The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, June 23, 1900, Page 4, Image 4

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1118 to ll26KT8t.
Finest and Largest Stock of American Cut Glass in the City.
Eight Cut Glass Salad Bowls $5.00 to $13.00 each.
Water Pitchers from $11.00 to 915.00 each. -Tumblers
from 71c to $250 each,
Carafes from $1.50 to $8.50 each.
Vinegar and Oil Cruets from $1.35 to $4.00 each.
Finger Bowls from $1.75" to $3.00 each.
Cheese Plates from $3 00 to $5.00 Bach.
Creamers and Sugars from $1.50 to $9.00 a pair.
NappieB from $250 to $10.00.
Just What You Need for Wedding
We have a full line of Spaulding's
ored women, the first of its kind, was
held in Boston in 1895. Out of this
grew the Rational Association of Col
ored Women. The club is likewise the
guiding spirit of the Northeastern Fed
eration of Colored Women's clubs.
Mrs. Ruffin has been president of
the Woman's Era club since the organ
ization was formed. She was born in
Boston, and when ehe was sixteen years
SI .35.
of age, married George L. Ruffin, who.
was one of the handsomest and ablest
colored men in Boston. He was a grad
uate of the Harvard Law school, served
several terms in the city council, two
terms in the legislature, and when Gen
eral Benjamin F. Butler was Governor
he appointed Mr. Ruffin to a judgeship
in the municipal court in Charlestown,
Boston, giving him the distinction of
being the first colored man to occupy a
position on the bench north of Mason
and Dixon's line.
At the presentation of a Bet of colore
to a company of the Fifth-first Massa
chusetts colored volunteers in 1863, Mrs.
Ruffin was the first person to publicly
recite "The Black Regiment," a famous
war-time poem. She was one of the
first workers in the Associated Charitiea
of Boston, which did a far-reaching
work in the negro exodus of 18'9. For
a number of years she has been a mem
ber of the Moral Education society, and
has also been strongly identified with
the MasssachuBette Woman Suffrage
association. She is a member of the
New England Women's Press associ
ation, being editor of the Woman's Era,
published in the interests of the colored
women of America, and is the founder
of the Association for the Promotion of
Child Training in the South, the aim of
which is to aid in kindergarten work in
southern cities.
Mrs. Ruffin was recently elected an
alternate delegate to the Milwaukee
convention by the Woman's Press asso
ciation and a delegate by the Massa
chusetts Federation of Women's clubs,
but both of these places she declined in
order to be a delegate of the Woman's
Era club.
Mrs. Florida Ruffin Ridley, a daugh
ter of Mrs. Ruffin, is one of the promi
nent members of the Woman's Era club.
She is a graduate of the grammar, high
and normal echoolB of Boston, and was
the second colored woman to teach in
the public schools of that city. She
was one of the founders and the first
secretary of the Woman's Era club,
and did much to aid her mother in mak
ing the first convention of colored wo
men of the country the success it was.
Mrs. Ruffin is described as a woman
of fine personality. Her complexion is
very light and clear, and she has a deep
color in her cheeks. Her hair, which is
prematurely white, is worn in a pompa
dour. She dresses with taste and her
presence is stately.
Tecumseh Sprosis right royally enter
tained their husbands and friends at the
residence of Mrs. J. A. Dillon, one of
the charter members of the club, on
Wednesday evening, June 13th, the
event being the greatest social function
Tecumseh has witnessed for many
moons. The beautiful lawn was artis
tically lighted and decorated with tri
colored Japanese lanterns. At the door
the guests were directed by Helen
Daviee, and each one in turn was in
troduced to the officers of the club, who
received in the front parlor. These were
Mrs. Scott, president; Mrs. Lattan, vice
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Paste it in your hat, or in the kitchen, or by the front door, or put it in your purse or shopping- bag1 anywhere
so it is convenient to refer to. You can have your choice, POSITIVELY AND ABSOLUTELY FREE,
of any article in our store. Don't make a single purchase without asking for your
1 Kli HI
We will.guarantee that none of the thousands of ladies who have thus far gotten our premiums will accept any other form of premiums with
out a protest. ' '.
They are worth more to you in a cash value for premiums than any other bj stem of premiums. You'are losing money if jou do not ask for
them and insist upon setting tne most for your money. The merchants issue the-n to stimulate trade and induce cash purchases.
WHAT ARE THEY ? They are orders on the Funke fc Ogden Crockery Company and good for their face value for premiums in any article
of merchandise we carry. We hereby guarantee you better values than any other sBtem, or we will forfeit all claim to be worthy of your confidence
as merchants. Heretofore in all our advertising we have explained the system of the Hotne Mero:fci&n.t Premium.
IMokets, and confined ourselves to their merits without reference to any other system. The only proper up-to-date manner of giving pre
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The following business concerns are now giving tbem and this list is increasing daily, and if you notice our list you will observe that you don't
find one merchant's name more than once unless in different locations.
Artnstroxis; Olotlilxafi; CJo., IOI7 O St.
Henry Veith & Co , Groceries and Hardware, 905-909 O St.
C. A. Wirick. Trunks, etc. 1036 O St.
A. J. Grebish, Druggist, 211 North 10th.
Guthrie &, Hancock, Bicycles and Repairs. 1510 O St.
E. C. Clements, Photographer, 129 South 11th.
Titus Studio, 938 P St
Henry H. Barth, Drugeist, 929 O St
C. H. Waite. Grocer. 503 South Eighth.
Char A. DeKlotz, 875 North Twenty-seventh.
W. S. Rehlaender, Prescription Druggist, 1125 O. Tel. 51.
The Wittman Co., Bicycles and Phonographs, 1136 O.
F. B. Harris, Jeweler, 1125 O. Tel. 51L
Anna Dick, Dressmaking, 1318 O.
P. J. Wohlenburg, Tobacco and Cigars. 128 South Eleventh.
Turkish Candy Kitchen, 1321 O. T. Brown, Prop.
Woempner's Drug Store, 139 South Tenth.
J. D. Johnson & Co.. Groceries, 145 South Ninth.
N. J. A. Johnson, Druggist, 141 South Ninth.
Guerin Furniture and Carpet Store, 1329 O.
Great Ten Cent Store. 1212 O.
John Soukup, 1001 Wood St., Grocery.
Joe. DeKlotz, 1847 O St., Meat and Groiery.
Harry Porter, 125 South Twelfth, Stationer.
Clarkson Launtry Co., 335 to 340 South Eleventh.
Crancer & Curtice Co , Music and Art, 211 South Eleventh.
Wilson fc Pacal, Gent's Furnishings, 1042 O. St.
Charles E. Seifert, 133 South Ninth. Harness and Bicycles.
F. Voight, 115 South Ninth, Phone 92, Meat Market.
M. Ackerman fc Co., "Famous." Milliners, 1029 O St.
Overall Supply Laundry, Twelfth and P Sts., Basement.
J. S. Wood & Co., Grocers, 726 North Thirteenth.
F. O. Taylor, Groceries and Meat, 626 North Twenty-second.
O. A. Axtell, Grocer, Twenty-seventh Street.
Riges Pharmacy, Twelfth and O Sts.
J. T. Badgley, Havelock, Neb., Groceries, Flour, Feed, etc.
Roy's Drug Store, 104 North Tenth St.
Sterling Grocery, J. Hgerty, Mgr , 205 North Ninth St., Tel. 28.
Weiler Meat Market, 216 North Tenth St.
Steiner's Pharmacy, 1146 O St.
D. T. Smith, jeweler, 1140 O St
A. M. Krauee, Grocery, 140 South Tenth Street.
E. F. Reddish, Flour and Feed, 122 South Twtlfth St.
H. A. and F. J. Anderson, Shoes, 1236 O St.
Lincoln Mill Co., Ninth and V Sts.
Corner Grocery. E. J. Kettering, Prop., cor. 11th and G, Tel. 4G0.
Alliance Store, 1008 P St.
Fred Schmidt & Bra., General Merchandise. 917 to 921 O St.
Day's Grocery, J. R. Day, Prop., 649 North Fourteenth, Tel. 555.
Boston Cash Market, 1311 O St., Phone 620.
Wiseler & Kimmel, Little Gem Bakery, Eleventh and L Sts.
Frank E. Lahr. Stoves and Hardware, 108 North Tenth, Tel. 380.
W. E. Shepherd. Photographer, 1228 O St.
L. L. Lindsey, Cigars, Tobacco and News, Richards Block.
Vine Bakery. A. S. Richards. Prop., 834 North Twenty-seventh St.
Cooper's Bargain House; 138 South Twelfth St.
M. D. Clarey, Cigars, Tobacco and News, 111 North Eleventh St.
1I09-1III O Street,
ILdloo1xi, Tetor. tgj-