The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, February 18, 1899, Page 4, Image 4

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    THE com j, i.
Ob" UB I State University.
Oliilrtiren IOc
Season or Meinbei'
liii3 T iolcetas fl.OO.
IholnrKornivcrHuliflt church with tho then sang a charming little Bong called logea for women existed, Elmira and
i.-muuitlm.r. .y wriKiu ouwon in wwoothcart in rcsf.onso to un insistent Vaesar, Mount
uiu cniiir. wkiiur iiicith en uio oriruni encore. Tim
)i encore. The president intrndunnrl thn
zation woro procont, including Rev. speaker of tho afternoon, saying that
Anna II. Shaw of Philadelphia, Louisa oiron tho wouthor had shown its appro-
Barnum RobbiriB of Adrian, Mich., Han- ciation of her proBnnco by its bright
nah J. Bailey of Maine, and Helen Fin- wolcomo. Tho "two womon" of whom
ioy Bristol of IllinoiB. Tho anti-Roborts she talked woro Maria Mitchell and liar-
resolution was tho leading question of riot Il'isinor.
dilTorenoo before tho council. A largo In tho opening eentoncos Mrs. Stouten
delegation of tho best known mormon borough said that tho gooJ use of op
women of Utah woro sent for tho avowed portunitieB is tho Becret of success, and
purpoBo of (liscueeing this measure and that failure is too often tho rcBult of not
if possiblo to defeat it. While tho anti making good uso of tho opportunities at
Roberts faction waB determined to hand. Tho leBBon eonvoyod bv theso
Holyoko being then
only a seminary. Elmira's first gradua
ting cluss numbered Eovontoen, whilo
Vasaar's could boast only four learned
young bachelors of art. Today a singlo
class of ViiFsar numbers over 200 stu
dents, and, notwithstanding tho erection
in 189;i of Strong hall, and in 1897 of
Raymond hall, both largo dormitories,
also tho additional accomodations pro
vided in the main building by tho re
cont erection of Rockefeller recitation
hall, and the president's and several pro
fessors houses, another now dormitory
achieve the defeat of tho polygamist two lives is that continuity of purpoBe, must bo built at onco to make room for
membors-eloct from Utah. industry, and determination can over- tho candidates constantly applying for
como Boominiilv unstirinmintnhln nti. a.l..,.'oa;nr. ai i,: ..-, i,:..
" w --- - auilIlDDIUIJt llJU IU1H DLULU UL UI1Q11D
one. All tho
the fourth annual convention of staclos and that careful, thorough prep- does not exist at Vassar al
Federated Woman's clubs of tho aration is necessary tn nniiin rrn n .-n:
14th Illinois district which was hold at
Pekin, 111., last Tuesday, strong resolu
tions wero adopted calling upon legisla
tors to BupresB tho uso or the pictures of
womon iiB advertisements. Tho follow
ing IB a portion of tho resolution: "Re
solved, That all publishers, public ontor
tainors, manufacturers and tradesmen
of ovory kind shall bo forbidden to uso
tbo face, form or any portion of tho fig
uration is necessary to acinovn preat.
rosults and oven though it may take
yoarB of preparations as it did in these
two lives, yet those years aro well ppent
if thoy prepare one for successful lifo
work. Maria Mitchell was for twenty
years librarian of tho villugo library in
tho littlo town of Nantucket, whero sbo
was her father's assistant in tho obser
vatory used for tho coast survey, but
those twenty years woro her vnnra of
women's colleges aro telling tho samo
tale. Smith College was founded twenty-throe
vearB ago, oponing with only
twelvo studontB. It now enrolls 1000
and is tho largest women's college in
existence, although its entrance require
ments are severe. It began with one or
two buildings; it now numbers twenty
two, with threo more about to go up,
and still there is not enough dormitory
room for the army of young collegians.
clubs to formally influence tho passago
of said bill. Tho subject for tho after
noon wiib tho Orthodox church or tho
Grook Church of Russia. Mrs. linhoff
road a carefully prepared paper from
tho following outline:
Introduction of Christianity into Hub
sia by Vladimir in 097.
Period of depoudonco on tho eeo of
Transition period.
Full independence and tho Patriarch
ate. Nikon, and culmination of church
Tho Holy Synod.
The High Procurator.
Attitude of tho Tsar towards the
Tho "Black" cleigy Monks, monas
teries, hermits.
Tho "white" or Eecular clergy.
The rural priest.
Church doctrines.
Rites and ceremonies.
The peasant and religion.
Fast and feast days.
Tho Raskolniks and other socts.
tiro of woman Tor advertising purposes preparation, her yearB of study for her Mount Holyoke, which passed through
in cither a suggestive or an immo'Jest or chosen work. Tho discovery of a comet various educational stages, rose like the
'immoral manner.
"Resolved, That upon all manufac
turors or doaleiB in liquors, beers, malts
or tobacco, in whatsoever shape pro
duced, theso restrictions shall b) mado
absolute, they being debarred tho ubo of
woman's likeness by any manner or
method whatever to introduce or laud
their wares." Action was aleo taker
relativo to tho BUppreeBion of tho sale of
cigarottes; for tho improvement of
schools and libraries, and against cor
ruption in politics. Tho women of tho
State federation of Illinois also have a
truant school bill before the 'legislature.
This is ono of the moat aggtessivo and
cnorgetic federations in tho G. F
which gave her world wido fame closed
theso years of probation, theso yearB of
Bteady devotion to ono idea.
Harriot Hosmor gave, up homo and
friends that bIic mitrht pursuo her chosen
work as a sculptor under GibBon in
Paris. When a friend asked as she was
preparing to go abroad, "How can you
boar to leave this beautiful homo, this
studio built expressly for you (by her
adoring father) and go so far away?"
She roplied, "O I can bo happy any
where with haalth and a piece of mar
ble." Her fun loving "Puck" first made
her narao famous and brought to tho
womrn who was then poor in worldlv
phoenix from tho ashes of its disastrous
fire two years ago. Five now and hand
somo dormitories built last season aro
now occupied, but, although no new
The Deborah Avery chapter of the
D. A. R. will be well represented at the
national convention held in Washington
tho last of this month. Mrs. Morrison
and Mrs. Harpham will go as delegates
and two or possibly four alternates will
also attend. WaBhincrton in n n.'f..
w. j. goods tho ploaBing sum of 830,000. Mrs.
atoutonborough said she had recently
candidates have been accepted sinco
luct a-;i i,nnnan t inoi, i -TO uBuiuBion ib a
u u -ij- ii t n - ' conventions thiB month, for during thin
these buildings aro full to overflowing, -.: thn , ,, . fcU,UI """og tnis
and two moro halls could easily have ! " ""'" ".. u"UODHI organiza-
been Oiled by the rejected students.
Wollesley, with its immense body of un
dergraduates and score of fine struc
tures, cannot houso its girls, many of
whom live in the village and walk to
chapel and lectures every day. Tho
latest bulletins from Bryn Mawr an
nounces that tho five halls of tho resi
dence, Merion, Radnor, Denbigh and
remoroKO, uast ana west, are over-
tions Will moot thorn; Mntt....' n
gross; National Council of Womon; D.
A. R.; Womon's International PreBB
Union. Lincoln should have sent at
least ono representative to each of these
SoroB.B was in groat luck this week,
tho subject waB "Pictures" and the
leader, Mrs. T. M. Hndrrmun ..,..
w K
"" u- tiuwuuuj uuu iwu inrge uuusea, uoigeuy . " "" U1D i" uuu me meet
longed to clubs. Maria Mitchell wbb and Cartreff, belonging to tho college, IDB in tho art Kory of tbe university
a member of tho New England club and havo been thrown open for the under- where tho Haydon art exhibit is hung'.
uubiuer is a memDer or a club graduates. And theso aro only a few of "" v ' M' "m Rnvo a ehort explana
Hauto, Ind. In closing thiB :ho leading feminine colleges; tho Worn- tlon of tho Pictures on exhibition and
TiikCoumer has received this letter discovered that both these women bo- crowded; and two large houses, Doigelly fortunatas to be able to call the meet
irOIII UUU Ul lUU uiuni iiuuiiucut nuu
gifted club womon in the state, Wo are
receiving these letters all the time. Wo Harriet Hosmer
print it uot to exalt our horn but as an in Torro
-..:,1, tlmt tha wnrlr nnnn l.v litir ntinrminr nntu-A f- Oi..i i . ... . ... ihnn Hf tt..i
bvhidiii.Ii . w "- - -" -"- t, -.u.o .x.o. ciuuiouuorougn en's UolJego or Baltimore, tho Sophie ",uu "" ""gman took up the gon-
Coubieb stall is appreciated by the club said: "I havo failed in my purpose if I Newcomb of Now Orleans, Wells Col- oral Principles' underlying tho study of
women of the atate. havo not loft with you tho thought that lege, which is Mrs. Grover Cleveland's PictureB- It is not often a club can
Teaumaeh, Feb. 8, 1809. it is through tho telescope of opportunity alma mator;lthe Western Reserve and a havo ju8t at hal the material to dem-
Editor Courier: that we should survey tho horizon of dozen others, all founded within tho on8trftt tLo subject under discusBion
Pnrinil inn In OUV thllt I llKO tho Stand life find rhllt ita rrntntvnvn .. ... .... ITnnnil. ..... ..I . . 'uu'
" "' ... " : -'-"--"'-"- 'v "iou lu met iweniy-nvo years, aie so end d miv mways rota in enmirrh f
M, .....!. .l " " """" man
Kussia undoubtedly has her oar to tho """"" '" moro slowly acting brain,
ground and hearing the encouraging MrBi IIotlBian is to bo congratulated
tramp, tramp of progress is not willing upon hor choice of a subjoct which I
to bo left out of tho nroceBsion. Nnwn prnsuino was mado montha .. i '
. l -----w UkW. UU1U1I1
aim inn... i . r
you have taken for purer politics. Good noble thoughts and faithful adherence proofs of tho progrees and popularity of chidd days to bo pleased with a
EngliBh, "pure and undeUlod, ia so rare tnduty." At tbo close of tho meeting a college course for girls." ocular demonstration. It is so muc
in newBiiapordom. 1 wish you would an informal roception was hold that tho easior to "take in" Uimn.,1, !, It
. i. ...t. :n:. .... .i:i. i i: .:..u i i -... . i.i . .. wrougu tno eye tha
start a crusade acainBt illiterato editors
Can't you urge a bill compelling would
bo editors to patB an examination beforo
assuming tho editorial chair? Why
should wo spend so much on our chil
dren's English in school and thon allow
constant contamination from the county
ladies might have the privilege of meet
ing Mrs. Strutonborough.
Tho Mother's Congress is in Bossion
this week in Washington, also National
Council of Womon. Wo hopo to give
some dotailB of theso conventions in
succeeding issues.
Tho College Woman's club of Now
York, has undertaken a laudablo work.
Tfr ore waB a very largo attondanco at
tho Woman's club last Monday to greet
our loved ex president, MrB. btouton- in its offorts to secure tho reinstatement
borough, who gave a most interesting of Evelyn Collogo, tho annox to Princ-
lecturo on "Two American Women." ton, which for lack of funds closod its
Tho meeting was called to order by tho doom moro than a yoar ago. Tho Chi-
president, Mrs. A. W. Field, and tho cago Record sayB: 'Ama.omont may
secretary, Mrs O. Connol, read tho min- well bo felt at tho rapidly increasing de-
utes of tho last mooting, wieb uessio manu among womon for higher oduca
comes today that she has established a
journal called Woman's Work which
makes its first appearanco with Febru
ary. Though many such journals aro
published in Europe, England and
Amorica and ovon ono in Finland, Wo
man's work will bo tho first publication
of its kind to appear in Russia.
art ,iT T WU,d b " ""-winter
art exhibit Sorosis expressed itself as
c" fU:VOr . H locul council of women.
U.u01H w, ,,,eot jn twQ
trn.o. v. Harris, 1010 K
faa-i (I.. ...
"uo' "arwoou will road
pared by Mrs. Hull.
weeks with
street, when
paper pre-
Tho Fortnightly
afternoon with MrB
met last
"So Dyer didn't go to war?"
a travoling library waB disciiBsod and
Mm nrnHldnnt nnnnintnil n nr.i...:.. i
Tumor sang "Asthoro" delightfully, and tion. Thirty yoarB ago only two col- act with similar ones appointed by other
i'ridiiy "Nn. buk , 1....1
A. W. Field. Thn o '.-u , . a" on6agemont with
bill boforo tho legislature nrovidimr for '
Thn Pja.. mm .
The Sinn, m . U you worship?
Iho Smner-Nowhoro at present, flor
father has forbidden mo tho house