The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, August 29, 1896, Image 8

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What the public want on the stage is
something to laugh at. They 'are not
particular what it is or how non-Bensical
it may be for bo long as it provokes
laughter it satisfies, and laughter drives
cares and sorrows to the winds. Of all
thi mirth laughing operatic musical
comedies before the public this season
Murry & Murphy's comedians in
"O'Dowd's Neighbors," who will be
seen at the Funke opera house on Tues
day evening, September 1, stands fore
most The organization has been seen
in our city on former occasions and re
quires no consideration to our play
goers. It caught the town on its first
visit aud won popular favor from the
start It stands unique and is a su
preme laughing success. The humor
ous eccentricities of the characters, the
unlimited fun in the several scenes, the
droll humor of the story and the very
whirlwind of poetry that prevades the
entire performance from beginning to
end makes "O'Dowd's Neighbors'' the
most laughable of latter-day produc
tions. It is a bundle of laughs spread
on a thread of fun. The American pub
lic from New York to San Francisco
have roared at its happy situations un
.til the comedy has become as familiar
to the theatre-goers as any of the stand
ard attractions of regular dramas. When
the "Neighbors" first visited our city
the seating capacity of the opera house
was taxed. As a special feature the
famous Dixie Pickaninny band, com
posed of the principal members of the
celebrated "Wangdoodle band," so
pleasantly remembered by those who
witnessed "In Old Kentucky" the past
two seasons, have been secured and will
appear in a gorgeous and unique street
parade on the day of the performance
and also take part in the comedy ic the
evening. Seats on sale at the box of
fice Saturday morning at 10 a. m. Regu
lar prices.
"Yes, I like that dear old song, 'Home,
Sweet Home' " said Murk Murphy, of
Murry & Murphy's comedians, who will
appear in O'Dowd's Neighbors" at the
Funke opera house on Tuesday evening,
September 1. "It conjures up recollec
tions of the old hearthplace around
which our whole family used to sit of a
cold winter's night. Yes, there is no
place like home as the song 6ays, but
there is a time when it jars upon a fel
lows ears. I experienced the jar one
evening when I was calling on a young
lady. Wo were having a pleasant
enough time of it when about a quarter
pat9-it wasn't a minute later the
young lady's mother sat down at the
piano iu an adjoining room and played
Home. Sweet Home.' Now, I have had
the clock turned on me to strike 11
when it was only 10, heard the old
gentleman remark about heavy gas .bills
and I have experienced probably all the
well known hints that other fellow's
have met with, but that's the first time
I ever heard that dear old song used to
further a bad end. Of course my friend
ly visit came to an untimely finish.
Now I think a quarter past 9 too early
to spring anything like that on a fellow,
and after that when I made a call I had
an arrangement made with the young
lady by which she kept her piano
Mark Murphy of Murry & Murphy's
comedians who are now on their annual
tour in the operatic musical comedy,
"O'Dowd's Neighbors,' and who are
two of the most entertaining men in the
profession, relates the following story as
illustrative of the untiring passion of the
actor to play to overflowing houses: "An
actor who plays juvenile roles met a
leading man on Broadway, New York
city. The Leading man was dressed in
deep black, there was a wide band of
crepe on his hat and had discarded the
patent leather shoes an actor loves so
dearly, for shoes with a subdued polish,
that spoke of grief.
"What's the matter?' asked the juv
enile. "My father is Lead,'" answered the
leading man in a heartbroken voice.
The juvenile expressed his sympathy.
' When did he die?' he asked.
"Last week. We buried him today
a nice funeral." answered the heart
broken voice.
"Large attendance?" queried the juv
enile. A smile of delight flashed over the
mourner's face.
"Large attendance?" he cried, "My
boy, we turned them away."
We have purchased (because it Is
just the thine we have needed) the
Columbian Cyclopedia Library, con
sisting: of the Columbian encyclopedia,
which Is also an unabridged dictionary
thirty-two volumes of convenient size
neatly bound, four volumes of thean
nual cyclopedic review, lour volumes of
current hlstoryfor 1S96, one Columbian
atlas and the neat convenient revolving:
oak cas ewith glass doors. From the
evidence obtained we find that some
part of this work is placed in the
best private and public library in this
country an dabroad, for the reason
that they cover a field relative to the
past present and future progress
and achievements of the human race
not attempted by others. The plan
is original, and the work throughout
is carefully and ably written.
Current history contains 220 pages,
is issued two months after the close
of each quarter, this length of time
being taken to reduce all Information
received to be an absolutely reliable
and authentic basis. If these are
kept on file, this magazine will prove
a permanent and invaluable record of
all important movements In political,
social religious, literary, educational
scientific and industrial affairs.
The magazine will be indispensible
to all people who have encyclopedias,
as It will be needed to keep these
works up to date. To those who da
not own encyclopedias it will be doubly
valuable as their source of Information
Is more limited. About March of
each year the four volumes of current
history are bound into one volume,
known as the Annuai Cyclopedic Re
view. There are now four of these
bound volumes covering yearsl892-3-4
and 5. The work has for endorsers
and subscribers in this city and state
such people as Mr. Gere, editor-Inchlef
of the Lincoln State Journal,, Hon.
Joe Bartley. state treasurer, Hon. W.
J. Bryan, Mr. Miller, editor of the
Northwestern Journal of Education.
Hon. H. R. Corbett. state supsrintend
ent of public Instruction. Dr. R. E.
Glffen, Miss Mary L. Jones, acting
librarian at the state university
whose letter we publish below in full:
"Every reading person has felt the
need of brief summaries of current
topics and events. The daily, weekly
and monthly periodicals and papers
may furnish data sufficient, but the
labor of collecting and digesting it is
frequently out of proportion to the re
sult obtained, a most satisfactory
summary may be found In the quar
Journal has been of invaluable service
teriy issues of Current History. ,ThIs
In the library covering a field that no
other attempts.
Acting Librarian.
Subscription price, $1.50 a year In
advance; bound volumes, cloth. $2.
half morrocco, $2.50: library sheep.J2.50;
embossed sheep, S3.50; three-fourths
perslon, J4. Complete library from
$36. to $108; cases from $6. to $44.
The complete library Is sold on
monthly payments to suit purchaser.
City subscriptions will be received at
the Courier office for a limited time
only, or at Mr. H. "W. Brown's book
store, direct all other correspondence
to C. S Borum, general agent, Lincoln,
The North-Western is now selling at
reduced round trip rates, tickets to St
Paul, Minneapolis and numerous re
sorts In Minnesota. This is the Short
Line. City office. 117 South Tenth St.
Wanted-An Idea 2S
WaHMM. D. Cfor thair SLMD nn
Tuesday Night, September 1
ne jqigl?t of f?un
The King Bees of Comedy
Flubb What did Criticue say of your
painting, "The Seven Sleepers?''
Dubb Hang him! He said it lacked
repose. Town Topics.
Murry & Murphy's Comedians
First Tramp Dey say dat health is
Second Tramp If dat's so, here's two
wealthy men widout de price of a beer
between 'em. Town Topics.
n NEiii
Accompanied by the
Dixie Pickaninny Band
Watch for the parade at noon. Seats on sale at the
box office, 119 South Twelfth street, Saturday,
August 29, 10 a. m.
Prloes"fl.OO, T&c oOc. 25c,
The Indestructible "Maywood"
fi Host "odero,
Host Reliable,
Most Durable
Wheel on Earj.
THIS 375.00 COM
W 2T i-TS35
. I Toll. 2. 1891 Oct. 3. 1893
1 H.iV 17 IXitl Jin 1. 189.'
Jan. 21. 189G
Otlirr V ifiinc
The "Maywood In the strnnqext tuut simplest biryctc :vcr made. Ada). toil ri r nil kinds ol
roads and riders. Made of material that is folic, ionU tinrt iciry: simp e in construction,
easily taken apart and put together; lias few parts; Is of snch w iry construction that its parts
wilt hold together even in an acci'ent: no hollow tubing to crush in at every contact; a frame
that cannot be broken; so simple that its adjusting partn serve a its connecting parts; a one
piece crank in place of a dozen parts; always ready to give reliable and rapid transportation.
K i --Improved double diamond, ruarsnted tor three yearn. Made of Ji-inch cold
rolled steel rods (toughest and strongest metal for its weight known); joined together with
aluminum bronze fittings in snch a manner that it is impossible to break or any part work
Iihmc: a marvel 01 novelty simplicity and durability: the cre.itcit combination of ingenuity
in l cycle mechanism known, to build a frame without brazct- joints and tubing, a. yon know
that frames continually break anil fracture at braen joints, mid lube wlim tlie'v are buckled
in cannot be repaired. Wllririi. attach: warranted wood rims, piano wire tangent ppokrs
and bras nipples. III'ilS Large birrcl pattern. TIItES "Arlingio-i'" Hosepipe or Mor
irn A- Wright Quick Tlepair. or some other first-class pmnraaticti-e IIKAKINO Hall
bearings 10 every part. Including wheels, crank axle, steering head ami pedals. CUPS AMI
CO.VES Best quality tool stce carefully tempered and hardened, t IIAINS-HIl-Ii grade
iinlnert center, rear adjustment. iiiAKS-(mr celebrated one-piece crank fully pro
tected by patents: no cotter pins. ItEACH Shortest. 2S inches: longest. 37 incites. UKAIl
CI or 72. ltN" r FilKK-Indestructible: fork crown made fnm gun-barrel steel IIANDI.K
ItAK Reversible and adiustible: easilr adjusted to r.nv oosition rbfr,i- r,'. i.n, fn,.
nlsbed if ordered. SAIMH.K p. ,fc F.. Gilliam, or some first-class mime BAIS
Uat-tr.ip or rnbher; full ball bearing. FINISH Enameled in black, with nil blight pai
nickel plated. Kach Bicycle complete with tool big. pump, wrench and oiler We'ght n
of two
p. C-for tastr StHO prta
wtsbuobs waatsd.
cording to tires, pedals, saddles, etc. 27 to 3' pound.
$10 U oar Speclil MTuolessle Price. Never before sold
for less. To quickl v introduce the "SaHy wood" Bicycle, we
ve decided to make a special coupon offer, giving every
-eider of this pap ;r si cnance to ret a first-class wheel at the
lowest price ever offered. On receipt of &I5.00 att eoupr.n
we. will ship to anyone the above Bicvcle, securely crated,
and guarantee sate delivery. Money -efanded if not as
represented after arrival and examination. We will ship
C o. p. with privilege of examination, for $96.00 and coupon
provided i-vno is smt with order aa a guarantee of rood faith.
A yten binding warranty with each Bicycle. This la a
shaicc of a lifetime and yon cannot afford to let the oppor
vnltypass. Address all orders to
eight. c-
M'l 1 ll-fHl 1 1 r
I CennM N. I97
f S5-S2S
5 Maywood
6 West sa Barca Street. Bx 19 17. CrHCAOO. Hl - 11 I I I 1 I 1 I I