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Kether with thn dependent question of
proper taxation and representation,"
and mindful of the expression of opin
ion conveyed by replies received by the
chairman of the committee to circulars
snt out, showing fifteen state federa
tions, representing ninety four thousand
and one members for this reorganization
and seven state federations, represent
ing twenty-six thousand two hundred
and tifty-one members against reorgan
ization, respectfully submit the follow
ing minority report:
Section 1. Tho general federation
shall consist of state federations of wo
men's clubs and territorial federations
in states or territories where the state
federations exist.
Section 1 in present constitution shall
be made section 2, and shall read as fol
lows: The general officers of the federation
shall be a president, two vice presidents,
a recording secretary, a corresponding
secretary, a treasurer and an auditor.
Section 2 in present constitution shall
be omitted.
Section 2. The general olBcers of the
federation and eight directors shall con
stitute a board of directors, who shall
transact the business of the federation
subject to its direction, and make a full
report at each biennial meeting and to
the council when it convenes. They
shall meet at the call of the president or
upon the written request of three mem
bers. Five members Bhall constitute a
Section 4. The presidents of stale
federations, chairmen of federation com
mittees in territorial federations and
board of directors of the general federa
tion shall constitute an advisory council
to meet the day previous and the day
following each biennial, and at the call
of the president or at the written re
quest of five members of the council.
Section 5. The seven officers of the
general federation and eight directors
shall be elected at biennial meetings by
bhl ot. Oce delegate from each state,
chosen by the delegation of the state,
shall form a nominating board to offer a
list of officers and directors for election.
A majority vote of those present entitled
to vote and voting shall constitute an
G. No member shall hold
moie than oce office at a time, and no
officer shall be eligible to the same gen-e-al
office fur more than two terms con
secutively. No two members ot the
board shall be from the same state.
One-ha!f of the board of directors shall
' be changed at each biennial meeting.
Each officer shall hold office until the
a-lj lurnment of the biennial meeting
following that of her election. In case
of a vacancy, the board of directors shall
appoint a member to. 6erve until her suc
cessor U elected.
Section 8. Each state federation con
sisting of one thousand or lees members
shall be entitled to be represented by its
president or her appointee and four del
egates. Each three hundred additional
members may be represented by one
delegate. Territorial federations shall
be entitled to the same representation.
Srctiou I). All members of the gen
eral federation may be present at the
biennial meetings and may take part in
discussions upon all measures brought
forward, but shall not introduce motions
or vote.
Section 1. State federations desiring
to join the general ftderation shall make
application through their president to
the president of the general federation.
They must show that no sectarian or
political test is required for membership
in their organization and must agree to
the constitution and by-laws of the gen
eral federation.
Section 1. The meetings of the gen
eral federation shpll take p'ace every
three years, beginning 1902. Tho place
and date of meeting shall be decided by
the board ot directors.
Section G. The annual dues of the
state and territorial federations shall be
three (.1) cents per capita. Dues shall
be paid annually by tho treasurers of
state federations to the treasurer of tho
general federation by March 1st- The
representation of state and territorial
federations shall be reckoned by the
number of members who havopaid their
per capiti dues by March 1st.
Section 4. At each meeting of the
board of directors an executive commit
tee of thiee, ot whom the president
shall be chairman, shall be appointed
by the board to transact routine busi
ness and to act in emergencies until the
next board meeting. The action ot this
committee ehall ba unanimous and all
action taken by it shall be reported in
writing to the board.
Section 5. The state president and
executive board shall have charge of the
general federation business in her state,
and shall appoint a federation secretary
as a meanB of communication between
the state and general federations. In
states or territories where no state fed
erations exist the board ot directors
shall appoint a committee of three from
different ssctionB of the state or territory,
who shall have charge of all general fed
eration business of the state, and in con
sultation with the board ot directors,
decide how delegates to the biennial
meetings from their state or territory
shall be elected. The annual dues of
the state or territory shall be paid to the
chairman of this committee, who shall
remit the same to the treasurer of the
general federation. This committee
shall promote intercourse among local
clubs and organize state federations as
soon as practicable. The members of
thiB committee shall be delegates to the
biennial meetings and the chairman
shall lead the delegation.
In case of the adoption of triennial
meetingp, wherever the word biennial
occurs, triennial shall take its place.
The committee is undecided as to the
advisability of making the meetings ot
the general federation triennial at pres
ent, but made the change in the by-laws
at the request of a laige number ot
members, in order that the subject
might be discussed at Milwaukee. If
the general federation decides to hold
triennial meetings, the committee con
siders three cents per capita dues ample
for the support of the general federation.
It biennial meetings are continued, it
recommends five cents per capita dues.
Attention is also called tothefjct that
this plan of reorganization in no wipe
interferes with the government of state
federations, but leaves them free to
elect their delegatee. collect their dues
and manage their state affairs as seems
be6t. (Signed.)
DnrjRAH N. C. Brock,
Louisa Dickinson Sherman,
Mary Alden Ward,
Emily E. Williamson.
Julia S. Douglas.
The art department of the Lincoln
woman's club iret as usual on Thursday
in the club rooms: Mr. Neligh of the
public schools lectured on "Art for Art's
Sake" Mr. Neligh spoke of "How to
Build Up an Art Environment in Our
City." Much could be done through
the pupils in the schools, by inducing
them to plant flowers, shrubs, etc., and
to keep the sidewalks in repair. The
department heartily indorsed Mr. Ne
ligh's comments, that the city needs
more parking and street improvements,
and that much may be done to beautify
it. He said the art-loving people of this
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