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to members and gueqts. The president
made an earnest plea for all women to
inform tbempelves in regard to borne
products, and then insist upon their
merchants furnishing them. The ad
dross of the afternoon was made by
Mrs. MacMurpby of Omaha, who gave a
graphic account of the pioneer life in
Nebraska, to which Bho came thirty
years ago. She predicted a wonderful
advance for Nobraska in the next thirty
years, if she can Judge from the past.
Speaking of the staple grains of the
state, she claimed that corn was not
used as generally as it should be for focd
for the family; that it was very nutri
tious and ecDnomical and for this reason
there would bo in the near future a
great demand for it from the European
countries. The various ways in which
it can be used as a food will be demon
strated in a corn kitchen, which the
United States government will provide
for at the Paris exposition. At the close
of Mrs. MacMurphy's talk, Mrs. Sawyer
introduced a resolution, recommending
Mre. MacMurphy as the representative
for Nebraska in the corn kitchen at
Paris. The resolution, amended to
secure the signature of the state presi
dent as well as the woman's club of Lin
coln, was adopted by a riding vote.
To clubs of ten taking The Courier the
annual subscription price is seventy five
cents (75 cents;. Regular subscription price
one dollar per year.
The Mental Culture club of Auburn
met Thursday, February 22d, with Mrs.
S. W. M(.Grew. The special features
were a biography of Holmes by the
president, Mrs. W. II. Horrum, a recita
tion, "Tiie Chambered Nautilus," by
Mrs. McGrew and a paper by Mrs. Rich
ard Neal.
The mothers' meeting and a Miss Wil
lard memorial service were held Satur
day afternoon. February 17th, at the
residence of Mrs. J. T. Swan of Auburn.
Mrs. V. B. Harmon sang a solo, com
posed by Mies Willard. Sketches of
her life were read. Papers on "Purity
in the Home" and "The Rights of Child
ren" were also read.
On February 21th the subject taken
up by the women's club of Fremont was
"Our National Songs." The program
was as follows:
Piano solo National airs, Miss Char
lotte Nehrbas.
Quartet "Star Spangled Banner,"
Miss Anderson, Miss Marie Hass, Mr.
Shaw, Mr. C. M. Williams.
Paper "History of Our National
Songs,' Mrs. J. II. Lee.
Quartet "Columbia," Miss Ander
son, Miss Hass, Mr. Shaw, Mr. Will
iams. Chorus "America," entire club.
Refreshment committee : Mesdaniea
Nicodemus, Hughes, Turner, Williams,
W. E. Lee, Shephard, Goff, Munger,
Hodge, Thomas, Peirigo, Smith.
The Fortnightly club of Lincoln is
soon to lose two of its members Mrs.
C. H. ImholT and Mrs. Oliver Rodgers.
The president, Mrs. A. S. Raymond, in
vited the club to a luncheon in honor of
those departing members at her home
yesterday at one o'clock. A dainty five
course lunch was served and the pleae
ant associations of the afternoon will
make it one long to be remembered.
Universal regrets were expressed that
these members were so soon to leave
our city.
Tuesday, February 27th, the Fairbury
club held a short business session. An
entertainment given Tuesday evening
under the auspices of the club consisted
of a concert. The proceeds are applied
to the funds for redeeming the pledge
of one hundred dollars it made to the
library fund. Owing to the storm, the
audience was not large. About thirty
dollars was added to the fund. The
club feels greatly encouraged, as some
thing over twelve hundred dollars has
been given by our citizons towards start
ing the library. The greater part of
this is due to the excellent work done
by Judge C. B. Letton and Hon. S. M.
The Lotos club of Lincoln met with
Mrs. C. II. Gere on Thursday. Tho
club listened to a brilliant address from
Mrs. A. J. Sawyer on the theme, "The
Influence and Power of the Home in the
Development of Citizenship."
The general meeting of the woman's
club of Columbus is to be held today at
the home of Mrs. J. G. Reeder. Tho
program is givon by tho musical de
partment. Responses of a musical
nature are asked for. The program:
The analysis, by Mrs. Garlow.
Piano duet "Coronation March,'
Myerbeer; Mesdame3 Voss and Byrnes.
Vocal solo "In This Celestial Dwell
ing," Mozart; Mrs. Farrand.
Piano solo "German Dances," Beeth
oven; Mrs. McAllister.
Vocal solo "Creation's Hymn," Beeth
oven; Mrs. Fauman.
Vocal duet "La Ci Darem," Mozart;
Mesdames Garlow and Heintz.
Vocal solo "With Verdure Clad,"
Haydn; Mrs. Reeder.
Piano solo "Gypsy Rondo," Haydn;
Mrs. Jaeggie.
Vocal eoIo "Ave Maria," Cherubini;
Mrs. Warren.
Piano solo "Adaigo Sostenuto," from
op 27, No. 2, Beethover; Miss Galley.
Sorosis met on Tuesday at the home
of Mrs. Hill. Miss Harris spoke of the
historical rights of the English in Africa.
I. Histokv.
1. lKC First Trek 1 cause of ;
2 settled Natal.
2. Natal insurrection British oc
3. Second Trek settled between
Qrange and Vaal rivers.
Britain annexes territory under
name of Orange River Sover
eignty. 4. 18?A Orange Free State.
5. Zulu war.
G. Agitation for independence.
7. Naturalization laws.
8. Outlanders What they demand.
8. Discussion.
The club will meet in two weeks with
Mrs. T. S. Allen, 1837 C street. Mrs.
Hill will be the orator of the day.
And any One Dollar
dub Magazine
Outline of Work Prepared by Mrs. F. M.
Hall, Chairman of the Art Committee of
the N. F. W. C
(a) Architecture.
(b) Sculpture.
(c) Painting.
I. Egyptian art.
II. Babylonian and Assyrian art.
III. Persian, Phoenician, Palestine and
art of Asia Minor.
IV. Greek art.
V. Etruscan and Romau art.
Christian art to the Renaissance.
Modern art from the Renaissance to
the present.
I. In Italy. II. In Germany. III. In
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Some of the
New Things
Now on Our
Goir Suits and Skirts.
Tailor-Mudo Suits.
Fine Hand-Made Laces.
Cambric, Swiss aod Nainsook
Embroideries. J
Printed Foulard and other Fancy
"New Finish" Black Silk Cro
pons. Beaded and Spangled Robes and
Not for many years has there been
a season when it was bo neces
sary for thoso who want cboieo
fabrics to make their selections
?$ 4s 4g$ 45 4s s 4fs 43 4$ 45 43 43 4 4s 4s iVt
Victory . .
Easily and Hon
estly Won by
The Maurice Grau Opera Co., of New York, have recently
made arrangements whereby the Wekek Gkand Pianos will be
used exclusively by them at the Metropolitan opera honse in
New York City, and in all their concerts throughout the United
States. This marked recognition of tho merits or the Wf.bkk
Piano easily places it above all other pianos in the most cultured
musical circles.
The general agency for this renowned instrument is held by
Matthews JPiano Co.
I120 O street, Lincoln, Nebr.
fk ft? H ft? ? ? ? ? 1s $ ? ? e
- Hliffi ITiTiiiiTiV ---
wm. w ww --hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih "- ww. w m
Arc Yti Going to the orld78 pair
Exposition in Pan's?
If so arrangements should be made at once. All the best berths
on the ships are engaged early. The number of 6hips are limited, and
early reservations, if not used, can be easily disposed of. Descriptive
literature regarding this trip can be had at my office.
City Ticket Agent Burlington Route,
Corner 10th and O Sts. Lincoln, Neb.
. Stk.
Of erery dUcription.
It will pay you to consult
O. L. Lkmmon, at the
Repairing Done In the Xeatcst Manner
All Work Guaranteed.
J 43 So. 12th str - - Lincoln. Nebr.
Excellent Work. Satisfatory Prices.
HOI XMtreet.