The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, November 28, 1896, Image 2

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Island is doing proportionately us well.
Tho Tollowirg letters wero received
from tbo judges of '-Tho Courier" prize
contest. It will bo seen that tbo story
"Big IJuus" takes tbo first prize, and
"Tiio Deacon and Tho Advertizing So
licitors," tbo second.
Lincoln, Nnn., Nov 21, 1E9G.
Editor Courier: At your request I
havo examined tho stories tbut wero
submitted to mo by you and ' beg leave
to say, in m f opinion, the story entitled
to first prizo is the story of "Tho Deacon
and tho Four Advertisirg Solicitors."
The second is "Dig IIuub," a story of a
Nebraska farm. I remain very respect
fully, W. S. SUMMEIW.
Holy Trinity Rectory,
Lincoln, Nov. 17th, 189G.
Yesterday I received a lot cf "prizo
etoiics" and Lave, as agreed, read them.
In my opinion tho story entitled "Big
liana" is entitled to first prize; and "Tho
Deacon and tho Adiertising Solicitors"
i entitled to second. As you requested
I will pass them on to Mr. Ames. Very
truly yours, JI. Pr.ncv Silveks.
Lincoln. Neb., Nov. lDth, 1S9G.
My decision on the prizs essajs sub
mitted to me id as follows:
First-"Big Hans."
Second "Her First E:cursion Run."
Thiid "On tho Way to tho Sea."
Fourth"The New Minister."
Fifth Tne Parable of the Chimney."
I remain very respectfully yours,
John II. Ames.
The prizo story, "Big Hans," was writ
ten by Miss Edna D Bullock. Tho
second piize story, viz, "The Story of
the Deacon and the Four Advertising
Solicitors' is written by Mr. M. Ridge
way Van Blarcom of New York city.
Mr. Van Blarcom is a son of an Omaha
lady. Mr. Van Blarcom has written for
the magazines and for newspapers for
eomo time. His stories have a flavor of
Stockton. Ho is a young man, and The
Courier is glad to print a story that is
among the first of many that will be
read by maazine readers in the years
to come. Miss Edna Bullock, who takes
the first prize, is a joucg woman of
much, promise now doing post graduate
work at tbo university. We have heard
of her before and we will hear of her
again. Uor stoiy will bo printed next
week and Mr. Van Blarcom's week after,
ad some of the others will follow.
Many of the stories are excellent, and
the-editor rejoices not to have had any
thing to do with the decision.
The Nitional Council of Jewish
Women" held its tiret convention in
New York from November fifteenth to
the twentieth. Tne council has branches
in nearly every city in the United States
Tho membership includes all Jewish
women who care to join. Mrs. New
mark is the president of tho Lincoln
branch of the national council which
-was organized last May. It meets fort
nightly acd the interest is growing.
Numbers of Jewish residents have
moved away from Lincoln since the
hard times set in and the society and
eynagojuo show a depleted member
ship. The program of the National Council
issued last year by Miss Sadie Ameri
cas, the i-orrcspaading secretary, states
the object of tho society as follows:
Tae primaiy object or the N. C. J. V.
is to promote a thorough, systematic
and widespread knowledge of Judaism.
A thorough knowledge cr our history is
necessary as a basis for this. In gen
eral the year shall ba devoted to learn
ing: 'Tho history of Israel to the Christian
Era, -and to obtaining a close acquaint
ance with the Bible.
Whilo the cxperienco of the pist year
hasEhown that no presupposition of
fam'iiarity wilh any period of Jewish
history should, ss'yct, determino any'
part'calcr per'oJ fo' uniform study, yej
your ccnmittee herewith presents a
guide for the early and most important
period covered by Isaiah, Jeremiah and
Ezekiel ?750:750 B. C which it rec
ommends as an excellent beginning for
study. An effort will be niado to pro
vide further guides as needed.
For tho pro-Babylonian period any
simple history of Israel will furnish tho
facts. Tho following are some of tho
subjects recommended:
Study or Leviticus: "Tho Sacrificial
System." "Tho Laws of Cleanliness and
Their Effcctf," '-Ethics of Leviticus."
Study of Numbers: "Land, Langu
ages and People of Palestine," "Tho
Story of Balaam and Balakand Its Les
son f," "The Biblical Festivals and Holy
Symposium Ten minute speakers.
Characteristics and peculiarities of
the modern Jew as developed in and by:
Asiatic countries.
Russia and Poland.
Position, social and political and in
dustriil.of the Jew in the countries
above mentioned.
Study of Genesis: "Abraham tho
Founder," 'Patriarchal Lite," "Tho
Poetry of Genesis."
Study of Exodus: "Tho Tabernacle."
'The Song of the Rid Sea." "Ethics of
In a list of books recommended for
tho study of the Bible the names of the
modern German writers on Hebraism
appears. The scholarly treatment of
Old Testament topics by tho writers of
tho Tubingen Bchool brings every con
scientious reader finally to the Eame at
titude of knowledge and reverence. Jew
and Gentile divide when they reach
the Christian era. Tho paths divr'e
at right angles and nothing but miracu
lous geometry can bring them together.
Mrs. Henrotin, the president of the
National federation of Woman's clubs
made a speech before tho N. C. J. W.
urging union wilh the federatfon. Al
though the object of the Jewish society
is to promote a thorough knowledge of
Judaism, there is nothing in that to
keep it from joining the federation.
Knowledge and sympathy will help to
destroy tho ignorance and prejudice,
which for so long have separated Jew
and Gentile.
The secondary object of the N. C. J.
W. is the study and practice of the pre
ventive charity systems. In Chicago its
members aro devoting themselves to
settlement wark and ia Lincoln they
are looking out for their own poor, sys
tematically. Persecution and years of confinement
in the Ghetto's of Europe have bred a
distrust of outside people which it will
take many centuries of acquaintance to
dispel. Though the quicker it shall dis
appear the better for us all. Woman's
clubs bring the women together. Com
rades are privates who march and fight
together. The village improvem:nt
societies, that many originally literary
clubs havo become, need to be repre
sentative of all classes if they would
accomplish anything.
It is the influence of tho club move
ment which has stirred the leaders of
the Jewish council to organize. Before
they know it' tho mighty stream will
havo caught them and the current will
carry thorn into the midst of women of
all faiths and every race who are strug
gling to know more themselves and to
help each other.
The Flier will make better time by
several hours to St, Louis, Clncinnatti.
Washington, New York and to all east
ern points, than any other line out of
Lincoln. It Is a screamer.
For Information about rates, connec
tions, ets, or for sleeping car berths.
call at city ticket office. 1201 O street.
F. E. CORNELL. C. P. & T. A
You whose prido contUts in living
on nn i-lcrated piano
Of intellectual culture anil
nil social claims disdain
AVlio comment on the vanity
of women whom you meet,
"Whoso heads aro tilled with
naught ixiido tho latest fashion sheet."
As jou'ro a woman honestly,
now tell mo-if you find
For nn evolution lecturo
n conccntrntod mind,
AVlien filled with dire forebodings.
that some friends that ncarjou sit,
Most surely will discover
that your new
You with soul so steeped in pleasure - -
by a sympathy sublimn
At a PadcrcwsUi concert.
that you can not well dirino
Tho grosser creature, nearyou,
with the deeply injured air.
Who softly murmurs under breath
"A stupid, slow affair!"
No.v. tell mo candidly, did
worldly thoughts obtrude
Upon the soulful raptnro
of joursweet, ecstatic mosd?
I only ask tho question
'can?o 1 saw you sitting thsra
And struggling with
a loosened trcs3
l londo
And you. sweet saint, who
found the sermon dull and flat
Becauss jou chanced to hear re
marks about-a dowdy hat!"
In vain you sought on heavenly
things to fix your wandering mind
That day, no consolation in
religion Could you find ;
In spito of self, you wonderod
as your face more crimson grow
I'm sure, in strictest confidence,
you will to mo confess
One can bo a better Christian
When one's
Mary Day Harris.
See Our
11?4 N -
1111 vv
Every Thursday evening, a touritt
sleeping car for Salt Lake City, San
Francisco an I L03 Angeles leaves
Omaha and Lincoln via the Burlington
Route. It is carpeted; upholstered in
rattan; has spring seats and backs and
13 provided with curtains, bidding,
towels, soap. etc. An experienced ex
cursion conductor and a uniformed Pul
lmau porter accompany it through to
the Pacific Coast. While neither as ex
pensively finished nor as fine to look nt
as'a palace sleeper, it is just as good to
ride ia. Second class tickets aro honored
and the price of a berth, wide enough
and big enough for two. is only 65. For
a fclder giving full particulars, call at
tho B & at Depot or City office Corner
Tenth and O street.
C. P. T. A.
L,xaarGOx,ar. kebras
Open at all Hours Day and Nlgtt
All form of baths.
With special attention to the appll
cation ot natural salt water bataa,
Several times stronger than sea water.
Special department for surgical casta
and diseases peculiar to women.
Shramatiss, Skin, Bloc4 and Narrow IHa
eaaea, Liver and Kidney Titrable and Canals
Alhnant! are treated occetrfoily.
Sea bathinc may be enjoyed at all nnwi V
oar larva salt winnntas pool, 50x142 feet, 1 M
10 feat deep, heated to uniform Umperator si
M decree.
Managing Physicians.
THEY MsoD--i-eraj!
BEAU- r-Dais
TIES. 1213 0 ST
11?4 fl
i HiTWilia