The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, October 06, 1900, Page 5, Image 5

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Biennial report of educational session by
"The school laws of Nebraska' Mrs.
Grace M. Wheeler, Lincoln.
"The public schools of Nebraska."
(a) "From a mother's standpoint," Mrs.
Minnie S. Qine, Minden.
(b) "From a teacher's standpoint," Mrs.
Bertha Bloomingdale, Syracuse.
(c) "From a county superintendent's stand
point," Miss Charlotte M. White.
(d) '"From the school board standpoint,"
Mrs. Harriet S. Towne, Omaha.
Address, Miss Alice French, vOctave
Thanet) Davenport, Iowa.
Thursday Evening, 8:00, P. M. Mrs. Ap-
person, chairman.
Report of Biennial Delegates.
8:30, P. M.-Indus-trial,
Mrs. Harford, chairman.
Report of the Biennial industrial meeting,
Lillian R. Harford, Omaha.
Address, "Club revolution' Mrs. Sarah S.
Decker, Denver.
"Industrial laws of Nebraska," Althea Let
ton, Fairbury.
Report of industrial work done by our club.
Discussion: "What can we do to better in
dustrial conditions ?'
Friday Morning, 9:30, A. M. Businese
meeting, Mrs. Apperson, chairman.
Report of Nominating Committee.
Election of Officers.
Report of Resolution Committee.
Installation of Officers.
Adjournment .
For The Courier.
Had ho not loved peace so well. Gus
tav Kestner had certainly enjoyed a deal
more of it. As it was, the blue kruglein
was his ifodoiog, both first and last.
How he bad escaped tha recruiting
otlicer so long I could wish to ask him,
down there under the prairie grass, but
he is even more silent now than was his
wont, which says much. How the re
cruiting oflicer eyed hitn; sitting there in
the little riier garten by the old 3iurn
berg gate, as his forebears had sat be
fore Columbus bsgan recruiting, -one
does not nceJ to ask. Not if one has
seen Smith Kestner with a horse-shoe in
hishsnds. There was not a pioneer on
the banks of Salt creek to stand beside
him in the old days. There is not his
like today in a state which measures
men by the yard. Many a day afier
that June morning when young Gustav's
strong, white Angers held hia last mug
of Nurnberg beer, while his deep blue
eyes turned their giant lashes lazily
upon the red tiles of the Turm opposite,
many a morning the Hauptman looked
for that 6ame head of Thor by the gate.
And every one of those mornings found
the Binewy shoulders of the peace loving
Xurnberger farther away from the
Hauptman's bayonet pricks dizzying
ocean leagues farther away. But when
racked in sinew and soul by the un
speakable rescue of the emigrant ship,
the rescued lad sat a vast and weary
foot in Covent Garden, throes of peace
had but begun for Gustav Kestner.
The summer of '(51 was not a lime
well calculated to afford a haven of rest
for war-ridden refugees in the United
States of America, From Covent Gar
den Gustav's heart went back to the
little Garten by the Nurnberggate. His
face turned steadily to the garden of the
West. I have felt sympathy for the re
cruiting oflicer when 1 have seen the
mighty arm of Smith Kestner, in the
red light of the forge. But when tiny
Frau Gertrud speaks of the long trek
Gustav made alone across the continent,
the sheer strength of that huge spirit
shames me. .Niagara is best unbar
nestod. So, while the Hauptman spread his
snares for other lithe young limbs, and
while over half a continent between, the
trampling herds of war ramped up and
down. Gu-tav found a kindred soil in
tho great alluvial bay which centuries
have drifted into tho lap of tho Mis
souri, vast and deep and silent. He
found the riotous stream, pushing
among bowlders of dark, grassy soil, a
giant worthy his grip. The stones of
his quarry, red, like the tiles of Nern
berg, he lifted from the hollows where
the heavy glacier dropped them. Safe,
strong Trails they made for Frauline
Gertrud, when she came, tossed by ship
wreck and storm, to the stone house by
the river. In those morning, when the
little girl wife, given back by the sea
and the storm from the fatherland,
Btood at the door of tho etone house to
see if the antelope como to foed with
the cattle, iu those days the emith
lived his life.
Then tho war-cloud loomed again;
quarry and forge, in their river bemi,
lay right in the war path of the Sioux.
From a dozen roofs of sod and stone
that strung out the trail titty miles up
and down stream, the settlors rush d as
from 60 many death pens, out into tho
open plain. There from the circle of
wagons in the night Frau Gertrud
watched, watched by the lightning
Hashes of a hurricane, the sentinel fig
ure of the smith who rode round and
round the camp, keeping tho watch of
tho prairie.
This was the conscription which Gus
tav never questioned not even when ho
saw the face of the little child, Frau
Gertrud bad rocked in her arms that
black night, a face grown old before
one dawn, with the horror of the Bavage
dark, and it was not this battle that
Gustav Kestner lost.
Continued next iceek.)
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