The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, January 26, 1901, Page 2, Image 2

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Kosewatcr. and Thompson, move their supplemental activity of the report
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hours' repose and expect to rind their long ago the functional paralysisof
men in the same relative position the detective service. Should a num
wlien tbey begin the game again, it ber of criminals follow the example of
is characteristic of the better taste Pat Crowe and kidnap children the
and regard for convention of the other helplessness and uselessness of the
candidates and the calibreof the free- American policesystem might bedem
uicnwho are voting for them that onstratcd and a reform be instituted,
they do not talk with the same conti-
dence and scorn of "their men.' A
traveller from Mars or some unso Tesla and the Brothers Grimm,
phisticatcd enthusiast with ideas iief0re thediscovcrv and the uni-
enough to choke him about freedom rcrsal application of electricity Nikola kinds of dainties for the wishing, the mind
on each side of the fussy scales he
weighs things with.
Tesla himself designs the perfected
telautomaton for use in war lo pre
vent bloodshed and cruelty. "In
stead of man righting man in the
future, it will be machine against
ever lie lays it down, it belongs to
who can grab it first. Every night
the janitor at the high school fills a
table full of books that he has found
in different parts of the building. In
the morning, when they come to schoo.
the students turn over the miscel
laneous pile of soiled, torn books look-
Missourians are scattered all over ing for those they will need that day.
this country. They are the leaven of The connection between a carele
the heap. Tesla's telautomaton is as use of the books loaned tliem and
familiar as the old seven league boots, taking property which belongs either
the cloak of darkness, the magic car- to the school-board or to one of their
pet, the table that sets itself with all schoolmates is apparent to a candid
ana representative government, etc., Tesa wou,j j,ave ci,0?en the telling
would comprehend with dilliculty Mr. or compiling of fairy-tales for his pro
Thompson's absolute ownership of the fession. Electricity is still a new
Lancaster county delegation, which energy. "r,e plain people"' do not
Is supposed to represent the interests vet nmit its nossibilities. They be-
or the county, but is instead a very
nicely carved set of wooden players
that look just like real men, only they
cannot make voluntary motions, but
are moved "by hand. The state might
sword that cut -anything and all the
rest of the Grimms' properties.
Socialism in the Public Schools.
Editor of The Courier: I have re
cently read in the New England
Tourna1 of Education an extract from
your paper concerning the theft of
school books by school children. May
a stranger be excused for saying
that in tnis matter you must be mis-
Here, or according to the very plain
people who write for the newspapers,
they say they believe whatever Tesla
tells them he has accomplished by the
aid of electricity. He savs lie has had
have saved the expense of the salaries SOme mysterious and otherwise unac- taken, 1 feel very sure? In our High
or the Lancaster delegation if the counted for mesSageS, which he is fS'S ffifc wJj. &MS S
votprs hart clprtpri Mr Thnnmson nnrl 1 i 1 thousand books of all Kinds and we
oters naa elected ur. iiiompson ana sure have come from the queer people ose no more than rive or six a year
given him six proxies. Then six jR Mars. There are editors who be- from the entire number. In the en
other men would not have been able iieve him. Tesla has the same man- tire city, of course we have a much
to pose as representatives of
pie, but the saving to
uatu uwuiium Heve him. Tesla has the same man- tire city, or course we nave a rnucn
Lives of tliepeo- nerof fooling people that Keeley used J-arefy SoS?o?tlStSdd thfnk
the state would for so long Tlie American people you do the'principal of your high
i overbalance tne ...m i.i:. ...... i,i .1. .. ...:.i. xi 1 .u. ,. j '. .?
Public schools and state universi
ties, supported by a compulsory tax,
on those who have and those who
have not children, are nly justifiable
because they are supposed to increase
the value of each citizen to the state.
It should be demonstrable that the
average graduate of high-schools is
better and more useful to the commu
nity than the average boy whose
parents take him out of school before
he reaches the high-schooL. The
great merchants and manufacturers
of this country, however, are trained
in a different school and by the con
stant and widely different demon
stration of commercial principles and
-. . . .. " r- 1 w 1UU UU Lilt? ULlUUILIrtl Ul VIIUI IULMI
nave oeenenpugu to overbalance tne will believe anything that a man with school, or the superintendent of your conduct. The unpampered realiza-
scnoois, an injustice winch you will tion of the rule of tee game humaim
oe giaa to correct wnen you nave is best learned in the stores and
mauir luiiuci luteauKabiou 01 me
facts. G.E.G. Supt. of Schools. Mass.
Jan. rs, iuui.
loss of what only look like represent
"Elected on the First Ballot,"
It has been understood so long by
.Mr. Thompson's hired men that he
a Dig reputation says. All that is
necessary is for the story-teller be
famous, lie must therefore be truth
ful and he may tell them traveler's
yarns without verifying them, and be
met with credibility. Tesla discov-
tices. If it were possible to hold a
competitive examination between the
The writer of the foregoing refers little boys in business and the little
lo a paragraph on the operation of Dctfs glng through the sacred pro-
would, be elected on the first-ballot ered tl,e credulousness of his audience the free text book law printed in The cesses of public school education, the
that those who believe everything
they are told, are slightly dazed by the
suspension of his victory, and the de
lay of his triumph over the malignant
enemies of a good and magnanimous
man who only cares to go to the Uni
ted States-senate because of the en
larged opportunities such an otlice
will afford him to do good to others.
Juxtaposed to Rose water and opposed
by two members bf the senate who are
candidates themselves, it is somewhat
difficult for Mr. Thompson to demon-
years ago and he has played upon it Courier of the seventeenth of tavern-
without protest ever since. He plays ber 1900, wherein it is intimated that
that he knows a great secret but will
not reveal it till a certain date, and
the date is at hand he, plays that
he knows something more wonderful
still, but he will not tell either one.
We are so glad to be amused and
amazed that we agree to all his terms
and to his continual postponement of
the miracles he says he can perform
at will. Meanwhile Bell, Marconi
and Edison have accomplished some-
the effect of the law upon the children
of Lincoln is undermining notions of
mine and thine. In regard to the
thievery of books in the public
schools, the statement was not made
without authority and upon investi
gating the subject again. I find that
there is no occasloSfor retraction.
rormer would stand a chance of cet-
ting a mark at least fifty per cent
The scholars of the Lincoln high
school have no desks. They drift
about from class room to class-room
with a pile of the school-board's books
on their aching arms. They have no
lockers, either for book or for wraps
and they lay the books down and
their wraps are stolen, by the logical
In the Lincoln high-school a new
sj'Mem has been adopted since the graduates of the system who go into a
article was written. When a book is dark, barred cage in the basement
trate the universal legislative popu- tl,lnS- Though Edison dissipates oc- missing from the high school library, an,i pick out as well as they can, by
larity he has heretofore claimed. The casionally on newspaper notoriety. the class is assessed its price. This touch, what suits them. Tramrwand
opposition of whole counties to Mr. Tula's latest fake is a telautoma- system has almost stopped the steal- inveterate travelers that pay their
Thompson is affecting some of the toniran automaton that will work ing of books. But the pilfering still way, who have no place in society, no
legislators who have been persuaded under orders from a controlling mind, goes on in the cloak room and from example to set, no community to
that Mr. Thompson is the only can- wllether near or distant. His machine the teachers, who constantly report shock, and no investigation to dread,
didate. is like a hired girl in one respect, it losses of fountain pens and other are DOt a highly-moral class. Some
will only take orders from one person, small articles from their desks. So people lead respectable lives for nine
He claims that he lias constructed a that the improvement in regard to or ten months out of the year in the
boat that will obey him from the stealing books, can not be assigned to cities where they live and thev keen
According to this distin- tenderer consciences but to discrimi- their courage up by nlannimr for an
nation in selecting the most profitable annual vacation far from family and
articles to steal. acquaintances. It is due the children
The value of the articles stolen is we are educating to be our governors,
small. But the value is not of so mayors, treasurers, judges, and presi
rauch significance as the number of dents that we keep the sharpest
things stolen. The boys who are in temptations away from them until
the high-school now, in a few years maturity. We owe them the safe
will be in the city council, in the guards in their public school life, of a
legislature, in the cashier's cage, and localized seat and desk, and of thecer
in various positions of trust, for the tainty of detection and discovery if
1:1 ty, county, or ior corporations. The LI,eJ steal.
Pat Crowe and the Police.
J.hedcelopmentof detectives and shore
policemen does not seem to have kept guished romancer, the boat has rud
fctep with the evolution of rogues, der, oars etc., aDd has obeyed direc
Men like Pat Crowe play with the de- tions issued by him at a distance. He
tectlvc force. They know their thick says further tint he can furnish a
wits and the police are at their mercy, telautomaton -with a mind of its own,
The accessories to a policeman's dig- that will not be run like his boat with
nity, his uniform, his club, the patrol "a borrowed mind." "1 propose to
wagon, the serious regard he has for show," he says, "that an automaton
himself as an unresistable agent of may be contrived which shall have its
the law, narcotize his energy. The own mind, and by this. I mean, that
hief of police is apt to ba a policeman it will be able, independent of any
witii a multiplied sense of a police- operator, left entirely to itself to per- last decade in the state government There is also a not .,., , , ,
mans dignity and importance. The form in response to external influences has demonstrated the misery thata fine? connection L 71 ? "
rogues have no dignity to maintain, affecting its sensitive organs, a great defaulting bank nresldcnt nr t,tA LiuS , between red-tape,
They have only to outwit a set of variety of act, and operaUonaS JSSSr'm t cau'se to he cm S'T1'
men. born for their vocation, with un- had intelligence. It will be able to munity ing ana between lying and stealing,
varying methods of acting when the follow a course laid out or to nhov it iV rt-in !.. . 7 conrus,D8 number of rules in regard
law I, outraged. The manufacture of orders given far in advance-it wiK c 00 .. ev a? l? ff enervates morals. The
safes has kept pace with the develop- capable of distinguishing JetweE SSSnioi' " f C,,lldren whovatched by the
mentand ingenuity of burglars. If what it ought and bought not to d -and th Tstni tef US?! ? 0 th Steps'are forced to
the output of detectives could be It will be no mere luJSur1 0t march cuL in lJle file till Un
matched in like manner to rogues' tri vance, but a machine embodying a fncu eating the princinles and 1 ? tS? . ' ta a" indlca"n that
avuiuiAii ..vuiu mnnvi ail IUUII UC- bU UKriUrni 1LS Hill IPC :IC tlr.w.l. J. V. ,. I. -,.
tectiveUhecouU betray. He.s had intemgecc. rtenco."" i,a - k ZT, TL "rsl X
alert, quick on his feet, daring and an ment. reason, mind." statG inttitiiMnn 1 ,,!?'
accurate judge of human nature, tfo Just think of taking a machine temo chirk El ?i , ?P a SJS"
rnodern officers so behind the Mm, "nmhrvivin.rn 1,,..," ;":L,,m,aClllne n of checking, which bas removed
-.-,- ,..:.,"' .7. ' "'"".V i",uPie apart, apartortlie temptation from rW-.
so useless, so entirely a -functionary
and nothing more, as the city detec
tive. Newspaper reporters hunt
criminals for the detectives, find Mieir
hiding places and supply the prose-
wuiiueiup. auiok or tne discus- room thieves
sions, ana amerence of opinion a ma
chine embodying a higher principle
might enjoy with an engineer like
Henry James, for instance, who is
mu; uim attention m nuf-
witting every normal child's desire to
run and make a noise as soon as school
lets out," (Is there a more graphic
Phrase for dismissal? One more elo
quent of the child's point of view?)
The weakness of snniaiumjc ,...,. ty.'VS. years ao in the public
teaches universal ownership. An ing ' Todav ZL " WSS " StCal
articlemay be used andeni.rM h iV , thcre are a number of
the possessor, so long Tlf 1 Lt ?!,'" PMUchoo!8 and in
uuMciuiy. is the evil remedi-