The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, February 05, 1898, Page 9, Image 18

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f niQUtMri DRN GOODS 00.
1023-1029 O Street.
i 51
4 1
Tbo ncvr laces which wo place on Bale
this season excell in bjauty anything
ever put before tbo people of Lincoln.
These are hut a few of what wo have
but will give you some idea of what tbo
stock consists of: Oriental, Point,
Guipure, Applique, Mechlin, Point De
Paris, Torchons, Valenciennes, Flem
ish, Point DeAnglo Terra, Jetted, nct3
The largest and most complete line
of embroideries in tho city of Lincoln
may be found horer Tho people of thH
city know this, eo it will bo unnecessary
for us to say much about the stock.
more thin to announco that wo will
not disappoint you in what wo have to
offer end tho prices at which thoy willv
b? Eold. You are cord:aly invited to
visit us and ezamino tho goods.
The new Epring filks aro certainly
more beautiful in design and color than
anything ever offered before. Wo have
acomphte and well chosen line and wo
arJ Euro that after a careful investiga
tion your patronage will be liberal. It
has been your goad tortuno that we
have been able ta f ecu re the best
niakr-s of bo'.h foreign and dom?sti:
1QI3 season we crj ottering in cow
spring dress goods the largest variety of
weaves, colorn, combinations cf colore
and the newest shades. Our lino is the
largest to be found in the city and we
offer those goods to jou at the very low
est possible prices. After ones looking
at the qualities jou will appreciate tho
fact to the fullest extent. You are'
we!co ne. Come and 6eo our goods.
w cl
, a.
m m m -4 IX y
ritzgeraid Dry uoods coQ y V
1023-1029 O Stkeet. -o Lincoln, Neb. HO AD TO 5
V y
selling: but tho observer suddenly im
rgines himself discerning thosuggcs'.ion
of a face, a figure, a bird or an animal in
the shading, drapery or other accessory;
then another appears, and Etill anolLcr,
until tho general effect is strangely im
cginative and weird. La Fargo delights
in 6ucb work, but seldom or never has
hedono so much of it in so little space.
Tbo department of child study will
discus) tho ''Beginning of speech and
tho trainirg in language,'" at its meet
ing today
The household economic department
of the Woman'tf club will meet Monday
afternoon with Mis. A. W. Field, 182S N
street, whoa tho subject of "Invalid
Cookery" will b j considered.
The members of Current Events de
partment were interested in a talk which
Mrs Parker gave them on Sven Hedin,
the explorer who, in his journey through
Asia, experienced hardships of extreme
heat and colt', hunger and thirst, unen
durable to any but a man with great de
termination and power of endurance.
Tho regular program was given as usual.
These women aro informing themselves
of tho doings of all nations irom week
tiweek. Next rcjulir meeting will bo
at 2 o'clock instead of 3:3. Febrnary 12.
Tho society of tlo Hall in tho Grove
met with Mrs. M. II. Carton on Januaiy
23th. Many interesting current events
were given tt tho opening or the meet
iog. Tho paper in tbo course of Italian
art now being studied by tho club, was
an interesting review of the life and
works of Michael Angelo read by Mrs.
Lindley. Tte Russian topic was omitted
on cciount of the absence of Mrs. Love
land, but a spirited discussion on China
followed, led by Mr. Leavitt, and ac
tively participated in by Judge Hall and
Mr. Stein.
A difference of opinion seemed to exist
in reference to China's fat -some
thought herabsorption by more civil'zed
nations would bo for her best good;
others Tere of the opinion that the theft
of a nation could no more bo justified
than that of an individual.
A Diano solo, a Hajdn 6cherzo, played
by Miss Miller, closeJ tho program.
The Lincoln improvement society mst
in the usual room at tho capitol Wec1
n:sday mcrning with a good cumber in
at'eudanco. After approving tho min
u'es of tho last meeting the reports cf
standing comrrittees on school grounds
were given. Mre. H. M. Bushnell, cf
the Preseottsrhool commiite?, reported
plans for work and said that thoy were
providing decorations Tor the rooms and
had purchased a portrait of Washington.
Mrs Geo. Hibncrof the. Capitol school
spoke of tho work there and of the line
entertainment given by tho schcol by
which 880 was raised for the purpose of
adding to tho library and purchasing
Mrs. A. D. Marshall lecorled that cer
tain unsightly trees at the high school
were to be removed. Building is not en
tirely over there and plans misbt bo
hindered by that. Mrs. V. N. McLen
nan will plan for the Bryant echool
ground improvement.
Having been appoiotel committee for
the pu pose, Mrs. N. M. Richardson had
b?er in correspondence with the au
thor ities in Chicago, Denver, San Fran
cisco and other cities and read some in
teresting communications from them.
Tho anti expectoration ordinance is en
forced in San Francisco. Notices from
the health officers warnine against spit
ting in tho cars and other places aro
posted in Denver with good results.
Cop"e3 of tho San Francisco ordinance
were read. This report was accepted and
the committee continued. Mrs. Welch
and M rs. Richardson, as committee on
street cleaning, had also visited various
parties regarding tho refuse cans which
the ladies wish to have placed on the
streets. After some discussion Mrs.
Wheeler suggested that tho lidies could
plac3 thes? and give an H'ustration of
economy at tho samo time. Authority
wni given tho committee to mako a bid
on the work if they deemed it advisable.
The chairmen on the commmittees on
school grounds were instructed to pro
sent their plans in full at the next meet
ing. A suggestion that the curfew or
dinance be read in the schools onco a
week was favorably discussed.
9 m.
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