The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, October 06, 1900, Page 11, Image 11

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"Would call the attention of all who desire a musical education to the unequalled facilities offered at this school.
Miea Campbell was from Philadelphia,
and she did not approve of sitting out on
the front door steps. Even on hot Au
gust evenings, when every sensible per
son on the avenun was out in the open
air, wooing whatever breezes there were
to be found, she sat in solitary state in
her stuffy little bedroom or in the board
ing house parlor. 1 1 is a serious thing to
be a consistent martyr to one's prin
ciples. One day Miss Campbell read in the af
ternoon paper that the extreme heat had
driven fashionable London to its door
stepsthat even within the sacred pre
cincts of Mayfair "doorstep parties'' were
.- the thing, and that honored Algernons
and Mauds smoked their cigarettes and
drank their cooling beverages out of
doors, regardless of the passing crowd.
That evening driven to it by a longing
for fresh air, Mi66 Campbell decided to
be English. It was a good time for her
venture, for she was the only one at
home. Most of the boarders had gone
' , i- to the park; the rest were bicycling.
She had the doorstep all to hersnlf.
Really, it was not so dreadful after all.
The kindly dusk hid all but the light
N ' waists or gowns of the women on the
eteps opposite, while the men were dis
tinguishable only by the spark at the
ends of their cigars. With a little thrill
of self -congratulation Margaret Camp
bell realized that no one would know that
she bad departed from her principles.
"I suppose I am old-fashioned," she
thought. ,:John used to say so when I
was only twenty, and ten years of lonly
. life have hardly improved me."
The warm breeze fanned her cheek
She settled herself comfortably back on
the cushions that she had brought from
her room and lazily watched the phantom-like
passeruby. Troops of laughing
girls and boys hurried along the side
walk, followed by lover-like couples,
creeping as though to retard happy mo
ments spent together. Bicjcles sped
X" silently past in the street, their lamps
flashing like gigantic fireflies; carriages
rolled by, heralded by the muffled hoof
beats of their horses; and from time to
time, automobiles whizzed by, weirdly.
A solitary man came up the street,
He stopped at the foot of the steps and
then sat down not far from Margaret.
"Do you mind my smoking?" he asked
barely turning around.
Miss Campbell started; the voice
seemed curiously familiar. "Not at all,"
she replied a little stiffly, "it will keep
away the mosquitoes." Then she felt
herself blushing at the foolishness of the
remark, for there were no mosquitoes to
be kept away. Ten years ago, one happy,
never-to-be-forgotten summer, she bad
been often asked that question, and had
made the same rejoinder, much more
W appropriately.
The man did not look at her while he
lighted his cizar, and she, absorbed in
thought, missed the brief illumination
of his features which followed the kind
ling of the match. There was a long
silence, broken at last b the newcomer.
"Rather cooler," said he, as though con-1
tinuing a conversation.
"Yes" answered Margaret, still more
puzzled by the voice. This was not one
of Mrs. Lee's boarders. She must hear
him speak again. It was not right that
a stranger should make her tremble so.
"Were you ever at Loag Branch?''
she asked abruptly.
The man turned toward her and she
could feel that be tried to penetrate the
darkness and see who it was that was
epeaking. Margaret was not the only
one who had been agitated by a voice.
II. r heart beot almost audibly. ,
"Margaret, is it you?" he cried.
"Yes, John," she answered, with
strange self possession. She noted this
herself and marveled that she should do
so at such a moment. How could she
think about how she was speaking when,
she had not seen him for ten years.
"How came you here?"
"I came up the wrong steps," John an
swered, slowly. "I am glad, since they
have brought me to you."
It ought to have been bewildering
this unlooked for appearance of the man
who had gone out of her life so long ago,
never to return. Yet Margaret took it
as a matter of course.
"If you are glad, why didn't you come
before? I have wanted you so."
"I didn't know where you were," fal
tered John.
"Then it was all a mistake?"
"AH a mistake, dear, and I have come
back to you."
He had risen, but now he sat down Ly
her side and reached out to take her
hand. Margaret let him have it gladly,
and they sat together and talked, fas
they used to talk. It was as though
they bad neverjbeen parted. Margaret did
not ask for explanations, and John did
not give them. Yet she felt that they
understood each other.
There was a merry burst of laughter,
a confused sound of voices; half a dozen
people around her were all talking at
"Why, here's Miss Campbell," cried a
lively girl, over- flowing with good spirits,
"Miss Campbell, who never sits on door
steps.." "Gone back on your principles, Miss
Campbell?" asked a frisky youth who
was an incorrigible tease. "I am amazed."
Margaret stood up dazed. The young
people had appeared suddenly. "Yes,
the heat drove mn out, and I am glad
that it did,Mr. Young, for an old friend
found me quite by accident. Allow me
to introduce him . John " she looked
around, but John was not there.
"You were all alone, Miss Campbell,"
volunteered Mr. Young. "Fast asleep
and dreaming, I declare."
Miss Campbell pulled herself together
nobly. "So I was," said she. "Good
night, everybody," and she turned
around and went into the house. The
others followed, with the exception of
the two youngest and happiest.
"Poor Miss Campbell," whispered the
girl, with keen intuition. I think she
was dreaming of her lover."
"Nonsense, Jennie; that's all your
fancy. Miss Campbell is as prosaic as
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First Pub. Sept. 2 1
la the dNtrlct court of Lancaster county.Ne
braska. In the matter of the application of Joseph
Leech ami George Leech, executors of the last
will of Nathaniel Leech, for a license to
sell real estate Itelonging to the estate of salil
decedent, for the payment of legacies.
Upon reading the petition heretofore tiled In
the office of the clerk of this court. In the above
entitled matter. nd it appearing by said peti
tion that at the time of the decease of Nathan
iel Leech, testator therein named, he was seiz
ed In fee of the following described real estate
In the state of Nebraska, to-wlt:
Lot No. 21 in block iNo. 1 of Kennanls addi
tion to the city of Lincoln. In Lancaster county
in said state of Nebraska, and the west half of
the southeast quarter of section 21 in township
No. 29 north, of range No. I, east of sixth meri
dian in Dixon county, Nebraska, and the east
half of section No. 32 in township No. 11) north,
of ranee No. 4 east of sixth meridian in Seward
county. Nebraska, and of the southeast quarter
of section No. 15 in township No. 13 north, of
range No. 2 east of the sixth principal meridian
In Uutler county. Nebraska, and It further ap
pearing by sid petition that the last will of
said decedent has been duly admitted to pro
bate in the county court of Lancaster county.
Nebraska, and that there have been proen and
are known to said executors, no debts against
theestateor said decedent, but that by the
terms of said will, speclflc legacies to divers
persons and In divers sums, amounting in the
aggregate to more than lu.U)Uare charged upon
and against above mentioned real estate, and
that said executors and petitioners are by said
will particularly directed and enjoined to sell
and dispose of said real estate and all other
estates and properties of which the said Na
thaniel Leech died seized, and out of the pro
ceeds of such sales to pay discharge and satis
fy said legacies and every of them, and pav the
residue of such proceeds if any to a residuary
legatee In said will named:
Therefore, it is ordered that all persons in
terested in said estate appear before one of the
Judges of this court at chambers, at the court
house of Lancaster county In the said city of
Lincoln on the 12th day of November IWU. at 2
o'clock P. M.. and show cause if any there lie
why license should not be granted to said ex
ecutors and petitioners as prayed to sell all and
singularly above mentioned descriptions of
real estate for the purpose of procuring funds
with which to pay the said several specific anil
residuary legacies of said decedent, as in said
will mentioned.
And it is further ordered that a copy of this
notice be published for four successive weeks
prior to time flxed for said hearing in the Cour
ier, a newspaper published and of general cir
culation in said county of Lancaster.
It is further ordered that the clerk of the dis
trict court of Lancaster county, Nebraska, be
and is hereby directed to enter this order on
the Journals of said court.
Witness my hand at Lincolc, Nebraska, thi
22nd day of September. Ifluu.
Kdwaku P. Holmes.
One of the Judges of said Court.
Ames & Ames, counsel of petitioners.
First Pub. Sept. 29-1.
Legal Notice.
Mary I. Taylor, defendant. Is hereby notified
that on the 21th day of September IBuu. William
G. Taylor, plaintitl. tiled in the district court of
Lancaster county Nebraska.his petition against
said defendant, alleging that he is and for more
than six months last past has been a resident
of said Lancaster county. That In September
If, he was married to the defendant in St.
Louis, Missouri. That more than two years
age the defendant without just cause wilfully
abandoned the plaintitl and for more than two
years last pist defendant has without just
cause wilfully deserted and absented herself
from said plaintiff. Plaintitl prays that he may
be divorced from said defendant. The defend
ant is required to answer sia petition on or
before the nth day of November r.w.
Lincoln 21 Sept., l'.Ml.
William G. Taylor
Chas. O. Whedon, Attorney for Plaintitl
IKIrst Pub.. Sept. 22-11
Notice to Creditors. E 1482.
In the county court of Lancaster county, Ne
braska. In the matter of the estate of Sarah K.
Freeman, deceased.
To the Creditors of Said Estate:
You are hereby notified, that the county
Judge will sit at the county court room in Lin
coln, in raid county, on the 1.1th dayot Janu
ary 111)1, and again on the 15th day of April.
1PU1, to receire and examine all claims
against said estate, with a view to their ad
justment and allowance. The time limited for
the presentation of claims against said estate
Is six months from the 15th day of Octolier.
U), and tho time limited for the payment of
debts is one year from said 15th day of Octo
ber, limo.
Notice of tlii" proceeding is ordered publish
ed four consecutive weeks in The Courier of
Lincoln. Nebraska, a weekly newspaper inh
lished in this state.
Witness my hand and the seal of said county
court this llthdayof September I'M).
County Judge.
Hy Walter A, Leesc
Clerk County Court.
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