The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, September 30, 1899, Image 4

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Man tailored Jackets for
Correct Dressers a spec
ialty with us.
' i ssj-P""" ' ' -' '.saPa. JCu '' .-aaasT B .aSSTsBr
A Great 4.90 offer
ing in stylish"
SIX items worth' investigating
Boucle Cloth Jacket, lined with Mercerized Sateen, 4 pearl buttons, slashed front,
22 inches long-. Sale price 4.95
Raw Edged Kersey Cloth Jacket, Mercerized Sateen lined, slashed front, 4 buttons
22 inches long-. Sale price ,. . 4.95
Wool Astrakhan Cloth Jacket, 22 inches long, storm collar, Mercerized Sateen
lined, 6 large pearl buttons, deep facing, worth $7. Sale price. 4.95
Crushed Plush Cape, 27 inches long, 100 inches sweep, Thibet fur trimmed, Mer
cerized Sateen lined. Sale price 4.95
Plain Plush Cape, 27 inches long, 100 inch sweep, trimmed with Thibet fur and
lined with Mercerized Sateen. Saleprice 4.95
' Fine Wool Astrakhan Cape, serge lining, deep facing, collar and front trimmed
with Bear fur, a great cape at the sale price of '. 4.95
Boro, oa Sunday morning, September
24th, to Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Til! cm of
Seventeenth and F streets, a daughter.
A special opportunity is offered to se
cure a modern homo by John J. Gillilan
119 south 12th street, ground floor.
Mr. Ieanc Cahn came in from Colo
rado Springs the drat of last week and
epent several days vieiting his family.
Miss Mickey of 3333 O Btreet who has
been suffering with typhoid fever, rs
.beginning a hopeful convalescence.
Mrs. Walter Newell and her mother,
Mrs. Lee of Beatrice, vUited Mrs. Case
beer on Monday of thia week.
Miss Mabel liogue returned from
Denver on Wddneslay, after a pleasant
. summer spent in that city.
The Y. M. 0. A. and Y. W. C. A,
Mr. Bdward Fitzgerald epent the week
in Lincoln.
Died on Wedaeaday September 27th,
at bis home 2921 Q street Mr. George
Died, on Monday, September 25th
Mrs. Sarah Karcher, wife of Mr. George
Karcher, at the family residence at 930
North Seventeenth street. Dobaaad
was seventy years of age and haves a
husband andtwo sons,'rMessrs. John and
Fred Karcher, to mourn her loss.
The Kappa's have formally pledged
Teresa Salle of Beatrice, the Misses
Emmons of, Denver, Misses Sauerbach
and Jenkins of Fairbury, and Miss Ed
miitonof Lincoln.
Mrs. Lewis William Marshall will en
tertain the K. K. P'e. and their pledges
at a enrd party Saturday afternoon.
Mies Laura Woodford, a niece of Pro
fessor Hodgmau.haB bean pledged to the
Last Monday night Kappa Kappa
Gamma gave a party to their, pledges
acd,frlendsat-the homeof Miss Mb re
ception announced to occur tonight.-has
been postponed one week.
Mrs. Griffith has returned from a
nnnth'sviai: with her sl9t)r in. Port
Huron, Michigan.
Misn Frances Gillespie of Wymore,
visited Mr.. Rsdford at 545 8outh
Eleventh street thia week.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. O. M. Wilson of
850 Nbrth ' Twenty-sixth street on
Thursday, a son.
Mr. Joseph Walt, bugler for F Com
pany, baB enlisted in the Thirty-ninth
U. S. Infantry.
Mrs. Macurdy of Butler, Indiana, is
vieiting the family of her cousin, Dr.
re"i ret Whedon. Hagenow'a orchestra fur.
nlshed the music for the dancers.. Putich,
ice cream and cake were served. The
following wera present. Missss Richard,
Haves, Whiting, Holdbrook, Wetzil,
Outcalt, Whedon, Jrnkiae, Sille, Sauer
bach, Woodford, Edmiaton, Emmocs,
Emmons; Mesdames Denis?n,HammonH,
Raymond; Me&aers BUyes, Riymond,
Tukey, Mqdge, Reed, Crandall, Deweese,
McOreery, Williams, Korsmeyer, Hac
bid, Hora, Lau, Whedon, Kind, Case,
Manchester, Collett.
"Why must I suffer?" moaned a helpless
With lifelong anguish tortured and for
lorn, Before the answer came, ages' were done;
But then a poet from hi Hoc was born.
Arlo Bates, in October Century.
Oh! there is no love like the old love.
That depends upon how old she is.
Maude Jack, has never aeked me for
a kits
Beaaie Tbeold thief.
He (after the fpurtcenth round) How
I love o dance.
She Then I should think you'd
Last Friday night September 22 id,
Pi Beta Phi gave a dancing party at the
home of Miaa Darhen Woodward. Dec
orations were in scarlet and cream, and
carnations, the fraternity flower. The
dancers were MUceiBurrus', McPheely,
Post, Morrill. Smith, Hansen, Thomas,
Mm. J. H. Harley and son Robertson, .Sedgwick, Oarscadden, Stuart, Andrews,
Robjoson, Wcodward, Haskell; Messrs
Edmiaton, Ricketta, Blackman, Fame
worth, Thomas, Sedgwick, Mudgs,
Saunders, Sohidler, Brown, Turp'.n,
Hansen, Barker, Kimball, Klllian, Mann,
Ices were served. Two younj ladle,
Misses Lois Burrusa of Geneva, and
Katharine McPheely Wiuden were
pledged this week to Pi Btita Phi.
Maude Arthur says he would love
me just the same if I should lose my
money. ,
Bessie That might be; but it isn't
likely he'd let you know it.
returned from Charlevoix, Michigan, on
Fresh All Rail Hard coal $9.00 deliver
ed. Ed F. Reddish, 122 south 12th.
Mrs. Harriett Van Wie has gone to
Wisconsin for an extended visit.
Folmer is visiting
She Has the Count anything laid by
for a rainy daj ?
He Yes; I understand he's engaged
to an Amorican heiress. j ;
Miss Mae Pauline
friends in Omaha.
I've got a splendid seat for the parade.
Yes, Dewey can't help seeing me.'
Is he Guch a hero?
I should say so. Why there's not' a
magazine, in tho country would dare ''to
rafuau hla manuscript.
2, Miscollpncous, Inglcsido c DnvidClty
2, Penco Movement, Woman's c Omaha
o i Reception and President's addresa, Matt-
neo Huticalo Lincoln
9, Poriod of Honry VII, Hiat. ft Arte. Albion
3, Sculpture, Social ft Litorary e Crett
n . I President's ar!dreas,Yacation Bemlniawn
' (. ces.Woman'sc Fairburj
4, Migration of Races, Woman's' c' DuodM
4 (Mary Barnoc, American exploration!:
, contonpetaneous European Natiooa
' ( ;.. ;;.' '....',.. .Fnllerton.
4, rrlnaitire (Qonnans. Cotye Tecomath
4, Eos. Lit..Frind4 in Council Teraaaah
4, Hamlet, Woman's c tobarlr
4. European Hist., ftl-Mtt, Acme c. TrcoaMb
4, Social meeting, Woman's club Aahlaai
. jMacbetnand er rreat topics, Mitnal I
"' proTeaaentc.. ,. ...,., .trw
7, Qurront Llteraturo. Woman's e....Frteoat
7, Business'Moeting,Woman'a club. Colombo!
7, Summer Reminiscences-, Hist, ft Art. Seward
i 0. Hugh Capet; Crusaders, Woman's cMinden
10, HnuBe, of. Burgundy, Century c Lincoln
,. j Current Literature, Friends in
n,1 Council.'.: r Falls City
12, Washington Irving, Ment, Cul.c, S Aubora
15, Roc. ft Prea. address, Womsn's c, Lincoln.
I l'l....i..l.ll.. f Vl.ln.ln anil lfr Hftifft
,8'1 Woman's c :....".. ..J Aablandy
Club life is all eglow and on the alert.
The cool' invigorating brefaes of fH
stimulate the members to do and dare
Tthose things wbichBhallimprovoaDdid
vanc61ub iutrnst. This pattweeki
i Koodly number bf theclubBof tho atale
have entered upon their year's atudr,
while in the coming week the large ma
jority will be busy with their regular
work. We wifeb at this tlme.'to aak the
clubs of the state to appoint a rerort
tosend'rrgulsr accounts "of tbtir club
meetings to the club department of Ibu
papdr. Thia would also tnd to fccrcj
Hhe interest, the sympathies, and IM
tiea -between ' sister' clubs, and tbuj
bring about a closer unity which w
result In greater strength to tbn ft
federations . j
Diecussion in Its' broadest eoneo
-, f . .
- ' " " -wrMsj-wm-aisiLMi . ,. -