The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, July 10, 1897, Page 6, Image 6

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Pi'ofessionul Directory,
'J elephoncs.
Office Hours
OSico CM
Dr. 0. C.Reynolds -j
Oflico room 1S-19, 110 to 13 a.m.
Itnrr lllnclc V 3tofip m.
Res. 44So.:thSt I Sun. 3 to 5
IW. L. DtiytOD, M. D. JOnicc.iaOO Street llOtol
Office 375
f I)icai.p if Ejo. I-ir. Nc-o niul Tliront ( Res. 1S2I (J Street
1 2:30 to 5 pro
,T)r. F. D. Sherwin
I Oflico, roon 19 Rurr Rile I
1V..1 fliKir
Re?.SMSQst !
9 to 12 a. m
1 to 5 p. m
Social and Personal
IDr. J. H. Tyndale
J Office, rooms 9 and 10,
1 Lansing Theatre.
9 tolISWnm
to 5pm
.10 A. Shoemaker, M.D.JoflicclI3, LStrcct i-
frnr.ofObtrtrics.(;niyoocr.Mcdicali f '-'-
J Dcpt. Cotncr Univcniity. t JTtoSpm
I Dr. S. B. Cook
I Eye. Ear, Nose and Throat
1215 O St.
aa-K iSO am
"8,Dr. Ben j. F. Bailey
71. 1
( Oflice, ZebrunK Rlock )9toMniu
- ritol2iJJ
I Residence, 1313 C street 1 2 to 4 p in
Dr. J. S. McNay
j Onice, 1105 O street IS to 12 a ta
I Residence, iJuS T street fltnSp m
Oflico 341,
Dr. R. E. Gif fen
.Ruth M. "Wood, M. D.
j Diseases of Women.
I Oflice, Telephone Rid.. 1 2 to 5 p m
in or
I Residence, 1521 i (street I pointraent,
I Oflice, Richards Ride,
cor. 11th and O sts,
( Residence, 2C1G so l.'Itb
I . T . . . , I Office, room 2G. 27 and I
Oflico K. 5-LOUlS N. W ente.D.D.S.-i l. Rrowncll Rlock. 137 J-
J J m 11th street. I
The following is a letter received br
Mr. and Mrs. Scwell from their daugh
ter Mis. Silver.
After we left Ox'ord we stopped at
this town, (Slough) two miles from
Windsor, to charge cais for that place.
Wo learned that the royal irain would
pas3 in a few minutea so we waited for
that to pass, and then took the train to
London. It was the first time the Queen
had ever ridden in hpr jubilee tiain us
it was bran new. The train went rather
slowly so wo could see everybody quite
plainly. We then took the next train to
London and thenco to tho Bank whete
cession. It was indeed a wonderful
sight and one that will never be for
gotten. The people mostly were dressed
in light costumes and the fUeets and
windows were a most beautiful sight.
We came to Slouch lato in the after
noon. The landlady is a moat genial
hostess and she gave us a beautiful front
room. This place is only two miles from
Windsor and the people were decorating
from one end of it to the other. Come
to tind out, the Queen and her party
were to stop at Slough and drive in a
carriage to Windsor Castle. We asked
i." our room was on the lino of march
oflice .-M6.ij. Riser, D, D,L, -j
Ollice. 1231 0 street, over 1
Miller & Paino. J-
W, S, Latta. M. D,
f Iienw of women a t-pocinlty,
Facial blemishes removed.
I Oflice and private lios-
pilal. llllj i, street.
I Al 1 hours
r when not
I engagod.
(R. Stanhope,
0"co 113 Female Diseases .V.
) Residence and Oflico
V 1526 K street.
1 9 to n a. m.
I m.
D. M. H. Garten,
I Office 17 Richards bile. (Office hours
10 to J2:3U
JRcs 1KB H street 2to5.
Office 173VClyde DaViS, D, D, S, Hth Floor Richards blk.-J
H. S.
Aley,M. D.
rows & pen
Office, II HO Street.
(Hours 9 to 12
- 2 to 5. 7 to 8
I iion. ii Sat
I Dr. Clifford R. Tefft,
Office, 1I27 0 Street
o'fi" Mtpr j.s.Eaton,
rsidence..? (2 ) Surj-erj ana Nervous Diseasrs,
Office, 137 So. Ilth St.
Hours 10 to 1
m..2 to 4
.Dr. J. B. Triokey,
f Refrac'ionist only
Office, 1035 O street
9 to 12 a. m
I to 4 p. in.
Skin. Rectal and Gcnito-Uoinary
( Oflico Alexander bile. 14C0
O St.. rooms 7, 8,9.
(Res. cor 2flth and N Sts.
I 7iW
-TO to 4 p.m.
to 9 p.m.
Last Week
Miller & Paine
i ftato tnto,
At 117 so. Tenth.
Is located tho city ticket of tho North
western line the greatest railrcad
system touching Lincoln, with shortst
mileage to Chicago and St. Paul and
making quickest time. Get our low
ates to tourist points before buin3
ucketB. A. S. Fielding, C. P. &.T. A
Lincoln, Neb.
your dc3r, loving and interesting letters and the landlady raid, "Oh yes indeed,"
were grabbed with enthusiam. Wo had and all the rest of hi r rooms were taken,
not eeen such a thing as a letter for Sa wo wcro in luck again and fill
three weekp. Wo were told that a sleep- into it as unconsciously as Mugg
ing place for the night and a good s?at WOuld fall into the bath tub. This
Tor the parade would be an impossibility town is a dear old-fathioned place, and
but we went marchirg up to a hotel ard we came here to get rested but will have
though the roouiB were all full.yet there to po,'pmo it until later. This hotel i3
was one for ueand wo had to pay a bi- tho best . n , and is where the Prince of
price for it ovm though it bad a "ra'y" Wabs stoi.ju.l once. It is one of the
smell. Alter we were Eetlled there Mr. olde&t building in tho town and has
S. went out to tind a sat and came ac- jU8t Lesn tixed over. Our windows are
roes two of the best on thoStrnnd (which lovely with window boxes of the gayest
is one of the principle business streets co0r3. Yesterday was the eventful day
of London.) 01 couisj they cost some- for this plac;. Crowds began to come
thing but we thought they were worth early and line the streets while soldiers
it. The street isn't as wide as twelfth in gorgeous array rode up and down on
elegant horses, and soldiers were lined
up again on both side3 of tho road
What excitement again, for this time we
would bo still closer to the queen and
could look upon her long and plenty.
When they stir ted to come to where we
were perched up conspicuously in our
window, older of wonders! when her
majesty pais-d us. she looked right at
strePtso we had a fine view. After all
this luck in securing places wo marched
down the street for lunch, and then
started to !ho hotel well nigh exhausted.
Hardly rleeping a wink, (probably on ac
count of some coffee and ice-cream we
bad for dinner) wo weic called at half
past five and in our eeatj by seven.
Such a mass of people you never saw.
v nen me paraue sianea we were pretty our window and right at us with the
stiff from sitling, but all that was for- most gracious smilo on her face. I could
gotten in the grand, magnificent sight hardly believe my eyes, but waved my
we saw; superb horses with harnet s s handkerchief frantically. Percy and I
of real gold. All tho different native spoke a'niost at once how fIh had sin
gled out our indow ht that moment of
passing the ho'.ol. We were on tho sec
ond ttory which would bo almost a part
of tho first story in a modern house
After all this excitement v.o had a lit
tle lunch which was very scanty on ac
count of the crowds. We thon started
troops of tho queen "s empire. I cannot
describe by letter all the co'or.antl names
of tho different regiments. The Scotih
rmn w ith their bare Ieg, donn t'j tho
Chinese, tome of whom in the
queen's provinces. When the royal car
riages began t: coaie we wera besido
ourselves with excitement. All tho royal on our way to Windsor for a walk, pass
lamnes anu representiuvcs or every ing through Eton. Everything was
countryin the worldeven from Africa and decoratoJ b-autirully. On this royal
Asia were in line. Of course they were road were arches that looked cges old
dressed magnificently and their turnouts and with statuary and elegant decora
would startle even Mugg. Boigged tions on them. You would have thought
footmen in back and front, horses cov- they had stood for ages until you weLt
ered with coats o! arni3 and the oc- up and kn-cked on them, then you
cupants in their most gorgeous airay. would have found out that they were
But what extra heart-beat? we had wero nothing but wood, and made for the oc
all Tor the queen when we saw the first casion, so everything beautiful in that
hojsa of her carriage. I was so excileJ line that we saw, we would go up and
I forgot everything else. The Princess thump it to see if it were o'd or make
Christian snd tno Princess of Wales
were in the same carriage with the
queen. Thj Prin-.-o of Wa'c3 and her
second son, Duke of Connsught rode be-
side her. Tho dear old lady looks like
herpictureB. ItEcems as if we didn't
believe. The building had lights out
lining every window and dcor, giving
the rao3t beautiful effect besides being
decorated with stars, etc. Our own
hotel wes fixed in almost a like manner,
and when we ieachrd heie a am after
have time enough to take in all the our walk we found a band conceit going
beaufdul and exquisite costumes of the on, ngkt under our window. I wes so
royal train belongirg to her Majesty's exhausted that I went to sleep almost
family. I know them all by heart now. immtdiately, howevi r, the noise kept up
The queen and tli3 rest bowtd grac- until three o', ending with the en
iously from right to left looking at no tire trass of people on tho streets sing
one in particular. The march took them ing 'God Save the Queca." I forgot to
to Saint Paul's Cathedral where they say a-j we were "leaving Eton, and wero
had a thanks giving service in front of sotie d'sttnee off, we could hear all tho
the building. We hurried away to get school boys s'nging the same song, it '
some lunch as it was growing near two sounded beautiful from where we were,
o'clcck and we had be;n there since Thi3 morning we had breakfast about
seven. 1 forgot to siy all along the march quarter of eleven and we felt like a done
which was e'ght or ten miles up community, but we started for Wind
long, tho streets were lined on sor again in or'er to see the castle. We
both sides with soldiers and were not permitted to go inside as the
there were 50,000 men in the pro- queen was at home, but we wandered all
Jl&. jJ&UfceC -....-