The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, November 12, 1898, Image 10

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while the intricate mechanicism. trick
effects and huge revolving scenes cause
surprise and wonderment. Prices 11.00,
75c, 50c and 25c Seats on sale Monday
morning at 10 sharp. Secure your.seata
In all cities there is a class of people
who do not feel able to pay large prices
for an evenings entertainment, even if it ey
is with the money, ana to wnom ine xv
90-30 cent shows do not appeal. There- Manager Dowden takes great pleasure
fore Manager Zehrung of the Funke. in announcing to the people of Lincoln
has decided to produce twice each that he hag Beeped Robert Downing
month, first class attractions at reduced nd niE excenent company to appear at
rates, and thereby endeavor to reach the Oliver theatre on Friday evening,
ttusciusof amusement loving people. Norembcr 18th. Mr. Downing will pre
The first of these will be given Saturday, Bent ha welj Known fav0rite "The Glad
November 17th, matinee and evening at jator,f at pig, prices. Lower floor 75
which tim. Nellie McHenry's great sue- cents, balcony 50 cents, and gallery 25
ces, "A Night at tne circus," win oe
given. The prices will be only 25 50-75
cents, and at the matinee only 25 cents
will be charged to old and young alike,
for any seat in the house. There is no Gerald What would you say if I were
doubt that this invitation will meet me to Mm your
cents. Seats on sale Wednesday morn
ing at 10 o'clock. Secure your seats
Geraldine I don't know; but I can
prepare a speech if yon think it worth
while to wait.
First Publication, November 12. 4t
approval of the Lincoln public, and a
large house will be the result.
Manager Zehrung presents to his
patrons on next Saturday, matinee and
night, "A Night at the Circus" a farcical
comedy which has been successfully
produced ic all the larger cities in the Pres. k Dire. Ins. Co. N. A. )
country. A capable company of clever vs. V 23-304. mvA eiArtolittta intnrnrAI fhui V r. ""! "
laughable travesty on circus life in a
realistic manner. The adventures of
the gay old deceivers, Bango and Friske.
who have temporarily laid aside the
cares of business in order to pay a visit
To Selby R. Beman, non-resident de
You and each of you are hereby noti
fied that on October 1st, 1898, the Presi
dent and Directors of the Insurance
Company of North America, a Pennsyl
vania corporation, as rjlaintiff. bezan an
to the "Great Imperial Circus, and the action against you and other defendants
direfHl results of their culpability when n we uin courier ancaswr coun-
i. u ,:.. o.,n- tyt Nebraska, the object of which is to
they are over-taken by their equally reclose a certain mortgage on the fol
tempted wives who have also been un- lowing land in said county, to-wit: Lot
able to resist the temptation to visit the number 30 in Prospect Sub-division of
mat affair incognio, form altogether one lta number 19 and 20, in the northwest
. ... . iut -:- .f.;n quarter of section number 36, in town
of the most highly amusing entertain- umhK 10fnorth of range number 6,
meats which Manager Zehrung has pro- eaet 0f the 6th principal meridian, ac-
vided for theatre goers this season. An cording to the recorded plat thereof, and
HBUsually excellent band, and a concert to"! that you have no, right or
j u ...- title to or interest in said lanu, and to
orcaestraare earned by tne company quiet theClaimof the plaintiff thereto
and many novel musical and other by virtue of said mortgage against you;
specialties will be offered during the aid mortgage was made byMathew R.
evening. From the time Nellie Mc- Betnan and Olive Beman to The Clark
, , , 4 Leonard Investment Company, dated
Henry, one of Americas foremost com- February 11th, 1892, to secure thepiy-
edienns first appeared in this famous ment of a promissory note of said
play it has been steadily gaining in pop- Mathew R. Beman and Olive Beman to
ularity. The patrons of the Funke sd The ClarlttLeonard Investment
V V . Company for $1,900, on which there is
opera house are to be congratulated on nowaue $1,900 with interest from Feb-
their privilege of witnessing it. ruary 1st, 1897, at ten per cent per an-
num. .
ChaH. rale's mivemaui .SWA'SSSSSSSi
tnck spectaeular comedy "The Evil Eye M .foresaid that its right thereto may
or the Many Merry Mishaps of Nid and be granted against you, for the appoint
the Weird Wonderful .Wanderings of ment of a receiver, for deficiency judg
ment ana general reiier.
You are required to answer plaintiff's
Kitition on or before the 19th day of
ecember, 1898.
The President and Directors of the
Insurance Company of North Amer
ica, Plaintiff.
By S. L UEISTHARDT, Attorney.
JN. BW9EN. J, Manager.
(Second Season.) - . -
August Jagenow (ohdiKtoF
Second Concert Monday Eve
ning, DeCc 5, at 8:15.
seats on sale Saturday morning. -Prices: 25c, 50c, 75c, $i.
W&Xx&&Lety9 November lOtlx
The Acme of Novelty in stage Craft. New 'Departure in
Startling Comedy sensations.
Charles H. Yale's x
Nod," will be seen here at the Oliver
theatre on Wednesday evening, Novem
ber 16th, for one night only. It con-
Huge Fantastical Mechanical Trick spectacular. scenic
Portrayal -;"
1HS. EMNi EYfc
Or the Many Merry Mishaps of Nid and the Wierd Wonderful Wonder
inns of Nod. Under the Management of the Author. SJDFEY R. ELLIS
PRICES $1.00, 75, 50 and 25c Seats on sale Monday, November 14, at
10 o'clock sharp. Secure your seats early. . .
JE-ridar, Nov. I8th
-isj f
and hiB own Excellent
Company in ,
At popular prices. Lower floor, 75c; balcony, 50;; gallery, 25:. Seats on
sale Wednesday moruing at 10 o'clock sharp.
OnPrft 6orner and Twelfth. ..
II Telephone 355. -
HOUS6 f. C. ZEHRUNG, Mgr. -
Nellie McHenry's Greatest Success, the Uproarious Arenic '"
Chair cars, buffet, library and smoking
cars, Pullman pal-be and tourist
taiBS more genuine enjoyment than any cars; alsh those elegant dining cara
attraction now before the people. Not with meals on the European plHU-
ofdy has it been staged with gorgeous ' All by the
maaiicesceat a cost of $25,000; buta OITrw tmii-,-n-xT
sterling company of over sixty people BURLINGTON
has been brosght together to tell the
quaint story and add effects to the pic- ROUTE
xuresaae surroundings. raniomines,
acrobats, ballet dancers, entertainers,
ckokisters provide a mine of delight.
By H.Grathan Donnelly, author of Natural Gas., Ship Ahoy, The Dazzler,
j. lie vruuiau tu diukk, wamrai xiussia, jx. ixigub in iiew j oric, etc..
BIGGER, BRIGHTER BE TTER than ever before. Pretty Girls. Tune
ful music Brilliant costumes. Appropriate scenery.
ff that Ever was. W?tch for the Parade of the SI1AKSPEREAN JES-
G. W. BONNBLL, G. P. & T.A.
Lincoln, Nebr.
For this occasion the first of the "People's Popular Nights.1' Prices
will be reduced to 25, 35, 50 and 75 cents for the night performance and"
25c all over the house for the matinee. People's night will be given twice
each month, the best attraction being furnished at bargain prices..