The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, July 03, 1897, Page 6, Image 6

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ZmZmf " ' i&i'''" '"
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1 otophones.
Professional J"ioto-y
Dr. O. C. Eeynolds
(Office rooms 18-19, 10toU a.m.
-c Man- Hioctc iiioap.m.
(Kb? lt4S0.29thSt 1 81
San. a to 5
Office ...375 lW L' DaytOD,M.D. 0Hc.ia0 Street MOtol
iDiiwases of Ere, Ear, Nose and Throat j Res. IS.'! C Street j 2:30 to 5
r. F. D. Sherwin
Offico, room 19 Burr Blk I 9 to 12 a. m.
- 2nd floor V
tRes.234SQst I 1 loSp.m
IDr. J. H. Tyndale
J Office, room 9 and 10,
j Lansing Thoatro
19 toll
f 2t
to 5pm
L.1 C A. Shoemaker, M. D.
Prr.f rf Ohstrir.f Irnwnlnxrr.MfKliral
Dept. Cotner Universr
18 to 9 am
Office 1194 I. Street J, 12 tol:3Q
I Dr. 8. E. Cook
1 Eye. Ear, Noee and Throat
1315 O St.
j 90-12:30 am
Dr. Benj. P. Bailey
j Office. Zcbrung Block
I Residence, 1313 C street
1 9 to 10 a iii
V12 Jo 12:30
J 2 to 4 p m
Dr. J. S. McNay
j Office, 1105 O street IS to 12 am
I Residence. 2208 T street II toSpm
Dr. B. E. Gif fen
Office, Telephone Bid...
) Residence, 1821 F street
12 to 5 pm;
a m by ap-
I Ruth M. Wood, M. D.
f Diseases of Women.
I Office, Richards Bid.,
cor. 11th and O sfs.
(Residence, 336 so 13th.
53o. Louis N. Wente,D.D.S.
f rMKA wiran. H fn nnrl
va.., .v"."-- - . .-.
l, urowneti mocic, ui
so litu street.
36. J. Riser, D, D, L, -J
Office. 1231 0 street, over I
Miller & Paine. J
W,S,Latta.M. D,
Disease or women a specialty.
Facial blemishes remored.
) Office and private hos
V piUl. 1116 L street.
I A 1 1 hours
V when not
I engaged.
Office 143
cR. 8tanhope,
1 Female Diseases &
) Residence and Office
1526 K street.
19 to Ha. m.
V 42 to 4 p.
I m.
D. M. H. Garten,
I Office 17 Richards blk. ( Office hoars
V - 'IOto 12:30
I Res II03H street I 2 to 5.
ns Clyde Davis, D, D, S,
4th Floor Richards blk.
H. a Aley, M. D.
remalo. nervous it gemto-unnsrr
1 (Hours 9 to 12
V Office, 1414 O Street i to 5. 7 to 8
I Mon. & Sat
IDr. Clifford R. Tefft,
(Office, 1127 O Street.
oi sci pr. J.S.Eaton,
rtidenee..S62 ) Surgery and Nervous Diseases,
VOffice, 137 So. Ilth St.
Hours 10 to I
a. m.. 2 to 4
p. m.
(Dr. J. B. Triokey,
1 Re'raclionist only
1 1 9 to 12 a.
VOffice, 1035 O street VI to 4 p. in
.ii BE
CtaOSUi Mill
Miller & Paine
5 :
Go to
?WKflS Zl SEiD0H
1129 0 Street, :-: Lirxcola Neb
Social and Personal
Mrs. Smith Wilsin and con, left Mon
day for Spring Lake, Now Jersey, where
they will spend the greater part of the
Mrs. Hayes Thompson and son, left
Thursday for California.
Mies Helen Nance went to Chicago
Wednesday evening. Matt Baldwin
entertained Mr. Joseph Walsh of Port
Huron, Michigan, and other friends
ten couples in number, at the Club
Florence Farwell entertained Miss Mc
Cune of Omaha, and Miss Miller with
several other, on Tuesday evening.
Monday night, Mrs. Frank Smith
gave a party for Mis3 Grace Harrison,
of Beatrice. The evening pasted mer
rily, aa all of the crowd blacked up as
W. E. Hardy and wife will spend a
month at Lake Osakis.
Miss Kate Gelateley of Fdirbury, has
been the guest of her cousin Miss Whit
ing, for several days.
Mrs. C. O. Whedon and fjmily, ex
pect to spend two weeks this summer
camping in the Big Horn Mountains.
Ed T. Child, ed'tor of the Fairmont
Tribune, a bright and vigorous state
paper, was in the city the first of the
week visiting friends.
Will H. Schuyler and Reed Dunroy
went to Crets on a fishing excursion
last Wednesday. They got some bitep,
that is, mosquito bites and caught cold.
Mrs. George D. Kelly has returned
from a short 3ummer outing in Kansas
C. M. Barr who graduated from the
state university a year ago and has since
been teaching at Litchfield, this state,
is in the city visiting friend?.
Miss Alice Rodgers, 1915 F. street
gave a birthday party on Wednesday.
The little maiden is nine years old and
about thirty five of her friends assembled
to congratulate her and speed her along
the way. The grounds were illuminated
and the pretty little lads and lasses hid
their tea on the lawn lighted by the yel
low and rad grotesque lanterns of the
Chinese. Those present were:
John, Casey and Lottie Hamiltcn.
Ethel Burket, Edith Doty, Id arte Talbo t,
Ethel, Vela and Jean Bignell, Laura
Leavitt, Earl Foster, Lawrence Tipliog,
Riley Halstead, Barton and Grace Green,
Silence Stswart, Emily Johnson. Charlie
Sawyer, Fred Righter, Hirry Har
greavec, Vincent Coates, Arthur Temple,
Grace Stewart, Grace White, Marian
Ogden, Florence and Chester Parks,
Wells and Henry Lippincott, Frank and
Howard Brown, Fannie, Harry and Carl
Mrs. Boyd and Miss Boyd from Balti
more visitedMrp. lEraelPutmanfnrafew
days of this hot week. They are on their
way to California.
Last Wednesday Miss Mariel Jones
cilebrated her birthday with four or
five of her little friends who live in the
tame block with her.
In all cases where weddings are re
ported in these co'umna it is under,
stcod that the bride is of rare Leauty.
with many friends and with accomplish
ments that would land her the ether
side cf fame if she had not preferred
matrimony; that the groom is a young
business man with a dazzling future
which has already attached itrelt to him
like the halo manifestation." around the
beads of calendered saints. The Cock
ir.uleaves to the daily papers the reiter
ations, of beauty and genius united by
the solemn ring service in the tender
tones which it is traditional for the pro
fession to employ in Lincoln. The
Courier is a weekly paper and only at
tempts to summarize and comment on
the events of the week. The rising
young business men and the beautiful
maidens who are united by impressive
ceremonies and officiating clergymen
will understand that only the nuptial
ceremonies of the wiseEt, best and most
beautiful appear in the columns of The
Courier. The same office rule applies
to refreshments. They will not be men
tioned in The Courier unless Eome
Bellehazzar strips the orient of fruits
and birds, for every hostess provides
"dainty rafreehraeuts or elegant or
both and if she fails in any respect The
Courier can not conscientiously men
tion her party. Therefore, bo it under
B'ool forever in the pages of The Cour
ier h "dainty refreshments were ser
ved." Miss Ade.o Randall went to New York
on Thursday.
Miss Cochran, Miss Houtz and he
friend Miss Baker of Portland. Oregon,
and Miss Walkin will spsnd Monday at
Miss Ethelyn Hooper gave a high Sve
party on Thursday eveningfor MissSeba
Case of Faribault.Minnesota. Miss Bar
ker won the royal prize, a cut glass vase,
Mr. Fritz Westerman won the gentle
man's royal, a silver box. Those present
were: Mr. and Mrs. Houtz, Mieses Bar
ker. Burr, Leland, Bettor, Houtz, Fiske.
Butler, Moore, Griffith, Furnas, Welch,
Watkinp, Cochran, Slaughter and Gar
den. Messrs Hurlbut, Baldwin, Chap
man, Welch, Smith, Yates, Green, Hag
garJ, Louis Westerman, Fritz Wester
man, Folsom, Walch, Lottridgp, Riscer,
and Butler.
Mr-. Wirger and Miss Stoddard have
taken a cottage ut Crete also the C. H.
Miss Nellie Griggs and Adele Randall
spent several days in Colorado last week.
Miss Eva Thompson left last week for
Europe. She will join a party in New
York which will go to England and then
south to Italy, where they will pass two
or three months.
T. E. Wing went back to New York
on Tuesday. Tom has added raetropoli
tanism to bis good Iooks.and he left many
a wistful feminine heart bahind him
whn he boardod the eastern train.
M;ss Anna Spurck, a graduate of the
university clasB of "97, who has been
principal assistant under Mies Anna
Barr in the physical training depart
ment oT the state university, left on
Tuesday for Chautauqua, N. Y , to finish
her course in physicial training. She
stoppsd in Chicago a day or two to v.sit
Miss Alici Slaughter is entertaining
MJbi McCuie, Miss Ruth Welter and Mr.
McCune of Omiha, M sses NjII and
Georgia Post of Columbus.
Mrs. J. K. Honeywell, Miss May and
Miss Maggie, lift on Tueiday f jr Bjlvi
dere, N. J., where they will spend the
rejt of tli3 summer.
Miss Mary L. Jones, who wont to New
York with Misi Guilmett) joined her
party bound for Europa at Boston and
sailed, it is presumed, last week.
News comes from Prof. Fling that he
has been ill ever sin2e ho landed m Paris
and unable 1 3 carry .on the researches
in the libraries that he expected to.