The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, July 10, 1897, Page 12, Image 12

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    THE COU?L3...
The wife What a sweet tmile there
is on the baby's face, John.
The husband Yes; he's probably
dreaming the he's keeping me awake
TJie Somnambulist.
His Delicate Consideration.
1 - Si
Awthaw How do, old fel.
Geginald How do, deah boy.
Awthaw Did you aw celebwate
the Queen's aw jubilee?
Weginald Of course, deah boy. I
sang "God Save the Queen," don't y'
know, all day. Did you aw celebwate,
old chap?
Awthaw Aw, no. You eee, deah boy,
I was af waid I might offend the aw
Fwince, don't y know, if he should heah
I had ezpwesaed satisfaction at the long
weign of the Queen. The Anglomanic
Mrs. Tupenny Their elopement was
a dire failure, I understand. What was
the cause of it?
Mrs. Uptodate Why, he hal provided
a Daisy tandem, and you know she won't
ride any wheel but a Columbia.
Sulplio-Saline Sanitarium, Cor. Itlx and M.
All Kinds of Baths Scientific Masseurs. A Deep Sea Pool, 50x142 feet.
Drs. Everett, Managing Physicians.
Shaving" Hairdressing.
Woman (agitatedly) Hark! I believe
there are burglars in the house.
Burglars (in concert) Rah, rah, rah!
Wip, woop, wah! Gim, gum, google!
Hah, rab, rah!
Woman (reaESuredly) Ah, no. Ocly
college boys out for an innocent lark.
At Newport.
Miss Wayuppe I just love this resort.
Mr. Harduppe Yes, it teems very dear
tome, too.
One time, when sorrow made her weep,
He kissed her tears away.
And now it seems she cannot keep
From crying all the day.
re m kit
loeiE Tl IE
Come and XJ
C O. Towitsxxo, F. D. Coeksll.
O. P. & T. Agt. C. P. T. Aft, X
ft" Louis. Ma 1301 Oil
A Weekly Newspaper
Is the
Best Advertising Medium
Old Moneybags Marry me! I cannot
ive without you!
Miss Uptoenuff That's just the rub!
I'd marry you in a minute if you
couldn't live with me!
Ltttle"Eph Pappy, wat's die yer
Capertal en Labor dey's talking erbout?
Big Eph Its dia way, honey. Ah
lends Rastus Johnson fo'teen cents
Dat's capital. Ah tries ter git et back,
Dat's labar. The Wiseacre.
There was a good man at Cape May,
A pun-making pastor, they say,
Who, the first time he saw
The waves dash on the shore,
Devoutedly exclaimed, "Let us spray!"
g You wiD find Hartshorn's former '
S upholsterer at 231 so. 11th street :
Mattresses renovated, :
1 New pieces made to :
s order. i :
Ella Tom says it will take him three
years to go through college.
Delia I don't believe it. He's such a
spendthrift he would go through any
thing in a week.
She's sweet and chic and blith and gay,
'She's charming, truth to tell;
As for her spelling well, her way
Is.just to weave a spell!
Irast Time
Tfayoiagfa, Cars.
To Omaha, Chicago, and points in
Iowa and Illinois, the UNION PACIFIC
in connection with the C. & N. W. Ry.
"offers the best service and the fastest
time. Call or write to me for time cards
rates etc. E. B. Slosson,
Gen. Agent.
1 It is carefully read bT the whole family,
2 It is not thrown aside on the day of issue but
" is fresh for a week.
3 Ten thousand dollars are spent for magazine
to one hundred in daily newspaper advertising.
A The weekty newspaper is not put into the
waste basket.
5 Every advertisement is read.
Low Rate Summer Excursion.
dress A. S. Fielding, City Tkt. Agt., 117
S. 10 st., Lincoln, Neb.
Proved It.
To write good adversising you must first
know what your are talking about and,
second, whom you are talking to.
He loved her that none could dispute
Witb love that naught could dim,
Because he wore a biking suit
. She made herself for him.
Daisy Have you and
blow made up. Jack?
No, but she has.
Miss Peach-
J Druggist and
Fine Stationery
Calling Cards
There m always a new way to advertise
any product, so flutter bow many ways
i t fcirtaim nfrrrtMffl rrrfnrr
127 S. Eleventh Street.
Please note below list of summer ex
cursions available via. the Northwestern
line, the most extensive railroad system
touching Lincoln.
SAN FRANCISCO, account conven
tion, Y. P. S. 0. E.
Selling dates, June, 29 to July 4. Fare
from Lincoln 82250. Quickest time
made by this route.
MILWAUKEE. Wis., and return, ac
count National Educational Association.
Selling dates July 3, 4 and 5. Fare 818.
40 for round trip; 50 cents extra for ex
tension of limit to August 31, 1807.
No transfers by this the only through
line Lincoln to Milwaukee.
MINNEAPOLIS, MINN., and return
acct Meeting Benevolent and Prospec-.
tive Order of Elks. 'Tickets sold July
3 and 4. Fare 113.15 for lound trip.
The North -Western is the short line
to Minneapolis.
. NASHVILLE, TENN., and return.
Tickets on sale to Oct. 15. Return limit
Nov. 17, 1897:
For further information call on or ad-
Sutton & Hollowbush have invented la
cough drop. They call it the S. & H,
Sutton & Hollowbush, and it is a good on
Stop and get one on your way
to the
theatre. It
will save you a spasm
Through the summer n. -iths
we will make a wardrobe o uch
in Denem, tufted top in w-M-
est baedad paterns for cO.
Sse samples in our wimli v
Y. M. C. A.
Rmmfl. Thirteenth and
i and X. 1