The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, June 09, 1900, Page 6, Image 6

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Professional Directory.
, Jffice 618
Office, Zehrune Block 1 9 to 10 a m
Dr. Benj. P. Bailey
671. 1 I Residence. 1313 C street )-2 to 4 p mi
Erenincs, by appointment. Sunday i 12 to 1 p. m. and by appointment. ,,
I Dr. J.B.Trickey,
I Refractionist only
- 19 to -12 a. m
Office, 1035 O itreet VI to 4 p. m.
m fan
Mt &fif -?g
Office 530. VLOUiS N. "Wente.D.D.S-i lBrowneU Biock,137 V
I I so 11th street. I
. ' I . , -r -r -r. ( Office oyer llarley's J
Office OUVBT JohnSOn, D.D.S.i 1k stOTO . f
) 1 1103 O street )
office 426 j Drs Clutter & Shannon j uo street.
tf -. - m
VAiAKK Willi ViU . i
I U0 0 SIR., PflOflE 05 I
and we are prepared to furnish deco
ration for all. jt Jt j Jt jt ji
Leaoe Y0UIt rders. . .
1388 O St.,
Telephone 237. LINCOLN, NEBR.
. . . Have You Paid Your Subscription to . . .
All subscriptions are delinquent after July 1st.
- One Dollar is the Cash discount price. Delinquent sub-
A M,ilUCiO U1LV,L -I Uljf AOb MliJ avsow H1C UIOUUUl..
Black and Fan.,
Best for the Money Shown in Lincoln.
Get them repaired.
Summer prices. .
SOO )5xSX5)CS6'g
Dealer In .
Plaitx and Printed
Stationery, Etc.
J43 So. Uth St. - Lincoln, Ndr.
The week has been devoted to the
mystic maze of events of the Com
mencement season. Classes of the
..70.e.t ..80'e) and -90'b," have had
their gatherings, their jokes and their
histories to relate. Banquets have pro
vailed and addresses have been the
morning and evening meals. But
above and best of all there has been
the Senior. One may multiply one's
degrees but one is never wholly and
solely a senior but once. The Seniors
are not only the pivots of interest and
of feasting, but the origin of the oc
casion. It is well to stretch the week
to its length and to its breadth, for not
until the next-season will the folds. of
the Senior gown or the tilt of -the Senior
cap inspire such interest, and then
there will not 'be this particular flock
of Seniors but another.
Commencement week, with its ac
companiment of tremendous audiences,
of festivities with interludes of packing,
of busy -draymen with their caravans of
trunks, and of constant au revoirs at
the station, brings to mind what a
great, intricate, working part of the
town and state life the University has
The Browning club of the Lincoln
High echool entertained the Ciceron
ians, the Phlogistons and the Track
Team at the home of Miss Alice Hunt
singer, on Tuesday evening. The lawn
was gay with lanterns. There were
cushions and settees, about, and the
young people enjoyed the refreshing
evening air. There were games and
music at frequent interludes. Among
those present were: Misses Nellie Lud
den, Carrie Ludden, Marian Bell, Ruth
Bell, Ethel Ames, Inez Everett, Edna
King, Grace Trigg, Nellie McFall,
Louise Allen, Olivia Boehmer, Jessie
Crose, Jessie Roscow, Maude Melick,
Dorothy Green, Emily Rowers, Vesta
Hubbard, Eliza Williams, Margaret
Williams, Nora Hodgman, Lucile Sil
ler, Mary Benedict, Flossie Erford and
Ellen Stutheit. Messrs. Charlie Saw
yer, Albert Levy, - Roy Ludden, Leon
ard Ryan, Clarence Johnson, Welden
Warren, Joe Pacal. Morey Hodgman,
Frank Millson, Mason Wheeler, James
Hickey, Rolland Bonnell, Melick and
Miss Richards gave a six o'clock din
ner on Monday evening in honor of
Mies Rickette, the bride of next week,
and her bridesmaids. The color theme
was pink, in harmony with the wedding
color, and the table with its pink roses
and backgroand of fair, young women,
was worthy the brush of a Carolus
Duran. The place cards were beauti
fully done in water colors with either
miniature heads or bits of land or sea
and tied with pink ribbons. Seven
courses were served, spiced with kindly
feeling and happiness.
Lincom is becoming rapidly acquaint
ed with golf lore. Soon she will be
fluent. The brassey, the cleek, the
patter, and the lofter are the themes
of conversation. The grounds are con
veniently located, there being good
street car accomodations and then they
are not far from town. Picnic energy
will soon be turned in the direction of
golf, Lincoln will be clothed in golf
garments, her life will be more out-of-door,
her muscles stronger, her com
pletion better and the caddies will be
come the multi-millionairies of the
Miss Lila LeGore gave a picnic to
her friends on Friday afternoon, June
the first. Lincoln park was made the
goal of the afternoon's pleasure. The
park was much en joyed.and the supper in
the open air and car ride to and from
the grounds.
Mrs. F. W. Bartruff entertained the
New Book Review club at cards on
Thursday, June the seventh. The in
vited guests were: Mesdames T. J.
Fisher, J. H. Stephens, S. C. Hoover,
Lynch. H. W. Kelley, R. Rehlaender,
Widener, O. M. Stonebraker, Elias
Baker, D. E. Cook, E. W. Nelson, A.
A.Scott, A.L.Hoover, W. S. Scott,
T. J. O'Connell, A. W. Field, Acker
manc, W. J. Turner and Miss Howland.
A pleasant camping party left on Fri
day for Breezy Point, Milford. The
outing is to be of ten days duration.
Those going are the Misses Hearn, Pearl
Hensel, Clara Fowler, Grace Roper,
Mabel Roper, Sterling, O'Connell, Phil
brick and Walton. Messrs. Roper, Sed
with, Waterman, Welch, Rowe, Pearson,
Boomer, Edgerton, Funk, Perry and
Wertman. The cbaperones are Doctor
Philbrick and Mr. and Mrs. Watfield.
Mrs. Clarence Eubank will be at
home on Saturday, June the sixteenth,
from ten to twelve o'clock, in honor of
the Daughters of the Revolution.
Mrs. Ball, Miss Camille Hall and Mr.
Bert Hall are visiting friends in Ohio.
They will be gone a month or so.
Mrs. Henry E. Lewis has invited a
few people to tea this evening in honor
of Mips Phelps,
Mr and Mrs. Highland Wheeler, Mr.
Mason Wheeler, Miss Margaret Wheel
er, Mr. Highland Wheeler, Mrs. Clara
Mt NOVl G0flQ, CMftPflC?
Well, and what for your lunch?
- Just look over the "Good Things' at the Keystone and you will
have no difficulty in making a selection. j jt ji
Canned Potted Meate, Dainty Lunch Wafers, Cheese, Pickles,
Olives, a fine hue of new and refreshing summer drinks in
fact, everything to makD your lunch complete. jt jt
Call and see us before you make up for picnic dinner, o Jt
1312 to-13 16 O STREJEJT.
Phone orders given special attention. Call up 744.