The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, October 06, 1900, Page 12, Image 12

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The Bragsters tdl me that tbeir boy
Is cUngcroioly bright ;
At school they have to hold him back,
They are afraid bis head will crack
From intellectual might.
Now, though the Bragsters, both I've known
For years, with all the pains
I take their history to recall,
I cannot make it out at all
Where their son got.all.his brains.
The Bazar.
The Sure Road.
The Old Stager "Young mun, if you
would be successful, you must do two
things. First gat some.ensmibs."
The Aspirant. "And second?"
The Old Stager "Second, iritate them
so that they will mnke you prominent.'
Ml fill 1 GO.
S.--K. Cor. 13tli and O Sts.
A New Store, and a New Stock of Reliable Goods,
well selected and of the very latest st3Tles.
Ladies' Suits t?.apcs ana
Ladies' Fur Scarfs
Ladies' Fur an lotl2 Jackets
Ladies' Fur ana (lottj (apes
Ladies' ress gkirts
Ladies' Hnfler-Sfcirts
Ladies' Wrappers
Ladies' Qlooes and HosieF?
Ladies' Corsets and Under
fcadies' Mackintoshes.
Mail orders filled same day they are received we
pay express charges.
Lincoln loafe & grot ..
8.-E. Corner 13th and 0 Sts. - - Lincoln, Nebr
Two Slight Changes.
Reporter Do you think any chnnges
should be made in the rules this season?
Football Captain Yes; I'm in favor
of barring the stranglehold and the
solar plezui blow. The Half-Back.
A complete tile or "The Courier" is
kept in an absolutely fireproof build
ing. Another file is kept in this office
and still another has been deposited
elsewhere. Lawyers may publish legal
xotices in "The Courier" with security
as the files are intact and are pre
served from year to year with great
Do you get your Courier regularly?
Please compare address. If incorrect,
please send right address to Courier
office. Do this this week.
A Lasting Shrine.
Cleverton (moralizing). "Just think
If I should die tonight, in ten years from
now I would be utterly forgotten."
Dashaway Don't you believe it, old
man. Your friends would remember
you for what you owe them, if for noth
ing else." Ihe Bazar.
Druggist and
Fine Stationery
vatuu bwua j
127 So.BIeventh Street.
you are imaginative.''
"She is pretty," said Jennie; "she
must bave had lovers. And she isn't
old why shouldn't she have one now?"
'Oh, yes," answered Tom Young, "she
is pretty and nice enough. But, Jennie,
don'Uet'atalk about other people. Did
you mean what you said in the park?''
"Yes,'' whispered Jennie.
Mies Campbell looked down upon the
steps from her window. She wanted to
gaze on the spot where John had been.
She saw Jennie and Tom acting "Love's
Young Dream."
"God grant them a happier awakenitg
than mine,' she murmured as she crept
to bed. The Chicago Tribune.
The October number of McClure's
opens with an article on "The Strategy
of National Campaigns," attractively
illustrated by Jay Hambidge. The
frontis-piece, showing Governor Roose
velt and Senator Uanna in conference at
Republican National Headquarters, and
strikingly original portraits of Cleveland,
Blaine, Quay, Croker, Brjan and others,
lend especial interest to this paper on
the tactics of party managers in the
presidential campaigns of the past
twenty five years. The author has been
in the .thick of the fight and has been
brought very closely iulo contact with
the great leaders in the battles which he
Stevenson as a Talker.
All comment on the Stevenbon letters
made by the 'near friends of the author
centered, sooner or later, in the state
ment that they were, though incompar
able as letters, no better than his talk;
that they, indeed, represented just his
"talk. And when we are told that that
talk was the delight of his intimates we
can believe it without difficulty. It
might, in fact, be said that, among the
thinking, the sum of the effect produced
by these letters, and their chief value,
was to draw attention no how very good
a thing good talk is, and also to bring
about a realization of how rare, in our
English speaking world, such talk is get
ting to be. If Mr. Stevenson had been
a Frenchman, and if the public to which
hi6 letters were ultimately given had
been French, the discovery, by that
public, that he was wont bo spontane
ously to pour himself forth in his friend
ships, reserving himself so little, touch
ing so fearlessly upon all the things of
life that are near the quick, would prob
ably have caused little surprise. But
with the appreciation of the English
reading world a certain surprise has un
doubtedly been mingled. We have
had other letters of eminent writers
given to us in recent years, but they
contained no intimations of an ability or
a willingness to communicate thought
on all subjects, personal or universal,
with anything approaching Mr. Steven
son's abundance. From "The Point of
View," in the October Scribner's.
The Rock Island playing cards are
the slickest you ever handled. One
pack will be sent by mail on receipt of
15 cents in stamps. A money order or
draft for 50 cents or same in stamps will
secure i packs. They will be sent by
express, charges prepaid. Address,
John Sebastian, G. P. A.,
Chicago, Rock. Island & Pacific R'y, r
No. I, board of Trade,
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office. Do this this week.
To dubs of ten taking The Courier the
annual subscription price is seventy five
cents (75 cents). Regular subscription price
one dollar per year
Grain, Provisions. Cotton.
Private Wires to New York City and
Many Cities East and West.
New York Stock Exchange.
Chicago Stock Exchange.
Chicago Board of Trade
octer to deliver and collect in Nebraska for
hid established manufacturing wholesale
aouse. 900 a rear sure pay. Our reference,
any bank in any city. Enclose self-addressed
stamped envelope. Manufacturers, Third Floor,
334 Dearborn St,; Chicago.
' Vietuaha" tablets cure "brain-fag" Great
restorative for weak men and women, ti Cheap
er remedies won't cure. Mailed Kidd Drug
Company, Elgin, 111. Riggs' Pharmacy, Lin
coln, Xebr. s
never annoy a sleeping
Tom Flies
Do you get your Courier regularly ? man.
Please compare address. If incorrect, Dick What nonsense! Why, I
please send right address to Courier Tom The man wakes up acd
office. Do this this week. - noyed.
is an-
i J X US 1
111 5hB
v k?
Mrs. Mary Jones, better known as "Mother Jones," is an untiring champion of Labor's
Cause. She can always be found where there is trouble between the "mudsill" and the
"plutocrat." The" coal miners are her especial care. For weeks she has been going about
the Pennsylvania anthracite fields stirring up the men and sympathising with th women.
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