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ipiritof the age must -mike- progress, the (rouble brew log between the Boers
Phere is uo daubt.that moat of the prob- and England. The subject under dia-
Bms clubwworkcan be illumi- cutsion at this flist meetine- was "An.
lated bv free, honest discussion. One cient abd modern Holland: the earlv
it the beat resulta to be obtained from-lnhabitants." It waa very entertaining
Blub life is the ability to differ contcienb nrcaented bvthe'lMdir? Mr. n. n.
tiously in opiniona and yet entertain aitWaite'. While refrfshmenta were
fhoneet respect for the opinion -of others, served, instead of the usual ditcuaaion
As women, we are charged more or leas
:. justly with being too narrow, too per
jaonal, in Imparting or-recetving- ideas.
; ThiB defect, or weakness, is half correct
ed, when recognized, the entire cure, we
'hope, may be secured through lntor
change of thoughts," theories, plans, in
fact through a discussion of all subjects
beginning with principles underlying
the thought and making the applica
tion general, cot personal. The trite
saying "the greatest good to the greatest
number" has become one of the watch
words of club life. It Beam's to me that
one of the surest ways of realizing it is
in interchange of the newest and fresh
est thought among club women. When
you have a good idea a new thought
expreus it briefly not" only to your club,
but eend it to your club paper you will
always find that the editor of this de
partment welcomes ndvico, criticism and
the club decided to indulge in summer
reminiscences. Mra, M. E. YanBrunt is
leadftforthe next meeting which will
be held October 10.
A woman's club has been organized
in New York for the blind women of
that city. It has not been named but
it has been inaugurated by a few noble
women and it is "intended that it shall
offer opportunities to the blind who are
not only shut off from most of the
The first meeting of Lincoln' Sorosis
each fall is a business session. Last
Tuesday afternoon at this annual buel
nets meeting which waa held at tho
home of Mrs. Gujhrio, the following
officers were olected. President, Mra.
H, H. Wheoler; vice president, Mrs. T.
H.'McGahey; eocrotary, Mrs. A. S. Tib
bete; executive committee, Mrs. J. E,
Miller and Mrs. N.Z.Snell; delegiteto
the fitate federation at York, Mrs. M. D.
Welch, with Mrs. E. H. Barbour, cs
alternate. The executive committee
which is compostd of the two ladies
elected and the president was requested
to present at the next meeting Borne
changes in the constitution. ' After the
transaction of business there was a
general discussion as to ways and
means of aesisting in the effort to restore
the public library of the city. Sugges
tions were made of donations of money,
books or magazines, The city library
was diecussed and suggestions made
relative to aiding it. Mm. Welch waB
appointed a committee to ascertain how
how many and what volumea of old
.Being asked by. an 4 intimate friend if
hVreally cut the cable between Manila
and Hongkong, not to shut "off k' the
Spaniards from home ordersbut rather
to get beyond quick reach ot the United
States Nary .department, Dewey suavely
said; "We had no. apparatus fof'cabling
onboard ship. But even if we could
have obtained it, the cable company
would have been obliged to refuse to re
ceive or transmit messages in that way.
It could not have afforded to do any
thing that would enable the Spaniards
in case they returned to power in
Manila after the war to withhold pBy.
ment of their subsidy. Don't you think
IheBe reasons are good enough?' Octo
ber Ladies' Homo Journal.
Have you anything laid by for a rainy
day? a.
Yes, but its for my rainy day, lot
26.00 125.00
The Union Pacific has made the Great
ly RedaeedRate-of W&00 to Portland
and other Puget Sound 'point, also to
Helena and Montana points, Salt Lake
City and Utah points.
For tickets and full information call
E. B. Slosson,
pleasures, of life but too often become
wards of the public. It is intended to" magazines and periodicals could' be 'ae'
maKeimeciuoa DieEBing to tbe blind. CUred by Sorosis members from their
The plan, which is still tentative, is to own files or from eastern friends or
fit up a club house suited to the special trim ' any other source to assist in re'.
needs oi tbe blind. In thia house in
structions will be- given in occupations
that will make them self-supporting.
Also this club house will be made a
place ot exchange for the sale of their
handiwork AtJ the eame time sys
tematic arrangements will provide for
the social and intellectual culture of
these unfortunate women. Regular
readers are to be employed who will
read aloud the newspapers .while the
women: work.' Therje will , also be a
regular course of study for the hours ot
leisure.'' ?'" ""' "
lift 30J'
placing those lost in the fire. Dates for
eadera were appointed for the coming
year. After adjournment refreshments
were served and disposed of to the
strains of mueic furnished by Mrs.
Guthrie's oldest son. The next leader
is Mies Anna Miller, subject "Tho
Growth of the American Press." The
next meeting will be held at tbe home
of Mre. Barbour. Miss Miller's outline
is as follows:
The growth of the American press, .
Modern newspapers what they are,
Origin of printing, ' '
The first newspapers,
Exceptionally low rates have been
authorized by the Burlington Routo and
connecting, lines to Portland, Tacoma,
or Seattle and return. Tickets will bo
sold October 14, 15, and 16, going limit
October 20, final return limit November
10. Stopovers will be allowed in both
directions and the rate will be one fare
(50.00) for the round trip. Tho Burling
ton offers diverse routes without addi
tional charge. For the National Jubi
lee Convention of the Christian church
to be hold at Cincinnati, October, 13 to
10, bIeo for the Lbundrymens' National
Association at St. Louis, Octobor 0 to 11
and for tbe meeting of the grand lodge,
Knights of Pythias, to be held at Lin
coln October 10 to 12, tbe Burlington
offers a rate' of fare and one third on the
regular certificate plan. For particulars
regarding any of theBO excursions please
call at the Burlington City Tickot Office
corner lOih and ,.0 streets, or at the
Union Passenger Station, -7th-and P str.
The Rock Island playing carda are
the slickest you over bandied. One
pack will bo Bent by mail on receipt of
15 cents in stamps, A money order or
draft for 50 cents or same in stamps will
aecure 4 packs. They will be sent by
express, charges propaid. Address,
John Skiiabtian, G. P. A.,
Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific R'y,
Cure Conattlpatioxi,
BilliousncBs, nervousness and tho pill
habit. Action not followed by coative
noes, Doubt it? Try it. Sample free.
DruggiBts.25c.or address ANTI-PILL
CO , Lincoln, Nob-
Pleasant home for .students
310 South 12th street
Twerf ty-one meals for $2.50, '
I understand he was once , jilted by a
girl worth over half a million. Did be
take it baid?
Yes, very. Why I honeBtly believe if
the girl bad been worth fifty thousand
more be would be a dead man today.
Wearein.receirjtof the vear book of ' Tho political party trees.!
the History arid Art club of' Seward, '.Transition period, ' , ,
whose honored' president, Mrs. 'S?C.' Women as journalists, ' ,
Langworthyis our beloved state preai- A Paperaf pthe,r countries.
miring motto' ' Subjects for discussion: TheMofl
dnnt. This hih Viaa thalnanirinfl
"No footsteps backward" and has enter, of the press; 'is it decreasing?
eu upon a year a study or uerman nis-
The Great Rock Island Route is
placing Interchangeable Mileage' Books
on sale at all coupon offices, west of.
Missouri river. These books are good
on 37 different railroads and sill be a
great advantage to commercial men and
travelers., The net rate is 2c per mile
in .Kansas)' MissouriV'-Nebiiska, -Okla-'i
homa and Indian Territory.
I don't like my caddie tie laughs
every, time 1 misa a ball. ,, .. .
-I'lnotfceyhewaandars'o.:'-'. ' )
Cliioaso or tTtxG Icset:
tory. Each page is appro
priate and helpful mottoes, as, for the
October meetings. "Autumn ia here and
we will cull hia lingering flowers. An
other motto tells ua that "Nature when
she adds difficulties adds brains." That
"TIb the mind that makes the body
rich," and that "Strength growa with
burdens." One feature of this program
I should like to emphasize. The carry
ing through the year's study one thread
ot thought. Another feature presented
by this year book ia the length ot its
club year tbe first meeting ia held
October 7, the last meeting which is
purely for business, viz: election of of-.
The executive board of the Woman
club held a business session last Wed
nesday afternoon at which plans for
the coming season's work were discussed.
Upon the new basis of representation
thia club is entitled to five delegates be
sides tbe president and these were
elected at this meeting. Mrs. Milton
Scott was elected laat Spring, the ad
ditional ones elected on Wednesday
were Mrs. W. D. Fitigerald, Mrs. Abel'
and Mrs. I. N. Baker. These with the
president will entitle this club, to' six
votes at the coming annual meeting to'
be held in York Oct 10th to 13th in
clusive. Tbe standing committees for
fleers, report of program committee, etc, the yr "ere appointed and all general
t . " ni .' ' ' . ri.uL hiialnftaa irranmil. . TtinaA )AalIni
ib neia iaay zm. wnueon may .win
business arranged.
the club eniova an annual nicnic. We memoersnip ttcxeis
might hear from the History and Art
club as to the advantages or disadvan
tages of weekly meetings as it is the on
Those desiring
can obtain them
from Mrs. Richardson in the Burr block
or from any member of the board. One
of the pleasant entertainments provided
. How. did you come to find 'a 'wife
I didn't. She waa looking forme.
When you are traveling, due con
slderation snould be given 'to the
amount of time spent in making your
The Union Pacific ia the best liuo aud
makes the fastest time by many houra
to Salt Lake City, Portland and Cali
fornia points. '
For time tables, folders, illustrated
books,pamphlets descriptive ot the ter
ritory traversed, call at City Office, 1044
Ost.A , " E. B. Slosson.
Gen. Agent,
?'. .
ly club in Nebraska which holda weekly for hI 'ub Shakspere recital to be
The Century club held its first meet
ing last Tuesday afternoon at the home
of Mrs. Milton Scott. Thia club will
study thia season,. Holland and her
characteristics. . Thia . will be' an
unusually intereating study just at
given by Mr. Barnes. The first regular
testing will be held in its old quarters
the'Salsbury block Oct 0.
There goea a roan who is a benefactor
to hia race.
What has he done?
He has invented a noiseless hand
Chicago Express from Kansas City' -,
InaJditionto Pullman Sleepers. Free
Chair Cars, and tho Best Dining Car V
bervice in tbe World, are equipped with
Buffet Library Smoklaf Cars ' ' '
furnished in club style and supplied with '
latest periodicals, illustrated paper Hndv
a Mfcct library ot recent fiction. '- v
ColuruUo ox the We
Faat, carries Dining Cars and Pullman
Sleepers. Leave Omgha,.40 p.m.; Kim
aas City, 6 30 p.m.; St. Joseph, 4 50 ,,.ui.
Arrive at Denver and Colorado Spr'ugo,
next morning.
u2 ' Cbicigo, J
E. W. TnQMP60N,tAG., V
m&y 'Topakarkiii,.
FRANIT.H. Barnes, op. A,
llth andj BtMeta, Lincoln, ?fb
Britisher England
man to do bisduty.
', AmericanBut will
hold out. - .
" There is one good thing about the
expects every Filipines. ..""'
How so?
our heiresses They are islands and we can not very
well have, boundary disputes. v
HXr - -
t'-.cFW- , M .
"fll ar I 'I'lrll'Iv H
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S9riiM WH KMN nt ml.