The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, July 10, 1897, Page 5, Image 5

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H V S? X I The sccond wcek of our Grcat M"l-Summer : j, t
W& S?& y' I Clcariti" Sale begins Morula, Julv 12. f
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Now for once be Sensible and shake hands
with opportunity while it is here. Such Bar
gains as ma- be gotten here will not be found
again in the City of Lincoln.
special reduction on goods mentioned in this
Wash dress Goods, Silks, Shirt Waists, all
Ready Made Suits, Muslin, Underwear, Dress
Goods, Ribbons, Laces, Embroideries, Um
brellas, Parasols, Furnishings, Gauze Under
wear and Numerous other things.
The very prices on goods would sell them.
We offer everything at a reduction and make a
Do not Fail to call and see how we con-
duct such a sale.
TTtf f f ft f minium r
Although he eang so fccIiDgly there was
no fervor, rather a yearning, joyless and
hopeless. It was a serenade to which
no lattice would open, which expected
no answer. It was as though this boy
of fifteen were tired of the very nemo of
love, and sang of a lost dream, inexpress
ibly sweet. He, at least, had not been
taught that ttrango unboi3ti sadness,
thought Mackenzie.
When the last vibrant note had died
away the boy bowed, and, coughing
slightly, crossed the room and stoou by
bis father.
Everyone roso and crowded about the
hostess, whose enthusiasm burst forlh
afresh. By her side stood her father, a
placid old gentleman who was thor
oughly satisfied with himself, his daugh
ter and his grandchildren, lie had once
been a vocal teacher himself, and it was
he who bad accompanied his daughter
and prodigies on their trips abroad. The
father and boy stood apart.
"Yes," Kato was replying to the com
ment? of her friends, '-Yes, it has al
ways been so. When I would sirg them
to sleep when they were little things,
just learning to talk, Hermann would
take up tho contralto with me and littlo
Adrienne would form tho sopiano for
herself. Of course it comes from my
, side cf the house. Papa might have
been a great baritono had he not do
voted himself to teaching. They have
never heard anything but good music.
They had a nurse who used to sing Sun
day schcol songs and street aiis, and
25 per cent discount on all furnishing
goods. Armstrong Clothing Co.
when Hermann was a little fellow of
live he came to me one day and said:
'Mamma, I don't want you to send Annie
away, but pleaso ask her not to sing to
us, she sings such dreadful things!" We
took them to Dr. Harrison's church one
day and tho soloist sang an aria from
the Messiah. After that I h:id no rest?
all day long it was, 'Mamma, sing Man a'
Sorrows,' it was before they could talk
plainly. 1 hey would do anything for
me if I would only ting 'In Questa
Tomba' for them.' Here sho turned to
her father, who was slightly deaf, and
raising her voice said, '"I was telling
them about In Questa Tomba', father."
Tho old gentleman smiled serenely
and nodded.
Mackenzie heard his wife say, "Hut
Kate, it seems almost impossible that
Jbey should have cared for such music
so joung."
Mrs. Mas3ey caught up tho conversa
tion with renewed energy.
"That's just what I once said to
Madame Marchesi in Paris, my dear. I
said, 'These children seem impossible to
me, I cannot think they aro my own.
Madame, sbo replied, 'genius is just
that, the impossible.' Of course. Har
riet, that's Madamo Marchesi. I don't
claim genius for them, I'm afraid of the
very word. It means such responsibil
ity. You aiust not think I am too vain.
Of course I speak quite freely today be
cause only my intimate friends are pres
ent." Mackenzie glanced apprehensively at
the boy, who must be hearing all this.
But he did not seem to hear; he still
stood holding his father's hand and look
ing out of the window. By this drae
Mackenzie had edged his way until ho
stood quite near the hostess and he wns
thinking of something nice to say. He
could say nice things sometimes, but he
alwavs had to think forthem. He knew
that on this occasion his speech must
be sufficiently appreciative. He took his
hostess' hand waimly and said in a low
tone for her ear alone:
"I should think jou would feel blessed
among women, Mrs. Massey.'
Kate beamed upon him and then
turned to her father and shouted, "He
eays he should think I'd feel Messed
among women, father."
Tho old gentleman smiled serenly his
superior smile, hisdaught?r'sBmiIe. Poor
Mackenzie blushed violently at hearing
his bit of soulful rhetoric shouted to the
world and ictreated. His wife smiled
slyly at him. She knew Kate better
than he. Kate was always beside her
self; she could never be unemotional for
an instant. She dined, dressed, talked,
shopped, called, all at high pressure.
Harriett could never imagnie her passive
even in sleep. She was always at whits
heat. Her enthusiasm was a Niagara
and its supply seemed exbaustleu. She
threw hereelf and her whole self into
everything, at everything, as an exhibi
tion modeller throws his clay at his
Concluded next week.
Corroterat1ng FIU View.
Jagway I heard a lecture In bac
teria last night.
Castleton Did you learn anything?
Jagway I should say. It taught me
the evil effects of drinking water.
It Depended.
Mrs. Manhattan How long Is it cus
tomary for a widow to wear mourning
for her husband In Chicago?
Mrs. Wabash Weeds There is no
fixed rule about It. It depends upon
how well acquainted you are. I am
generally pretty lucky. Ex.
I-ecul Item.
"What Is a vested Interest?" asked
one of the lawyers who was examining
a candidate for admission to the bar.
"Well er I suppose you have a
vested Interest when you are compelled
to pawn your vest," replied the candi
date, who was somewhat impecunious."
A Had Itrenk.
Jones A man In Uoston In his hurry
to assist a fainting lady got a bottle of
mucilage instead of camphor and
bathed her face with it.
Smith He did. eh. Well he must
have been a good deal stuck up with
his attention.
Sutton & Hollowbush have invented a
cough drop. They call it the S. & rt,
Sutton & Hollowbush, and it is a good one.
Stop and get one on your way to the
theatre. It -will save you a spasm of
A European 'I our.
Costs no more than one taken in this
counry-everything being taken into
consideration. Thousands of Americans
are rinding this out every year by actual
experience. Before arranging for your
summer trip call at B. Sz M. city ollice,
corner O aod Tenth streets", hero
steamship berths, tickets and full iufor
mation will be furnished.
George W. Bonnell,
C P. & T. A.