The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, February 05, 1898, Page 3, Image 5

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llegpetti (ocoiates
' iV
A.N.Nin L., EniTOit.
Mrs. Dundy removing to Omaha, Mrs.
Rouse tn Denver, Mcsdames E Jwards,
Church and Delaney to California, Mrs.
Koon to Noa York, Mrs. Struvc to
Elastings, Mrs. Ciopsey to Chicago, and
Mrs. Fox to Wisconsin.
Miss Harris found that her club work
interfered with her University course
and two others dropped out on account
of not wishing to study French
left fire charter members. They faith
fully studied the Ianguao a year ss an
introduction to French history and
At the beginning of tho fifth jear
The account of tho Lotos club, which
appeared in last week's Courier, is re
printed in this issue because of typo
graphical omissions in last week's num
ber which make it inaccurate as history.
In response to my urgent request Mrs.
L. C. Richards wrote the review and in
reading the proof dtd not notice that her
own name bad been overlooked. In my
opinion it is duo to Mis. Richard's more
than to anone else in the Lotos club
that it is the oldest club holding contin
uous meetings from its origin to the
presjnt time, in the city. Utheis have
nappenel to be absent at tho-o periods
which come to all clubs when the disin
tegrating effects of t'ine 6eem about to
destroy the organization. At such
times Mr?. Ricbaid'8 steady love of cul
ture and strong nersonaliiv have stimu
lated and held together the other mem- dition of three new members, Mesdames Khnvvjm-
i ut:tu I ...:..:.. f. .u -. .. . . . . . iuu;joiu,
ucra. niuiuwmiuoiunMiiuiii iuu uhitB, nanvoou anu sicwarr, anti as
membership list the history is in:om- poetry and language were to be dropped
plate and unsafsfactory, which is reason , . . s, ,- . ,
enough, if thero were no other, for re- and history and literature taken up, it
publishing her fdilhful History of the wn3 decided to lechriston the club Hie
Lotus Club. Editor Courier. tory Circlo. Two j ears were devoted to
The lato Haydon Art club exhibition French history and literature, Guizofc
history being used as text book for
home reading, but all authorities ob
tainable (source or otherwise) wc re con-
Rector's gtyarmaqV
. I I .. I - . I .. II I - .. - ! I I II -- II I -
It was condensed into one year's work thought that when our numberH swelled
but proved one of the most interesting to eight hundred, judging by tho eothu-
and profitable wo havo ever enjoyed to 6iasm of tho now tifty member, wo
This -ether,
This winter the work b.i3 been mailo
up of reviews of noted writ ts and tho
works that have made Hum famous.
The program thus far has been tho
National Epic o! Finland, "KHievala;"
might horo to vio with tn. pcrl.nps
eclipse our Denver sisters, until then wo
will enjoy anil congratulate them on
their prosperity and the splecdi I work
they aro doing.
Mr3. Atwoj.i's papjr on tho ' O.'d and
(1884) tho club was enlarged by the ad- tno Pcr3-ma poem, "Rubaijnf'of Omar No.v South" was u lino proJuctJon and
reminds some of tho older citizens of the
first exhibition given in Lh.coln. In
18S0 an association was U rmed with tho
showed careful reioareh and study of
tho subject. Mrs. Herold's on the "Re
sources an-1 Auvantigep," and Mre. Sny
elei'a on thd "Negro Question' were a'l
subject of great iiti reft and tho read
ing was listened t mest attentively.
Tho topics for tho evening were New
In this l.ttlo s'ie'ch wo can only Orleans, Education, Jettiep, Yellow Jack,
the briefest notice of tho woik liirmingham and tho Gulf Stream.
ambitious name of Lincoln's Society of sultoJ. At the close of 1SSG two new
Decorative Art. Mrs. McConnell was
chosen president, and the vice president
was Mis3 Richardson, who was at that
time t?acher cf art in tho State univer
sity. This socioty had a lengthy consti
members were invited to join the club
Mcsdames Bes3ey and Manatt, and it
was also decided to study Spain. Bo
ginniGg with its fatly history and that
of the Basque, the poem tf tho Cid, tho
George Eliot's "Middle-
maich;" Oliver Goldsmith's "Vicar of
Wakefield," and tho Sinscrit poem
"Sbakuntalj," by Kaladist and trans
lated by Prof.A.II.Edgrcn.of our State
University. Tho subjects wo havo in
prospect promino to be equally interest-
roally accomplished by thi3 c'ub, but it Theso were introduced by Mies Porter,
would be incomplete if wc did not add Mu3damos Cole, Nowell, Snyder, Raw's,
that Mts. MeCoanelliH acknowledged by and Wescottand thediscussion following
all a3 its special founder and leade. etch topic, participited in by other mecn-
The club has led a very quiet conserv- Lcrs of t jo club was spirited and showed
attvo life, alwajs ready to a quire rather some preparation and much enthusiasm,
than display any knowledge or informa 'Child Stud" witl bo tlnbubject next
.. t i n nii f i ! -- " -
tulioa ana oyiaws anu ine memocrsaip jmmkid, uomic anu mocrisn invastoap, tfo3 they niay ,,avo gained an(1 h.lV8 Fr,llay cl03ICj,. Ttn ,nmute papers
dues wero S2. A elown town Etudio was architecture (tho butldiGg of the Alliaui-
littel up in a room on the north fide of
O street, midway b tween Tenth and
Eleventh. Tho artielis forming this ex
hibition wero collected by tome of tin
ladies now interested in tho late Haydon
art display. Tho homes of tho j oiplo
wero robbed of valuable heirlooms, old
bra and other note! building?) and an
cient and uioJeru painters and their
master pieces.
At tli3 closo of this course, which oz
cupied two j ears, Eg) pt was selected n3
tho new field of study, cowring its his
tory, literature unl architecture On
been persuaded to givo this briif out'ino will Le read by Mrp.
as statistics to ba used in making tho Richcy, followed by
club history of our city complete.
and new pictures, ancient and modern this subject wo spent four j ears, begin
china, Japanese and Chiarss draper, ning in early '89 and closing in late '92.
fancy embroideries and old and rare Tho club members became eo interested
laces, everything of value in the city and enthusiastic over the subject that
was loaned and a very creditable display they could not resist renaming tho club
was the result. It aroused great enthu in Loaor of Ejypt and so the symbol c
siasin at the time and was quite an aid name of ''Lotos" was chosen, it haing
and inspiration to Miss Richardson and l-can tho wish of coiio of tin members
her University art classes. In tho midst from the first that tho club shoald bo so
of theso pretty surroundings November named. Duiirg this ciursc, in 1S90,
12, 1S30, the Lotos club was organized, three new members wero elected. Mes
The ladiee that formed it had for three c'ames Weeks, Wing and Levis. One oi
years been reading in small groups, in this number has sicco been removed by
different parts of the city, but at this death, wo refer tD our much loved and
time came togother acd formed an or hoicrd Mrs. Wing. Daily wo aro re
ganizatioa of Bjventeen member?. Mrs. minded of our loss. It i9 to be remarked
John L. McConnell was elected presi that out of a club membership of twer.
dent, which office by unanimous vote of 1y live and in th9 course of eightesn
the club she has ever sinco held, and continuous j ears' association, only or.e
Borne three years ago was elected to fill m-mber has Le?n removed by doitb.
that offica for life. Tho study of Eypt was linaliy dropped.
Tho charter members were Mcsdames n)t exhausted, and Greece was naturally
John L. McConnell, L. C. Richards, E. cbo:C3 to fol ow. The years '93, '91 and
S. DuLdy, S. F. Rouse, David Baum, E. 'So wore spent in tho delightful s'udy of
E. Edwards, C.E. W. Struve. 4.. J. Mar- art, architecture, history and literature
shall, George E. Church, Charlotto De- of th:siuteristirg country. Mre. Manatt
laney, R. O. Phillips, C. II. Gere, once a member, hut at that time resid
CharleB B. Koor. E. M. Fox, JohnR. ing in Athens, Greece, as tho wife of our
Clark, Lewis E. Cropsey and Miss Sarah American consul, seat somo fifty tino
Harris. photographs on G.ecian art that were of
'The club decided to 6tudy Shakspero great value and assistance in our work,
under the leadership of Prof. Grorgo E. The year "90 wa3 cccupioJ by a varie'y
Root and Mn.
Mrs. Shipman
and Mrs. Wisoon tho tor ice, Imagination
and Companionship of children. Mrs.
Holler of Omaha, is nxpcc'ed to bo the
main attraction of Ih'1 evening, liurvisitp,
her til'm, always being looked for with
pleasant anticipation. MrF. Mc.Muipby
will bo with us in tho near futaro aud
give one of her characteristic parlor lcc
turjs on household economics with prac
tical demonstrations.
Anna D. Grimison of SchtiIer re
ports: Tho SchuIer Woman a Club met
at the residence cf Mrp. D. C. Plattee,
January 19, with Mrs. Mary W. Burkett
president, in the ch-iir. fin roll call
was responded b with a quotation from
Emerson's Compensation, th t essay
la." "Important Events boInK the subi-ct of tho day"8 letsoa'
b." City Improvement," undor the !ue"iP ? Mrs. Platle,
e s jpliy wa very acceptable. She is al
wajs prepared with a question and
doub'y pr.'pired with an angwvr. A
6hort time was devoied to current events.
Tcp'c: "The Annexation of Tawaii."
The subjict seemoJ to Le comprehended
Tho Wives of tho Railway Postal
Cierlcs club was organized Octobor 10,
ISCo. To Mrs. John M. Butler, wiro of
the chit' clerk, belongs tho credit of
this ogin'zitK'ii, which was planned
for one jear, but it has proven t'o suc
cet.sful that it has Leen continued in
diliaitcly. Tii3 clubmeet3 at tho home
of the me tibers on alternato weeks.
They have taken up no regular course
of study Lut have a proginm committee
whiih select! tho subjects for the meet
in s of tin j ear, aiming to keep step
with th? tunc. The subjects so far this
jear haxc beon as follows:
"Homemaking as a Social Art,'' L'fe
of Queen V ctorl
of tcePdit Month
''Famous Artists ncd Their Paintings.'
"Review of tho Past Year," and Lifo of
General Grant."
Questions are given out on the subjoct
anu handed to each member, to Le an
swered at the next meeting, thus each
nnmb.-r is expectoJ to take an active
part, two or threo times during the club
j oar. Receptions aro tendered tho hus
bands of the numbers which aro greatly
enjoyed by all.
Thi3 club numbers twenty-two mem
bers, it3 officers being Mrj. A. M.
Phe'f.e, president; Mrs. I. M. Heck
ler, secretary; Mrs. C W. Rush, treasurer.
1.7. Wi
Woodberry, then tsacher cf ELglish
literature in the Stato university.. Tho
namo chosen was tho Avon club in
honor of the man whose works wo wero
Mrs. Wise
lors of the
club wero
reports that the par
Plattsranuth Woman's
well tilled Ia3t
Q Magazine
J Bazaar
9 Weekly (
or any $4
of trplc. Each lady being privileged
to select her own subject. Somo of tho
topics wero Santcnt li'erature. F
Marion Crawford and his works; Max ing by members and guests of the club.
to study. Every two weeks tho profes- NorJau'a "Degeneration;" Buskin's Lifo Tho "Travel Course" always calling out
sorgavo an essay cr talk on tho p'.ay and Writirg--;Ancient and Mcd-.rn Anne- a large proport;on of the member?. Be-
selected, the ladies reading or discussing nia; The Transvaal. Psj chics: The$wan fotcths leader, Mrs. Holland, who
tho parts of tho play with him. This Songs of tho Poats: Anthony Hope's
course was pursued two years with 'Prisoner of Zonda;" Barrioa'a Little
much profit to all. Tho third jear Minister and Ian McLaren's Bcsido The
Gcothe's Faust aad a few selected poems Bonnie Brier Bush." Two fine music ll
- FT..1 A ttnl. .f llin a! ..! Avn .via ... n v A ntt.nn '1...I..M l.M . aa 1... .....I i..t . t . amnn t t n l ..It. Ik tl.. .'Av.f
tho Meistorschaft system of studying Prof. Menzcndorff and Mrs. and Mis3 interesting letter from the Denver cor- WW
Fmnch was taken up. Durinz this year Dales. The following ear flS97) was respondent in last weok'd Courier. iLyi
siJed in the place of Mrs. Parmalee, de
tained by illness took charge, tho usual
rout no business was transacted and
Mr?. Wie read as a sort of Inspirat'on
With '
One Year for $4.
...1.a nt nnkrwra aa.a fr, ttlB a1,,K aaa aa atmllaa an Oav...aa IWn.nlu.. Cnml) rt " A ITlAtTlllA'a ATrPMCAll tllA BP T&Z bB B 9l "
a UUIUUCl Ul kuaufCD baiuu fc ,uw uuk'i duu, vu OLuui.a iu uuuiau llltiaiuic. uvim v Hw u..uw .? vajivvu bw V VvKNiT t7 V F