aDCe- The midwinter meetings of the Massa- "At this conference the organization Avery chapter of the D. A. R , met with
"Everybody knows you're afraid," she chusetta Btate federation, by invitation of the League will be perfected and pub- Mrs. W. C. Henry. Mrs. Sawyer's pa
B1'u of the Woman's club of Bos'on, will oc- lie questions discussed. P1ub will be per was a refutation of the remark that
"Come down, Willie!' ehouted Jamie, cur in that city February 15th. At the made for active efforts to abolish aU the the western chapters needed no money
his fear again overmastering even his morning session, Dr. J. Stanley Hall, legal enactments injurious to women, for the reason that the west had no bis
pride in his hero. "Come down. It's president of Clark university will give especially1- those laws which; deny to tory. The foregoing assertion was made
too far to jump." an addres on "Boy Nature." This will them their equal rights to their chil- by one of the officers of the national or-
2faw it aiur," Bhouted Willie. That's be followed by half an hour of queations dren, their property and their earnings, ganization in the continental congress
nothin'." and answers. 'The personal and social "A protest will be made to Congress during the discussion of the amendment
Still hfa seemed to hesitate. development of a boy" is the topic for against all Federal injustice based on providing for the "retention of three-