The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, July 10, 1897, Page 7, Image 7

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Such Bargains Have Positively Never
Been Offered in Lincoln. These
Wheels are Guaranteed Free From
all Imperfections for Ono Year
From Dato ot Purchase, Made
with Drop Forgings and Tool
Steel Bearings 1 hroughout.
Harness and Bicycles.
Wise and Prcdent Buyers Will
Investigate the Good Things
we Will Offer next Week in
Look for Our SSligra, tH Hoc Intlx
143-145 South 10th St. foincoln. Neb
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over the ground.", and west into Saint
George's Chapel tho quoen's private
one. Hcr3 are buried, Gharlea I.,
George I., Henry VI.. and Henry VII Li
and Ed IV., Jane Seymour, Prince Leo
pold. Then they hare an elegant shrine
to the princess that wou'd have been
quien it she had lived. SLo died in
child b'uth, and they have a figure of
her rising from the tomb to Heaven
with an angel en each Bide, one of them
holding the baby who died also. On
the steps leading to it are th9 mourners
fallen prostrate and kneeling before it.
It is an elegant work of art but it was
too vivid to enjoy looking upon. In the
chancel all the seut3 were magnificently
carved and each member of royalty has
hiBOvn, the Queen and Princo of Wales
facing the altar. Will explain better
when I get home, this is u poor descrip
tion. The gate under queen's box was
presented by Edward the fourth, and he
was buried under it. It is tho finest
piece of wrought iron work in the world.
We were notable to get in Princo Al
bert's Memorial Chapel where ho ia
buried. Windsor Castle is immense and
if there should ever bo war, lhy would
have a bard time getting at the queen as
the castle is built up high and lcoks im
pregnable. Wo camD homo moro tired
th in ever but Btart tomorrow to Deal on
one of the seas. Wo both need rest or
our nerves will get tho tetter of us.
However, we wouldn't have missed this
for anylhirg and will feel wide awake as
ever after a few day's reBt. Will close
now as it is getting near dinner time.
Aones Sewell Silver.
The following young gentlemen and
ladies held a picnic at Cushman Park
on tho fifth. Misse3 Vancil, Outcalt,
Hargreavcs, Lansing, Randall, Ham
mond. Messrs Shedd, Pancost, Norton,
Kor3meyer, Barber, Wiggenhorn, and
They were chaperoned by Mrs. Vancil.
Prof. CharleB E. Bessey has gono to
western Nebraska to botanize and to
make some educational adire3ses. He
will visit the Wild Cat mountains and
other interesting places in the country
near the state line in Sioux, Scott's
Bluff and Banner couctie:. He is ac
companied by Fred Clements.
Adjutint-General Barry and Maj. E.
G. Ftchet, Sixth United Statps cavalry,
have returned from Chicago where they
secured headquarters at the Great
Northern for Governor Holcomb and his
Btaff who will participate in the cero
monies at the unveiling of an equestrian
Btatuoof John A. Logan on July 22.
Saveral officers ot the Nebraska national
guard will go with the party.
Mr. P. W. Plank is spending a month
in Colorado.
A small picnic party of Lincoln people
celebrated the Fourth at Cushman park.
The party comprised Mr. and Mrs. C. F.
Ladd, Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Hall, Mr. and
Mrs. W. E. Stewart, G. M. Lambertson,
Mr. and Mrs. J. H.McMurtry. Mrs. La
Villo, Miss Macfarland and Miss Ruth
Macfarland, Mis3 Lambertson and Mies
Marjor'o Lamberteon. Isaac and Arthur
Raymond and Mr. Stein.
The Cotner ladies' quartet returned
from tbo state encampment at Beatrice
covered with glory. Their appearance
was always greeted with enthusiasm and
they have made plans for a concert tour
through the state.
Hanna Coal for sale by Gregory, Eleventh
and O streets. Phone 343.
Mr. and Mra. Frank Sheldon of New
York are in the city visiting Mrs. Shel
don,s parents. Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon's
arrival is always the occasion of lunches,
dinners and friendly gatherings of
various kinds. This hot weather they
will be of a "small ae 1 early' character
but none the less enjoyable fur that
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Clark have (,one to
Lake Osakis where the rest c f tho Lin
coln people havo preceded them.
Mrs. D. A. Risser and daughter Miss
Maude, have gone to Milwaukee, where
they will visit friends.
C. W Warfel has gono to tho moun
tains of Colorado where ho will spend his
Mr. and Mrs. II. II. Wilson and child
ren will leave soon for Put In Bay,
Ohio. Mr. Wilson has been invited
to respond to a toast at the annual
banquet which the league of com
mercial lawyers give in - Put
In Bay on the 24 th. of July.
There are thirteen speech makers who
have been skimmed from tho associa
tion. The invitation is n recognition
ot Mr. Wilson's ability, and has been
earned by many after dinner eucccbios.
Put In Bay is a cojl rc3ort near Detroit,
which h s been selected for its low tem
perature and goxl hotels.
News comes from abroad that Miss
Fatnie Newman is engaged to an EnglMi
Chemist of ability, good looks and posi
tion. Miss Newman has many friends
here who are curious to know when and
whero to s;nd their congratulations.
Mrs. Henry Newman (born Dundy) is
reported convalescing from a dangerous
illnc-s. iss Gertie Marquette is visit
iDg a titled Iiiih family the eldest son
of which is . n ardent suitor for Mi8
Marquette's favor. Both these young
ladies are favorites in Lincoln sce'ety,
the masculine part of which is unable
to keep from wondering why tho
European product is preferred to the
Nebraska grown. Stand up for Neb
raska! Dr. R. E. GitTen is giving little articu
lation seances in bis office since the ar
rival of his new X ray Willyoung Coil
machine. Tuesday evening a number
of newspaper men gathered in the con
sulting room to see what they have read
of. To see ones own bones, to more the
arm and hand and to see the delicate,
beautiful bones of the wrist and the
wonderful articulation of the elbow
joint respond instantly to the capricious
movements is a new sensation that, up
to date, only ghosts who have left the
tody have enjoyed on looking back.
Such an experience is a step if only a
ahort one, towards getting outside of the
body-prison that Mrs. Besant talked
about. In the case of Joe Mason his
heart could be seen regularly pumping
the blood into tli9 arteries and recieving
it again from tho veins. It pumped
regularly and slowly cot withstanding
the heat and other things. The light
itself, which thu3 anticipates the ex
periences of the disembodied spirit is
invisible except for a pale greenish flut
tering in the bulb which contains the
unknown, reserved essence. In tho un
scientific who know not how to call it
long hard names and treat with it on
terms of equality it creates the awe the
first savage felt, who saw a gun tired for
ively bv Gregorv. Eleventh and O streets.
the first time. Dr. Gilfen can locate a
pin or a bullet now with nbsoluto cor
tainty. The seancea are not conlned to
newspaper people. Any of tho gonial
doctorV friends can examine thrir bones
whenever the doctor is nt leisure, which,
to tell truth is not very often.
Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Raymond had n
lawn party the evening ot the fifth with
fireworks accompaniment. Those present
were: Mr. and Mra. II. H. Wilson, Mr.
and Mrs. C. II. IraholT, Prof, and Mrs.
Richards, Miss Whcdon and Mr. Bort
Whedon and Mr. Rob. C. Manley.
Rev. Arthur Fro6t Newell ot the Vino
street Congregational church loft oa
Monday for his former home in western
Massachusetts, where he will pass the
summer vacation visiting with his
brother, who has lately returned from a
nine j ears' residence in Africa, as a mis
sionary. He says he is going to catch
some of the big trout bo threw bark aa
teo littlo when he was a boy. He ex
pects to return about tho 7th of August.
Mr. C. H. Gere, MisB Gere, Miss Ellen
and Miss Frances left on Tuesday to
Join the colony of Lincoln people in
camp on tho shores of Lake Osakis,
where tho fish are very large and bo
plentiful that tho most artificial ot tlios
will lure them from their crol groen
Mr and Mrs. Brad T. Slaughter, with
their daughter. Mrs. Gamble, ot Victor,
Colo., Mr. and Mrs. John T.Dorgan.Mrs.
D. D. Muir, of Dnvor, anil John
Lottridge left for Spirit Lake, Ia Tues
day. Mr. and Mis. Charles L. Burr will
alEO visit this resoit.
Mrs. Sherwin, ot Wichita, Kas., a
neiceofMr. E. R. Guthrie, is visiting
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Funkc.
P'of. Frank St'ong. formerly princi
pal of the Lincoln high school, has just
received the degree of doctor of philoso
phy at Yale. His thesis was on "Crom
well's colonial and foreign policy, with
special reference to the West Indies ex
peiitiun of 1G31-E5."' Professor Strong
received the master's degree at Yale in
Mrs. George J. Woods left Tuesday for
Chicago, where the will stop txo or
thieodajs. Then she will go to Lake
Wawashee, Ind., with Mis;. Rinehart
for a few weeks. She will also visit
Mrs. Horton at Pomeroy, O., before she
returns- She expects to be absent about
six weeks.
pots caa be taken out without even showing a seam.
Tho only question is what can be done with it? Its out ot style and worn.
Maybe it needs a new lining, or should ba stylishly trimmed. That old cojt ynuM
make a beautiful cape, and capes are just the thing this season. There's tharo'd
fur garment you haven't worn for years, becausa it is all "fagged out.'' Why. that
will make a beautiful collarette; just tin thing for fall and spring wear. Then
just look at that garment. It is entirely "gone up." the hair ptands the wrong
way on it, and it is worn and mattoJ. "Its no earthly use.' Well, it does look
bad, but by the process of glazing tho fur i3 brought out and cleaned an J then,
when remodeled, it is like new.
During July and August
This year we will make a sp2cialtyot Alterations and Repairs. Our system of
measurement is such we can fie you as well by mail as by personal measurement.
We have a large stock of new furs, all our own make, at very low price.
Write to us.
F.g.VOBLKER, Practical Furrier,
Miss Minnie Pnrk'r left Tuesday for
Wichita, Kas.
Miss Louise Pound in attending tb
newly instituted summer term of the
Chicago university and pursuing her
specialty of English literature.
The picnic given by the young gentle
men at Meadowbrook on tho fifth was
delightful. It will be remembered as
tho occasion of tho nnnouncomont ot
Miss Grace Oakley'a engagement t Mr.
Joseph Walsh, of Port Hurjn. Mich.
They were warmly congratulated by
their friends who crowded about them
to extend the glad hand. Thojo pres
ent were: Misses Brook. Lucy Griffith,
Oakley, Putnam, May Moore, Mae Burr,
Slaughter, Alexander, ot Omaha, Burn
ham, Harrison, of Beatrice, Case, of
Faribault, and Hooper; Messrs. Mattson
Baldwin, Mallalicu, Lottridge, D C.
Wing. Hurlbut, Will Smith, of Omahn.
Fritz Weaterman, Walsh. C. Y. Smith.
Reeso, Halsey, latea, Evans. Mr. and
Mrs. Smith chaperoned tho party. In
the evening they expressed their patriot
ism by fireworks.
Visitors to the Crete Chautauqua
Monday were Mr. and M rs. I. S. P. Weeks
and daughter, Misses Jean Tuttle, Jane
Macfarland, Lida Millar, Florence and
Marguerite Winger and Clara Hammond
Jules Sedgwick of York has been
spending the week in the city.
Edgar H. Clark left Monday for Bay
field, Wisconsin.
Jack Hitchman, Karl Kandall, Paul
Weeks and Jules Sedgwicb, visited tho
Crete Chautauqua this week.
A party consisting of Mr. and Mrs. C.
F. Ladd, Mr. and Mrs. D. Campbell. Mr.
and Mrs. Lambertson and daughters
and Mr. and Mrs. Kaymond and son
Arthur, picnicked at Cushman Monday.
A. C. Pancost of Ashland, has been
visiting in the city.
Supt. Brainard of tho Beatrleaschoo's
was in tho city Wednesday.
Prof. Leee is wheeling to Chicago.
Mr. and Mrs. C. II. Imhoff are in
camp at Spirit Lake, Iowa.
Ray Welch spent Sunday at theCreto
E. A. Wiggenhorn came up frcm Ash
land to speed tlia fourth in this city.
CANON PEA GOAL st0ve. For sale byGrego
ory, Eleventh and O streets.
is worth almost as much today
as the day you bought it; but
you don't know it. As long ad
the hiir is on the skin it ia
GOOD. Moth eaten or worn
Lincoln, Nebraska