The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, March 26, 1898, Page 7, Image 7

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A duplicate whist club was organized
last week with a membership of twelve.
The first meeting was held on Tuesday
with Mr, and Mrs. W. J. Leese. The
club will meet regularly once a week.
Refreshments were served after the
games. The members are Messrs and
Mesdames Baker, Usher, Guenzel, Leese,
Mrs. Rowland, Misses Anna and Mar
garet Howland and Mr. Will Rowland.
Dr. Schurman, of Ithaca, N. Y., presi
dent of Cornell university, arrived in
Lincoln on Thursday. On Friday he
visited the state university and deliv
ered an address in the chapal at eleven
o'clock. He left Friday evening for
Omaha. The Cornell alumni in Ne
braska will tender President Schurman
a banquet there on Saturday.
Miss Clara Walsh, at the bead of the
art department of Weeleyan, and Miss
Anne Barr, of the physical training de
partment of the state university, will
leave on Monday for New York. They
will 6ail on April 2 for Europe. Miss
-Walsh will study art in Paris, and ex
pects to go'to Holland on a sketching
tour. MisB Barr will study in Norway
and Sweden and in Berlin.
The m squerade given by the attaches
of the state house on Tuesday evening
was a decided success. It was a private
affair, no strangers being allowed even
in the galleries. The masques were in
teresting and attractive; some were
pretty, others were grotesque. Eddie
Walt's orchestra furnished good music
and the floor was in a fine condition for
dancing. Refreshments added to the
pleasure of the evening.
In 6pite of the disagreeable weather of
Monday evening, Company D gave a
ball in their armory, which was well at
tended by the members. Every one
seemed to enjoy themselves, but when
the time came to depart, two of the
members, Mr. Otto Erwin and Mr. E.
Gilmore bid their many friends and
brothers farewell. They left on Wed
nesday for Omaha, where they will re
main for some time much regretted by
thoir friends here.
Mr and Mr?. Hutchins gave a whist
party Friday evening. Refreshments
were served after the gamee. Their
guests were:
Messrs and Mesdames.
R. M. Turner, W. J. Turner,
F. M. Blish, G. E. Hibaer,
F. A. Brown, A. E. Campbell,
C. H. Rudge, L. N. Wente,
L. C. Clark, W. S. Hamilton,
W. C. Mills, M. I. Aitken,
W. E. Morris, S. A. Foster,
Elias Baker, Dr. Casebeer;
Miss Foster.
Dr. and Mrs. Coffin gave a progressive
crokinole party Saturday. A most jolly
evening was passed. Refreshments were
daintly served by the hostess. The
guests were Govenor and Mrs. Hoicomb,
Dr. and Mrs. Abbott, Judge and Mrs.
Coffin, Messrs and Mesdames Edmiston,
Edgerton, Meserve, Rewick; Mr. and
Mrs. Weaer of Geneva; Yre. C. M. Hurl
but ot Omaha; Mr. Dalrymple of West
ern; Dr. Newbecker, Mr. Wilcox and
Mrs. Witter.
Mis3 Leonora Hooker celebrated her
tenth birthday Saturday afternoon. The
friends who helped her to celebrate were:
Mary Baker, Ruth McFall,
Fay Kepler, Hilda Churins,
Hazel Masters, Pansy Farmer,
Ruth Guild, Florence Beach,
Helen Van Duyn, Bessie Fadden,
Pearl Roof, Pansy Roof,
Olive Keller, Lena Embody,
Edith Schenck, Nellie Woodring,
Merrill Weynard, Grace Fawell,
Mary Underwood.
Mrs. W. J. Lamb entertained the
Athenea Tuesday evening. It was their
usual annual banquet which is always
given at Mrs. Lamb's. The husbands of
the members and Mrs. and Miss Harris
ot Peoria, were the guests of the club.
Dinner was served at 7 o'clock."Athenean
Picture Gallery" made up of the baby
pictures of the guests, and a guessing
game furnished a great deal of amuse
ment. Later good old fashioned Eoogs
were sung. The guests wore:
Messrs and Mesdames.
F. M. Fling, C. F. Ladd,
W.F.Kelley, M.II.Tilton,
A. R. TalLot, E. L. Holyoke,
E. P. Green, J. H. Bigger,
C. A. Atkinson, J. W. Lansing,
W. S. Hamilton, J. L. Kellog,
John Fawell, Chas. Branch,
W. A. Green.
Cap. and Mrs. Robert Thompson spent
a few hours in Lincoln Thursday en
mute from California and other western
points to their home in Rangoon, India.
They were the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
A. W. Lane
Mrs. Hutchins gave a "flower" party
Thursday. Each guest wore some em
blem representing a flower. Delicious
refreshments were served by the hostess.
The guests were:
MeBdaraes Mesdames
H. K. Burkett, J. N. Burketr.
A. R. Talbot, D. D. Lint,
E.R.WeIlB, F. E. Fitzgerald,
J. L. Horton. R. E. Giffen,
M. H. Tilton, C. A..Robbins,
F.W.Hill, C.L.Hall,
I. G. ChaDio, J. L Doty,
F. E. Park3, J. D. Parker,
E.Nelson, G.Scbwake,
Wilfred Deweese, Frank Woods,
Kipling, Upton,
Watkins, Schwind,
Humphrey, Steckloy,
Mauritzius, Farnham,
Say lor, Sonus,
Austin, Swan,
Misses Bessie Turner, Turney, Furst,
and Mrs. and Miss Harris of Peoria, III.
The State Federation of Women's
clubs gave a banquet Wednesday at the
Millard in Omaha in honor of Mrs. Hen
rotin of Chicago, president of the Nation
al Federation of Woman's clubs. Mrs.
A. J. Sawyer and Mrs. M. D. Welch t)f
Lincoln, lepresentcd the Lincoln clubs.
The guests ot honor, the officers of the
National and State federations, and of
the Omaha women's clubs, were seated
at the west end ot the tables, which were
beautifully decorated with roses, car
nations and palms, and the bright effect
va9 further heightened by the bright
bonnets and gowns of the It dies. The
banquet was served in eight courses,
and much of the success of the affair is
due to Mrs. Squires, chairman of the
committee on entertainment. Mrs. Hen
rotin was her usual gracious self and
won many new admirers. Mrs. A. J.
Sawyer responded to a toast and was
bright and witty asever. The toasts were
sparkling and were very much enjojed
by all. Covers were laid for 250
guests, e. ch one of whom enjoj ed every
minute of the affair. The invocation
was given by Rer. Mary Girard An
drews and Mrs. Z. T. Lindsey presided
as toastmistress, with the responses
given as follows:
"The General Federation," Mrs. Hen
"Union the Bond of Strength," Mrs.
Stoutenborough of Plattsmouth, presi
dent of the state federation.
"Woman, Old and New." Mrs. Har
ford, president of Omaha club.
"Women and the Exposition," Mrs.
A. J. Sawyer of Lincoln.
"The Pionesr Woman," Mrs. A.N
"Clara Barton and the Red Cross
Movement," Mrs. C. VV. Damon.
"Mothers and Daughte;s," Mrs. H. D.
"The Old Fashioned Girl, Miss Lyda
P. Wilson.
"Clubs and Diamonds," Mrs. J. J.
"Ihe Genus Homo," Mrs. C. C. Belden.
Pcnn Anthracite. . .
Ruby hard.
?ML and LIME D.
Call at office Canon Gty Nut. ...Cob t&65
Call at office ExceUior Nut. ...Colo 565
Canon Gty Lump Colo.. $7.65 Rouk Nut. ...Colo 600
Excekior .Lump.... Colo.. 645 Maitland Nut-. ..Colo 6M
RouSe Lumo Colo.. 645 Rock Serines Nut Wvo 645
Maitland lump.... Colo.. 645 Hanna Nut Vyo 545
Rock Spring Lump Wyo.. 745 Smoky Hollow. Nut Iowa 3.40
Hanna Lump.... Wyo . 6.65 Keb. Ottumwa Nut. ...Iowa 3.40
DuQuoin Lump.. ..HI 54o Pittsburg Nut....Kaa.... 4.40
Cyclone lump.... 111.... 540 WekGty Nut.... Kans.... 4.40
Trenton ,..JLump HI 540 Canon Gty Pea CoL. 5M
Mendota Lump Mo.-. 40 Hanna Egg Wyo.... 6.40
Walnut Black Lump Iowa . 4.50 Smoky Hollow MmcrunJowa... 3.40
Smoky Hollow Lump Iowa . 4.00 Keb- Ottumwa MkierunJowa.. . 3.40
Keb. Ottumwa Lump Iowa . 4M Gas Houk Coke 6JSO
Sheridan Lump Wyo.. 6X0 Oak wood, sawed and split &50
Sheridan Lump Vyo.. 50
Poeblo lump Colo. . 7.00
Tno 1 Dorgan, JMLfgt?
Office 109 South 11th St, Telephone 234,
?. m. snxz
Sgxg SlSS.,5
For several seasons we have claimed
that our dress goods stock was equal
to that ot all other Lincoln stores
combined and we now make the
same claim for our
Just now we are showing large as
sortments of all the following: Silk
and mohair braids; silk and mohair
braid sets; beaded and spangled
edges and bands; beaded and span
gled sets; beaded and spangled silk
muslins and nets; embroidered silk
muslins and nets; silk muslin tuck
tags; plaited liberty silks. You are
invited to come and see for yourself.
Miller & Paine
is seen through our new and im
proved stock of optical goods. The
strides that have been made in the
science of medicine, and in astron.
omy, owe their progress to tha won
derful improvements in tne micro
scope and teloscope. And the aid
to strengthenicg and aiding jour
vision depends upon the quality of
eyeglasses or spectacles jou wear.
Look at our superior tine pebble
eyeglasses and spectacles and other
optical goods.
1143 O Street.
Funke Opera House Block.