The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, July 10, 1897, Image 1

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Enteked is the ro-.TorricE at Lincoln
Office 1132 N street, Up Stairs.
Telephone 384.
is a priest who has taken an oath to
read the Bible every day, every day to
pray, and ouca a week on Sunday even
ing to rep .t t o the society, whether he
has failed or succeeded. Most of the
youths keep their vows more or less ex
actly. The influence of a daily com
ra union wiih the best Bcok ever written
and the spiritualizing iffect of prayer
together with the necessity of conform
ing the daily conduct to .a consistent
bunday exhortat'OD, is training a large
lit le less, to keep a few frionds, and
theso without capitulation "
On the lower plinth tli9 designer
have placed a spigit and basin into
which water drips unceasingly for tho
opposite her into one for her oldest son.
Her presenco is healing, her aspect
cheerful, her virtues. except by
Mr. Stock'on, unsunj. Bi'zic has
erected a literary raeaiorial to the frugal
r rench woman of a corresponding type, thirsty dog of the city. Tho ship on
who nevertheless is as French as the the top of the pillar gracefully rides tho
Stockton woman in Columbian. The water whose waves aro thrown up
younger heroines or Mr. Stockton lack against the prow. It is a ship of storied
beauty and fascination. Ho says they shape, "the ship that comes in" to tho
have both, but it is impossible to get up literary drudge as well as to the success.
any cnthus:asm about them because the fill writer. Tho lonely marblo tent in
body of young people into chumh mem- cloud of witnesses who Eurround them Samoa under which Stevenson's boJy
lies is the only monument that tho liv
ing have erected to the dead man whose
literary significance is only less than
- Editorr
Business Manager
Subscription Rates In Advance.
Per annum 82 00
Six months 1 00
Three months 50
Onemonth 20
Single copies 03
bers who will in the jeare to come ho
prepared to widen the influence
of the church. When it is
taken into consideration that each new
member of the society endeavors to in
duce his associates t join it, the numer
ical possibilities of the society in the
future begins to be apprec'ated. Only
the largest cities can now accommodato
the convention. In tht very near futu-
in tho shape of men do not allow anv
sign& or expressions of love or passion
to escape them or to interfere with, the
unfolding of a plot which they strenu
ously and with a single mind unfold
from page to page. If the four men
whom Du Maurier wrote about, had
not been in love with Trilby, if the
movement had been controlled by some
other motive than that of love to Trilbv
it will meet in sections in the four quar- a" ot &a Maurier's drawings and Du
tera of the United Stat". "If youth Maurier's descriptions could not have
only knew, if age only could.'' The enshrined her in the hearts of two con
Christian Endeavorers have chosen with tinents. To accomplish his object he
the wisdom of experience; they are ac- introduces four men, three clean nice
complishicg with the vigor and energy Englishmen and one uncanny musician
of youth, undaunted by failure what is without a country. Trilby conquers
It is the annual gatherings of the
Christian Endeavor Eociety that has
brought it to the notice of thn world,
the world of newspapers and business.
The first assembly which met, I think,
in New York was a concrete, overwhelm
ing demonstration of the strength of the
organization. The newspapers had an
nounced that tbo delegates to the
association were so many thousand but
when they arrived, crowded the street
and the hotels, when the largest audi
torium was not spacious enough to hold
them all, the society won that sort of re
spect which is felt for thousand of
individuals working to attain a single
object. It has grown so rapidly that
citiea and railroads, en account of the
thousands who go to the annual meet-
only possible to heroic endeavor.
Cynicism, pessimism, the paralysis of
many defeats are unknown to these end
of the century crusaders. There is no
organization or influence more potential
of good to the twentieth cpnury than
the society of Christian EnJeavor.
them and the story readers, uncon
sciously. If they did not adore r-er, why
should we who live in another world
and are forever separate? But little
Billee dies of love for her, the Laird
loves her as much as he can without
dyinj, so doo3 Taffy, and Svengali dies
The club editor of the Denver A'ews
addresses a word or two to Colonel Mary
Fairbrother in a way that will not bo
uninteresting to Nebraska women:
"It is unfortunati that the womar'a
club of Omaha has an organ wbich.ia
every issue, conveys tho iu'ca to taow
readers who are not familiar with local
affairs among H e clulm of Omaha that
the member? of the Woman's club do
nothing but fight. Wars and rumors of
war float through the pages of this little
sheet, and an uninformed reader would
imagine that the club was- divided into
cliques and rings of the most unpleasant
character, which occupied their time
chiefly in squabbling. 1 he paper is tho
organ of the Nebra-ka state fetlera'ion
of Woraans clubs, but devotes most of
its ammunition to the Woman's club of
Omaha, the reports of tha other clubs
being mobtly of a routine nature. Of
course, this small paper has not a very
wide circulation, and is not read by very
many people who do not understand the
exact condition of the affaire treated of.
But it seems unfortunate tout so un-
picdBaiu an impression snouiu De con-
when he loses his power over her. Like
Frank Stockton is, so far as I know, Jules Verne, Mr. Stockton makes what
the only writer except Balzac, who pre- the men do and say of more importance
fera a heroine, middle aged, homely, than what they aro. Therefore when
with all the domestic virtues and with they make their fortunes we are through veved to the strangers who ma v ohanon
that peculiar New England ingenuity of with them. They are but shades for l SS BtraV copies. The Woman's club
management which makes her an excel- lack of that which made poor Trilby's !,! 'lr hJ? m.etimeB experienced
i !, i. r m , .. . i i. t. -.. Jr. ... . dinerences or opinion among its 800
lent subject for Mr. Stockton's purpose, heart beat. If Messrs' Howell's and members, which could not reasonably
Mrs. Leeks, Mrs Aleshine, Mrs. Ciiff Stockton could bo mixed up a bit the be avoided. But it has never had an un-
and Pomona are different poses, in differ- r suit might be pleasing. Mr. H. would Pleasantness of sufficient magnitude to
ent drapery of the same model. An ex- gain action, movement and objectivity, ffllcAi !"eL..n f the prefi8' , ,And
. Mr S'a nh.MA.M .n.iM K .- "?"'" .uwr wuuiu ro-
. .,,u.u D uiu.d .- mam me oraciai organ or tne Colorado
'line, while not giving way to the eome- clubs very long which persistintly ac
timea embarraeing and unwarranted cu.6 taem of cliques and and quarrels,
confidences of Mr. Howell's heroines. S'LH nl PU,H?K' My to
rp. .... ..... ..... the aforesaid organ, and various other
Iney might Io3e a little of their imper- traits which would make the unnnnhia.
ings cut hotel rates and railroad fares to ness, modesty and accomplishment in sonality and still do something and get ticated outsider think that the Omaha
somewhere it the course of a hundred
pages. But the raidd'e aged heroine iB
lovable, and for her rarity we can afford
to excuse the absence of the young girl
animation oi tne teatures and expres
sion of these four matrons convinces the
student that they are studies of the
same individual. All worthy of being
made a heroine, all heroic in unselfish-
narrowest margins and still make money,
.Travel, a few days ago, was conjested
because of the nineteenth century
Children's Crusade to San Francisco.
The tourist cars which were generally
used to transport the Endeavorers across
the continent were more than filled
even th" steps being' occupied by day
time and the aisle Moors at night. The
organization has the same element of
strength which has enabled the Roman
Catholic Church to defy the spirit of
the age, a spirit that proveth all things
and accepts nothing for tradition's sake.
The weekly confession, the sense of re
sponsibility as a member of a religious
order which has made the catholic priest
hood a tremendous power has been in
corporated into the pledge ot the Chris
tian Endeavor Society. Every member-
time oi pern, tne stocKton woman
though as distinct a type and of a larger
acquaintance than the "Gibson Girl"
has been neglected. All native Ameri
cans ktow the Stockton woman. She beautiful
is shrewd, honest, a good housekeeper,
careful and frequently worried over
many things, even the affairs of the
Woman's club must be about the moot
unpleasant pla;e that a person could get
AH this unpleisantness will be a thing
of the past when The Courier of thin
city is made the official organ of the
state federation. Sub rosa, it must bo
The monument to Robert Louis Stev- admitted that hair pulling is quite com.
enson, which is to be set ud in San mnn nmn the m.,k r v
neghbors, conscientious, always ready to Francisco was paid for by contributions but it is not the busines, of rh nffi.i
antnA .4I. 4L. t" A1la a .. ,
cuiri8cutj, mm iub oy privaie inaiviouais, some or taem nis
literary associates and some of them the
every day people who have read his
books. The mouument is a equare shaft
surmounted by a ship, a galleon with all
lend a band in an
community feeling on the way to full de
velorment, net cccustomed to s'ylish
life or large wajs of living, yet the
Stockton woman is able to fall into them
organ to comb up the disarrufed Iocfa
before the public Xebraska Sliie
The Town and County Club of York
when an access of wealth makes them pail sat anil hntrwl hv n pBtrn ;n :-,.,.. .1 r,
- , uo mm oncmpi, eu iar as i Know. IO
convcnable. Three fourths of the mem- headed westward to that isle of Samoa bring the country women and the city
bers of Lincoln, if that proportion are where Stevenson died. Under his name women together. The large possibilities
married, look across the table into the will be inscribed this passage from the educational and social to be derived
eyes of a Stoocton woman who is specu- "Christmas Sermon:" To b honest from such an association reflect great
latmgon thebestwaytocutupthesuit to be kind, to earn a little, to spend a credit upon the York inventor The