The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, June 30, 1900, Image 1

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. -'xi H v
Official Organ of the Nebraska. Slate
Federation of Women's dubs.
Betebxdin the posTOrncK at Lincoln as
Office 1132 N street, Up Stairs.
Telephone 384.
Subscription Kates In Advance.
Per annum f 1 00
Six months 75
Three months 50
One month .- 20
Single copies.... 05
The Coujukb will not be responsible for to!
notary communications unless accompanied by
return postage;
Communications, to receiTe attention, must
be sixned by tbe full name of the writer, not
merely as a guarantee of good faith, bnt for
publication if advisable.
place what the wanton has destroyed.
As I said last week Fowler's 'moral
turpitude would have been greater if
he had killed a man, but fewer would
have missed his victim. The oaks,
elms, maples, walnuts and birches,
which he has chopped down, were the
pride of the state. Their beauty and
utility were unquestioned until the
Commandant told the board that the
place needed cleaning up and Com
mlssioner Wolfe told him "to go
ahead," without enquiring what he
meant by "cleaning up," without
knowing that the Commandant's idea
of beauty, was a treeless,
aerted pasture, surrounding a plain
brick building and that probably
there was not another citizen of the
state who had not better taste in
landscape gardening than this same
sap-thirsty assassin of Milford. Even
the inmates of the insane asylum love
flowers and trees and they are as
signed to plant and cultivate the
grounds. Governor Poynter did not
appoint Commandant Fowler. It was
done by a board whose taste is ques
tionable. The members lacked dis
crimination and appointed something
that ordered tbe trees cut down be
cause the singing of the birds dis
turbed his slumbers in the morning.
Not that I deprecate Commandant
Fowler's habit of late sleeping. If
his days were as long as other meos'
days there would not now be a sap
ling left of all the fine timber on the
Soldiers' Home demesne.
ing at Milford. But the hoard is ad
easy to convince with vicious reason
ing as this old king, who have
thought till now, was too silly ever
to have lived. Fowler shows that
this is not a fable, but a true story,
and offers his appointment over the
small realm at Milford an.d his own
-deeds there in verisimilar proof.
The democrats say they are opposed
to a colonial policy and desigoate it
imperialism. The opposition have
only to make a noise and criticise the
administration. Members of the op-
been enfranchised by America. Bj
the President's wisdom they are
several hundred years nearer self
government than they would have
been had an ignorant busybody been
administering the affairs of America.
Expansion means the opening of new
markets, the invention of machines,
.the new application of energy, teach
ing the gospel of democracy to des
potic governments and only finally
the accession of new territory. If
the Filipinos are capable of democ
racy not all the power of the United
States can keep them from establish
ing and enjoying it. Just as soon an
they know how it works and show a
position are not running the govern- comprehension of Its mechanism they
A Matter of Taste.
-. Land Commissioner Wolfe says that
appreciation of trees is a matter of
taste. True. The liking for human
flesh Is a matter of taste, likewise the
savage fashion of splitting the nose
and tbe lips, of painting the face in
red and yellow squares, circles and
triangles. But we think that is an
ugly fashion and even Commissioner
Wolfe and Commandant Fowler
"might object to a Buluwayan chief's
arrangement of a landscape. Since
Commandant Fowler's destruction of
a thousand of the oldest and largest
trees in the state, and Commissioner
Wolfe's defense of his conduct, I am
not sure that a Buluwayan chief's
taste would be obnoxious to them.
For concealing and preserving game
and for stalking a foe, trees are high
ly prized by savages. It is therefore
likely that if the Soldiers' Home at
Milford had drawn the Buluwayan
chief instead of Commandant Fowler
the immemorial trees of the park
would still be standing."
Commissioner Wolfe's statement
being undeniable it is regrettable
that tbe people of the state are at tbe
mercy of two men whose taste is less
cultivated than that of a Buluwayan
chief. It will not matter if the Com
mandant's successor be a man of
chaste taste and of regard for the
rights of Nebraska citizens to their awarded the unwilling maid and the
property, Commandant Fowler has -unfortunate realm to Bullneck. Nor
An Old Story.
Once upon a time a king offered his
daughter, who was fairer than all
.other maidens, in marriage, and half
of his kingdom to the man whom a
jury should decide had performed the
most remarkable deed in competi
tion with contestants from all
the world. When the time of
and weighing was come, the jury de
cided that the young man who had
made a clock something like the clock
of Strasbourg, only still more wonder
ful, had won the prize of the fair
maid and the fair realm. But before
the decision was announced a young
fellow with a bull neck and greedy
eyes, carrying an iron mallet in his
hand, came forward and stood before
the king. ."I can do a still more
wonderful thing," he said, and rais
ing tbe mallet high above his head,
in one stroke, he demolished the cun
ning, delicate machinery of tbe clock.
The king was shocked but tbe man
with the mallet explained to the king
that what had taken the mind of a
genius to conceive, and years to put
together, he had demolished in one
stroke and in a second's time. The
king's ratiocinative powers were not
his strong point and he and the jury
ment and they are therefore only
expected to denounce tbe men and
methods that are. If an opposition
were ever constructive, the anti-im-perialsts
might be hopefully asked
just at what point of the trouble with
Spain the United States government
should have yielded its place to an
other power. Do the antls contend
that after Dewey's victory which did
more to bring the war to an end than
Cervera's defeat, that Dewey should
have sailed away and left the islands
at tbe mercy of Aguinaldo and bis
cut throats or patriots as the country
and as Senator Hoar and his converts
severally regard them ? Germany was
watching for a chance to acquire new
territory and Russia. England, France
and Japan were not asleep. China is
-the only country of any size and state
that just suits the anti-expansionists.
Uobody is- afraid of the Chinese.
Their neighbors of Russia, of England
and of France take what territory
pleases them, irrespective of China's
ilaim to it and only watchful of each
other China has no policy of
pansion. She is, therefore and
will guarantee to this country the
rights of trade and coaling privileges.
Until then more than a nominal sur
veillance will be exercised by the
United States over the Filipine?.
What is ours by treaty and the direc
tion of Providence we cannot resign
to an insurrectionist or to Germany
or to any other power. If the United
States should persistently refuse to
take advantage of events it would
eventually become as China. It has
required a thousand years' stultifica
tion to make China the victim she is.
Americans move quicker. We can by
the adoption of Chinese statesman
ship reach stultification quicker.
The President.
For what President McKinley has
not done as well as for what he has
done republicans and some democrats
are grateful. Popular clamor affects
him as it does any human being, but
it could not make him fight before he
was ready, it does not drive him to
ex- do an injustice to an officer of his
fcr appointment when he believes him
that reason more than any other,
over .contracting. Natural law in the
trial world of nations executes an inert
nation. "Expand, colonize, possess
more territory than you occupy, more
commercial resources than you ex
pend'' is something like the rule
which all the great powers of the
earth have followed while they pros
pered, and ignored to their seizure by
other peoples.
From the first occupation of the
Rock of Plymouth to the accession of
the Northwest Territory and of Alas
ka the United States has expanded.
The horizon has lifted and the. rain-
able.Considering all the mistakes that
mobs make, we need a president not in
clined to grandstand plays, not afraid
of mobs, and old enough to know their
fickleness, their scorning of what yes--terday
they cheered, their apostasy
from what was their creed of yester
day, their apotheosis of the man
whom yesterday they would hang.
Any man is better as soon as millions
of votes have made him president of
the United States of Amarica, but the
present encumbent has the pesi
dential temperament. He realises
the people he does not see or hear.
Whether they will or not he is the
bow has forever receded; When cdef- .president of populists and democrats
inite boundaries have been oncelset as well as of republicans and like a
. destroyed the growth of a hundred
years, and by building fires in the
young timber, he has destroyed the
next cycle's crop. No man can re-
body knows what destructive exhibit
Induced the Board of Public Lands
and Buildings to set Fowler to guard
the beauty of a hundred years' mate-
to democracy it is like putting a baby
in a dwarfish bottle: Thereafter it
can only .grow to artificial limit9.
The. fact is, civilization has been
creeping towards the orient for hun
dreds of years, and it has just risen
and is running towards it in resist
less leaps. President McKinley has
had foresight enough not to get in
the way of history. He has accepted
the inevitable consequences of events
prepared before America was dis
covered. All Spanish colonies have had
the same history. The Filplnos have
king by divine annointment, he re
members his people always.
The momentous incidents of this
administration, have been met with
wrsdom. Tbe President has that su
preme and indispensable qualification
that Lincoln bad: he is able to let
events, wherein interference seems of
doubtful benefit, alone. He trusts to
time and the inevitable development
and sequence of events. If his in
spiration is reliable and his prevision
accurate, he is sure that events will
demonstrate his theory. In looking