The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, July 31, 1897, Page 5, Image 5

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Behind the Gurtain, a Glimpse.
It is not much; what happened. In
deed, it is more common perhaps than
we know. Though ono would not ex
pect such a thing in this summering
place whero every thing is made so
beautiful; hut, my faith, who can till
what happens?
Such tiling, too, should not bo fold
overmuch, but to you I will tell it, for
do I not tell ever thing to jou!
Last night was tie dance, and we were
there. Listen well arid remember what
you taw. It was in the evening befoin
we went, and wbilo jou were taking a
little nap. I called Jules and had him
draw the little boat up under tho trees
to the stone stepp. Too time was just
enough for a little row and the sun was
How cool it was when I slipped down
upon the wicker Beat and fok tho oars.
One push sent me out iiito tho water
and I pulled no more but let the boat
Moat. The frogs were croaking oil some
where and the locusts singing in the
trees. The cool air played through my
hair and around my neck and I thought
it plea .inter far than dancing.
I floated down and down, past the
rows of willows, never watching whore I
drifted, thinking thoughts and dreaming
dreams that only como upon the water.
Nothing batter is there in all tho world
than t'-is.
Soon I beard a 6ound which I knew
was not ct my dreams. I did not kuow
what it was. OtT in the gardens I could
hear a band playing and the music was
cariied softly to me on the light stirring
air. I looked about and Eaw that I had
floated into tho little bay out at the rear
of Marshall Wtscolt's cottage. My boat
lay closs hejide tho bank and I leiched
out and caught the long grass in my
Just at the water's edge ran a little
hedge perhaps jou have seen, and all
the top was coveted with little blossoms.
White blue re! blossoms, great
bunches, clusters, whole armf ulU. They
are the (lowers that we sea in tho little
chapel. Marshall Wescott sends them,
sometimes he takes them himself. lie
member that, now. Yes, remember that.
I heard tho same sift sound and lis
tened. It was not the band nor the
frogs across the water, nor tho locusts
in the trce3. It was the sound of a wo
man crying. I looked through the hedge
stocks and I could see the veranda the
rear one of his cottage.
There fitting on the railing with I121
head on ber bands and her bands rest
ing against a pillar, was his wife. She
was crying and (Tying as only a woman
cries a few limes in her life. One who
has been married but three months
should not neap.
You remember how fine we thought
them when they were marrieJ. He was
so handsome, so wealthy, so irreproach
able; nothing could be mora suitable.
Every one said so. Did wo not say so
too? Her husband was standing beside
ber and speaking in a low tone.
All at once she rose as if to leave him.
Even whera I sat bshind the hedge, I
could see the begging look in her ejes.
He spoke to her softly, but she
only cried, and then listen, let me
whi&per it be struck her on the ne.-k
and sent a little shower of bIo33oms,
hedge blossoms fluttering down upon
tha floor and out upon the grass. Only
tho bare raw stem3 were there by the
red spot on her neck. Ah! Do you
think now of the cluster in the little
chapel a'l white and blue and red?
How well they looked last night as
they went around together in the
waltz. "How handsome, bow suitable!"
Every one said so. I heard it whispered
on all sides. He tall and straight, she
with a littlo smile upm her lips.
On her shoulder were hedge flowers
with the blossoms all about her neck,
so fresh and dewy. We all saw them.
As for any thing elf e!
What Made It Yawn?
Travel, which adds charm to the con
versation of an agreeable person, Borne
timfb renders a bore more tiresome than
"Ah'J there I stood, Aunt Susan,"
said Miss Porter's low-Bpenkin but long
winded .nephew, who had been droning
on, about his summer in Switzerland
for somo bourn since the old lidy's eyes
had begun to droop in tho lamplight,
"and there I stood, Aunt Susan, with
the abyss yawning in front of me."
"William,' said Aunt Susn, speak
ing as om wlvt haB long kept silence,
"was that nbjss u-jawing before you
got there, or did it begin afterward?'
Where They Met.
Angry Wife (after a quarrel.) "Seems
to rao we've been married about a
hundred years. I can't even remember
when or where wo first met."
Husband (emphatically.) "I can. It
was at a dinner party, and there wero
thirteen at table. Louilun Tit-Bits.
About Finger Niils.
Tho Japanese have boiuo curious ideas
about their finger-nails. Ono of them
is to the effect tint they must not be
cut before rtarting on a journey, lest
difgrace befall tho person before he
roaches his destination. Neither should
they be cut at Light, lest cats' claws
should grow out. To throw nail-pairings
into tho tire is to invite fomo great cal
amity. If whilj trimming tho nails a
piece should fall in the tire, tin person
will soon die.
Proud of His Bald Head.
"Pardon me, fir, but could I occupy
just about a minuto (f your time? I
would like to show jou something that
1 know you will be glad to se."
Without waiting for permission, the
young man with a sallow complexion
and a hand-satchel thrust a bottle under
the nose of the bald headed man.
"Now, sir," ho continued, "you are a
public oflicial, and the public sees a
good deal of you, and the public realizes
that you aro quite bald, sir. I have'
something hero that I will guarantee to
restore your hair if you will permit me
to treat jou. It shan't cost jou a cent
for medicine or treatment, and all I ask
is that you will commend tny medicine
to jour friends if I Bucceed. When they
ea a luxuriant growth of hair on your
bead and ask what jou used, you can
can tell them McCracken's Peerless
Borax Hair Reetorer and Scalp Renova
tor." "I hen you want to ueo my bald head
lor advertising purposep. Is that jt?'
queaied the oflicial.
"Well, yes; that's right."
Does it appear to ofter advantages as
an advertising medium?'
"Well, yes."
'Then what will you payasqucra inch
to paint j-our advertisement on my head
'n letters of any size, design or color?
Or if you prefer, jou can usa it for
posters or stickers. What do jou pay
for good advertising space?'
"I hardly think"
"And sajr, I have half a dozen bald
headed friends. I think I could buy up
their space for you if jou will give me a
"But I want to make the hair"
"I am suro jou will got better returns
than fenca advertifing, hand bills, or
newspapers. I'll guarantee jou a cir
culation among two thousand five hun
dred friends, three thousand five hun
dred more acquaintances, five thousand
people who know me bj- sight, and
twenty thousand strangers, every day."
"Well, I see I can't do-"
"I wish you'd think tint over and
make me an otter. I'm proud of thi3
head." But the j'oung man bad gone.
San Francisco Post.
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