The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, March 03, 1900, Page 8, Image 8

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ceeeful in business, bis estate beiog
valued from 875,000 to 880,000. No will
was made and the property will go to
his near relative?, who are two Bistere,
Mrs. Elizabeth Walters, and Mrs. Cecil
Literst of Cbillicotbe, Ohio, and a
brother, Mr. John Barr, who liveB in
Oklahoma. The funeral will be tomor
row afternoon at two o'clock from the
First Congregational church.
Died Judge Richardson of Gering,
on Monnay night. His wife, Mrs. Nel
lie M. Richardson of this city, took the
remains to Hiawatha, Kansas, for
Died Mr. William Stone, on Sunday
night, at the residence of Mr. A. S.
Clayburg, .1524 South Fourteenth
street. Tho deceased has been a resi
dent of Lincoln for but two years, but
he was a resident of Ulysses for eight
Died Mrs. William Robertson, on
Saturday. Funeral services were held
on Tuesday at 012 F street.
Died Mrs. Maude Goodwiddie, wife
of Mr. W. P. Goodwiddie, at Minot. K.
D where she died February 22nd.
Fuueral services, were held on Wed
nesday at the residence of Mrs. Good
widdie's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Josiah
Poc?en, 1635 South Twenty-second
Died Mrs. Katherine Wilhemina
Rolfsmeyer, of Hallam, on Tuesday, at
the age of seventy years and three
months. The deceased has been a resi
dent of Nebraska since 1883.
Died Mr. Joseph Kidd, on Tuesday,
at his home, 835 South Twenty-first
street, of pnuemonia. The body was
taken to Edgar after a short service by
the Reverend Wharton, where the Ma
sonic and G. A. R. fraternities received
the body.
Died Mrs. Sadie Allen, wife of Mr.
A. A. Allen, formerly a member of the
p3lice force, at St. Joseph on last Thurs
day. The funeral services were held on
Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs.
Self, 034 North Teeth Btreet.
High School Notes.
A society for stamp collectors
been organized in the high school.
The next issue of the Advocate
be edited by the girls.
The Glee club will present "Jeptha"
very Boon.
The Ciceronian debating society of
the Lincoln high school held a prelim
inary debate on Tuesday evening at the
high school to select speakers! for a de
bate with the Demosthenes debating
society of the Omaha high school . The
speakers were: Messrs. Sawyer, Mc
Williams, Ryon, Tobin, Warren, Lad
den, Wheeler, McDonald, White and
Hedges. The apeakers chosen were:
Messrs. Wheeler, Tobin, Sawyer and
White as alternate. Doctor Hindman
and Mr. Roscoe Pound acted as judges.
The debate was very interesting and
The Freshman class gave a party on
Friday evening at tho home of Mjbs
Susie Wallace. All the faculty were
invited and about seventeen responded.
Divided by rival camps and other games
the evening passed pleasantly. The
party was disturbed by the Ciceroneans
who were initiating a new member.
Miss Edith Robbins entertained the
Hawthorn literary society on Saturday
Misses Sylvia Beatty, Bertha Dan
man, Sara Seybolt and Pearl Hal) will
give a party at Walsh hall on Monday
The art classes under Professor Neely
are making rapid improvement. They
have been working under great dis
advantages in having no fixed abiding
place but at last they have settled in
room 103. The line of work has been
both instructive and interesting and
consists in sketching from plaster casts,
from life and from the artistic models
which Mr. Neely provides. The class
meets on Mondays and Fridays.
The high school pupils, to their
Bhame be it said, are not over careful
to get to school on time. This is not
only very careless but selfish as well for
m is
it deprives those who assemble on time
Died Mr. E. J. Flaherty on Sunday of the healthful exercises of the day.
at his home. Funeral services were .
held Tuesday morning in St. Theresa's
Dr. J. J. Hanna, dentist, 3d tloor Rich
ards. Hours 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Evenings
Mod., Wed., and Fri., 7 to 9. . ;:.: . . .. t
A pessimist is one who hopes that all
Miss Agnes E. Person, 1C18 L street, troubles will come to others, and an op-
graduate and post graduate of Emerson timist is one who believes that all gocd
Is Gruet a good friend of yours ?
Well, I guess not; he giveB me the
same kind of cigprs I give him ? Town
All the popular creations of
the new season all the wanted
colorings and patterns, and all
the dainty weaves and weights
demanded by Fashion for spring
aud summer, 1900.
Foulards These silks are
easily the leading light-weight
fabric this season and come in
greater varieties of patterns and colorings than usual.
Our showing is a most remarkable one for its size
and completeness the range of prices is 59c, 85c,
$1.00, $1.25, $1.35 a yard.
New Persian Silks at $1.25, $1.50, $1.85, $2.25.
Lace and satin stripes and cords at $1.00, $1.25,
$1.50, $1.85 and $2.00.
New black silks WARRANTED (Yunka Brand,
exclusive with us). New Taffetas, new shades, all
Venetians for tailor suits $1.25, $1.50, $1.75,
$2.00 and $2.25 a yard.
Broadcloths at $1.00,
a 3rard.
Tailor Cloths in checks and stripes
1.10, 1.25, 1.50, 1.75 and 2.00 a yard.
Golf Suiting, another new line at $1.25,
1.95, 2.00, 2.50 and 3.00 a yard. &J
New Cheviots in black and colors at 50c, 75c, 9f
85c, $1.00, 1.25, 1.50, 1.75 and 2.00 a yard. VJ
New Polka Dot Henrietta for waists. 9f
New Brilliantines for waists in the new blues, y
greys and reds, all prices from 50c to $1.25 a yard. 5f
New Lace Striped Crepon, entirely new, very Cy
swell. See it. 5
A full line of Cashmeres, Henriettas Serges, Pop- ZJj
lins, Prunellas, Muscovette Foule, Granite, Beige, 5jf
Coverts, Bicycle Suitings, etc., etc. y
If you don't live in Lincoln and can't visit this 5fJ
showing, write for samples. dj
1.25, 1.50, 2.00 and 2.25
at 1.
College or Uratory, isoston. will give
private and class instruction in physical
culture, voice culture (speaking voice)
and oratory. Also cures impediment in
speech. TermB:
Class work, Ph. culture, 20 lessons. $5 03.
Class work, oratory, 0 lessons, $10.00.
Private work, Ph. culture, per lesson, 81.
Private work, oratory, per lesson, 81.50.
Further particulars given on request.
, The beet of every thing in Ice Cream
Ices and Candies. Hyatt's, 1201 O
Street. Phone 211.
will come to himself. Town
Dr. Phillips wants you to call.
For a consultation?
No; he's sick. He's been taking one
of hiB own prescriptions. Town Topics.
Hair Dressing, Shampooing, Scalp
When you are traveling, due con
sideration snould be given to the
amount of time spent in making your
The Union Pacific is the best line and
Treatment, Manicuring, and Switch makes the fastest time by many hours n
nui.auui iu)oii6uuasueBHinug w uan, uaiw uujr, -roruana and u'i
143 South 12th street. fornia points.
For time tables, folders, illiintmtoi
UnionFuel Company, 1014 O, phono books, pamphlets descriptive of the ter
ritory traversed, call at City Office, 1014
E. B. Slosson
Gen. Agent
Doctor I told you that the patient
must be kept perfectly quiet and you
have disobeyed my orders.
Nurse How bo ?
Doctor You have left his colored
shirt on a chair near his bed. Town
What's a critic. Dad ?
He'e a man that says clever things
about things that are not clever. Town
355, coal, coke, and wood,
See our new stock of Gas and Electric
Fixtures. Korsmeyer Plumbing and
Heating Co.
J. Heaton, funeral director, 32G so. 11.
May Jack asked me to marry him
last night.
Pamela Doesn't he word his propos
als beautifully ? Town Topics.
The Rock Island playing cards are
the Blickest you ever handled. One
bEGAfo notice
A complete tile of "The Courier" is
. 125.00 825.00
-Lues uuiuu raLiuLUHH uihuh ii h iirHai. in mnra in aYnnr A v
. . , wu.0 ,u .muiyo, A money oraer or
ly Reduced Rate of 825.00 to Portland draft for 50 cents or same in Btamps will
and other Puget Sound points, also to secure 4 packs. They will be sent by
Helena and Montana points, Salt Lake express, charges prepaid. Address
City and Utah points. John Sebastian, G . P. A.. '
For tickets and full information call Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific R'y
E. B. Slosson, Chicago.
pack will be sent by mail on receipt of kept in an absolutely fireproof build-
15 PAntfl in fifnmno A .... j- ? t n ci. f t i ; il:. ob
wg. ivnoiner uiu is nepi iu iuih uiuce
and still another has been deposited
elEewhere. Lawyers may publish legal
notices in "The Courier" with security
as the files are intact and are pre
served from year to year with great
World' Great Men.
From what little we know of his
early life and inheritance Shakespeare
seems to have been less entitled to
fortune than any of the world's great
men. The son of probably almost il
literate parents, and brought up in
the unintellectual and prosaic atmos
phere of an insignificant agricultural
Tillage, fortune seems to have done
nothing to excite and develop his im
agination, and very little to increase
his knowledge of mankind. His very
modest success in London seems to
have been In spite of fortune's frowns,
and he seems to have escaped the cold
welcome of the metropolis as soon as
he could. There was neither example
nor rivalry to stimulate his efforts, nor
foreign travel to mature his knowl
edge. Emperor ma Godfather.
The German emperor has consented
to stand godfather to the twin sons of
a coachman at Giesorf. He has also
made their parents a handsome pres
ent of money and has given permis
sion for the babies to be christened
William I. and William II. These
names will appear in tho church regis
ter. The twins are the seventh and
eighth sons of their parents.
V '
" I