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Isady Modish on Coming Modes.
Hats imported for spring are the last
dominant note in the warfare between
the seasons, and, if I mistake not, will
prove a more potent factor in establish
ing the supremacy of spring than all the
blizzards old winter can collect.
Never has headgear been more charm
ing, more varied or more original.
Fruits as well ps flowere are lavishly
Grapes, in all colors ind tints, are
most in vogue, though cherries are
nearly as popular.
Toques made entirely of colored leaves
with a big clump of roses on one side
that Ehade on the tame coloring, are, per
haps, the newest and smartest of all the
flower hats. Mrs. Ogdea Mills has
ordered one of these tcques in pinkish
red leaves, with a bunch of deep pink
Amelia Bingham, in "Hearts are
Trumps," wears one of these toques
done in dark mauve leaves, with the
bunch of roses in lighter shades of
All the newest and smartest hats tit
close to the head, and have low, straight
The cache peigie is a thing of the
Ostrich feathers are more worn than
they have been for jears, and the osprey
is seen not at all, except in odd orna
ments of the hair.
The newest of there are powdsred
with small, floe Rhinestones, and ere
much more extravagant in size and price
thau heretofore.
Their importance increases constantly
as the obnoxious "theater hat'' fades
more and more into oblivion.
Miss Csroline Duer is wearing a very
smart arrangement in black and white
malino just now. With the influx of
spring hats, one naturally looks for some
variation in the way of doing the hair.
But as yet it is safe to say there is no
radical departure from the present
mode, except that it is considered in
Paris very smart to drag the hair well
forward on one side, so that it shades
the face considerably.
Some of the Parisienne leaders are
wearing a bow of ribbon tied through
their hair on top, and falling on one
side, as one seee the ribbon bow3 on
children's hair.
The hair is not waved as much, or as
regularly, either, as we wear it.
The whole idea is to soften the nature
of the hair as much as possible.
The indiscriminate use of Jeweled
combs, which has been so overdone with
us, is absolutely tabooed by the lately
modish Parisienne. Plain combs for
the side and front of the hair are still
worn, and are really necessary to hold
the hair in its soft outline, but they
must be placed so as to be as little en
have arrived, but it is a foregone conclu
sion that all skins are to be tucked and
pleated in endless shapes and forms.
The one thing to Le deeirf d is to dis
pose of the fullnessover the hips in such
a manner that they will Lot be enlarged,
while the width of the skirt about the
bottom must be exaggerated as much
as possible.
These skirts are very graceful and
most becoming to the vtry slender fig
ures, but how, oh ! how, will Madame
Avoirdupois look in them ?
Miss Eveljn Burden is wearing a very
smart gray gown that has theskirt done
in pleats somewhat on this idea. An
other new tucked model has fine tuck-)
in clusters on theskirt to the knee only.
From the knee it falls in soft fullness.
On the bodice the tucks continuo on
the same lines as the skirt to just above
the bust line, where the fullness they
form is held in place by the collar, which
is finished with a bow with short loops
and ends that almost reach the waist
line and finish in silk fringe
The mitten sleeve I spoke of recently
is becoming a marked favorite in spring's
For thoater and dinner gowns these
sleeves are often made in a lattice-work
of jet, of pearls, of chenille and beads
in fact, in any and all possible combi
nations of things that lend themselves
to the lattice-work effect. That they
must have if you would be truly Modish.
Of course, theso sleeves must be worn
without lining.
Melodrama is hardly the place that
one usually looks for ideas for smart
clothes, but there are some frocks in
"Hearts are Trumps that really do strike
the right note in spring's fashion an
them. Amelia Bingham's gown of pale
blue crepe de Chine, embroidered all
over in the same color, accentuates the
fact that embroidered chepe de Chine
gowns are to be much worn ibis Eea
son. A net gown of yellow white she wears
has some new touches. The skirt is in
tine tucks that fit closely ovar the hips
and flare out at the bottom, where they
are slashed into squares that are out
lined w th a border of tucking; between
these slashes are loops of cream Cnan
tilly insertion.
Underneath the slashing there is a
full rutlle of tne net, edged with tucK-ing.
Ihe bodice is done in the tucked net,
and over that is a little lace bolero that
falls from a square yoke of insertion to
the waist line in the back, and in front
the lace is so arranged that it forms a
bow and falls in long ends to the hem of
the skirt. The sleeves are in lace, long
and transparent. The bodice is also
transparent about the neck, and theie
is no collar.
Collars are conspicuous by their ab
sence on all Miss Bingham's gowns, as
well as on those of others in the cast.
lot us hope this argues that we are to
have at last a collarless summer, which
sl?4tV jfl y:f'or&Li
People Havte No Trouble
In getting- what they want at the
Good Luck Grocery.
O. M. seit,
, H07 O Htroet.
First Publication Mar 3-3
Notice of Probate of Will and for Letters.
In the county court of Lancaster county, Ne
braska. The state of Nebraska, to Mrs. Minnie ,.
Matthews. .Ida A. Millar. John J. Millar.
Frances J. Millar and to any other persons in
terested in said matter.
You are hereby notified that an Instrument
purporting to be the last will and testament or
Richard I. K. Millar, deceased. Is on tile In said
court, and also a petition slimed by Mary F.
Millar, his idow. praying for the prubateof
said instrument, and for the apioliitment of
said petitioner as administratrix. That on the
-1th day of March, l'.rno. at ten o'clock A. M.
said petition and the proof of the execution or
said instrument will be heard at the county
court room in Lincoln, in said county and that
if you do not then appear and contest said
court may probate and record the saint and
(.rant administration of the estate to said Jfarv
F. Millar as administratrix.
This notice ha lieen ordered published for
three weeks successively prior to said hearing
in The Courier of Lincoln. Nebraska, a weekly
legal newepaperof general circulation printed
in Lancaster county. Nebraska.
Witness mv hand and seal of said court this
23d day of February- ''""
seai-I Kha.nk R. Waters.
County Judge.
Uy Wai.teii A. Lee.sE, Clerk County Court.
For 10 includes:
First Publication March 17. U 3.
Notice of Petition for Letters.
In re estate of Joseph Westfahl, deceased.
In the county court of Lancaster county Ne
braska: The state of Nebraska to Jennie Westfahl.
Bertha M. Westfahl Martin II. Westfahl. Ida
M. '.'-estfahl. Klla M. Westfahl. Lena M. West-
J. M.
BarriVa "Tommy and Unzel'!
Theodore Roosevelt's "Oliver Crom
well" (serial;.
Richard Harding Davu fiction and
special articles.
Gorman's The Russia of
Article! by Walter A. Wickoff.
authors of "The Workers."
Short Stories by
Thomas Nelson Page,
Henry James,
Henry van Djke.
Ernest Stetson-Thompson.
Edith Wharton,
Octave Thanet.
William Alien White.
evidence as possible.
Across the back of the hair a jeweled epells comfort for our suffering sex.
comb is permitted, though a plain comb Next week the dressmakers will begin fanI- t;rni-n H Westfahl and to any other
f . . ' . . . . , . . ,- ... .. persons interested in said matter.
is Dreferred, wnile tne turt ot jeweled journey nomewaru irom their pilgrim- Take notice that a
osprey, bow of maline or lace, or dia- ago to Fashion's shrine, and then we
mond ornament that ie worn on the side shall Pee what we shall see ! Lady
or in front of the head is depended upon Modish, in Town Topics,
to carry its effect alone and unaided.
Long, loose coats of lace unlined are
another of spring's delights.
They are vastly becoming and are
more practical than they sound.
Mrs. Oliver Harriman ordered one to
take with her to the South of France,
and it was charming.
It was in black Chantilly lace rose
pattern. The lace was dotted all over
in small chenille dots.
It fell in long straight lines to the feet,
where it flared slightly.
About the shoulders it finished in a
capuchon, and fastened with loDg ends
of chenille that fell to its very hem.
None of the model gowns for spring
Through Sleeping Cars to in
No change; no delay; no chance of
missing connections, if jou go to Cali
fornia via the Burlington Route. The
Burlington runs through sleeping cars,
Lincoln to Silt Lake City and San
Francisco, daily.
Dining cars all the way . Library cars
west of Ogden. Finest scenery in the
J. Francis, G. P. A., Omaha.
petition slimed bv
Westfahl praying said court to grant letters of
administration of said estate to Ernest T. Koop
has been tiled in said court that the same is set
for hearing on the Ilth day of April. l'JMl. at ten
o'clock a. m and that if you do not then appear
and contest, said court may grand administra
tion of the said estate to Kmest T. Koop.
Notice of this proceeding shall le published
for three weeks successively In The Courier
prior to said hearing.
Witness my hand and the seal of said court
this 1 1th dav of March. A D. U.
seal Frank R. ateils. County Judge.
Charles Scribner's Sons,
Publishers, New York.
A complete rile of "The Courier" is
kept in an absolutely fireproof build
ing. Another file is kept in this office
and still another has been deposited
elsewhere. Lawyers may publish legal
notices in ''The Courier" with security
as tne files are intact and are pre- c TasseIs William Reed nvmJs
Berved from year to year with great new collection of poems, on sale attnTbcifc
care stores.
Special Articles:
The Paris Exposition.
Frederic I rland's articles on spottP
and explorations. s
"Harvard Fifty
Senator Hoar.
Years Ago," by
stable Art Features, the Crom
well illustrations, by celebrated Am
erican and foreign artists.
Puvis De Chavannes, by John La
Farge (illustrations in colors).
Special illustrative schemes (in
colors and in black and white) by
Walter A ppleton Clark. E. C. Peix
otto, Henry McCarter, Dwight L.
Elmendorf and others.
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