The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, October 15, 1898, Page 9, Image 9

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Frank Fuller treaty-eight years ago'
The guests from out of town to the wed
ding weie: Mies Lorena Abbott, Omaha;
Mr. and Mrs. Dayton Auble, Ord; Mrs.
Laverty, Omaha; Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Dye,
Sioux City; Mrs. Spalit, Pleasantville,
Iowa, and Mr. Abe Auble of North
Platte. Mr. and Mrs. Sidles left for a
wedding trip this afternoon to be gone
for some time. They will be at home on
their return at 2248 Holdrege street for
a time. Mrs. Sidles has a wide circle of
friends in the city, she having been well
known in East Lincoln Bociety for some
time. She is a daughter of J.C. Stire.
Mr. Sidles has lived in Lincoln for ten
years and has been in business for tin
past five years.
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The following Nebraska State Federa
tion officers were present:
President Mrs.B.M.Stoutenborough,
Vice President Mrs E. M. Cobb,
Secretary Mrs Henrietta Smith, C24
Park avenue, Omaha.
Treasurer Mrs. M. V. Nicholls. Bea
trice. Auditor Mrs. Ella S. Marsh, Nebras
ka City.
State Chairman G. F. Mrs Ricketts,
fllsh YT0UF Feet-
IP you ask your feet what
kind of a shoe they want
they will beg: for the JEN
SHOES. Every pain from a
corn or bunion is but the foot's
cry for mercy. Why not lis
ten? Why crowd your feet in
to ill-fitting' and hurtful shoes
when you can now secure the
"Jenneaa Miller'
Hygenlo Shoes,
which are the embodiment of
ease, comfort and grace ?
Boys' dress kid gloves at The Arm
strong Clothing Co. The following program will bs given
Mrs. Edward Ewing gave a tea Tester- bv tne Matinee Mu6icale at their second
day afternoon. The guests were the in- meeting, on Monday, October 17, in the
timate mends or Mrs. uewitt in wnose ucw uv mo uu, iuuuiiuu umi. bsssssssw a JENNESS MIT T T PR "
honor it was given. uurrent .vents V . --
Mrs. E. H. Barbour, MisH Stella Rico. QKr shoes are scientifically con
Swell ready-to-wear tailor made suits Paper-"The Development of Grecian structed on anatomical princi-
and overcoatB, made by Hart, Schaffner Music" i i x x r x x x i i xt x x i i i t
4 Marx. Stein, Bloch Co., and L. Lipp- Mrs. Howard Doane. of Crete.' &? a"d fit fCCt f "T 'f' .,Not be had. dseT
man A Sons, at Armstrong Clothing Co. Trio from Jepbtha-"Smiling Dawn" wl!ere' f ast We afC sole ??"? f 0f V" CirV T!7 a Pa,r and
The Union Printers' Art PosterSbow Handel enJy thti 1T of comfortable, perfect-fitting shoes.
at the State Capitol, Lincoln, Oct. 28th, MrP. Sanderson, Mrs. Butler, .
will present to the public the largest Miss Lora Holmee. Wl A YC H iV IlY OS
and choicest display of the work of "Nymphs and Shepherds Purcell 11 1 J .rlV J.V
American and foreign designers ever Miss Mae Burr.
shown in the west. The exhibit will not Piano-a. Pastoral e Scarlatti 112-122 North Tenth street. Sole agents for "Jenness Mil
only consist of "art posters" and rare b. La Poule Rameau
prints, but will contain a magnificent Miss Mary Smith. jcr" Shoes.
collection of three color plates, etchirge, "Teco del Oro'(Saffo) Pacini
engravings, lithographs, monotypes, Miss Louisa Miller.
photogravures, ec. In connection Cello Suite in D Dur. Air )
, """" ... ii j Gavotte. Bach the coming season. Each member was
therewith a department has been allotted "u", f du.u b
rrlvT.": - -a . ,.,-. ona Bourrel.) asked to give a short account of her
, " B 4 ... - j -,u !. Miss LilJie Eiche. summer vacation and many amusing
Poster Contest' -naugurated with the Qroupof Early English Ssngs and interesting incidents and instructive
following rules to govern: Mrs. Marion Treat Taylor. experiences were given in response to
1 Open to aU, free to all; oPOcf Miss Givens, accompanist. U call. The presidents address was
4, closes Oct 20 2 Design sketched J attentively and her
orpawieaousncmB ,..., The BureflU of Education 0j lhe j8h that the club work of this year
board, water color or drawing paper; de- TrrnB.Mibt;83ippi exposition held it might be beneficial to herself and the
",un,u . . nnal meeting Tuesday, October 4, in the club members found a ready response in
preierrcu, ..u uu .u .. v, G-f,8, and BojV bu;,dicg Tfao morn. th heaftg Qf he omen ho have
00 - ,,' '? S t i? ing session was opened with a fine ad- banded themselves together for mutual
arw.ngm.u-. . y. ...- dreEB by the president, Mrs. A. J. Saw- improvement.
tenng blank occupying not less than yer Report8 of diffenjnt and . Mj Redford and Mig8 Lan8;Dgi for.
ocmoiiiui ui ujgu.. .B . committees occupied the forenoon and mer residents of Lincoln, but eagerly
videdasdeiired. 4. Any form of deco- the ,adie8 ert de,ighted to flnd that we,comed in PIattB,nouth circles, rec
raiion or ornamentaUon may be used their financial venture of the Girls' and dered teveral musical selections in a
&,t' raP,u ;!rr- Byfl' buildlce 8 a BUCi:eE8- The most charming manner.
original and best executed design; sec- membere e3tpre8sed thdr appreciation of A new departure, and one highly ap-
guupiiw- .u -, the woik or the president and secretary predated, was the serving of elegant re-
32.50 cash; honorable mention for by a ri8mg vote. freshments by the hostess after the
other deserving contestants G. A com- A de!iciou8 compIimentary ,unche0n business of the evening was concluded,
mittee of three, members of the Haydon w&8 6erved at one o'clock in the library The club will meet this year in the par-
Art Club will name the prize winners tQQm Tfae toaflta enj a(j fol,o8: lorg rf rf .
7. Three designs may be submitted by Toaet Mi8tre88Mn?. Sawyer. men(B and ., fa the fcr
one contestant; deliver flat, with name Tfae fiureau rf Education-How maIity which characterized the -.eetings
andaddresa.n sealed envelope, before 6 Camest Thou in this Pickle,-Mrs. Kew. held in public halls last year will be
fm',?tSlr ? i v k Woman's Sphere-A Crust of Bread done away with and a more eocial and
M".f..K and Liberty." Mrs. Hollenbeck. harmonious feeling prevails.
uw" "' . "-Bw-- -.-.. -- ThB GeQU8 Homo-"I Think Him So,
n.ant.inrif niAA ITnllPPrinn nf . .
"I '" ,J"8. ; 7--- .,.,"" BecauselThinkHimSo,"MissMcHugh. The Zetetic clubof Weeping Water u ' ,, Finances "The Root of AH Evil," ha8 again resumed its work. Gladly its
largest ever shown, as we .have secured Mnj McDoweIl. JerB have faken tbeir ,, of
every house in this work to make a die- The ScapegoatMr8. Foid. a,o the Hne of American hBt
play These are reproductions of cele- Woman a8 a c,a685aed Exhibit..My and litPrature a8 was evidenced by the
bratedpa.nt.ngs by the new process. Saiad DayB when I WasGreen in Judg- number who came out to the opening
Colonng. shades, etc , identical with ment,. Mra Fie,d which -t home
ongmala. Not a freak poster show 0,-re Branche8Llke Olive Plants Mrs. Dunham Saturday. September 24.
but an exhibition showing the iwonderfu Ro- About the Table." Mrs. Datton. The club was called to order by the re-
r::.r" n.,M,i,i hrnan ,,, ..The..Execu.Uve Comm,ttee-yery tiring president. Mrs. Ingersoll, who, ex-
lo ,.. . w j4ia;n t LlltIe Meat and a Great t,eal r Table- pressing herself as well pleased with the
","7. ,"', . fhu2f, cloth," Mrs. Toy ce. - ioyaity and kindness of the members
simulate the demand for the better The Exposition by Night-A Goblet dnrinJ ,he past year, presented the
c ass of work, and to encourage local de- p.Ied wuh the Nectar That JuPiter gave, to her successor, Mrs. Margaret
signers .J0..'" Sips," Mary Keysor. ackett, who, graciously receiving the
their possibilities and exhib.ting their Aftw the luncheon tbe ,adie8 were 8anie aE8Umed the dutie8 of the office.
OWn WOrK. fi,niclnf1 nrWK a naea in tha Afirltrav rr J.l u:U : J:l .l mi. r-ww . v ""; uer auuico;, wui luiuicuiaieiy ioi-
and succeeded in visiting twelve or fif- owed, gave to theclub many suggestions
teen different shown before time for the regarding various phases of club work
evening parade. which will doubtless lead to greater ac
tivity along various lines. The whole
clearly showed her desire to serve the
club, also that which would be for the
best interests of. the club, would be of
especial interest to its preeident.
The first number on the program was
a paper, "The Land of Promise a Real
ity," by Mrs. Sackett.who brought to
view the wonderful reality which has
been the full fruition of the promise
which lured from beyond the broad
waste of waters the early explorers and
adventurers who sought in the new
world to find wealth, or to found homea
where religious freedom and toleration
might reign supreme.
Mrs. Giradet and others took up the
discussion, "Features of Early America,"
delving into pre-historic times. Facts
concerning many things which lead to
speculation and wonder as to the how,
why and where, were brought to light.
Mrs. Cutler of Ohio was the guest of
the club. Although not a club woman
she looked forward to the day when she
might be classed among tbat great body
of women.
The Omaha Route.
Trains leave Lincoln
For Omaha 8 a. m.
For Omaha 110:15 a. m.
for uraalia 1W p m.
for Uraaha :15 p. m.
For Omaha tG p. m.
For Omaha 12:40 a, m
Leave Omaha for
Lincoln 8;35 a. m.
Lincoln t-5 p. m.
Lincoln 4.25 p. m.
Lincoln l5 p. ra.
Lincoln t " P. m.
Lincoln 11:50 p. m.
Daily. jDaily except Sunday.
G.W. BONN ELL. 6. P. & T.A.
" Dents" gloves for men at The Arm
strong Clothing Co
All the new shapes in E. & W. collars
at The Armstrong Clothing Co.
And nervous ailments are as curable as
other n-faf- I treat nothing eke-
J 8. eo-i-iarcltf WI.X.
Office 1427 O Sr., Li.ncou, Nebs.
The initial mesting of the year of the
Plattsmouth Woman's club was teld
Friday evening, October 7 at the home
of the pre ident, Mrs. S. II. Atwood.
The pleasant parlors were comfortably
filled and those present manifested an
eager ictereet in the plans of work for
are willing to work, we can give you
employment with GOOD PAY, and
you can work all or part time, and at
home or traveling. The work is light
and easy. Write at once for terms
etc., to
Milwaukeei Wau