The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, June 25, 1898, Page 11, Image 11

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The street car bounced and rumbled
over the crooked rails, and swung noisi
ly around the corner. I was Bitting with
my back to tho front platform and was
facing overyone. I had stared at them
all at the pretty shop girl opposite mo
with tho big wondering blue eyes, shad
ed by long silky lashes.; at the clerk be
side in a new brown checked suit; at a
tall, pale brunette in one corner who
looked proud and dignified enough to
be the daughter of a hundred earls but
that s'io was chatting incessantly to her
companion and then I remembered that
she sold hairpins and notions in a large
dry goods 6tore. On tho rear sat a tall,
round-shouldered man with a stubby
gray beard and wearing a shiny black
coat and no necktie, slapped his knee
and waved his right hand aloft, in tell
ing a little man with a tin dinner pail
about tho war and how it should bo
conducted. On tho rear platform there
were several boys, some pulling labori
ously at big cigars and others whistling
loud some popular air. In their midst
was the conductor, tall and good-natured,
with a large spray of spirea on
his coat lapel.
The car tore madly down a little hill
and went on smoothly at the bottom.
Then it slowed for somebody to get on
and finally stopped altogether. I looked
out. Beside the car was a little womau
carrying a huge bundle of soiled clothes
in a dusty sheet. She was very slight
and her face, shaded by a torn sun hat,
was thin and pointed. She wore a faded
blue wrapper which Happed about her
as she moved. Tho sleeves came but a
little below her elbow, leaving her thin,
red arms bare. She walked hastily to
the front of the car, staggering a little
under her burden, and I heard her say to
the raotorman:
"Weren't you were to take these
down to Nem, w'act you, Ned? Won't
you take 'em now? I've waited so long."
I leaned forward to hear the answer.
There was an indistinct growl and the
car started abruptly. As it tlew on up
the street, 1 saw the women walk back
to the stairway in the building she had
left and throw the big bundle with all
her force on the ground. Then she sat
down beside it, and I could see her
whole slight little body shake with her
sobs. I turned around and looked at
the mctorman. His face was Hushed
dark and his blue eyes were bright with
anger. He had red hair and his
shoulders were very rounded. Away in
the distance, with the big brick building
for a background I could see the white
bundle and beside it the forlorn blue
little figure with the head in the lap.
And the clerks and the shop girls chat
ted on and in the corner the old man
was still telling "how to Hi k Spain."
HakriktM. Cooke.
Which way are you going this year?
We want a word with jou on the sub
jeer. You know its our business to help
you out in plans for a railroad or steam
ship trip and we are always glad to do
eo. But wa need jour assurance to
start with. Just tell us where you want
to go and we will furnish you with plans
and specifications in the shape of routes,
rates, time schedules, luxury of equip
ment, etc, etc.
Remember that this year we are more
in the passenger business than ever. If
you doubt this statement please go to
the corner of Ninth and S street and
view our superb nw passenger station,
finely appointed and designed for the
convenience and comfort of Elkhrrn-
Nortbwestern line passengers, and then
when ready to go north, east, south or
west, call on
A. S. Fielding,
City Ticket Agent, 117 So. Tenth St.
Juno 18. 4
of Lancaster
This matter coming on to be heard at
Chambers at Lircoln in said county
upon tho petition of G. S. Baldwin, ad
ministrator, and it appearing that there
is not sufficient personal estate in the
hands of said administrator to pay the
debts outstanding against the deceased,
and tho expenbes or- administration, and
it appearing that it is necessary to sell
the whole or the re-! estate for tho pay
ment of such debts ind costs of admin
istration, to-wit: Tho southeast quarter
of section twenty-live, 2.1, town nine, 9,
range thirty nine, .'59, west, in Keith
county, Nebraska; also lot ten, 10, in
block two hundred and seven. 207, of
the City of Lincoln. Nebraska, accord
ing to the recorded plat thereof; also
the west half of lot twenty-two. 22. of
Miller's subdivision of the south half of
section twenty, 20, town ten. 10, range
seven, 7, of Lancaster county, Nebraska;
also the northwest nuarter of lot twenty
seven, 27, in Miller's subdivision of the
south half of section twenty, 20, town
ten. 10, iange seven, 7, in Lancaster
county, Nebraska; also the north half of
lots one, 1, two, 2. three, .'!. and four, 4, in
block two hundred and forty four, 21-1,
of the City of Lincoln, Nebraska, ac
cording to the recorded plat thereof.
Now therefore it is ordered that all
persons interested in said estate appear
before me at the office of tho Clerk of
tho District Court of Lancaster county,
Nebraska, on the 2Tith day of July, 1S98,
at 9 o'clock in the forenoon of said day,
to show cause why a license should not
bo granted to G. S. Baldwin, as admin
istrator, to sell the above described real
estate to pay tho debt? of said estate
and costs of administration.
It is further ordered that this orUr
shall be published four successive weeks
in The Co cm ki:, published and printed
in Lancaster countv.
Dated this 11th day of June. 1893.
Charles L. Hall,
Jndge of the District Court.
First publication June 18 -1
Notice is hereby given that the sub
scribers have associated themselves and
adopted Articles of Incorporation and
caused them to be duly tiled in the otlice
of the Clerk of Lancaster County, Ne
braska, and the Secretary of State of
said state, for the purpose of becoming
an incorporation pursuant to the laws of
said state.
The name of said incorporation is II.
W. Brown Drug and Book Company.
The principal place of transacting its
business will be at Lincoln, Nebraska;
and the general nature of said business
will be the purchase and sale at whole
sale and retail of drugs, medicines,
paints, oils, chemicals, toilet articles,
books, stationery, writing materials and
appliances, and tho carrying on of a gen
eral wholesale and retail business in
merchandise and articles of like nature.
The amount of its capital stock is
510,000. divided into 100 shares of S100.00
each, all of which will be fully paid up
at the time of the commencement of the
incorporation, and may be paid iu whole
or in part by the conveyance to said in
corporation of merchandise of all or any
of the descriptions hereinbtfore men
tioned. The time of its commencement
was the date of tiling of these articles in
the office of the Clerk of Lancaster
County, NebraskR, to-wit: the llth day
of June, 189S, and the day of its termina
tion will be at the expiration of twenty
years from said last named date. The
tighest amount of indebtedness or lia
bility to which the corporation may at
any time subject itself is 810,000. " Its
atrairs will be conducted by a Board of
three Directors, who will chose from
their own number a President and Sec
retary, one of whom will serve also as
Subscribed this llth day or June, 1893.
EI. W. Brown,
C M. Conn,
I. H. Hatfield,
are willing to work, we can give you
employment with GOOD PAY, and
jou can work all or part time, and at
home or traveling. The work is light
and easy. Write at once for terms
etc., to
Milwaukee, Wis.
In the District Court
County, Nebraska.
In the matter of the)
estate of Walter t
Carmen, deceased. )
Do you know where
Is? Well, it is the place to
get a Good Shampoo oryour
Hair Stinted and 1Teatcl.
This eradicates dandruff and will make your hair SOFT and GLOSSY. It in
the place to get a good MASSAGE to keep vour skin soft and white. Also BODY
MASSAGE and VAPOR BATHS to build you up and clear jou skin thiB time
timo of tho year. MANICURE and MASSAGE for tho hands, to shape the nails
and mako tho hand soft and whito. Tho FACE BLEACHED, FRECKLES and
PIMPLES removed, leaving tho skin clear, soft and white. Tho hair dressed and
beautiHed or powdered for parties.
The best lino of Switches, Curie and Bangs, Toilet Waters, Porfumos, Triples
Extracts, Powdor, Hair Tonics, Soap, Hairpins, real Shell Ornaments, Combu
etc. Wigs, Switches, Curls oranything of tho kind mado to ord'jr.
Near Oliver Theatre. 121 so 13th
r - "c""io-'r"o
First Publication Juno 11. 4
In the District Court of Lancaster
County, Nebraska.
In the Matter of the")
Application nf
Nancv J. Tucker ' ORDER TO
as Administratrix. ' SHOW CAUSE
for License to sell
Real Estate. I
This cause comes on to be heard upon
tho petition of said administratrix and
the proof offered in support thereof; and
it appearing therefrom to the court that
there is not sufficient personal estate in
the hands of sail, administratrix to pay
the debts of said estate and the ex
penses of administration, and it further
appearing that the ro 1 estate of said
estate should be sold to pay tho same, it
is, therefore, ordered ar.d adjudged that
all persons interested in said estate be.
and they hereby are directed, to bo and
appear before the undersigned, Charles
L. Hall, as a judge of said court at the
Equity Court Room in the County Court
House in the City of Lincoln, County of
Lancaster, State of Nebraska, upon the
20th day of July, 1898, at 10 o'clock in
the forenoon, to show cause, if any there
be, why a license snould not be granted
to said administratrix to sell so much of
the real estate of tho deceased as shall
bo necessary to pay tho debts of said
It is further ordered that service of
this order shall be made by publishing
the same four (4) successive weeks in
The Courier, a legal newspaper of said
Dated this Gth day of June, 1898.
Charles L. Hall,
As Judge of thti District Court.
Two solid vestibule trains daily.
Leaving Lincoln at 6:10 p. m and 1:20
a.m. Arriving in Denver at 7:30 a. m.
and 1:30 p. m. and always on time.
B. & M. depot cor. 7th and P sts.
City Ticket otlice cor. 10th and O
G. W. BONN ELL, 6. P. & T.A.
Frederick A. Stokes Company, pub
lishers, 27 and 29 West Twenty-third
street, New York.
Subscribe for The Courier f 1 a year
ooo ooo oo-o
$00000000' OGOCCOOOOOoGOO!
12!) South Eleventh Street
Fifteen Hours to (ontcago.
Is all it takes, if you leave Lincoln on
the Burlington's new fast train at 11:19
p. m., any day. No change of cars. En
tiro train of Pullman sleepers and free
reclining chair cars runs solid to Chi
cago union depot. Call-at B & M depot
or city otlice, cor. O and 10th streets for
berths, tickets and full information.
Geo. W. Bo.nnell, C. P. & T. A.
Druggist and
Fine Stationery
Calling Cards
127 S. Eleventh Street.
xxc jY?rx4
by the use of Volupta, the only toilet
preparation which will develop the
female form. Fills all hollow places,
adds new grace and beauty to the face,
ceck and arms. Develops the bust six
inches. Harmless, permanent. Never
fails. Every lady should have it. To
introduce it we will send to one lady in
each town or village a full sized 23.00
case securely sealed for $2. Write to
Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
Ramsey While walking down the
street the other evening a Spaniard
asked me if I could tell him the quick
est way to the nearest hospital.
Arthur What did you tell him?
Ramsey I told him to go on the
other 6ide of the street and yell three
cheers for Spain.