The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, October 30, 1897, Page 10, Image 10

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All-iaafe!! known works en these
writer r" found in the library.
-The looms era prettily decorated
with palms and flags, and many cut
fovets. the gifts of friends of the iosti
Ration. The managers were well re
aW for tneir ,&bor y tne P'eaBure of
Stlle children, who thronged the broad
room after school hours, sitting on the
floor to read the attract ire books ar
ranged for them, or gazing-with delight
on the many colored pictures on the
wall. This was intended as the first of
a series of such days.
The program of the Matinee Musicale,
to be given on Monday afternoon in the
club room, consists of variations, etudes
and serenades as follows:
Current Events
Mrs. E. Lewis Baker and Mrs.
D. A. Campbellt
Talk Music in Germany
Mrs. A. B. Raymond.
'Wake Not, But Hear Me, Love"
Gsorge Osgood
Miss Grace KeynoIdB.
Variations The Harmonious Black
smith i Handel
Mrs. Joseph Wurzburg.
Serenade "Open Toy Lattice
Mrs. Chas. S. Lippincott,
Violin Solo a Etude No. 10, Op. 73 ,
i. Dancla
b Die Spinnerin. .......
. Miss Silence Dales.
Serenade. k.i ....Schubert
- Miss Bessie Turner, Mrs.CS.
Accompanist, Miss Give's.
The New Book Review met with Mrs.
I. N. Baker on Wednesday afternoon.
Mrs. Els Baker gave a sketch of Mr.
James Whit comb Kiley. Knowing he
was so s;oa to be in Lincoln, it was in
teresting to hear of all the paths of hie
life that have finally led to poasy. Mu
sic on the guitar by Miss Clark varied
the program. Poems, from the author
were read by Mrs. Khaelander and Mrs.
Stonebraker. Miss Edna Baker sang
very susetly "They Have Broken Your
Dol', Little Girl." Miss Holland recited
the "floosha" and ' Do They Miss Me At
Home, with banjo accompaniment by
Mis Clark. Adjourned to meet with
Mks Erb, November 10.
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tion here the cast that has been win
ning so much favor in the play will
take part. The play is in three acts
and all of its scenes are laid in New
York. Chief among the dramatis
persona: is Elisha Cunningham, who
has grown wealthy in Wall street.
Cunningham is ashrewd ojierator who
went into New York with hardly a
.shoe string and he is now the posses
sor of a million. A deal in wheat
having turned out well the broker
goes to Europe with his daughter,
Marjorie. and returns to discover that
his nervous, impressionable partner
has gone into a deal to corner the
stock of of a small railroad. A big
operator has tipped him that the road
is shortly to be consolidated with a
powerful rival which, of course will
immensely increase the value of ihe
stock of the smaller road and its hold
ers be enabled to win out a fortune.
When Cunningham learns of this
state of afiairs his firm is on the verge
of failure and he is compelled to put
his shoulder to the wheel and endeavor
to stem the tide. But through the
treachery of the big operator he is
shorn of all his money. The year that
follows is a tough one for the broker,
and when he is again seen he is but a
shadow of his old self. Seedy in ap
pearance, broken in health and a fre
queaf visitor to the bar rooms, he
roams about the stock market fever
ishlv waiting and praying for a turn
of luck. Through the fidelity of an
old suitor for the hand of his daughter
lie is placed in possession of a block of
stock and through its manipulation he
isagain brought back to riches and is
enabled to carry down in his success
the man who was responsible for his
ruin, nis victorj- complete, he sits
down at a desk and drops off apparent
ly to Hleep. In reality he Is dead.
Tlie comedy element is furnished by
the love affairs of a French count. In
the presentation Mr. Crane will beMr.
Cunningham, a character in which he
does the best work of his career. Seats
on sale Saturday at 9 a. m., at box of
fice. Prices. 1.."0, $1, T.'i, ."M and 25
W. A. Tremavne has written a new
play called "A Secret Warrant'
which will le presented by Robert
Man tell at the Lansing theatre next
Thursday, November 4. The romance
is exciting and savors of the Dumas
school. Love and rapiers clash
through it. Heroism and chivalry
meet intrigue and treachery. It is a1
war of right against might, of virtue
against regal power. Louis de Beau
mont is a splendid fellow of the D'Ar
tagnan type and it is not surprising
that more than one lady falls in love
with him. He, however, favors only
the ingenuous daughter of Bertrand,
the goldsmith. He has no time for
the demi-monde of the Court and
does not appreciate the love of the
Lady Gabrielle, especially as she al
ready holds the position of mistress
to the Regent. Of course it is un
wise to thwart the wishes of a Court
favorite- who can secure a lettre de
cachet for the asking, but Louis takes
his chance and with the Bastile star
ing him in the face, tells the vexed
beauty to go to the Tropics. The
production is under the management
of M. W. Hanley, who never fails to
do things well and thoroughly. Seats
on sale Tuesday at 7 a. m.. Prices,
II, 7.1. 50 and 25 cents.
Manager Zehrung has booked as a
special engagement Litz & Davis' big
scenic production of H. Rider Hag
gard's oriental romance, "She.' The
dramatization of '-She is by 31 r. Ed
win Barbour, author of the ''Legal
Document. The story as told by
Haggard is developed in every partic
ular, and the strange characters of
fiction, are depicted in real life. Hag
gard's story opens in the nineteenth
century, while Mr. Barbour goes be
yond and opens his play 440 years before
Christ, giqing to the public the char
acters in life that Haggard mentioned
as mythical. The mechanical effects
are startling showing a real live per
son slipping into a roaring volcanic
flame, and in an snstant. before the
very eyes, he is shrivelled into a mum
my. The scenery used in the play is
the handsomest ever tainted for a
production of this kind, and covers
some 16,000 feet of canvas. The com
pany, numbering twenty-five people,
are picked from the best ranks of the
profession and are -selected for their
ability to portray the characters for
which they are cast. The play has an
abundance of comedy tnat keeps the
audience in good humor throughout.
At the Funke Friday and Saturday
nightsand bargain matinee Novem
ber 5 and 6 Prices, $1. 75. 50 and 25
cents. Scats on sale Thursday at 10
a. m.
(First Publication October 23.)
Notice is hereby given that William
W. Lottridge, Harry P. Hermance, and
John N. C. Lottridge, puisuant to the
laws of tho stats of Nebraska, have as bd
ciated themselves together as a corpora
tion, and have"adopted articles of incor
porat'on, providing among other things
as follows:
First. The name of the corporation
shall be The Lincoln Coal Mining Com
pany. Second. The principal pi ice of trans
acting its business Bhall ba at Lincoln,
Third. The business of the corpora
tion thall consist in the mining of coil,
fire day, and minerals, and in the own
ing and leasing of any real estate or per
sonal property necessary for the carry
ing on of said business, and the doing of
all acts or things appertaining to or
necessary for the proper conducting of
said business.
Fourth. The amount of the capital
atoc'i of the corporation bhall be Two
Tnousand Dollars (12,000.00) and shall
be divided into twenty shares of One
Hundred Dollars (8100.00) each, and
shall be fully subscribe! for and paid in
before the commencement of business,
and shall be non -assessable.
Fifth. Tha corporation aball com
mence business on the 28th day of Sep
tember, 1897, and shall continue in busi
ness until the 23tb day ot September,
1917, unless sooner dissolved by the
written .consent of two-thirds of the
stock holders holding two thirds ot the
Two big nights, Friday and
Bargain matlnoe
Prices 91.00, 75c, 50c, 25c. Seats on sale Thursday 10 a. m.
Go to Seitz, "Good Imck" grocer' for
fruit cake stock, including' the best Corsican
citron, lemon and Grange peel. Also a
Don't forget the number
stock of the corporation.
Sixth. The highest amoant of indebt
edness to be contracted by the corpora
tion shall not exceed two thirds of the
amonnt ot its capital stock. '
Seventh. The corporation shall ba
managed by a board of directors con
sisting of three persons, who shall be
the officers of the corporation, and shall
be designatsd: first. President, seconl.
Vice president, third, Secretary and
Treasurer. The Board of Directora
may elect a general manager for the
corporation, who may or may not be a
stockholder therein.
William W- Lottkidge,
Habry P. Herxanue,
John N. C. LorrRirxiE,
By F. W. Woods, their Attorney.
S. L. GeistLardt, Attorney. 148-150 Burr
(First publication October 9.)
United States Circuit Court, District cf
At a eesrion ot the Circuit Court of
the United States for the district of
Nebraska, continued and held pursuant
to adjournment at the court room in
thi city of Lioco'n on the Gth day of
October, 1897, present, the Honorable
W. H. Hunger, Judge presiding, the
following among other proceedings were
bad and done, towii:
Francis O. Faulkner as
Assignee of the Con-
ings Bank, Complain-J, In cTjaocery.
George E. Timbliin, et.
a!., Respondents. j
Now on this Gth day o! October, 1897,
at the October J397 term of said court,
it having been made to appear to the
satisfaction of the said court that this is
a Buit to enforce a mortgage lien by for
closure on real property within the Dis
trict ot Nebraska, and that Benjamin A .
Gibson is defendant herein, and is not
an inhabitant of and has not been found
within said district, and has not volun
tarily appeared in this suit, now on mo
tion ot 8. L. Geisthardt, solicitor for the
complainant, it is considered by the
eaart and ordered that said defendant,
Benjamin A. Gibson, ba and he hereby
is ordered to appear and plead, answer
or demur to the complainant's , bill ot
complaint on or before the Gth day of
December, 1897, and that in default
thereof, an order be entered in this cause
taking said bill pro confesso. it is
Ordered, That at least twenty days
before said Gth day of December, 1897, a
copy ot this order, be -served upon said
Benjamin A. Gibson wherever found, if
Corner O and Twelfth streets
Saturday. Nov. 5 and 6
Saturday 2:30
practicable, and also upon the percon . or
Lersons in possession or chargo ot the.
reil property des:ribd in the c impl.iin-
ant's bill of complaint, if an there b ,
or in lieu thereof,thatacopy of this r l r
ba published for b'x cinsc.utive uu-ka
ia The Courier of Lincoln, a news
paper published and in gen?r.l circula
tion in eaid district or N-'l-rjska.
W. II. Munger,
The United States of America )
District of Nebraska. ss
I, Oscar B. Hillis, Clerk of the Circuit
Court of the United States for the dis
trict of Nebraska, do hereby certify that
tho above and foregoing is a true copy
ot an order entered upon the journal ot
the proceedings of said Court in the
cause therein entitled; that I have com
pared the same with the cr'giual entry
of Biid order and it is a true transcript
the rifrom and of tho whole thereof.
Witneea my otlL-ial signature and tho
seal of said court at Lincoln, in siid
dis'rict, this Gth dav of October, 1697.
seal. Oscar B. Hillis,
(First Publication October 21.)
Wm. M. Buckman vs. Edward T. Huff, 21-257.
To Albert Huff, Jessie Huff, his wife,
and 1 nomas L. Teasdale, non-resident
You and each of you are hereby noti
fied that on September 18th, 1897, Will
iam M. Buckman, as plaintiff, began an
action agaiost you and other defendants
in the D.6tricl Court of Lancaster coun
ty, Nebraska, tho object ot which is to
foreclose a certain mortgage on the fol
ljwinglandia said county, to-wit: Lot
number 12 in block number 13, in the
city of Lincoln, according to the record i
ed pl-tt therof. madn by Edward T. Huff
and Emma E. Huff to the Lombard In
vestment Company, dated September
1st, 1890, to secure the payment ot a
promissory note of said Edward T. Huff,
and Emma E. Huff to said Lombard
Investment Company for 81.C7J.00, On
which there is now due S1.7S0.G9 with
interest from September 1st, 1895, at ten
per cent per annum.
Plaintiff prays for decree of foreclos
ure and sale ot said land to satisfy sjitl
liens as aforesaid, for deficiency judg
ment and general relief.
You are required to answer plaintiffs
petition on or before the 23th day of
November, 1897.
William M. Buckman. Plaintiff.
By S. L. Geisthardt, Attorney.
Nov. 13.
Tako LaxatWn Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
druggist refund the money It" it fails to cure. 2Zc