The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, January 22, 1898, Page 12, Image 12

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Lady Anne Coventry's raarihge lo
Prince Victor Dhuleep Sineh wa? inter
csting for many reasons. First ot a'l, it
wa a penulno lovo match, the pair boing
quite absurdly devoted to each other
and bavicg bed to displa constancy and
patience under various trying delay;
then tho brido islho daughter of an olflc
cial or tho royal h:u3ehold; also tho
rumor bad gone about that tho display
of jewels would bo maguilicent, which
proved to be the cote. It was really a
charming wedding, but I was much
amused at the naivo disappointment of
certain good people who did not know
tho prince by Bight Thsy had evidently
expected a romantic-looking dusky hero
whereas he, though very Oriental in
type, could cotbo called handsome, and
his stoutness and (dare I whisper it?)
abicucc of neck Bscaied to grieve theeo
worthies greatly. Now ho is a thor
oughly geed fellow and amiable, which
is far better than being beautiful, bo I
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Siil-plao-Salixxe Sanitarium, Cor. I-3btlx anxl jVI
All Kinds of Baths Scientific Masseurs. A Deep Sea Pool, 50x142 feet.
Shavin- Hairdressing-. Dks. Everett, Managing- Physicians.
thought all this unreasonable. How- Emily Van do Weyer), Lady
ever, tho appearance of tho bride and Herbert, and tho Princess
budesmaid gave consolation. Lady
Anne, refined, flendij and graceful,
looked really poetic in her sof tly-failing
satin gown aad Marie Antoinette fichu,
simplo tulle veil and coronal orange
Mowers. She left all her gorgeous gems
in her jewel 'Cas?, wearing ouly one gift
Victor a
I Our Crank Hanger Does It
The Racycle Har
row Tread is the
easiest running and
longest wearing,
wheel made, because'
there is from20 to 30
with you; but, my dear grandson, don't
kid quite all tbe poor Chinese!" Tho
Queen is alwajs.a little unmerciful to
anything that looks like "putting on
Tho dramatic entertainment at Blen
heim was a big success. The first part
consisted of table ux. "The Presenta-
erinc tho beauties of her 6tars. But
this is what ilio Queen has always done,
handsome niec, Miss Elspeth Camp- so doubtlefs she basgiven her best-loved
boll (tho young lady who plays the bag- daughter many a lesson in fortitude,
pipe?.) They wore white silk trimmed By the way, did you hear what the
with golden otter and silver gauz. dear old lady said to Prince ITenry of
Too picturesque hat3 were of sil- Prussia when ho came over to say yiod
vr gauze, turned up sharply on one bjo to her? She laughed rather quiz
side with mirror velvet rosettes (each zically at the bombastic little airs which per cent. less pressure
of the bridegroom's, a large turquo'se lady having a different cjlor) end white he has begun to learn from his brother, on the bearings of a
sjt in brilliants, iuawill observe that vumtB fastened with a paste brooch, and said: "Well, good-bye, and luck go
our smart brides nearly always wear tur- xhey carried graceful posies of lillies of
quoise of late; this is becau-so we are be- jhs valley. Tha presents from the bride
coming more superstitious and try to Kro031 wero ruby and diamond crown
carry out the adnse which threat3nB ill. brooches with the initials V. A.'
liyifc unless tho bride wear . And tho wedding gifts! 1 must men
Something old t'on ,Q9 bridegrooms offerings in detail,
and something new, P'rht of all theio was the diamond crown
Something borrowed a& very charming in design it is
and something bice. tien lu0 lvely collar of pearls, eight tioa of Mme du Barri to Louis XV
. rows, with bars of brilliants between; showed tho Duke of Marlborough es
The sx bridesmaids were Lady Anno s aL, a hng rope of single pearls of match- Louis and Ladv Sarah Wilson-blonde
sister. Dorcby Coventry; tho bride. , ,,. ,, ,.. , uMrfrt. , , rA hTnmae ,, ,,.; u-,,a ,
Hants had a center formed of a lovely young duchess was a dainty Comtcssc dc
ro3C-pink diamond. Theie were three Beam and Lord Chesterfield a handsome
single stone rings such stones! a chain Cardinal. Another very successful
bracelet set with pearls and diamonds; scene was tho Empress Theodora (Lady
and, perhaps tho rarest of all, a truly Randolph Churchill) receiving tho bom
marrmfucnt necklace cf Cabochon em-
And tho most important factor in a well eralds mounted with raio white sap.
regulated kitchca is the range. It must ,: v.- ; :i j, - ,
be one that the dralt? are easy and ac- ph,ree'. Victor is evidently deterraioed
cessibloto liandle, so that the oven can thnt his princess shall carry off the palm
be tempered to any degree accessary for for 6pondor wherever sho appears,
baking. Oao of tho inot particular JQ it not a good idea to establish a
elements of making pa utable, "healthy : .. . - i i r m n
h.k.d foo-l ,n5ttin tr.pnin hn hfsboat as a memorial of Poor Ternss?
at the proper heat. It must alss be ll ia to cjlled "Tho Breezy Bill,' thus Sejttinzus Sands (in representing whom
economical of fuel, in sizs- and formic perpetuating, not cn'y the pet name, but the duke was permitted by his spouse to
-w.-.w.,.,............,.......... "'. iuc uravo memory oi one wno, on several canciture ber counttvmen in mn--t.
occasions, saved livf s at sea at tho risk diverting faslior.) A widowed Countess,
of his own. Deir old 'Bill" Jcivcs only whoso husbsnd has vanished in a ball
20.000. Teople teem surprised, but room (and, of course, reappears), and a
not so thoso who knew bis" generous very up-to-date lady jouinalist were
tmperament. It is a wonder ho left so played by the duchess and Lady Rau
murb. dolnh:. Mrx. Oslmnt (a r-M nn 1f n
a- j l ... w. u v
grcom's two bisters, Princess Sophie and
Princess Bamba Dhuleep Sin;b; Miss
Brenda Van de Weyer (daughter of Lady
M 10 1 IM'S HI
wheel having the
balls in the hubs of
the cranks and tbe
chain mid snrookpt.
t".'Jifil rnlliiirrhotwonii 9y
--- :a "-": "" sranK Hunger
the bearings, thus Ooasltl
caving leverage. We bacH tnia assertion.
$1,000 IN CASK.
Tf yon do not believe it examine the
Kacyclc, either theoretically or practi
caliy, figure on it, and if vou can dis
prove otir assertion we will" GIVE YOU
$1,000 IN CASH.
Here is your chance, send for cata
logue. mm mn a h'fb co.,
GiRAnn & Co.. Aaent, Lincoln.
raanship the most p'rfect. It should
have beautiful and artistic designs ia
Xick'e Trimrninzs.
All "hese essentiHl features: we have in
the New Lincoln Steel Range. Th's is
our reason for calling it the
age of her court. This was as sensuously TT IS THti
beauful a picture a3 female charms, rich
color and dazzling jewels could make it. TR4IN TO T"AT"F
After the tableaux came a musical bur-
lesqu?, "An Idle Hour."' Tho scene was
Idid in the grounds of 'the Jubileo
Hotel," kept by a typical (?) Yanke?,
fpSj 'IS!
tag OX
HITI 1 ?" j m - C
l TC3t il(r Q-'"i"
. It is ackrj07dfTAr )-V nil rnmnit;tn..
to be the handsomest tn eel range made. tte tunes when the soul of the mourner
" miura we win leu you about a bnrouaea in utter darkness. "Let us
SStyd1ishieD Dd B fCW receipt8for d-vdl therein,' she saj p. "In vain shall
"Te guarantee them m every particu- we85ktoiniiDate tho darkness with
lir. If your djxl;rdB not keep th9m "o'ej. Perhaps we shall discover new
Write to us. beauties in the Btare." Is not this true
jEcosktaff Bros. Mf. Co., Makers. courage? When her sun 6ets forever, it
" " Liacolr, Neb takes a noble soul to set about disco v-
Have jou seen any copies oi Princess Chant) was played by Lady Churchill;
Beatrice's book, "Comfort in Sorow?" the two s'sters of the duke, Ladv Lilian
It is published at Dirmstadt, in Ger- and Lady Xorah Churchill, played a pert
man, I am sorry being her idea Barmaid and a Salvation Army Lass;
to issue it in language native to, and there was also the .HwsoamZ, a Vicompte,
loved by her lost one. I hope thero will a Boots and a Chinaman; the latter
soon be an English translation, for the represented by Lady Randolph's hand
work will do goad to many sad hearts, some younger son. What glorious dark
I think even one is surprised at its lofti- eyes that boy has! He will do mischief
n33 and depth. One expected it to be I weger, in tho dove cotes! '
true, tenderly and womanly, but one
was not prepared to find evidence of the
possession, by this quiet roal woman,
of a commanding and subtle intellect.
There are some wonderful thoughts; she
attacks the problems of life and death
lirmly, bravely and with originality.
The subject is, o! course, too serious for
detailed notice here, I can only give you
the benefit of one idea. She speaks of
The Burlington s "Vcsti-
bttlcd Flyer," which leaves
Lincoln every evening at
0:10 p. 111. and arrives hi
Denver the next inorniii"
at":l."j. It carries thro' sleepers,
chair and dining cars, and
'.- .1 service mat
micAceneu oy any road
running into Denver re-
iueuiuer tins when
VV'"'" yl,r ticket
i3J akt JilGHT.
L. ..v 31. depot cor. 7th
K'Hl P sts. City Ticket
"wee cor. lutn and O sts.
s anu
G. VV. BONNELL. 6. P. & T.A.
Prvrtr i-n- . --
""--" MaA .ssu WOMEN. If you
BURLINGTON ROUTE. & nr V'"rk ?" or Parfc time, and at
On February 1st and 15th the Bur- SK? J"c work is light
lington will sell round trip tickets to all etc., to 'tC Jt once for lerme
points in Indian Territory, Oklahoma liE HAWKS NURSERY COMPANY
j.citiiuij duu iiB, uuu io an points -iuwaulcee
in riuiaun, .irnaubos, Louisiana, MlB-l.
buunaou new iuezico ai one
:, yy ! imiusanu
ticket office, corner Tenth and O 8ti3 JSfes'pBSSVSSSK?
Geo. W. Bonnell, C. P. & T. A. i W copii oVLZ?h JE";? "!" of
-r-li. HI namiB.i,.,V.'laWo.rt"0 American Union.
wm btti. "iJSSwpr? December 15. U97.)
ire L'oubikk has redu.el its sul
bcripnun prica io ti a j ear. See tiUt
receipt of nri. . . J anr address on
t .. . . . r iBiiim.0
I li!rA.ft.: . . ' -- -'
Tim ISfM T
Spruce street. N'rw