The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, June 19, 1897, Page 4, Image 4

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Officers of the State Federation of Woman's Clubs.
President, Mrs. B. M. Stoutenborough.Plattsmouth.
Vice-president, Mrs. J. E. Keysor, 2724 Caldwell street, Omaha.
Secretary, Miss Vesta Gray, Fremont
Treasurer, Mrs. M. F. Nichols, Beatrice.
Auditor, Mrs. D. C. McKillip, Seward.
Librarian, Mrs. G. M. Lambertson, Lincoln.
Lincoln Clubs.
Athenea Mrs. Will Green Mrs. Belle Hamilton
Book Kevin Mrs. I. N. Baker. Mrs. Kelley
Century Mrs. M. II. Garten Mrs. B. T. Van Brunt
Faculty Club Mrs. Geo. E. MacLean Mrs. P. B. Burnett
Fortnightly Mre.C. H. Imhoff Mrs. C.H. Gere
Hall in Grovo Mrs. II. M. Bushnell Mrs. Walter Davis
Lotos Mrs. J. L. McConnell Mrs. Lucy A. Betsey
Matinee Musicale Mrs. D. A. Campbell Mrs. J. W. Winger
Sorosis Mrs. A. J. Sawyer Mrs. J. E. Miller
Sorosis, J r Mrs. Wm.T. Stevens Mrs. Fred Shepherd
Wednesday Afternoon The hostess acts as president.. Mrs. Robert Wilson
Woman's Club Mrs. A. A. Scott Mrs. J. L. Parsons
Y.W.C. A. Magazine Club.... Miss Wild
President, Mrs. Geo. L. MeiBsner, 1512
D street.
First vice-president, Mrs. Ida Kelley,
839 North Twenty-third street.
Second vice-president, Mrs. II. H.
Wheeler, 1517 H street
standing and appreciation of our city
The members of tha City Improve
ment Society agree to improve and
make attractive their own premises, and
to assist in keeping clean the streets and
alleys of the block in which they reside.
The plan is to district the city, ulti
mately securing one person in eaEt block
who will interest her or himself in secur
ing neatness and order in the immediate
Any one interested in these objects
may become a member by the payment
An informally jolly club affair of the
week was a picnic by the Nineteenth
Century club of Seward Tuesday even
ing, rhe members of the club took
baskets rilled with good things and went
4t finvnt-d vyorr n nrofiv nlllPA tn tlin
-. .t- . j u j of twenty-five cents per vear.
edge of the pretty town and there under ,, ... . . ,.
.. . , , .. Please notice the following ordinances:
the trees spread such a m?nu as the
gods might have enjoyed. The weather kitchen waste.
was propitious, a little ram to settle the 1030, 21. The permitting of slops
dust, just enough cloud to screen the and garbage to b3 deositepd in manure
hot evening sud and a fine breeze, ideal heaps and thrown in the alley is hereby
picnic weather. And then to clap the declared to ba a public nuisance, and
climax the park had j'ist been mowed every occupant of any house, block, or
and the sweet scent of the hy was like dwelling within said city is hereby rc-
the perfumes that graced the feasts of quired to put all slop?, garbage, and
the ancient Romans. A number of in- kitchen waste into a receptacle on the
vited guests were present among them inside of the alley fence or alley line.
being Mrs. S. C. Langworthy, president And any person who shall violate any of
of the History and Art club of Seward, the provisions of this ordinance shall
and Williasi Reed Dunroyof Lincoln, upon conviction bo fined in any sum not
After every one had done full justice to exceeding 520 and stand committed until
the good cookery of the members of the such fine and the costs of prosecution
club, the eatables were cleared away and are paid.
then took place an unique game, noth
ing less than a hay fight. ' All entered
into the tight and when the battle was
over they all had hayseed in their hair.
The new officeis of the club have been
elected as follows: President, Mrs. R.
P. Anderson; vice president, Mrs. Har
vey Miller; secretary and treasurer. Miss
1131, g 21. No person shall throw,
cast or put into, drop or leave in any
street, alley, lane, public place or any
uninclosed public grounds in the city of
Lincoln, any ttone, m'ssles, naila, ice,
glass, iron or any other metal, or any
hay, straw, paper, parings of fruit or
Maude Polley. A corresponding secre- vegetables, or any other article or thing,
tary or reporter for the club is to be elect
ed later. The program for the year as
mapped out contains modern themes.
Much attention will be paid to current
event?, current literature and tho maga
zines will be usrd lor references more
except ashes on unpaved streets or al'exs.
1134, 22. No pereon shall throw,
cast, lay or place on any sidewalk in the
city of Lincoln, the rind or peel of any
than books. American authors and onge, banana, apple or other fruit.
American happenings will cngrofs the
attention of the club.
1123, 1G. It shall be unlawful for
any owner of say lot or parcel of giound
in this city to allow or permit weeds to
grow, or remain when grown, on such
lot, blo(k or parcel of ground, but all
weeds growing on any lot, block, or par
cel of ground 6hall be cut close to the
The city improvement Eotiety has is
sued the following circular to the citi
zens of Lincoln:
"The City Improvement Society of
Lincoln was organized in January, 1897.
This society was organized for the ground and so kept. '
purpoee of promoting in Lincoln a high- A hearty invitation is extended lo you
er public spirit and a better social order; personally to become an active member
to arouse in the citizens an increased of this society. We need you. Our
enthusiasm for all thiDgs uplifting to hope lies in public opinion. Will you do
our city. Its aim is to co-operate with y0Ur part in framing a healthy one for
the city authorities, to assist them in Lincoln?
enforcing regulations nearly touching
the comfort and well being of the citi- Theclubsof Crete met in union or
zenr, and to prorcote a letter under- federated session on Friday, June 11.
I Ladies
Do You Know Where
Is? Well, it is the placetogeta
or your
This eradicate dandruff and will make your hair SOFT and GLOSSY.
It is the place to get a good MASSAGE to keep your skin soft and white.
Also BODY MASSAGE and VAPOR BATHS to build you up and clear
your skin this time of the year. MANICUKE and MASSAGE for the
HANDS, to shape the nails and make the hand soft and white. The FACE
BLEACHED, FRECKLES and PIMPLES removed, leaving the skin
clear, soft and white. The hair dressed and beautified or powdered for
The best line of Switches. Curls and Bangs. Toilet Waters, Perfumes,
Triple Extracts, Powder, Hair Tonics, Soap, Hairpins, Real Shell Orna
ments, Combe, etc. Wigs, Swiches, Curls or anything of the kind made
to order.
Near Lansirur Theatre.
121 No. 13th St.
JTlectrical Contractor and Jobber.
135 So. 12th St. Lincoln, Neb.
The secretaries of the following club3
read annual reports: Round Table,
Social and Literary club, Sorosis, Mutual
Improvement club, Columbian club.
The reports were very interesting,
showing that the various clubs were
covering the field of literature, history
and current topics. Those departments
of knowledge, the study and under
standing of which require laboratories
and apparatus not at present accessible
to women6 clubs, are the only subjects
they do not attempt Probably on
account of the college atmosphere at
Cret9 the clubs of that place have made
a particularly brilliant record. The dis
cussion of tho question. "Resolved that
men bs admitted to our club3," followed
the reports. Mrs. Nellie Richardson, of
Lincoln, was mide chairman, and the
discussion of the question was lively and
earnest. The same arguments were
used in opposition to the resolution that
men ueo ti express tho reasons for their
disapproval of woman suffrage, viz:
the distruction of the home, the mental
inferiority of tho male, the reduction
of the efficiency of the clubs, etc. The
resolution was voted down. After a
recess, in which ices were served, the
officers for the ensuing year were elect
ed and the president of the Woman's
club for the past year, Mrs. F. I. Fes,
made her farewell speech. Mrs. Foss
hi3 been a most efficient and popular
officer. Mistress of parliamentary
practice, ehe has presided at tho meet
ings with the dignity and composure
natural to her. Her decisions have been
fair, and sho retires with distinction.
The following officers were elected for
the coming year: President, Mrs. A.
V. Mathews; vice president. Mr6.
Norman Jackson; secretary, Miss
Mary TiJball; treasurer Mrs. McCar
the Burlington Route are guaranteed a
quick, cool, comfortable journey, lino
line scenery (by daylight) and first claes
Berths reserved and descriptive litera
ture furnished on request at B. fc M.
depot or city office, corcer Tenth and O
streets. GEO. W. BONNELL,
(First publication Juno 19.)
In the county court of Lancaster coun
ty. Nebraska. In the matter of the es
tate of Moshier T. Green, deceased. To
the creditors of said estate:
You arc hereby notified that I will sit
at the county court room in Lincoln, in
said county, on the loth day of October,
1S97, and again on the 15th day of Jan
uary, 1893, to receive and examine all
claims sgiinst said estate, with a view to
their adjustment and allowance. The
time limitsd for the presentation of
claims against said estate is six months
from the loth day of July, A. D. 1897,
and th? time limited for the payment
of debts is one year from the 15th day of
July, A. D. 1897.
Notice of this proceeding is ordered
published four weeks successively in
The Courier, a weekly newspaper pub
lished in this state.
Witness my hand and the seal of said
county court this 2d day of June, 1897.
By D.L. LOVE, Clerk.
Burlington Route.
June 29 to July C, account National Con
vention Christian Endeavorers, special
trains. Through tourist and palace
sleepers. Stop-overs allowed at and
west of Denver. Return via Portland,
Yellowstone Park and Black Hills if de
sired. Endeavorers and their friends who take
Our stock is blooming with shoes for
June shoes that are just as beautiful and
graceful as the season and ourcustomers'
demand. Every woman will be delighted
with the added grace that will be given by
our new summer shoes, and every man
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the charm.
1213 O Street.