The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, September 16, 1899, Page 12, Image 12

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the cou:;.x.
When bb a boy I loved you, dear,
'Twas Love himself I loved the best,
And I, Love's music n my ear,
Forgot that one could be more bleat,
Forgot your joy was more to me
Than joy of love could ever be.
At last itself my dull heart knew
And turned from Love, my dear, to
F. C. Patmek in Harper's Weekly
Announcement was made last week of
a Sunday World Music Album of ten
songs to be issued weekly. Following
is the complote liBt:
In the Shadow of the Carolina Hills
by George Taggart and Max S. Witt,
authors of "The Moth and the Flame."
"If All the Girls Were Like You," by
Charles Graham, author of "Two Little
Girls in Blue."
"I'm nothing but a Big Wax Doll,"
by Malcolm Williams, author of "My
Ann Elizer."
"You'll Have to Transfer," by Abe
Jiolaemann, composer of ''Smoky Mokes"
the greatest cakewalk bit of the Beason.
"Sweet Norine," by Gussio L. Davis,
author of "The Baggage Coach Ahead."
"Snap-Shot Sal," by Williams and
Walker, the two real "coons," authors
of "I Don't Like No Cheap Mas."
"Tell Mother Not to Worry," by Louis
Myll, composer of Coontown Carnival
"Prancing Pickaninnies," by Max
Dreyfus, composer of "A Carolina Cake
"My Georgia Lady Love," by Sterling
Howard end Emerson, authors of
.'Hallo, Ma Baby."
"There Ain't No Use to Keep on
Hanging 'Round," by Irving Jonesf
author of "Get Your Money's Worth."
One song each week for ton weeke,
First Bong published Sept. 3, "In the
Shadow of the Carolina Hide."
The entire set is to be given away
with ten Sunday Worlds, and will be
sent postpaid, including ten Sunday
World Magazines, Art Portfolio and
Comic Weeklies for 50 cents. . Send GO
cents today, tomorrow or next wepk,
Don't wait later than next week. This
is a most exceptional offer and is only
put forth to advertise the great Sunday
World. Address, Music Editor, Th
World, Pultizer Building, New York.
The Nebraska Sanitarium.
Located at College View, Nebr., offers the following inducements to the
tired and suffering- public who are seeking- Health, Rest and Comfort:
THE institution is situated pn an ele- Scientifically classified dietary. Skillful attention oivan tn !, L
vated Bite, overlooking the city of r ' Hicwrai attention given to the trat
Lincoln, which lies three miles to Laboratory of hygiene forjbacterlologi- mentor
the northwest, and with which it pal and microscopical investigation. nia.oanf,a..t. j
is connected by an electric street rail- Q. . . ,. . ... Diseases of the Stomach and
. .. ., , . , Diseases of the Eye, Ear, Nose. Throat
Aseptic operating rooms and surgical and LunOT ' ' m'
Diseases peculiar to women.
Best of advantages for the treatment
of all forms of chronic diseases. Incur
able and offensive patients not received.
One of the most healthy locations be
tween the Mississippi River and the
Rocky Mountains.
A well regulated institution for the
treatment of all chronic diseases.
Water of unusual purity.
Bathsof every description, including
the Electric-light bath.
Four physicians, well-trained, with
large experience in eanitarium medical
Trained nurses of both sexes.
For circulars giving rates and further information, address,
' College View, Nebraska.
Here is a popular excursion for you by
the North-Western line, nearly every-
! thing one can want is granted.
Fare for round trip same route going
and teturning.continuous passage $32.85,
going and returning same route with
one stop over in each direction east of
Buffalo, Niagara Falls, or PittBburg
$31.05; going one way and returning an
other with one stop over as above $36 05.
Tickets will be Bold September 1, 2. and
3. Extreme limit September 30. For
other information please call at city
ticket office, 117 S. 10th Str. Lincoln,
Nebr. 30-Gt
Ilmvv KnrrlnK.
In the early days of Rome the women'
of that city worn such heavy earning?
that they made their ears sore and
sometimes tore the lobes. There were
doctors whose business was chiefly to
heal ears thus injured.
The Rock Island playing cards are
the slickest you over handled. One
pack will be sent by mail on receipt of
15 cents in stamps. A money order or
draft for 50 centB or same in stamps will
secure 4 packs. They will be sent 'by
express, charges prepaid. Address,
John Sebastian, G. P. A.,
Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific R'y,
Expensive Fence.
Almost every nation, with the excep
tion of the United States and Great
Britain, Is overtaxed to meet the ex
penses of maintaining its army and
navy. France runs behind to the
amount of-$l,000,000,000, Austria has
an annual deficit of $80,000,000, Russia
of 50,000,000"and Italy of $30,000,000.
Onion Specific for Epidemic.
Onions are commended as a specific
against epidemics if sliced and kept in
a room, where they will absorb any
atmospheric poison.
. . tjh bhsw uncoin
Warranted to be the Best and Most Satisfactory
Range ever made. Any kind of fuel may be used,
that one item alone being economy.
These Ranges would be a comfort in any home.
For what thby ape They are the cheapest
you can buy. At least give one a trial.
We warrant you complete satisfaction Write us
for full particulars.
ae o at , Lincoln, Neb,
Twelve Business Maxims. x
The president of the London cham
ber of commerce gives twelve maxims
which he has tested through vears of
business experience, and which he
recommends as tending to ensure suc
cess: 1 Have a definite aim. 2 Go
Btralght for it. 3 Master all details.
4 Always know more than you are
expected to know. 5 Remember that
difficulties are only made to overcome.
6 Treat failures as stepping stones to
further effort. 7 Never put your hand
out farther than you can draw it back.
8 At times be bold; always prudent.
9 The minority often beats the ma
jority in the end. 10 Make good use
of other men's brains. 11. Listen well;
answer cautiously; decide promptly.
12 Preserve, by all means in your
power, "a sound mind In a sound
The Great Rock Island Route is
placing Interchangeable Mileage Books
on sale at all coupon offices west of
Missouri river. These books are good
on 37 different railroads and will be a
great advantage to commercial men and
travelers. The net rate is 2)c per mile
in Kansas, Missouri, Nebjeska, Okla
homa and Indian Territory.
con mo i
Thrice-a-week Edition,
Practically Daily at the price of a
Hissed Ills Own Fiirro.
When Lamb's farce of "Mr. H." was
acted he gave a curious instance of
one of his singular traits. There were
few evidences of humor in the play
and the construction was undramatlc;
still, there was much to show that it
was written by a man Infinitely su
perior to the farce writers of the day.
Toward the end of the play, when It
was evident to all that It was unmis
takably damned, the attention of the
audience was attracted to a very loud
and violent hissing. What was the as
tonishment of Lamb's friends to find
this expression of vigorous dissent
came from Lamb himself, who, when
questioned as to his motive after the
fall of the curtain, stammered: "I was
afraid they would take me to be the
The striking and important events
of the last year have established the
overwhelming value of The Thriok-a.
Week Would to every reader. For an
almost nominal sum it bus kept its sub
scribers informed of the progress of all
our waas and, moreover, has reported
them as promptly and fully as if it were
a aaily. With our interests still extend
ing throughout the world, with our
troop3 operating in the Philippines, and
the great Presidential campaign, too, at
hand, ita value is further increased.
The moHo of The Thrioe-a Week
World is improvement. It strives each
year to bo better than it was the year
before, and public confidence in it is
shown by the fact that it now circulates
more than twice as many papers every
weok bb any other newspaper, not a
daily, published in America.
We offer this . un equaled newspaper
and the Courier together one year for
81.2j. ,
The regular subscription prico of the
two papers is 82.00
Globe Sights.
. If you know" that the bride has
made her own wedding outnVglve the
groom a particularly glad hand of con
gratulntlon; he has struck a prize. Af
ter a woman has been married to a
man as long as a year she deserve as
handsome a writing desk 'as he can
give her for pay for the letters Bhe
has written for him to his kin. An
Atchison man treats his wife so mean
when they are alone that she Iwb ap
pealed to her parents to provido her
with a chaperone. A chaperone should
lie provided for married people, any
way; they are always more consider
ate and polite when a third person ii
around. Atchison Globe,
1 ,'t .'.'-
T" ( fT
All the news without prejudice;
The best general reading;
The best marKet reports;
The Great Paper of the Great West,
IMxe Kansas Oitjr Star
By mail, postage prepaid, daily and Sunday, I year SOO
By mail, ostapre prepaid, daily and Sunday, 6 months. . . 2.00
1?lie Weekly Kanaaa pity Star
Postage pre-paid, 25 cents a year.