The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, October 06, 1900, Page 7, Image 7

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beads and each waB led by a colored boy
in white duck suits.
Aldis and Neva Ilibuur drove a pony
phaeton decorated in red and black
poppies- The children were dressed in
red and black and had a small black
dog with a collar of red flowers between
Miss Estella Douglas and Miss Dode
BenninghotT were in sea green with
black hats and drove amidst pink roses.
The single seated road wagon had a
harp shaped design of roses on the dash
board, and deep pink scrolls on the
wheels. A huge jeweled black butterfly
extended its wings at the back of the
seat. Smaller butterflies were scattered
among the roses and rested on the
parasol of pink petals lined with roses.
The white horeo had a white harness
and was garlanded in flowers. Messrs.
James Lawlor and Zeb Martin on
bay horses rode in attendance.
Mrs. Arthur Betz and Miss Hathaway
were in white and scarlet in a shell of
chrysanthemums the ribs alternating in
violet and white. It was drawn by a
bay horse with white harness. The
white parasol had violet decorations.
Mrs. 0. F. Barras in white with yel
low ribbons and Mies Eva Barras in
yellow had a brilliant turnout covered
with pumpkin blossoms in the natural
orange and yellow shades. The single
seated carriage had a square canopy
top of the gay flowers and was drawn
by a bay horse with orange colored
harness and decorations.
Mrs, O. E. llouck and Mrs. Clinton
King, in black, with black hats and
long plumes, road wagon, in violet
chrysanthemums, blending from light
to dark purple, drawn by a bay horse.
Mrs. II. J. Winnett, Mrs. S. G. Dorr;
Mrs. W. C. Phillips and Mrs. C. Noll
of Pittsburg, Pa., in gorgeous two seated
surrey covered with holly-hocks, shaded
from white to deep ruby red. Tall
stems of holly-hocks were at the back
of the carriage. The handsome bay
horses were decorated with red plumes.
Two of the ladies were dressed in white
and two in geranium red, with white
parasols. Mrs. E. Lewis Baker and
Miss Darleen Woodward, in white duck
shirts and scarlet jackets, outriders.
Miss Hoover and Miss Burr, in an ex
quisite trap of shaded pink roses with
small French mirrors inserted at the
sides of the trap. Green vines encir
cled the rosea on the hubs of the wheels,
and the undergearing was twined with
green. The rear seat was a bank of
gorgeous deep pink roses. Broad pink
satin ribbons served as decorative lines,
but the garlanded horse was led by a
footman. The young ladies wore white
dresses with pink ribbons and sashes,
and pink Gainsborough hats, with
sweeping white plumes. They scattered
confetti from a llower basket hung be
fore them in the trap. A white silk
parasol lined with pink roses shaded
their heads.
Little Lorana and Harold Mattice
drove a goat cart of pink carnations,
drawn by a large white Angora goat,
adorned with pink harness and flowers.
Both children were dressed in white,
and the little girl carried a pnk para
sol covered with carnations.
Mrs. Maxey Cobb, accompanied by
Mrs. D. B. Stewart, drove a pair of large
dark bay horses in a single-seated car
r age, decorated with chrysanthemums.
An effect of elegance was given by the
simplicity of design and the careful at
tention to detail.
Mrs. C. G. Mullen and Mrs. W. G.
Morrison, in an English dog cart, deco
rated in red and black. Masses of red
poppies with black centers covered the
cart and formed a Malteso cross on the
wheels. The black horses had white
harness, and were led by a footman in
white livery. The ladies wore red and
white and carried a red parasol, deco
rated with black butterflies.
Mrs. Julius Ottens and .Mrs. S. A.
Hensley, in a beautiful carriage, deco
rated in wbito chrysanthemums with
yellow centers and white taffeta ribbon;
in white and carried a large white para
sol. Miss Ethelyn Bignell and Miss Agnes
Casobeor had a brilliant orange and red
pneumatic road wagon, decorated in
Japanese design. The chrysanthmums
were Bhaded from red through orange to
white and pale green. The wheels re
sembled big variegated stars. The white
horse was harnessed in white. The
young ladies wore Japanese kimonas of
white, bordered with yellow and green,
and green sashes. They carried a beau
tiful yellow umbrella, lined with yellow,
green and white flowers.
Mrs. Richard O'Neill. Mrs. George
Vanderpool and little baby Richard
O'Neill, in white, rode in a carriage the
shade of American Beauties. The
undergepnng was covered with aspara
gus fern.
Miss Lillian Fitzgerald and little baby
Ruth Fitzgerald, in an exquisite swan
shaped carriage of white chrysanthe
mums. The large white horse was led
by two footmen in white livery. Miss
Fitzgerald and the little girl were
dressed in white, with pink hats, and
pink ribbonB decorated the harness and
Mrs. Lela Jones, Mrs. H. Bradden
and baby Forest Bradden occupied a
buggy trimmed in pink and white chrys
anthemums. A big pink bell hung over
their heads. The white horse was dec
orated with pink flowers and ribbons.
Mrs. C. E. Finch was accompanied by
Mrs. F. Ai. Brighatn in a phaeton of
white roses. The bay horse had white
Mrs. W. C. Smith and little Miss
Dorothy Welch, both dressed in white,
rode in a carriage of lavender and white
chrysanthemums. The horse was deco
rated with violet and while.
Mrs. W. II. Hunter, turnout of red
poppies drawn by a black horse.
Miss Kate Pierce and Miss Lena
Sherdeman were in a single-seated car
riage of yellow poppies with black cen
ters. They carried a yellow parasol.
Three children, Mabel Johnson, Mar
guerite L3sure and Lettie Mellen, had a
trap in lavender and white chrysanthe
mums. Miss Maude Howard and Miss Lola
Fowers, both dressed in white, in the
only blue carriage in the parade. Their
flowers were chrysanthemums.
Mrs. Glenn Odell, a single seated car
riage decorated in red and white pop
pies. Mrs. G. P. Masterman and little Lem
ona Masterman, in a road wagon massed
with roses of the unusual combination
of yellow, pink and white.
Miss Noble and Miss Peterson, a sin
gle seated carriage done in red and white
Mrs. M. II. Spere was dressed as an
orange flower tiger lily and heT convey
ance was covered with lilies of the tone
of her gown. The black horses in yel
low harnees. The flowers were exceed
ing natural in appearance and were no
ticeable from the brilliant coloring.
Katherine Newbranch, aged three, ac
companied by Lillian Hargreaves, aged
six, drove in a donkey cart trimmed in
lavender flowers. Both children were
dressed in white. Bruce Johnson and
George Hargreaves led the goat.
Miss Nellie Wilkinson and Miss Lydia
League, one dressed in white and the
other in pale blue, had a lilac trimmed
trap. The flowers were not massed, but
bung in natural appearing clusters. The
boy who led the horse wore red roses.
Misses Mabel and Daisy Pallin, in the
only morning glory decoration in the
parade. Vines of the pink and blue
flowers trailed over the carriage or were
effectively massed. The young ladies
wore white dresses and wnite hats
tailoring" department, has completed a number of
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trimmed with morning glories.
Mrs. P. C. Wilson, alone in a carriage
riage of yellow and white chrysanthe
mums. Mrs, H. M. Pronger and Mrs. Jen
nings, in chrjsanthemums of orange
color, shaded to pale yellow.
Mrs. B. H. Miller, Mrs. H. Deyo, Miss
Jude Deyo and Miss Marguerite Burke,
in lavender and white chrysanthemums,
drawn by two white horses.
Misses Edna and Maude Harpham. a
pretty carriage in ye'low and white
Mra. Arthur Young, pink chrysanthe
mums. She wore white.
Miss Low rie and Miss Geneva Erie
man, in an effective carriage of pink
hollyhocks with black centers. The
horse was decorated with pink.
Mr. W. H. McShane was accompanied
in a two-seated trap by Miss Steinmetz,
Miss Gilmour and Miss Hallett. The
decorations were yellow roses. The
trap was drawn by two black horses.
Mrs. Rigby, a phaeton of deep red
poppies. The decorations on the horse
were alBo red.
The Matinee Musicale season of 1900
1901 opened auspiciously on Monday
with a reception and musicale ten
dered by the president, Mrs. E. Lewis
Baker, to the club. The reception was
given at Walsh hall, where all club
meetings will be held this year. The
ladies were received at the door and
seated for the program by Mrs. A. R.